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Zaperoko 2 – Still Crazy

CD (Item 605062) Montuno, 1984 — Condition: New Copy
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An overlooked salsa gem from the New York scene of the 80s – one of those great Montuno Records albums that was a lot more rootsy than most other work of the time! The group work here with a blend of salsa energy and deeper Afro-Cuban roots – especially on the percussion, which really helps ground the tunes, and give them a bold sort of vibe right from the start! Instrumentation includes some nice trombone work from co-leader Edwin Feliciano, plus two more trombones as well – and piano and Fender Rhodes from Edy Martinez – and vocals are by Frankie Rodriguez, Angel Palacios, and Edwin Feliciano. Titles include "Zaperoko", "Candita", "Lo Dudo", "Bata Yeye", "Akara", and "Bailare".  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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