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A massive array of great 7" singles -- lots of rare funk, soul, and more!

Jazzman (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 3 x 7 inch (pic cover)
A much-needed set of work from the legendary Ray Frazier and his Shades Of Madness group – an artist who only cut a handful of singles, all of them great! The title makes a lot of promises as to the grooves within the set – but it definitely delivers as well – and shows what a ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Hey Little Woman/Sugar Girl
Popcorn (UK), Late 50s. New Copy
Classic work from Sonny Til & The Orioles! "Hey Little Woman" romps along at a nice laidback clip – with a groove that's more pronounced than usual for the famous vocal group – as Sonny Til steps out strongly in the lead! "Sugar Girl" is more in the mellow ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Big Boy You're Through/Little Girl Is It True
Popcorn (UK), Late 50s. New Copy
A great little tune in the famous legacy of "Fever" – a "Big Boy" number that vamps along with a very similar groove to the hit, but which has a weirder, wilder feel overall! Linda Willoby's vocals are a bit offbeat – almost slightly flat, but that's probably in ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Lights Out/Keep Coming Back
Daptone, 2012. New Copy (pic cover)
A sweet little single from Menahan Street Band! "Lights Out" has this slow funk brilliance that's almost lifted off a rare 70s soundtrack – beats that are hard, but mellow too – topped by these snakey horns that really bring in a blue sort of feel to the music – almost ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Freestyle (UK), 2014. New Copy
The label's got the look of an old Tico Records release from the 60s – and the music follows suit in a very similar way! "El Ritmo De Nueva York" takes us back to the fierce Latin grooves of the Joe Cuba Sextet of the 60s – with an especially great timbales breakdown in the ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Daptone/Voodoo Funk, Early 70s. New Copy (reissue)
Wow! Straight up incredible Afro Funk from Benin's El Rego Et Ses Commandos – the pummeling, yet soulful "Vimado Wingnan" and the slower, more hypnotic "E Nan Mian Nuku" – rare early 70s numbers on Daptone! "Vimado Wingnan" is one of those tracks that's ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Daptone, 2005. New Copy
Bang! This one starts like a mofo – hard drums rattling in a monster break, and really setting the scene for Charles stark and soulful lyrics. The tune rattles along with some super-tight guitar – riffing away next to the bass in a double-time groove that's immediately gripping – ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Daptone, 2006. New Copy
Love the drums on this one – all skittish and snapping at the beginning – really setting the scene perfectly for the Afro Funk-styled horns that top off the tune and really set the tone! The track's like some lost Nigerian 45 from the 70s – and given excellent production to ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Stay Away/Run It Back
Dunham/Daptone, 2012. New Copy
One of the funkiest tunes we've ever heard from Charles Bradley – thanks to some killer drums on the intro, and this wild psychedelic guitar as well! These instruments set a perfect scene for Bradley to really let loose on "Stay Away" – with these blistering vocals that have ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Daptone, 2004. New Copy
Sharon's got her political agenda straight on this one – working with heavy heavy backings from the Dap-Kings on a hip message-oriented cut that ranks with the best of the early 70s! The groove's overflowing with tight wah wah guitar, topped off by some nice chromatic Willie Hutch-like work ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
I Can't Stand These Lonely Nights/Rub The Lamp
Ever-Soul/Daptone, Early 70s/2012. New Copy (reissue)
A sweet Jamaican-tinged take on this tune by Bob & Gene – one that features the duo's vocals set to grooves from the Inversions, a group led by Ticklah – all in a style that turns the soul track into a lost rocksteady number! The approach is mighty nice – strange at first, ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Augusta Georgia (Here I Come)/South Carolina
Hotpie & Candy/Daptone, 1993. New Copy (reissue)
A rarity from the early 90s funky underground by Bus People Express – who were alternately working as Soul Saints during this period – and they would soon trailblaze the contemporary funk scene as Poets Of Rhythm! "Augusta Georgia (Here I Come)" starts out with stripped-down ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Daptone, 2011. New Copy
A pair of numbers by Brooklyn soul great Charles Bradley backed by The Menahan Street Band – including a wonderful take on Neil Young's classic "Heart Of Gold"! The cover works incredibly well, with Bradley's gravely vocals carrying the emotion of Young's lyrics in really moving ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Soul Spectrum (UK), Late 70s. New Copy
