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Quannum, 2003. Very Good 2LP
A very nice solo set from Blackalicious MC Gift Of Gab – one that combines the fast, playful wordplay of Blackalicious with a more heartfelt soul style, kind of like Relativity era Common. It's a much more focused set than Blackalicious's Blazing Arrow LP – and possibly one of the best ... LP, Vinyl record album
3rd Eye Vision
Hiero Imperium, 1998. Very Good+ 2LP
Compilation of tracks with rhymes by the various members of Hieroglyphics in a variety of groupings, with Pep Love, Casual, Del, Tajai, Opio, A Plus and Domino on the mic. Production is also by Hiero crew: Casual, Domino, A+, Toure, J-Biz, etc. S0me of the tracks hew closer to the older Hiero ... LP, Vinyl record album
Wake Up/All City, 1995. Used
Now Ya Know!!!
THG, 1993. Used
Includes "Now Ya Know", "Alright", "Can't Beat That", "Talk Bad", "Permanent", "Creation", "One Mo Time" and "Ya Better Stop". ... CD
I'll Make You Famous
Pop Art, 1995. Used
Def Jux, 2001. Used
Tracks include "Kick A Dope Verse" by Cenobites featuring Bobbito, "I'm Gonna Kill You" by Jugganauts, "The Session" by Arsonists, "Flossin" by Y@K Ballz, "Dead Bent" by MF Doom, "Alcoholic Vibes" by Lord Sear, "Scars And ... CD
Lost Generation
Noo Trybe, 1996. Used
Maybe this isn't the best Wu-related LP ever, we still think the album was unfairly slept on. There's some nice tracks including the hit "Jiggy Coming", "What Makes The World Go Round" featuring Smooth The Hustler and DV Alias Christ, and a couple tracks with Pop the Brown ... CD
Soul Music
Gospo Centric, 2002. Used
Crazy Noise
Fresh, 1989. Used
A classic from the vaults of Fresh Records! The album is fairly legendary to beatheads for the Skull Snaps beat that kicks in the start of the track "It's My Turn" (with much respect to Dooley O) but this album stands up as a great listen that should stretch far beyond the Wax Poetics ... CD
Madlib Invazion, 2014. New Copy 2LP
Streetwise raps from Freddie Gibbs, backed by inventive production from Madlib – here on one of the best records yet on 'Lib's own Madlib Invazion imprint! If you'll forgive us a little bit of repetition – because we KNOW we've written this before – there's just something extra ... LP, Vinyl record album
Hiero Imperium/Get On Down, 1993. New Copy 2 CDs
The timeless classic Cali hip hop standard bearer from Souls Of Mischief – given the tricked out 20th Anniversary edition it deserves! As much as we love all the best Hiero output of the 90s & beyond, this is still our favorite, and besides, it's pretty much the blueprint for the ... CD
Tommy Boy/Get On Down, 1992. New Copy
An early 90s hip hop anthem – whether it's Muggs' screechy bouncing beats or Pete Rock's soulful remix that get's you jumpin'! Yeah, this was overplayed to the point of exhaustion back in the day, but you gotta admit it's a classic, we don't care who or how jaded you are! This fun 2014 ... 12-inch, Vinyl record
Columbia/Traffic, 1995. New Copy 2LP (reissue)
Now a classic, and pretty tough to get a hold of on vinyl. Beats by Buckwild, Showbiz and Lord Finesse, rhymes by Harlem's finest. Big L didn't leave behind much recorded work, but if this LP has to stand as his legacy, it's a mighty fine statement. Alongside some of the latter day QB hip hop, ... LP, Vinyl record album
Blue Note, 2003. New Copy 2LP
Madlib invades Blue Note! He gets free reign of the catalog for this mix of sampler genius and live band interpretations, too, as/with Ahmad Miller, Yesterdays New Quintet, Malcolm Catto, Medaphoar, and others from the Stones Throw camp. This one's truly a conceptual triumph, if there ever was ... LP, Vinyl record album
Lord Steppington (gold colored vinyl with download)
Rhymesayers, 2014. New Copy 2LP
LP...$26.99 28.98 (CD)
West coast veterans Alchemist and Evidence team up as Step Brothers – and deliver a damn strong full length debut for Rhymesayers – with guests Action Bronson, Styles P, Oh No, Roc Marciano, Fashawn, Domo Genius, Blu, Rakaa and more! Alchemist and Evidence are both producer/MC double ... LP, Vinyl record album
Tommy Boy, 1989. New Copy 2LP (reissue)
The mindblowing classic debut of De La Soul! 3 Feet High And Rising is inarguably one of the most important records in hip hop history – with playful, endearingly oddball trio rhymes and Prince Paul production at it's most sprawlingly sampled and creative. It's got flat out classic songs ... LP, Vinyl record album
Ready To Die
Bad Boy/Rhino, 1995. New Copy 2 LPs Gatefold (reissue)
