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A wealth of bop, hardbop, soul jazz, spiritual jazz, jazz funk, fusion, avant garde, and traditional jazz!

Resonance, 1965. New Copy (reissue)
A really unique musical relic – a rare mid 60s performance from the Charles Lloyd Quartet – presented here for the first time ever as a special 10" LP! The album's got the look and feel of a vintage recording – which really fits the two long tracks on the set – both ... LP, Vinyl record album
Resonance, 1956. New Copy (reissue)
Totally amazing work from the young Wes Montgomery – presented here in a 50s groove that's a lot harder-edged than his later material! The set was recorded in Wes' home scene of Indy – with a combo that also features Alonzo Pookie Johnson on alto, biting hard next to Wes on guitar, ... LP, Vinyl record album
Omnivore, 1974. New Copy
Some of the earliest work ever from Jaco Pastorius – rare demo recordings, issued in this format for the first time ever – filled to the brim with the kind of groundbreaking basswork that Jaco helped pioneer! Many tracks are relatively spare, and really give you a great chance to hear ... CD
Five Years Later
ECM (Japan), 1982. New Copy
Two players with a very spacious sense of sound – coming together here in an all-guitar album that mixes both electric and acoustic tones! The pairing is perfectly captured by the ECM production style – an approach that lets each note ring out with a great sense of presence, and blend ... CD
Witchi Tai To
ECM (Japan), 1973. New Copy
Warm and wonderful sounds from saxophonist Jan Garbarek – and a record that brings together so many strands at once! There's of course the obvious atmospherics you might expect from a 70s set on ECM – but there's also some sharply modern moments too – that harder sound that the ... CD
ECM (Japan), 1974. New Copy
Two of the greatest things going for ECM in the 70s – brought together on one record! The vibes of Gary Burton are a wonderful match for the careful guitar work of Ralph Towner – particularly his 12-string guitar, which is used in a space that's somewhere between folk and jazz, and ... CD
Free At Last
ECM (Japan), 1969. New Copy
The title's no mistake, as the album was really one of Mal Waldron's first really outside sessions – a real embrace of the free jazz modes coming out of the European scene of the 60s, but in a way that's slightly different than most! As Waldron states in the liner notes, his vision here is ... CD
In Concert, Zurich – October 28 1979
ECM (Japan), 1979. New Copy
One of the best ECM teams of the 70s – working here together in a wonderful live set! Chick Corea's got this wonderful flow on his piano – almost a quality that's more like the most unbridled Keith Jarrett work for ECM – bursting out with light and color at each new turn, but in ... CD
Music From Two Basses
ECM (Japan), 1971. New Copy
Landmark improvisations from two of the most important bassists in avant garde jazz – Dave Holland and Barre Phillips – two players each coming from two different scenes and styles, but working together here perfectly in a groundbreaking session of all-bass work! Holland plays a bit of ... CD
ECM (Japan), 1980. New Copy
Guitarist Bill Connors plays with himself wonderfully here – using overdubs to create this gentle interplay of acoustic strings – at a level that's maybe a bit warmer and more personal than the usual ECM record of this nature – and maybe even more so than some of Connors' later ... CD
ECM (Japan), 1997. New Copy
Spare solo work from Ralph Towner – performed on both classical and 12-string guitars, but in a style that's a bit different from his earliest material on ECM! Where Towner was once open and atmospheric, he's here almost more focused and careful with his choice of notes – echoing not ... CD
Promises Kept
ECM (Japan), 2004. New Copy
One of the darkest Steve Kuhn albums we've ever heard – a record of introspective piano lines, set amidst contemplative orchestrations from Carlos Franzetti! The style is incredibly moving – bringing a depth to Kuhn's work that we haven't heard in years – an approach that has him ... CD
Takt (Japan), 1968. New Copy
A sweet set of piano work from the Japanese scene of the 60s – as tight and soulful as anything that was coming out of the US at the time, and with perhaps some of that extra spark you'd find on the best late 60s piano sessions on MPS! Kazuo Yashiro is a hell of a player – rock-solid ... CD
Takt (Japan), 1969. New Copy
Ramsey Lewis move over – because this cooking Japanese trio from the 60s has a mightily soulful groove – one that's more than enough to give Ramsey's classic combo a run for their money! Pianist Kazuo Yashiro hits the keys harder than ever here – working with a wickedly soulful ... CD
Takt (Japan), 1969. New Copy
One of the best albums we've ever heard from Japanese pianist Norio Maeda – a trio date that really lets him open up – and cook with a lot more fire than on some of his larger-concept albums! The album's got an explosive feel on many numbers – a limber quality that isn't showy at ... CD
