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Lots of well-priced bargains -- and a handful of essential discographies and album art books too!

Sterling, 2010. New Copy
Somebody's finally gone out and written a book about one subject we can really get behind – the Record Store – and not only that, they've done a beautiful job with the entire package too! The book takes a look at the importance of the record store – not just historically, but ... Book
Collins & Brown, 2009. New Copy Book
Classic albums in a variety of genres – some rare, some famous, all of them pretty darn groovy! This lavish hardcover volume presents over 200 images in beautiful color – starting with the "suits" at the start of the decade, some especially nice jazz images, then moving into ... Book
Collins & Brown, 2012. New Copy Book
Vintage album covers from the 70s – all hand-picked by Aubrey Powell of Hipgnosis – a company responsible for some of their own classic images back in the day! Powell does a great job with the package – and manages to go way beyond just Hipgnosis covers, to include a really wide-s ... Book
Duke University Press, 2014. New Copy
One of the best-written books we've ever seen on music from the left side of the spectrum – from an artist we mostly know as a musician! David Grubbs has been making amazing sounds for years – first in Squirrel Bait, then in Gastr Del Sol, then more recently as a solo artist – ... Book
Duke University Press, 2013. New Copy
Forget all the cliches you may know about brass bands in New Orleans – especially those aimed at tourists in the French Quarter – as writer Matt Sakakeeny looks at the real lives of musicians on the street – playing music that continues to evolve well into the 21st Century, often ... Book
Duke University Press, 2002. New Copy
The life story of the amazing Fred Wesley – the funky, soulful trombone hero for the JBs, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, and so many other geniuses and trailblazers – laid out by the master himself, and his gift as a great storyteller rivals even that of his musicianship! We already ... Book
Duke University Press, 2013. New Copy
The autobiography of Afrobeat pioneer Tony Allen – perhaps the most legendary Nigerian drummer alive! As told to co-author/interviewer Michael E. Veal, Tony lets us on his amazing life story in an inviting, easily readable way. Lots of great stories from throughout his life and career are ... Book
Get On Down, 2013. New Copy
A massive tome to the drum machine – covering beat boxes manufactured as far back as 1950s, onward through the 80s machines that made the beats for some of the greatest hip hop and club music ever made! It's by self-described obsessive and Boston area hip hop producer Joe Mansfield – ... Book
Corbett vs. Dempsey, 2013. New Copy
Amazing images from the universe of Sun Ra – a mixture of rare photographs and mural images painted by Aye Aton – sometime percussionist with the Arkestra, and a heck of a great painter too! The book begins with these stunning full color photographs of Ra on the set of Space Is The ... Book
Rittor (Japan), 2013. New Copy
An even-better volume of this amazing publication – a true treasure trove for fans of all things funky – and one of the coolest books of rare records we've ever seen! The Japanese book is a dictionary of rare groove classics from the 60s and 70s – listing hundreds of rare albums ... Book
Rittor (Japan), 2013. New Copy
Rare club galore – a pretty great publication that looks at the "seeds of club music", and features listings for hundreds of rare records from the 70s and 80s! The format is similar to other Rittor discographies – lots of full color album art (or label art in the case of ... Book
Country Music Foundation, 2005. New Copy Book
Not the country music side of Nashville, but the city's rich heritage of soul and R&B – served up here in a beautiful book put together by the Country Music Hall Of Fame! That organization has always done great things for country – and here, they turn their special talents towards ... Book
HarperCollins, 2012. New Copy
A wonderful backdrop for the writings of William S Burroughs – his letters and correspondence from the late 50s through the early 70s – written to Allen Ginsberg, Paul Bowles, Brion Gysin, and other key figures from the underground! The prose is a bit more everyday than Burroughs cut-up ... Book
Record Buyers Diary (paperback)
Rittor (Japan), 2006. New Copy
It's no secret to crate diggers that Japanese record buyers really take their job seriously – and now here's a book to finally prove it! Record Buyer's Diary was put together by two Japanese record buyers as they travel the globe in search of the music they love – and it features ... Book
Cabbie Vol 1
Fantagraphics, 2011. New Copy
Genius work from Spanish cartoonist Marti – the first run of his legendary Cabbie – a kind of surreal combination between Dick Tracy and Taxi Driver! The images are in a stark, bold, black and white mode that's like Chester Gould at his most pointed – but the subject matter is ... Book
Flowerpot, 2009. New Copy
Very cool – a blank-paper journal hidden in a vintage paperback cover image – complete with heavy cardboard on each end, and a cool elastic band to hold the whole thing in place! The design is like that of expensive notebooks that push past the $10 mark – but the cover is even ... Book
Flowerpot, 2009. New Copy
