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La Faccia Violenta Di New York

CD (Item 642562) Beat (Italy), 1972 — Condition: New Copy
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A much warmer soundtrack than you might guess from the "violenta" in the title – almost on a par with some of the best erotic film scores of the Italian scene in the early 70s! There's a great blend of jazzy lines and a few rootsier elements – particularly some South American guitar lines that seem mixed in with the jazz at times – and which appear during main themes, but recede during other more urban moments – leaving the rest of the music to sparkle in the best styles that Riz Ortolani was using at the time! A few cuts have a bit more punch, thanks to some electric funky bass at the bottom – making for a few great groovers – and there's really none of the stark, cold, or atonal sounds you might normally expect from an action score. CD features 19 tracks from the film, plus photos and notes in English and Italian!  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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