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Sampling Dictionary 2008

Book (Item 474200) Fulfill (Japan), 2008 — Condition: New Copy
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An essential book for detail-oriented beatheads – a "Sampling Dictionary", and one that spells out original samples used for thousands of hip hop tracks! The book's of Japanese origin, and it's done with a thoroughness that blows away previous efforts like this – completely alphabetical by the name of the artist doing the sampling, then song by song for the artist, with listings for both the artist and title of the original sample used! There's over 16,000 entries in the book – which is a well-produced paperback that's over 240 pages – essential for carrying around on crate-digging trips. Plus, the book also features "The Commandments Of Diggers" on the back – and the first one is "Always bring this book with you."  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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