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Il Figlio Della Sepolta Viva

CD (Item 635303) Kronos (Germany), 1974 — Condition: New Copy
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A gothic horror soundtrack with a nice undercurrent of adventure – scored by Franco Micalizzi with some surprisingly warm touches at times – that mode of starting out sweet, then going dark – a bit like Ennio Morricone on some of his best similar scores from the time! Woodwinds and strings are often used to lure you in with a sense of warmth, which then gets a bit colder and sharper as the score moves on – especially when some more offbeat notes pop out from around the corner, and really create a nice sense of tension. One of the more obscure Micalizzi moments from the time – and indeed, a film that's hardly ever been seen in later years too – brought back to CD with great sound throughout! Titles include "The Rising Truth", "The Church Choir", "Helpful Buffoon", "One Following", "Tyranny & Fury", "Tema Di Francoise", "Deadly Pool", and "Mamuia". (Limited edition of 500 copies.)  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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