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De Materie -- Reinbert De Leeuw/Schonberg Ensemble/Asko Ensemble/Members Of Netherlands Chamber Choir ... CD

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Other Sounds (UK), Late 50s. New Copy
50s futurist sounds from the pioneers – Raymond Scott, Jean Jacque Perrey, Edgard Varese and others – early computer grooves, synthesizer experimentalist eeriness and symphonically styled soundscapes! Sci fi sounds, oddly melodic electronics, gigantic computer sounds and living, ... CD
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Round Midnight
Hat Art (Switzerland), 2012. New Copy
A set of performances dedicated to Thelonious Monk – yet music that's quite far from anything by Monk that we've ever heard before! Yet there's also a definite Monkish inspiration going on here – a sense of space and timing that resonates in different, often drawn-out ways – ... CD
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Piano Songs
ECM (Germany), 2014. New Copy
Meredith Monk is best known as a composer for voice – and a performer as well – but this wonderful set focuses on her music for piano – an instrumental setting that's every bit as haunting as her singing! The songs are often built around two piano lines – played by Ursula ... CD