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Hot Rod Hootenanny ... CD

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Camera Loves Me
El/Richmond (UK), 1988. New Copy
One of the grooviest records to come out on the late lamented El label! Would Be Goods are a slightly-silly girl pop combo – with a style that's a bit like Bad Dream Fancy Dress (the other great girl group on El), but with a sound that's a little sweeter. The album's nice and cheesy, and ... CD
What's Up Tiger Lily?
Kama Sutra, 1966. New Copy
An excellent soundtrack to one of the wildest Woody Allen movies ever made – a weird little film that has Woody dubbing fake English dialogue over a Japanese action picture! The music by Lovin Spoonful is equally great – a bit groovier than some of their other albums of the time – ... CD
Rev-Ola (UK), 1969. New Copy
An incredibly tripped-out batch of tracks by The Tokens – a rare album that was rejected by Warner Brothers, and only issued briefly on their own label! The album's to the early Tokens stuff what Smile was to the Beach Boys' early singles – an explosion of new ideas, creativity, and ... CD