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Dekha Jaye Ga/Uf Yeh Beevian

CD (Item 491392) Finders Keepers (UK), 1976/1977 — Condition: New Copy
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A wild and wonderful double-header – two rare Pakistani soundtracks on a single CD! First up is Dekha Jaye Ga – a totally cool little soundtrack that's filled with weird electronics and lots of funky grooves! The style's almost like taking familiar Bollywood moods into outer space – as the rhythms are somewhat like those you might find in 70s Indian cinema, but the added electronics and offbeat instrumentation has a really otherworldly-feel – especially given the use of production techniques to further abstract elements like keyboards and guitar – almost like you might find in the space age 60s work of German maestro Peter Thomas! There's plenty of fuzz on the guitar at times, which makes for a great mix with the earthy beats in the rhythms – and given how wild the music sounds, we can only imagine the way the film looks on the screen in the cinema. Titles include "Music", "Too Ney Kaha", "Mahkey Hain Yeh", "Too Bhi Piala Chum", and "Pyar Kabhi Karna". Uf Yeh Beevian features killer 70s grooves from Pakistan – one of the weirdest soundtracks you'll ever hope to hear – and an unusual blend of Indian influences, space-age electronics, and more! Most of the cuts here are heavy on guitar – sometimes fuzzy and freaked out, sometimes played with a bit more of a sprightly feel – and always mixed up with some really offbeat rhythms – which themselves are often tricked up in weird ways – echoey production, flattened decay, and other odd touches that really make all things sound strange and wonderful! There's vocals on the record too, but these fit in perfectly next to the offbeat instrumentation – further increasing the spaced-out qualities in the music. A real treasure from the Finders Keepers camp – with titles that include "Aesi Chalo Na", "Mera Mehbob Hai", "Zinda Rahe", "Per Kahin Ankh", "Dilbar Dilbra", and "Mere Hote Howe".  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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