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Criminale Vol 1 – Paura (with bonus CD)

LP (Item 637831) Flipper/Penny (Italy), Mid 70s — Condition: New Copy
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Rare tracks from the Flipper Music sound library – a small Italian imprint of the 70s, with a style that's heavy on trippy touches! The work here feels a lot like the kind of sounds you'd get on the best American biker soundtracks of the late 60s – or some of those cool psychedelic exploitation films – but the overall quality's almost even better, too – as the music seems to be captured with real feeling and great instrumentation – not any watered-down studio styles at all! There's plenty of heavy drums, fuzzy guitar, and weird keyboards – and titles include "Tenione Beta" and "Tensione Gama" by Peymont, "Angoscia Universale" by Lamartine, "Il Pozzo E Il Pendolo No 5" by Giorgio E Franco Bracardi, "Effetto Di Tensione" by Amedeo Tommasi, "Occultimso" by Daniela Casa, "Fear" by Fabio Frizzi, "Narvalo" by Sandro Brunolini, "Sensazione Fisiologica" by Joel VDB, and "Zombie" by Gerardo Iacoucci. (Includes a bonus CD with the vinyl!)  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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