Two great grooves from this obscure Virginia group! "Lost Is Space" has keyboards and basslines that float along nicely – quick-tempoed, but with a dreamy quality too – one that's augmented by the cool breathy vocals, and only slightly altered by the horn bits that come into ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Cultures Of Soul, 1977. New Copy 2 x 7" single (pic cover)
Rare funk from the Kelekye Band – material recorded after their legendary Moving World album, but never issued at the time! This amazing package is totally great – four tracks of offbeat Afro Funk, with an approach that's heavy on percussion, and topped by jazzy riffs that really ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Daptone, 2005. New Copy
The first funky outing we've ever heard from The Budos Band – but a really tasty funky set, with a raw and stripped-down feel! "Up From The South" is a chugging, churning mass of snapping drum breaks and scratchy guitar – topped by a well-crafted horn part that comes in as ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Ubiquity/Luv N' Haight, Early 80s. New Copy
A classic cut from Twilight, remixed nicely by Kon – with the same sort of warm clubby vibe as his own contemporary work! "You're In Love" has this snap and crackle in the rhythms that really comes through right away – one that's almost even enough on its own, before the ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Little You/My Babe
Popcorn (UK), Late 50s. New Copy
Very cool work from Dakota Staton – almost more R&B than her more familiar jazz vocal modes – with this romping rhythm that makes "Little You" a mighty hip groover right from the start! There's an excellent tenor solo in the middle, which further deepens the soul of the ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Arista, 1988. Near Mint- (pic cover)
7-inch, Vinyl record
Finders Keepers (UK), Early 70s. New Copy (pic cover)
Sultry sounds from 70s vampire soundtracks – Bruno Nicolai's "Processo", from the film Il Conte Dracula, starring Chirstopher Lee and Klaus Kinski – plus Roger Roger's "Profondeurs", from Le Viol Du Vampire – the first of the many sexy vampire movies made by ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Zodiac Blues/Orgiastic Ritual
Finders Keepers (UK), Late 50s/Early 70s. New Copy (pic cover)
A cool and unlikely pairing of 2 groovy tracks from 2 different movies that portray black magic in very different ways! First up is George Duning and the Brothers Candoli, with "Zodiac Blues" from Bell Book & Candle – the late 50s Kim Novak/James Stewart classic – in ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Pretty Fly Lullaby/Blonde Witch
Finders Keepers (UK), Late 50s. New Copy (pic cover)
A very cool, very spooky song from The Night Of The Hunter – initially an instrumental, then giving way to some vocal bits by Betty Benson and Kitty White! The "Pretty Fly" passage is amazing – almost a Wicker Man sort of song – and one that seems to spook us even more ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Outta Sight (UK), 2011. New Copy
The vinyl debut of these two great tracks from Betty Wright and The Roots – classic deep soul vocals mixed with tight funky instrumentation – all at a level that matches Betty's famous work of the 70s! ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
BGP (UK), 1971. New Copy
Two of the most famous tracks ever from Gil Scott Heron – both of them great! "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" is Gil's great gift to the 20th Century – a tune that mixes his protest poetry roots with a massively funky line – sweet flute and heavy bass – ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Finders Keepers/Bird (UK), 2008. New Copy (pic cover)
One of the most enigmatic contemporary acts we've heard from the Finders Keepers stable – and that's saying a lot, given the company kept by Magpahi! The tunes here all have an eerie, folksy sort of quality – haunting ethereal vocals from singer Alison Cooper, and instrumentation that ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
BGP (UK), 1971. New Copy
Two tasty funky numbers on a limited reissue 45! Billy Garner's "Brand New Girl" is a non-stop groover – with a hard James Brown/Lee Fields vocal style, and compin' and chompin' guitar underneath! Next is a break you can't live without – served up on the amazing intro to ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Expansion (UK), 2013. New Copy
One of our favorite tracks ever from the great Gregory Porter – and one of the best recent jazz vocal tunes in years – all served up in a sweetly compact 45 edit that still retains all the care and charm of the original! "1960 What" gets similar treatment too – all ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Fame/Kent (UK), 2012. Near Mint- (pic cover)
