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Standup, sketches, and spoken word!

No More Coccons
Alternative Tentacles, 1987. Sealed 2LP
LP, Vinyl record album
War Of The Worlds
Longines Symphonette Recording Society, 1968. Very Good+
LP, Vinyl record album
Alternative Tentacles, 1970s/1980s/1990s/2000s. New Copy 6CD
A 6CD set of oratory revolution – 175 Progress Drive by Mumia Abu-Jamal, Self-Defense, Self-Respect by Robert F Williams, Prisons On Fire by George Jackson, Attica, and Black Liberation, In A Pig's Eye by Ward Churchhill, Taking Liberties by Christian Parenti and the bonus Chile – ... CD
Wise Crack (UK), Late 50s. New Copy
Late 50s pop satire and novelty genius from Dickie Goodman – who breaks into the pop hits of the day with wild eyed, b-movie steeped alerts about Flying Saucers, Frankenstein, and thematically comical mash ups of hits and adverts! Crazy pop pastiche and comically spliced bits of 50s radio ... CD
Big Bambu
Ode, 1972. Very Good- Gatefold
We don't know about you, but we never get tired of Cheech & Chong's jokes about reefer and East LA. Loads of great pot jokes on this album with the nice rolling paper gatefold sleeve, including "Sister Mary Elephant", "Ralph & Herbie", "Streets Of New York Or Los ... LP, Vinyl record album
T&L, 1967. Very Good
Raw and raunchy comedy from Chicago "party" comic Tommy Brown. Not as over the top as Rudy Ray Moore – but still a good example of the blue comedy that was happening in the small club scene back in the 60s and 70s. ... LP, Vinyl record album
Warner/Rhino, Late 60s/1970s/1980s/Early 90s. Used 9CD
Great White North
Mercury, 1981. Very Good
LP, Vinyl record album
Buddah, 1975. Very Good+
The lasting recorded legacy of Jimmy Walker – and material that shows a much sharper, much smarter side of his personality than his character on Good Times! Walker's got a fast-talking, bad-rapping approach that's definitely rooted in the party record scene of the 60s – yet which is ... LP, Vinyl record album
On The Road
Little David, 1977. Very Good+
George Carlin at the height of his powers – back when he still had a good batch of hair on the top of his head, and worked in that uptightly rambling style that was a direct heir to the innovations of Lenny Bruce in the 50s! As with Bruce, Carlin manages to illuminate topics both mundane and ... LP, Vinyl record album
Interchords – Trio Jeepy
Columbia, 1989. Near Mint-
LP, Vinyl record album
Let's Get Small
Warner, 1977. Very Good+ Gatefold
Steve Martin at the height of his mid 70s stand up popularity, long before he ever thought of making sappy movies. Includes "Ramblin Man", "Vegas", "Let's Get Small", "Smoking", "One Way To Leave Your Lover", "Mad At My Mother", "Excu ... LP, Vinyl record album
Shout Factory, Late 60s/1970s/Early 80s. New Copy 7 CDs & 2 DVDs
A massive collection of classic Richard Pryor – in a box set that spans the best years of his career, and pulls together some of his greatest material ever – plus rare and unreleased bits! This is probably the best and most ambitious set of Richard's work that's ever been put together ... CD
How You Do?
Coral, Mid 60s. Very Good-
LP, Vinyl record album
Son Of Word Jazz
Dot, Late 50s. Very Good-
Nice one! This is Ken Nordine's follow-up to his highly successful Word Jazz album, and it's another crazy batch of jazz-meets-beat poetry-meets-goofy stuff. Ken Nordine's wit is razor sharp as usual, and the tracks include "The Bullfighter", "Junk Man", "Looking At ... LP, Vinyl record album
Way Out West
Tower, Mid 60s. Very Good+
LP, Vinyl record album
Pepsi Cola, Late 60s. Very Good+
LP, Vinyl record album
Mercury, Late 60s. Very Good+
Moms takes her case to the White House – yakking it up with the usual hint at off-color comedy, and a knack for a soulful approach that actually helped her bridge more audiences than other African American comics of the time. Routines include "Me & LBJ", "The Beggar The ... LP, Vinyl record album
Legend Of Black Bart
Met, Mid 60s. Sealed
LP, Vinyl record album
Premier, Late 50s. Good
LP, Vinyl record album
Are You Serious???
Laff, 1976. Near Mint-
With "N!gger's Baby", "Processed Hair", "Virgins", "9 Pound Pill", "Jesse", "Movies", "Mafia", "Hillbillies", "G-D", "Grandmother", "Leroy", "bad Breath", "Deodorant", ... LP, Vinyl record album
Island, 1993. Near Mint-
William S Burroughs meets Hal Wilner and Michael Franti. Who would've figured. ... 12-inch, Vinyl record
Chess, 1961. Very Good-
Pigmeat recorded live before a very enthusiastic crowd – working at the Howard Theater with routines that also include performances by Edna Mae Harris and Chuck Thompson. The album features an early take on the "Judge" routine, plus "Country Boy", "Fast News", ... LP, Vinyl record album
Caedmon, Early 60s. Very Good
LP, Vinyl record album
Hannibal (Canada), 1982. Very Good+ 2LP
LP, Vinyl record album
Chess, 1967. Very Good
LP, Vinyl record album
Richard's Firecracker
Laff, Early 70s. Near Mint-
LP, Vinyl record album
Disneyland, 1988. Sealed
LP, Vinyl record album
Late Flowering Love
Charisma/Virgin (UK), 1974. Used
Betjeman's Banana Blush
Charisma/Virgin (UK), 1974. Used
Gleefully Groucho!
Raven (Australia), Early 60s. Used
Warner, 1964. Used
Artemis, 2001. Used
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