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Girls In The Garage Volume 12 – 14 Charming French Swinging Ladies

LP (Item 591786) Saperlipopette, Late 60s — Condition: New Copy
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Great French grooves from the 60s – a host of female-led rockers, most of which have a harder edge than you might expect! The mode here is similar to Paris pop that you might know from the "yeh yeh" generation, but the sound's a bit grittier too – proof that the garage reference in the title is well-placed, especially on the more guitar-heavy numbers! If you dig the sounds of France Gall or Francoise Hardy, you'll find plenty to love here – a treasure trove of rare tracks that includes "Le Restaurant Chinois" by Janny L, "Au Temps Des Princes Charmants" by Marjorie Noel, "Le Boa" by Clothilde, "Ma Moto" by Kathy, "Oh Dis Moi" by Les Princesses, "Un Petit Rien" by Tonia, "Une Question Qui Se Pose" by Evy, and "Mais Qui Que Quoi Donc Ou" by Les Cheries. (On blue vinyl too!)  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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