Amazing treasures from the legendary Fame Records – 5 unique 7" singles, packaged together in an old magnetic tape-style box, which indicates how deep they had to dig in the vaults to get these gems! There's a great mix of southern soul and nascent rock here – and titles include ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Secret Lover/Open Up Your Eyes
Schema (Italy), 2014. New Copy
Breezy, jazzy pulp pop from Alessandro Magnanini – featuring vocals by Jenny B! "Secret Lover" has the feel of a classic Bond theme – with a tight rhythm, compelling drums, sweeping strings and soulful vocals by Jenny, in a mode that's nicely reminiscent of Shirley Bassey. ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Tramp (Germany), 2008. New Copy
Very spacey funk from Lucky Brown – a mixture of slow-stepping bass, muddy drums, and some very cool keyboard bits – all sewn together with a surprisingly deep horn part on the top! There's a nicely percolating feel to the rhythms, but they sit back nicely in the mix and let the other ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Skin's Funk/Big Chase
Tramp (Germany), Early 70s. New Copy (reissue)
Plenty of funky flute on Skin Williams' excellent "Skin's Funk" – a tune that romps along mightily with some tremendous heavy drums – and which has the flute almost blowing its stack with a really hard-edged solo! The tune's a beautiful cooker through and through – with ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Tramp (Germany), 2012. New Copy
Highest-quality modern funk from The Qualitons! "Rolling The Bones" is a real scorcher – highlighted on the instrumental front by some limber drum work augmented by handclaps – and with the organ and guitar grooves playing off each other in a really exciting way! This one's ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Tramp (Germany), 2004. New Copy
Nothin But A Party – but what a party it is! The track's a non-stop groover that rolls like a train out of control – drums chasing bass chasing horns all over the place – as the track fast-riffs out a groove that's amazingly tight for the speed at which it's taken! The group ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Hot Pants Party/Cool It
Tramp (Germany), 2005. New Copy
A heck of a great little party – even without the Hot Pants! Guy Morris grooves it here in a stone James Brown mode – socking with the bass on the beats, and really going for a heavy sound overall. The tune's incredibly catchy – somewhere between sock boogaloo soul and deeper ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
James Brown's Boo-Ga-Loo (2 versions)
Tramp (Germany), Mid 60s. New Copy
Fast, frenetic funk – a romping 60s take on "James Brown's Boogaloo" – done at a level that's even rawer than the original from The Godfather himself! The guitar moves super-fast – cutting the tune with a razor-sharp rhythm that's then peppered with burning organ lines ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Soulfly/Tramp (Germany), 2013. New Copy
A spare funky number, but a great one too – just these catchy vocals, a great bassline, and percolating percussion – all with a feel that's somewhere in the territory of a lost number by Joe Quaterman! ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
It's Got To Be Somethin/Gettin' Soul (Part 1)
PKC/Tramp (Germany), Late 60s. New Copy (reissue)
A couple of hard grooving tracks from Aalon Butler & The New Breed Band! "It's Got To Be Something" is a nice raw edge to the rhythm and some really feverish vocals by Butler. On the other side, you're getting' plenty of soul on "Gettin Soul (Part 1) – and plenty of funk, ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Philadelphia International, 1973. Very Good
7-inch, Vinyl record
He'll Have To Go/Come On Home
Hi Records, 1970. Very Good
7-inch, Vinyl record
Diamond, 1968. Very Good
7-inch, Vinyl record
Duke, 1969. Very Good
7-inch, Vinyl record
Collectables, 1955. Very Good (reissue)
7-inch, Vinyl record
Gordy, 1982. Very Good
7-inch, Vinyl record
Band Of Gold/Detour
Imperial, 1966. Very Good
7-inch, Vinyl record
Jive, Late 60s. Very Good
A beautiful stepper backed with a sweet soul ballad! ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Casablanca, 1975. Very Good+
Wonderful work from Jeannie Reynolds – a sublime blend of southern and modern soul styles, both handled by Don Davis, who brought such majestic work to Jeannie's best recordings of the time! "Unwanted" is a slow bubbling number with a sad feel that's a bit like pre-disco Loleatta ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Duke, 1967. Very Good
7-inch, Vinyl record
Zodiac, Early 70s. Very Good+
A very deep, very hard soul single! Big strings grace the dope groove of the intro, and give the whole thing sort of a Blacksploitation feel, then Chuck Bernard kicks in with soulful vocals, on a nice Chicago thing that's got sort of an early Leroy Hutson feel. ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Atlantic, 1959. Very Good
7-inch, Vinyl record
Wand, 1962. Very Good+
7-inch, Vinyl record
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