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Round Amen Corner -- The Complete Deram Recordings ... CD

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Bella Union, 2013. New Copy
CD...$9.99 15.99
The legendary Van Dyke Parks – sounding surprisingly great after all these years – and, if anything, finally returning to the brilliance of his early work at Warner Brothers! The full album's a summation of music that Parks developed over a host of 7" single releases – and ... CD
Guerssen (Spain), 1970s. New Copy
A brilliant, first-time collection of the few rare singles ever recorded by north suburban Chicago psych folk group Athanor – plus some previously unreleased songs that are just as solid – and it might be our favorite rare rock discovery yet from the great Guerssen label! Most of the ... CD
Camera Loves Me
El/Richmond (UK), 1988. New Copy
One of the grooviest records to come out on the late lamented El label! Would Be Goods are a slightly-silly girl pop combo – with a style that's a bit like Bad Dream Fancy Dress (the other great girl group on El), but with a sound that's a little sweeter. The album's nice and cheesy, and ... CD