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LP (Item 638418) Terrible Records, 2013 — Condition: New Copy
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LP, Vinyl record album

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Beautifully catchy soul from Solange Knowles – a set that's completely captivating in its basic approach – yet surprisingly far from commercial as well! The album's almost got a 80s sort of vibe – but the soul from that time that was often warmer than the rest because it never overdid things – just warm vocals wrapped around a sweet hook, and often set to instrumentation that's relatively lean – yet also not nearly as much in the beats 'n keys mode used by other artists of late! The balance is a bit hard to describe, but that's what makes the album so great – very unassuming overall, yet one that has more than enough staying power over time. Dev Haynes co-wrote and produced – and titles include "Some Things Never Seem To F*cking Work", "Losing You", "Locked In Closets", "Lovers In The Parking Lot", "Look Good With Trouble", "Bad Girls", and "Don't Let Me Down".  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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