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Feeling Good/Drums Of Asiko

7-inch (Item 83029) Truth & Soul/Lenar, 2004 — Condition: New Copy
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7-inch, Vinyl record

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Another great funky single from the Truth & Soul camp – from the Afro-funky Bama & The Family & Asiko! "Feeling Good" is by Bama & The Family is a great little hybrid of the tried-and-true funky 45 style, with just a touch of Fela expansiveness. It's a groover, with long sax notes stretched over some lumbering funky drums, and some called vocal vamps. "Drums Of Asiko" by Asiko is quite appropriately named – nothing but percussion here, with clicking and thumping bongos and other slapped acoustic beats – making this one a bit more Africa-derived than the A-side! (Back in print!)  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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