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Blowfly's Party ... LP, Vinyl record album

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Weird World, Mid 70s. Near Mint-
The Blowfly groove meets the sound of the blacksploitation generation! Blow's always pretty great on these classic recordings, but he does an even better job here – singing funky parodies of 70s action films, as well as other soul hits from the same era – in a way that's a great parody ... LP, Vinyl record album
Porno Freak
Weird World, 1981. Very Good+
Well of course the guy's a porno freak – after all, his albums of the 70s were as close to audio porn as you'll ever get! And on this album, Blowfly's certainly keeping things below the belt – working in a style that's a bit tighter than before, and with some nice P-Funk touches, plus ... LP, Vinyl record album
Zodiac Blowfly
Weird World, Mid 70s. Very Good-
One of the greatest Blowfly records ever! The album follows in the tradition of Cannonball Adderley's Zodiac albums – and offers up some excellent funky tunes, all based around the different symbols of the zodiac, and all done with the usual Blowfly porno sense of humor! The backing is ... LP, Vinyl record album
Weird World, Mid 70s. Near Mint-
Here's a record we wish they would have used for the soundtrack to Happy Days – Blowfly cashing in on the 50s craze in the 70s, and offering up his own off-color version of a number of classic oldies! The sound is pretty darn goofy, but also has links to Blow's roots as singer Clarence Reid ... LP, Vinyl record album
Sly & The Family Stone Greatest Hits
Epic, 1970. Very Good
Almost a "greatest hits" of greatest hits albums – one of those collections that almost sold more copies than all the full albums by the artist – forever earning Sly & The Family Stone a place in record collections around the globe! All the hits are here, laid out back to ... LP, Vinyl record album