Very cool – a blank-paper journal hidden in a vintage paperback cover image – complete with heavy cardboard on each end, and a cool elastic band to hold the whole thing in place! The design is like that of expensive notebooks that push past the $10 mark – but the cover is even ... Book
Chicago's Books, 2012. New Copy
We love our life in the Windy City – and spend most of our free time traversing Chicago's wide streets and many neighborhoods – but we've never got to see the city like this, with a range of oversized views from the air – including a fair bit of historical images as well! The ... Book
Granta (UK), 2011. New Copy
A beautiful portrait of Harlem – told at a very personal level, but in a way that's also very conscious of history as well – a process of understanding that definitely lives up to the title of the book! Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts isn't a Harlem native, but presents a wonderful picture of her ... Book
University Of California Press, 1984/2009. New Copy Book/CD
A much-needed look at the amazing underground jazz scene in LA – the richly creative spiritual and avant underground that flourished strongly in the 60s, 70s, and 80s! Although the city's best known for its cool jazz of the 50s, there's an even greater amount of left-field jazz that's come ... Book
Funny Garbage, 1983/2008. New Copy
Lost material from 1983 – a full graphic novel based around Gary Panter's Jimbo – told here almost only in pictures, save for the dialogue balloons throughout! The smaller format is a nice change from some of Panter's larger-frame books – as is the bigger page count, and the ... Book
Jawbone, 2010. New Copy
A wonderfully detailed story of one of the coolest record labels ever – a book that really gets at the huge range of folk, blues, psych, and other wonderful sounds issued by Elektra Records! The tome is massive – big enough to feature a lot of full color pictures, but with a much ... Book
Backbeat Books, 2009. New Copy
Not a biography of one-time Spacemen 3 mainman – but a very cool look at the wealth of great guitar rock that emanated from the Pacific Northwest from the late 50s onward! There must be something in the water up there, because countless great guitar giants have hailed from Washington State ... Book
Thames & Hudson (UK), 2003. New Copy
A beautiful collection of work from Brion Gysin – an artist best known for his famous collaborations with William S Burroughs, but a heck of a great creative talent in his own right too! The book features almost 200 illustrations in color – a range of great images that not only ... Book
Rockport, 2011. New Copy
A pretty sweet book about book cover design – with additional bits from magazines and catalogs as well – all wrapped up into a super-handsome volume in which every internal page is as striking as the cover! Choices were made by Altitude Associates – a creative design agency ... Book
Omnibus (UK), 2009. New Copy
A detailed look at one of the coolest, hippest, most unique groups to come out of the first wave of Brit punk in the late 70s – a quartet who worked in sonic corridors few other artists could touch, and who've gone onto change and expand their sound in more recent decades too! Paul Lester's ... Book
Little Brown, 2012. New Copy
A seminal look at the American roots music by one of our favorite writers ever – a book that was penned decades ago, yet still stands as crucially important all these many years later! Peter Guaralnick's Lost Highway is essential reading for any fan of older blues, country, and R&B ... Book
Faber & Faber, 2011. New Copy Book
A very cool look at the New York scene during some of its most important moments of the 70s – the birth of both hip hop and punk, the huge rise of Latin music, a resurgence in avant jazz, and an important art world interaction with just about anything it could get its hands on! Will Hermes ... Book
Rittor (Japan), 2012. New Copy Book
A totally great book for collectors of Latin music – one that features a whole host of rare records from the 50s through the 80s – complete with color images of the original covers, and dates and labels too! The core of the book is in Japanese – including mini reviews on each of ... Book
MTV, 2008. New Copy
The history of American hardcore – served up in a huge batch of black and white photos, record covers, flyers, and more – spun out in a really beautiful book! The images are all nice and stark – concert shots, band performances, and more – all photos that really get at the ... Book
Grushkin, 2011. New Copy Book
We may not be the type to be immediately thrilled by fan letters to the Grateful Dead – but one look at this book, and we were really amazed! The full-color, well-done volume is filled with amazing mail received by The Grateful Dead – most of it very heavily illustrated, with lots of ... Book
Abrams Comic Arts, 2009. New Copy Book
Cool comics from a very unlikely source – publications put together by the US government to spread ideas and inform the public – many of which were handled by top comics talents from the mainstream! The quality of this material is surprisingly wonderful – not schlocky propaganda, ... Book
Backbeat Books, 2009. New Copy Book
The full story of the legendary Casablanca Records – the 70s home to Kiss, Donna Summer, and a huge amount of soul, funk, and disco artists! Casablanca is legendary not just for its music, but for its sense of "good times" and model for living the high life back in the day – ... Book
Gotham, 2012. New Copy Book
