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Uto Nwa/Osi Na Ngada

7-inch (Item 617892) Academy/Voodoo Funk, Mid 70s — Condition: New Copy
(pic cover, reissue)
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7-inch, Vinyl record

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Breaking drums, popping organ, and fuzzy guitar – all exploding at the start of this rare funky nugget – and setting fire to the tune right from the beginning! There's a nervous, jumpy sort of energy to "Uto Nwa" – one that not only sets it apart from other Afro funk gems of the time – but which also has enough core funk to earn Tex the "soul" in his name on the cover! The flipside follows up with "Osi Na Nganda" – a tune with raw conga rhythms, bursts of freaky organ, and this loping groove that's really wonderful (Limited to 1000 copies.)  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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