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Try It You'll Like It – The Best Of Willie Hutch

CD (Item 69482) Expansion (UK), 1970s/1980s — Condition: New Copy
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The first truly great compilation of work by Willie Hutch – one of the hippest artists in 70s soul! Willie's work for Motown during the 70s was tremendous, not only did he write and perform 2 of the best blacksploitation soundtracks – Foxy Brown and The Mack – but he also recorded some killer work on his own singles and albums for the label, most of which has never been properly reissued. Willie was the master of the super-dope mellow groove, and this compilation is filled with tracks of that nature – sly funky little gems that bubble with sex, soul, and a slightly wicked feel. And sure, Willie had a few weak moments, but none of them are on this set – as the compilation's got 18 tracks, all of them winners! Trust us, it's one of the best soul sets you'll buy this year – filled with gems like "California My Way", "Easy Does It", "Love Me Back", "I'm Gonna Give You Respect", "I Can Sho Give You Love", "Lucky To Be Loved By You", "Talk To Me", "Give Me Some Of That Good Old Love", "Don't You Let Nobody Tell You How To Do Your Thing", "Try It You'll Like It", and "Brothers Gonna Work It Out".  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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