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Dark Lady Of The Sonnets

CD (Item 594810) Tum (Finland), 2011 — Condition: New Copy
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Uniquely innovative, yet broadly expansive and heritage conscious material from the great trumpeter, flugelhorn player and ever-searching jazz spirit Wadada Leo Smith – working with his Mbira combo – a trio with drummer Pheeroan akLaff and Min Xiao-Fen on pipa and voice. The pipa is a huge part of what makes this session so unique – lending a buzzing, Chinese folk jazz vibe that gels incredible well with Smith's abstract expression and akLaff's sometimes loose, sometimes fastly rolling drums and percussion. Recorded over a couple days in Finland, this is real gem! The set features 5 fairly long pieces, and the titles include "Sarah Bell Wallace", "Blues: Cosmic Beauty", "Zulu Water Festival", "Dark Lady Of The Sonnets" and "Mbira".  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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