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Worldwide Underground ... CD

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Blue Erro Soul, 2007. Used
Instant genius from the mighty Eric Roberson – easily one of the greatest soul singers we've ever heard – and that's saying a lot, given how many records we've listened to over the years! Eric's one of the few artists who can bring a smile to our face from the very first note of a new ... CD
Chilli Funk (UK), 2004. Used
One of the strongest albums to come out of the London scene in years – and a stunning debut from vocalist Vanessa Freeman! Vanessa's vocals have been bubbling out of some great singles in recent years, but here she steps forth as a major talent with a fully-formed set – produced in ... CD
Brash, 2003. Used
A monumental achievement for Atlanta's Seek – their greatest record to date, and an instant soul classic! The group have really come together wonderfully for this set – hitting on all burners, from the sweet smooth instrumentation of the tracks, to the great lead vocals by singer Lisa ... CD
Talk Less Listen More
Texicalli (Finland), 2002. Used
Wonderfully groovy, chill out soul from Finland's Quintessence – and warm batch of tracks the blends the echoey, tripped out 70s jazz aesthetic with hip hop and club production techniques as seamlessly as just about anything out there! Sublime keys, trumpet and occasional fluegelhorn lilt ... CD