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Forgotten Art (Music)

CD (Item 595505) Strictly Jaz Unit, 2011 — Condition: New Copy
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Chicago deep house player & producer Glenn Underground's deepest and most soul jazz-steeped effort to date! We really thought Glenn stepped up his game pretty decisively on the previous full length for his Strictly Jaz Unit label – and Forgotten Art is another major leap forward. This is modern instrumental club music at it's most soulful, jazz aware and able – the beats and rhythms drive the sound, but there's so much vibrant, live energy here – keys, horns and eclectic percussion in particular. Classic dance music from 70s jazz & disco to benchmark house influences flow in and out, but it's also profoundly contemporary without copping to current trends – in other words, it's straight up built to last. Nah, Glenn. . .we won't forget this one! Titles include "Strumming & Thinking", "Forgotten Art (Music)", "Safe At Home", "Robots & Bumblebees (A Tribute To Patrick Adams)", "Shiloh (A King's Return)", "Silent Pimp (Peace In My Place)", "Tabernacle", "What's Next" and "Peace For Nippon (Japan)",  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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