Her First Dance
ECM (Japan), 2008. New Copy
A really lovely record from pianist Misha Alperin – a set that might initially seem to be one of the ECM New Series albums, but which has more of the sensitive feel of older work on the label! Misha plays piano with this gently lyrical feel, mixed with these earthy lines on French horn and ... CD
Jazzman (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 4CD
An amazing blend of jazz and global elements – and some of the most exciting material ever from French jazzman Jef Gilson! Gilson was a modernist right from the start – an artist whose piano work of the 60s was on a par with Martial Solal, and who was already beginning to branch out by ... CD
Trunk (UK), 1964. New Copy
One of the earliest albums as a leader from British pianist Michael Garrick – a set that pre-dates his amazing Argo albums of the 60s, and which was originally issued on 10" vinyl, in a limited pressing of 99 copies! The sound here is no less radical than Garrick's better-known albums ... CD
Resonance, 1955. New Copy (reissue)
Don't look for this 10" record in any jazz discographies, because it never existed back in the 50s! Instead, this release only saw the light of day in the 21st Century – even though it features very early sessions for Columbia by a young Wes Montgomery – working here in a quintet ... LP, Vinyl record album
Blue Note, 1939. New Copy (reissue)
One of the first records on Blue Note – a sweet single from the days when the label was dedicated to recording the best trad jazz players in the best possible setting! Albert Ammons really stretches out on both tracks here – and the 12" reissue presents the music in a format ... 12-inch, Vinyl record
Blue Note, 1939. New Copy
The first-ever release on Blue Note Records – presented here as a 12" replica of the original 78rpm disc! Both tracks are wonderful solos from the legendary Meade Lux Lewis – captured with the kind of care that made Blue Note a standout from the start! ... 12-inch, Vinyl record
Omnivore, 1974. New Copy
Some of the earliest work ever from Jaco Pastorius – rare demo recordings, issued in this format for the first time ever – filled to the brim with the kind of groundbreaking basswork that Jaco helped pioneer! Many tracks are relatively spare, and really give you a great chance to hear ... CD
Meritt, Late 20s/1930s. Near Mint-
Includes tracks by Jelly Roll Morton, Bennie Moten, Fats Waller, Harlan Leonard,Tiny Parham, and the State Street Stompers. ... LP, Vinyl record album
Meritt, Mid 30s. Near Mint-
Includes tracks by Jack Teagarden, Joe Marsala's Chicagoans, Wingy Mannone, Paul Mares & His Friars Society Orchestra, and the New Orleans Rhythm Kings. ... LP, Vinyl record album
World Pacific, 1958. Very Good
We've never been big fans of Flower Drum Song, but The Mastersounds make it all sound great – using their trademark blend of vibes and piano to come up with a cool new take on the music! The combo here features Buddy Montgomery on bass, Monk Montgomery on Fender bass, Richie Crabtree on ... LP, Vinyl record album
Haunted Guitar
Dot, Mid 50s. Very Good
LP, Vinyl record album
Liberty, Late 50s. Very Good-
LP, Vinyl record album
Early Bird – 1980 to 1943
RCA/Black & White (France), Early 40s. Near Mint-
LP, Vinyl record album
Live At The Brooklyn Academy Of Music
Black Saint (Italy), 1986. Very Good
Live and lively work from the World Sax Quartet – a perfect illustration of the group's unique powers, recorded in concert at BAM, a very welcome setting for their creative energy! The album's one of our favorite ever by the group – as it has the players coming together perfectly ... LP, Vinyl record album
Jet Away!
Jazzworks, 1980. Very Good
Nice album of mellow smooth funky fusion – played by a group led by trumpeter Bruce Cameron, and featuring Patrice Rushen, Ray Pizzi, and Bob Magnusson. The sound seems to be an attempt to recapture a Donald Byrd/Larry Mizell sound – and at points, it actually comes close. Titles ... LP, Vinyl record album
Cavalier, Mid 50s. Near Mint-
LP, Vinyl record album
Dixieland Horn
Commodore, Early 40s. Near Mint-
LP, Vinyl record album
Decca, Late 30s. Near Mint-
LP, Vinyl record album
Bix & Tram 1927
EMI/Parlophone (UK), 1927. Near Mint-
LP, Vinyl record album
Jammin At Commodore
Commodore, 1938. Near Mint-
LP, Vinyl record album
Barrelhouse Boogie
Bluebird, Late 30s/Early 40s. Very Good+
LP, Vinyl record album
Festival (France), Late 40s. Very Good+ 2LP Gatefold
LP, Vinyl record album
Ben Dobay, 2007. Used
Bob's Ben – A Salute To Ben Webster
Sundance/Stunt (Denmark), 2004. Used
View From Below
Scott Feiner, 2013. Used
History Lesson
577, 2012. Used
Basho, 2013. Used
Magnum, 1973. Used 2CD
Manricks Music, 2008. Used
Soul To Go
Big Bridge, 2013. Used
Reference Recordings, 1989. Used
Tales From The Forest
Leo (UK), 1995. Used
Pirouet (Germany), 2004. Used
PI Recordings, 2014. Used
Flume Factor
Random Acoustics (Germany), 1997. Used
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