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Bora Bora (2CDs – with bonus tracks)

CD (Item 623086) Cinevox/Quartet (Spain), 1968 — Condition: New Copy
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One movie, and two different soundtracks – each handled by really great composers, and packaged here with a wealth of bonus tracks too! First up is the Piero Piccioni version of the score – put together with these brooding, subtle sounds that are then expanded nicely in orchestrations by Bruno Nicolai – almost a bit fuller on orchestrations than usual for Italian scores of this time – but also filled with cool percussion, exotic instrumentation, and other cool touches that really make the music shine! Titles include "Bora Bora", "Tamoure Festival", "Tamoure Nella Sera", "Eros In Hiro", "Tahiti Tamore", and "I'Sola Incanta". CD also features 17 more bonus tracks worth of music by Piccioni! Next up is the Les Baxter soundtrack – not classic exotica, but some fantastic soundtrack work with a groovy late 60s feel! Many of the tracks have a rumbling electric bass and some warm keyboards underneath a canopy of sexy strings – in a way that sounds like some of the best Italian scores from the late 60s, which probably accompanied exotic sex films as silly as this one! Titles include "Coral Cliffs", "Schooner", "Amber Skin", "Trade Winds", "Emerald Sea", and "Bora Bora". CD features 22 more bonus tracks from Les, too – making for a huge 60 titles in all! (Limited edition of 1000 copies.)  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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