Maybe the deepest book we've ever read on the life and music of James Brown – and certainly one to really get past the monolithic moments, and really serve up the full details of The Godfather at work! There's a surprising amount of research that went into the project – way more than ... Book
Back Beat, 2008. New Copy
The heady life and even hipper music of Sly Stone – told here by an author who managed to get Stone's participation on the project! The book focuses most strongly on Sly's rise to fame and key late 60s/early 70s years – a time when his records not only changed the face of soul music, ... Book
Ross Andru & Mike Esposito's Get Lost
Hermes, 1950s. New Copy
One of the greatest publications to ever rip off Mad Magazine – and an early effort from the team of Ross Andru and Mike Esposito – later known for famous work at both Marvel and DC Comics! Get Lost follows from the early Mad comic book style – and features lots of well-done ... Book
Prestel, 2008. New Copy
Lavish color illustrations from the glory days of the romance paperback – a wealth of classic covers from British publisher Mills & Boon – also the parent company of Harlequin Romance! The images are stunning, and the book is very thoughtfully put together – not an ... Book
Free News Projects, 2008. New Copy
A beautiful monograph of the work of Matt Leines – an artist who works in very detailed pencil and ink, often with a style that brings a lot of complexity to his relatively simple images! There's a cartoony feel to some of the work here – but Leines' use of line is far more detailed ... Book
Backbeat Books, 2009. New Copy
A hefty tribute to Relix magazine – that long-running publication that first began as a tribute to The Grateful Dead, but which went onto encompass a host of different styles, and help provide some inspiration for the jamband generation as well! The book's got the dimensions of the magazine, ... Book
Liverpool University Press (UK), 2007. New Copy
This third volume in Mike Ashley's series covers just a single decade, but shows more transformation in science fiction publishing than almost the previous 50 years together! The book details the explosion of new ideas and new sources of sci-fi in the 70s – from bigger older publications to ... Book
WW Norton, 2008. New Copy Book
A book we can really get behind – partly because we're a groovy local retailer, just like the ones featured in the pictures! The volume is exactly what's promised in the title – a beautiful look at storefronts in Brooklyn – from local grocery stores, to mom and pop neighborhood ... Book
Merrell, 2010. New Copy
A beautiful book that documents the overlooked legacy of Brion Gysin – contemporary and collaborator of William S Burroughs and other important beat figures – but also an artist with a vision that goes way beyond that initial moment! The book brings together a wealth of images of Gysin' ... Book
Hal Leonard, 2010. New Copy Book & DVD
Quincy Jones tells all his secrets of the studio – working here in a really cool volume that details his production efforts on decades' worth of records – with a strong focus on some of the most special albums in his history, plus lots more details on the general production process too! ... Book
Funkadelphia, 2010. New Copy
A very cool look at album cover artist/designer Jack Lonshein – the talent behind the great Mainstream Records covers of the 60s – plus a range of excellent work for other labels too! Back in the day, Jack ran a jazz record store, and also promoted concerts – and this book tells ... Book
True Hip Hop (hardcover)
Mark Batty, 2010. New Copy Book
Great photographs from Mike Schreiber – a New York-based artist who worked heavily for The Source and Vibe back in the day – and managed to capture a whole heck of a lot of great shots in the process! Schreiber includes some nicely personal memories along with the photos – some ... Book
Shindig, 2009. New Copy
All the articles from the out of print Volume early issues of Shindig! Magazine – with additional photos and redesigned for this deluxe book treatment – hardcover bound, and beautifully so! Features those excellent articles on class psychedelic, garage and other 60s & 70s titans ... Book
Raven (hardcover)
Fantagraphics, 2011. New Copy
CD...$6.99 22.99
A beautiful book version of Lou Reed's POEtry project – presented here with sublime illustrations from graphic novelist Lorenzo Mattotti! Reed's words draw on the legacy of Edgar Allen Poe, and feature his own interpretations and reworkings of the themes – originally presented on stage ... CD
Backbeat Books, 2005. New Copy
The title definitely gets it right – as author Will Romano tells the triumphs and troubles of Hubert Sumlin – the southern guitarist who had a great role in the electric scene in Chicago during the postwar years! Sumlin spent a great deal of time with Howlin Wolf, then developed into a ... Book
Backbeat Books, 2007. New Copy
Some of the greatest albums in rock and roll are those that were never released – including some that finally saw the light of day after decades, like the Beach Boys' Smile! This book really gets at that fact beautifully – showing how, although never issued, some of these key creative ... Book
Simon & Schuster, 2011. New Copy
The amazing story of Ahmet Ertegun – the driving force behind Atlantic Records, and a crucial figure in popular music in the 20th Century! Ahmet's story is the stuff of legend – and this book delivers the whole thing in stunning detail – from Ertegun's early years as the child of ... Book
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