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Southern Girl/I Want To Thank You ... 12-inch, Vinyl record

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Tuff City/Funky Delicacies, 1969. New Copy
A killer bit of funky soul from the legendary Eddie Bo! "Hook & Sling" is one of the biggest and best funky 45 classics – with hard drums, lots of funky guitars, and a great groove that just doesn't quit! The track's been sampled a bazillion times or something like that – ... 12-inch, Vinyl record
Audika, Mid 80s. New Copy (pic cover)
An avant dancefloor work of genius by Arthur Russell – the frantically beat-heavy, sunny and psychedelic single "Let's Go Swimming" that's from 1986, but it's really a unique piece of work that exists out of place and time – here in 3 distinctive versions along with a ... 12-inch, Vinyl record
Favorite (France), Early 80s. New Copy
A classic crossover of gospel and club – a legendary cut that was played big back in the day by Walter Gibbons – with subsequent showings at Paradise Garage and The Loft! The tune's got a bouncy groove that's more disco than gospel – and the vocals have this soaring, righteous ... 12-inch, Vinyl record