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Dramatic Funk Themes Vol 2 – Thrilling Rare Grooves From UK's Leading Music Libraries1970-1980

CD (Item 490331) Show Up (Germany), 1970s — Condition: New Copy
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Stunning funk from the UK sound library scene of the 70s – a second great entry in this series that really ups the ante for the genre! The tunes here are pulled from a host of leading production companies at the time – and they offer up a sweet array of instrumental modes from the period – from jazzy riffing grooves to more ambitious soundtrack numbers with a really complicated vibe – yet one that never strays from the core funk promised in the title! In addition to offering cover scans of the original record, the package also tells a brief history of each imprint involved – Peer, Rouge, Programme, Bruton, and others – kind of a mini-lesson in sound library stalwarts – set here to some very groovy tunes. Titles include "City Police" by Dave Gold, "Nevada Junction" by Steve Gray, "Hot Property" by Keith Mansfield, "Fuel Injection" by Alan Hawksworth, "Flash Barrier" by John Hawksworth, "Beatin It" by T Elerth, "Thrust" by Nick Ingman, "Fast Drive" by Frank McDonald & Gerry Shury, "Gun Man" by John Saunders, "Product Efficiency" by Johnny Pearson, "Punch Drunk" by Duncan Lamont, "Riff Raff" by Martin Kershaw, and "Hit Man" by Sound Prospect.  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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