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Som Mais Puro

CD (Item 607758) Elektra/Discobertas (Brazil), 1983 — Condition: New Copy
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A great little album from O Terco – a later album from the group, but one that still has them sounding plenty wonderful! As before, there's a progressive vibe to the music – a mixture of jazz and rock that really comes through well in the mature, fusion-based instrumentation of the album – which works perfectly with the thoughtful lyrics and songwriting. Vocals are often mixed down nicely, so that the instruments almost hold the lead – and although production is professional, the sound is still a lot different than commercial American work of its type from the time. Titles include "Tambores Da Mente", "Luzes", "Nunca Duvidar", "Asa Delta", and "Viajante Relogio".  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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