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Northern Light Gambian Night

CD (Item 641461) Sterns (UK), 2012 — Condition: New Copy
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Lovely sounds on the kora from Dawda Jobarteh – a player with a touch that's light, and pretty rhythmic too – a wonderful complement to his work on percussion and vocals as well! The set's got a really crisp feel, yet still retains all the best rootsy elements of the music – kind of an update of a timeless quality, yet in ways that never make things sound commercial at all – just a testament to the undying power of the music of the mandingo! Titles include "Namo", "Tama Silo", "Bamba Bojang", "Yankouba", "Mbassi", "Tabara", "Nkankele", and "Sama Kebbalu".  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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