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Representing Jazz

Book (Item 13251) Duke University Press, 1995 — Condition: New Copy
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Writer/educator Krin Gabbard pulled together this fresh set of essays about jazz and representation as a companion book to his Jazz Among The Discourses, which is also on Duke. To quote the book, "Jazz has entered the cultural mix through its significant impact on novelists, filmmakers, dancers, painters, biographers, and photographers". The set of essays attempts to deal with the representational issues that arise as jazz is moved into other, non-musical media, and the range of topics here includes writings about films like Round Midnight, Bird, and Mo Better Blues; the jazz photography of William Claxton; the art of vocalese; jazz autobiography; and other aspects of film, dance, and writing. Writers include Arthur Knight, James Naremore, Leland Chambers, Mona Hadler, and Barry Keith Grant.  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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