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Rattlesnake Baby Rattlesnake/Gold Diggin Man

7-inch (Item 585405) Jazzman (UK), Mid 60s — Condition: New Copy
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7-inch, Vinyl record

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Wow! "Rattlesnake Baby Rattlesnake" is a KILLER R&B number from Joe Johnson – starting out with the slinkiest, coolest and moodiest percussive rhythm to start it – before Joe growls and the guitar leads the way for the horns and the whole groove to crash on in. From there, it's a catchy dancefloor stormer. We wish this one got the whole country doing the rattlesnake! "Gold Diggin' Man" is great, too – with a drum heavy bottom end, slinky guitar groove and tight horn bursts behind Joe's wailing vocals.  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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