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An elite group of music documentaries, performance films, and vintage footage!

Daptone, 2013. New Copy
A great documentary that tells the amazing tale of Charles Bradley – a singer who didn't peak until he hit his 60s – surviving life in the projects to emerge as one of the best soul vocalists in many years! We've loved Bradley's work for Daptone – and have raved about his records ... DVD
Universal (Brazil), 2013. New Copy
Caetano Veloso looks like a bit of an old geezer on the back cover of this live set – but damn if he isn't still one of the most exciting talents in the world, even alongside most of the contemporary generation too! The performance is a concert that's very much in the spirit of the studio ... DVD
Chicago Steppers, 1999. New Copy DVD
Recent grooves, but often done with a richly classic feel – one that recalls the waning years of the Chicago Soul scene at the start of the 80s! The package is an effort from the re-activated Chi-Sound label – and it takes up where Carl Davis modern soul imprint left off – a ... DVD
Universal (Brazil), 2013. New Copy
One of the best albums we've heard from Milton Nascimento in years – and a really beautiful live performance that pays tribute to his 5 decades in music! The performance has a crisp, personal quality we don't always hear in Milton's studio work these days – and the band worked with ... DVD
Studio Canal (Brazil), 2013. New Copy
A well-done documentary on the group Os Novos Baianos – one of the best underground ensembles to emerge in the post-Tropicalia years of Brazil, but one that we've always known very little about! This film corrects that lack, and serves up over an hour's worth of footage, interviews, and ... DVD
PDP Productions, 2003. New Copy
A great introduction to the Chicago Steppers scene – one that not only features interviews and footage from events in the scene, but also some instructional details as well! The package features material from a wide range of events, and interviews with a number of key figures on the scene ... DVD
PDP Productions, 2006. New Copy
Chicago stepping taken to the next level – in this great follow up DVD to the first Chicago Steppers package! This one's actually a lot better done than the first one – better production values, better image quality, and an overall more classy level of presentation – all of which ... DVD
XXL, Mid 70s. New Copy
Rare TV footage from the legendary Al Green – a full live performance photographed in very vivid color! There's no dates or notes at all on the set (damn!), but given the look of Al's plaid leisure suit in the performance, we're guessing the show's right from somewhere in his mid-70s high ... DVD
Carta De Amor (DVD)
Biscoito Fino (Brazil), 2013. New Copy
Right from the start, Maria Bethania showed herself as an artist who could almost shine better in a live setting than a studio one – from her early records, to famous albums that helped define the sound of MPB, to recent gems like this one – which has the singer still very much at the ... DVD
Cineparallax, 2013. New Copy
A really unique film project – one that looks at the musical power of Chicago as a city, with a special focus on the way it helped create unique moments in rock, jazz, and experimental music in the 90s! The film is based around the words and faces of key musical figures from the time – ... DVD
Shelter Island, 2013. New Copy
A feature documentary on the life and incredible career of producer Arif Mardin – the legendary producer, composer, arranger and eventual vice-president of Atlantic Records – who was an instrumental figure behind the scenes of many of the greatest jazz, soul, pop and rock records of the ... DVD
Sandman's Garden (DVD)
Dust To Digital, 2005. New Copy
A really beautiful look at Lonnie Holley – the Alabama-based singer/artist who's rose to great attention in recent years, thanks to his records and his compelling creations! The film follows Holley as he works on a few key assemblages – and offers up some of the deeper personal issues ... DVD
Universal (Brazil), 2013. New Copy DVD
Amazing sounds from Gal Costa – a brilliant live album that follows strongly in the mode of her Recanto studio album! Like that set, this one features Gal in the most experimental style she's used in years – bits of electronics and contemporary underground modes layered in with her ... DVD
Music Box Films, 1982. New Copy DVD
Nice one – one of the classic moments of early hip hop on film! Filmed in the early 80s, entirely on location in the South Bronx, the film's an amazing look into the early days of hip hop culture – and perhaps the greatest film of all time on the subject. The film includes ... DVD
PDP Productions, 2013. New Copy
A very detailed entry in the Chicago Steppers series of DVDs – which seems to get even more instructional with each new release! This one includes bits on "Wobble", "Superbad", "Go Head", "Biker Shuffle", "AV Jazzy", "Slo Lou", ... DVD
PDP Productions, 2013. New Copy
Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the dancefloor, Chicago's cooked up a whole new set of slides – presented here by Vernita Smith and her lovely Velvet Dancers! The set follows in the same format of some of our other Chicago Steppers DVDs – a bit home-made in terms of ... DVD
PDP Productions, 2008. New Copy
One of the most low-budget Steppers videos we've ever seen – but a DVD that promises to teach you three of the newly-emerging "slide" dances on the Chicago scene! The camera work isn't that fancy, and the dancers are all pretty casual – but when they get down to business, ... DVD
Chicago Steppers, 2010. New Copy DVD
One of the more contemporary videos we've seen from the Chicago steppers scene – and one that definitely shows a real evolution in dance styles, especially with the Wobble slide! Gone are the classic moves from the soul oldies years, and gone are even the very mellow, very slow steps from ... DVD
Paramount (Brazil), 2009. New Copy 2DVD
A well-done documentary on Caetano Veloso – with recent footage of tours in Japan, the US, and Brazil – packaged here with a lot of bonus features too! The core film is about 71 minutes long – but extras include a "Pocket Show Acustico", extended scenes, and more! ... DVD
PDP Productions, 2011. New Copy
The Chicago steppers scene hits the junior crowd – and comes up with a host of simpler slides for younger dancers! The package is billed as being for kids, but actually works well for anyone who finds some of the more complicated steps too difficult (like us, if you've ever seen us on the ... DVD
PDP Productions, 2008. New Copy DVD/CD
One of the most low-budget Steppers videos we've ever seen – but a DVD that promises to teach you three of the newly-emerging "slide" dances on the Chicago scene! The camera work isn't that fancy, and the dancers are all pretty casual – but when they get down to business, ... DVD
Beat (Italy), Early 70s. New Copy
A special set of documentary material on the legendary Emanuelle film series from the 70s – filled with a wealth of information on the movies, the music, and the sexy lass herself! The DVD features four separate shorter pieces – one a documentary on director Joe D'Amto, another a ... DVD
Concert For Fukushima – Wels 2011 (DVD)
Trost (Austria), 2011. New Copy
A full performance from the 2011 Wels Festival curated by Peter Brotzmann – starring his crucial Chicago Tentet – a modern-day supergroup of giants of avant jazz! The lineup features saxes from Brotzmann, Ken Vandermark, and Mats Gustafsson – plus trumpet from Joe McPhee, ... DVD
Sambabook Martinho Da Vila (DVD)
Som Livre (Brazil), 2013. New Copy
The music of Martinho Da Vila – served up here with the help of a huge amount of contemporaries and admirers – including Joao Bosco, Joao Donato, Ana Costa, Elza Soares, Paulinho Da Viola, Paula Lima, Ne Matogrosso, Leci Brandao, Fernanda Abreu, and many others – plus some work by ... DVD
Biscoito Fino (Brazil), 2012. New Copy
An incredible live album from Chico Buarque – one that really grabs us right from the start, and holds us rapt in ways that go far beyond the boundaries of language! Chico's recent albums have all been pretty darn great, but there's really something special to this set – a perfect ... DVD
Discobertas (Brazil), 1992. New Copy
The legendary Brazilian vocal group – caught live on the Ensaio TV program! The performance is from much later years in the Golden Boys' history – far from the time of their 60s hits – but the vocals are still wonderful, and captured here with an intimacy that really lives up to ... DVD
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