Biggie's masterpiece! There's very little we could possibly say about this east coast landmark that isn't already etched in stone in the annals of hip hop history. Biggie's a master storyteller, whether he's spinning tales of violent street nihilism, his skills beneath the sheets, or blistering ... LP, Vinyl record album
Mecca & The Soul Brother
Elektra (UK), 1992. New Copy 2LP (reissue)
The 1992 CLASSIC jazzy soulful hip hop album from one of the best producers in hip hop! You get a whole 18 tracks ranging from laid back smooth molasses tracks to sing along party bouncers. How could your collection be complete without this?!! Tracks include the unforgettable "They ... LP, Vinyl record album
Star Trak/Get On Down, 2002. New Copy 2 LPs (reissue)
The first Clipse album to see release – and a neo-electro/drug rap/crossover hip hop masterpiece produced by the Neptunes – the debut LP on their own Star Trak label. Malice and Pusha T arrive as smooth, confident rhymers with plenty of standout moments, while the Neptunes reach an ... LP, Vinyl record album
Deeper EP (limited edition EP)
Madlib Invazion, 2013. New Copy (pic cover)
The third collaborative EP from adventurous production legend Madlib and MC Freddie Gibbs! As cool is Madlib's more envelope-pushing, unpredictable and cosmos expanding productions are, it's always fantastic to hear him produce for no nonsense rhymers. "Deeper" has a chilling bit of ... 12-inch, Vinyl record
Pay Jay, 2013. New Copy (pic cover)
A pair of top shelf J Dilla tracks from the archives – with rhymes by Dilla and compatriots Frank N Dank! "Anthem" is a definite gem, particularly on the production tip. It's got a raw, powerfully effective way with the beats – which are mirrored by some nice, minimalist bit ... 12-inch, Vinyl record
Fool's Gold, 2013. New Copy
Danny Brown steps up his game on Old – delivering on all the promise of his much-hailed previous Fool's Gold LP – and actually topping it! Danny's XXX was a mix of next-level smarts and production, balanced with knowlingly gutter dwelling rhymes – but this one is knowingly more ... CD
Capital Punishment
Loud/RCA, 1998. Used
Unlike a lot of late 90s major label hip hop, Loud seems to have found the perfect mix of commericial success and straight dope hip hop... From the movie dialogue intro to "Twins". Guest appearances by Black Thought of The Roots, Raekwon, Fat Joe and more. Includes "Dream ... CD
Magnum Force
Duck Down, 1998. Used
19 tracks, if you count the interludes, including "Call Of The Wild", "Worldwide", "Black Fonzerelliz", "MFC Laws", "I Ain't Havin That", "Brownsville II Long Beach", and "Hold Your Head Up". ... CD
Chrysalis, 1994. Very Good
Single from the Hard To Earn LP. The cut here is the non-album b-side "The ? Remains" with classic Premier production and Guru sounding a little more lively than usual. It's up there with DWYCK as one of our favorite Gang Starr tracks. ... 12-inch, Vinyl record
Ill Will/Columbia, 2002. Very Good 2LP
With "Doo Rags", "My Way", "U Gotta Love It", "Nothing Lasts Forever", "No Idea's Original", "Blaze A 50", "Everybody's Crazy", "Purple", "Drunk By Myself", "Black Zombie" and "Poppa Was A ... LP, Vinyl record album
Word Of Mouf
Def Jam, 2001. Very Good 2LP Gatefold
Production is handled by a whole bunch of folks, including Organized Noise, Timbaland, and Swizz Beats. Includes "Rollout (My Business)", "Area Codes", "Saturday", "Freaky Thangs" and "Word of Mouf". ... LP, Vinyl record album
Epitaph, 2005. Very Good (pic cover)
2 great tracks from the Danger Doom LP! "Sofa King" includes an exclusive remix, one that's been circulating booty style on the web, and now officially available on wax! ... 12-inch, Vinyl record
Tommy Boy, 1989. Very Good+ (pic cover)
Two early cuts by Latifah, with mixes and production by The 45 King, and a little help from Stimulated Dummy Dante Ross. ... 12-inch, Vinyl record
Def Jam/Gangland, 2004. Very Good+ 2LP
Shyne drops one from behind bars. Tracks include "Quasi OG", "More Or Less", "Behind The Walls" with Kurupt & Nate Dogg, "Shyne", "For The Record", "Jimmy Choo" featuring Ashanti, "Edge", "Here With Me", "Diamo ... LP, Vinyl record album
Motown, 1989. Very Good+
With the amazing "Fight The Power" by Public Enemy. The rest of the album's a real mish mash of other stuff, mostly R&B, including "My Fantasy" by Teddy Riley, "Never Explain Love" by Al Jarreau, "Party Hearty" by EU, "Can't Stand It" by Steel ... LP, Vinyl record album
Death Row, 1996. Very Good 2LP
The first posthumous 2pac release. 12 songs in all, including "Hold Ya Head", "Toss It Up", "Hail Mary", "Bomb First (My Second Reply)", "Blasphemy", "Krazy", "White Man'z World", & "To Live & Die In LA". ... LP, Vinyl record album
Deltron 3030
75 Ark, 2000. Very Good+ 2LP
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Kid Koala, and Dan The Automator pool their skills for this dawn of the 2000s sci-fi hip hop classic – the masterful Deltron 3030! The guest list is almost too long to get into, but Money Mark, Prince Paul, PB Wolf and Mr. Lif are all here, along with many others. ... LP, Vinyl record album
Def Jam, 2002. Used 2CD
Jay-Z brings in a huge ensemble of producers including Kayne West, Just Blaze, Dr. Dre, Neptunes, Timbaland, No ID and more. There are also more guests than any other Jay-Z album, including Faith Evans, Notorious BIG, Beyonce Knowles, Big Boi, Rakim, Lenny Kravitz, and more. Tracks include "H ... CD
Rhyme Related
Nervous, 1999. Used
Seven track EP, featuring the talents of Apani B Fly, Mr. Complex, Shabaam Sahdeeq, with production by DJ Spinna – plus Pharoahe Monch on "Take Me Home". Other tracks include "Motion 2000", "Big Phat Boom", "No Limit", "Nervous Breakdown", ... CD
Relativity, 1998. Used
About half the tracks are produced by Premier. Includes "4 Alarm Blaze", "Down 4 Whateva" and "Handle Ur Bizness". ... CD
Amp Truth, 2005. Used 2CD
Another fine release from the not-so-dirty, but wholly soulful south! Largely produced by 9th Wonder, with work by Khrysis & DJ Resident. Guests include Jean Grae, LEGACY, and Supastition. Includes a bonus CD of instrumentals! Tracks include "Sun Splash", "Bobb'n Ya Head" ... CD
Next Step
PUTS, 1999. Used
Benchmark late 90s/dawn of the 00s LA hip hop from classic minded People Under The Stairs – with much respect for the early 90s golden age without being bogged down with the dreaded throwback rap albatross! The sound rich with a wonderful, refreshingly sample heavy production – ... CD
Moment Of Truth
Noo Trybe, 1998. Used
"Moment of Truth" is right, and fortunately Premier's production and Guru MC's are still up to par – as dope as any of their earlier classic LP's . With "You Know My Steez", "Rep Grows Bigga", "Work", "Make Em Pay" (feat. Krumb Snatcha), ... CD
El Nino
Def Jam, 1998. Used 2CD
12 tracks, and 4 skits, with E Double's newer hot sound in the beats, and Keith Murray and the Funk Doctor Spock joining him on the mic, including "Countdown", "Full Cooperation", "Rhymin Wit Biz", "The Game (Freestyle)", "Can You Dig It?", "No ... CD
Soul On Ice
Priority, 1996. Used
The first LP, sort of a watershed mark of the intellectual/complicated rhyme style, if you will. In any case, way better than either of his subsequent LPs. Includes all of the early singles and classics, 13 tracks in all: including the 7.5-minute version of Ras Kass' take-no-prisoners version of ... CD
Stone Groove, 1999. Used
13 tracks in all: Tommy Tee featuring El Da Sensei & Mike Zoot "International Connects (rmx)", Mr Man & Matt Fingaz "Worldwhyld", Mr Complex "Imakillit", Neek The Exotic with Large Professor "Hardcore", 8 Off (Agallah) "5 Star Millas", Jane ... CD
Utmost, 1998. Used
Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam, 1997. Used
Jay Z's second LP, the one right before he adopted the "hot"/Swizz Beats sound. Like the first LP, there's a good mix of more hip hop tracks like "Streets Is Watching", "Friend Or Foe '98", "Rap Game/Crack Game" and even the more radio friendly are still ... CD
Utmost (UK), 1997. Used
Van Full Of Pakistans
Rowdy, 1992. Used
A lost bit of backpacker era underground from Atlanta, on the short lived Rowdy imprint. Head nodding beats from Spearhead X and ensemble rhymes that might remind you of a less abstract Souls Of Mischief on 14 cuts: "Introduce Me", "85 South", "Van Full Of Pakistans" ... CD
Trendz. . .
Mad Sounds, 1993. Used
Eleven tracks, includign "F@#% What You Heard", "Who Got My Back?", "Mad Flavor, Mad Style", "Off & On", "Valley Of The Skinz" and "Valley Of The Skinz (bonus mix)". ... CD
Mind Fusion/Madlib Invazion, 2004. Used
A massive mix set from the magic mind and fingers Madlib – originally a Japanese only release, finally seeing a stateside issue! The set works through just over two dozen tracks, including many Stones Throw records produced by Madlib, many of those played here is rare remixed form, plus ... CD
Dust To Dust
Def Jam, 1993. Used
The first and only Pete Nice LP, post 3rd Bass. To our ears, neither Serch nor Pete Nice did anything nearly as good after 3rd Bass busted up, but there's a few nice rhymes and beats to be had here. Production by the Beatnuts and Sam Sever, in addition to Pete Nice & Daddy Rich. 16 tracks, ... CD
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