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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sam & The Soul MachinePo'k Bones & Rice – Unreleased New Orleans Funk 1969-1974 ... CD
Funky Delicacies, 1969/Early 70s. New Copy .... $11.99 13.99
A wealth of funky instrumentals – never issued before! Sam & The Soul Machine were a funky New Orleans combo that had a sound that was a heck of a lot like the Meters – dubby bass, tight snapping drums, and some warm and bubbling organ work that gave the music a sweetly soulful finish. This fantastic set of tracks was recorded in 1969 – right at the height of the Crescent City funk scene – but was never issued before, due to a strange twist of fate (not to mention the IRS!) The CD brings together the 12 tracks that were recorded for The Soul Machine's lost 1969 album, plus another 6 from the early 70s – tunes that show the group adding in a bit more vocals, tightening up their act somewhat, but still never losing a funky New Orleans groove. Rough and ready – and a perfect slice of deep deep funk! Titles include "Git It", "Water Hole", "Thesis", "Po'K Bones & Rice", "Stand", "T-Time", "Wanted Alive", "Meditation", "Slow Motion", "Get Down (parts 1 & 2)", and "Tomorrow Today". CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Maya AngelouMiss Calypso – Maya Angelou ... CD
Liberty/Rev-Ola (UK), 1957. New Copy .... $6.99
Wild! Long before she was a hipster poet, and even longer before she was the Poet Laureate, Maya cut this early album of calypso tracks for Liberty – with a rootsy sound that's actually pretty darn nice! Maya wrote a larger number of the tracks, and backing is by Tommy Tedesco on guitar and Al Bello on some really nice percussion. It's really only an oddball treat of your think about the later reknown of Maya Angelou, but a treat it is, and a wholly credible late 50s calypso pop record. Tunes include "Neighbor, Neighbor", "Oo Dla Ba Boo", "Mambo In Africa", "Tamo", "Pease & Rice", and "Run Joe". Fantastic cover, too! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Don CherryHear & Now ... CD
Atlantic (Japan), 1977. New Copy .... $14.99
Important 70s work from Don Cherry – one of the first albums to bring his overseas experiments to a larger US audience! The set builds nicely off of styles that Don forged earlier in France and Scandinavia – a freer style of music than his work with Ornette Coleman, and a richly organic groove that builds up strongly from the bottom, often with elements of world music settled in alongside the jazz – but there's also some funkier moments here too, a bit like the Brown Rice album, but looser overall! The groups on most numbers are relatively large and spiritual – almost like Alice Coltrane at times, but a bit more electric and funky at others – and players include Collin Walcott on sitar, Michael Brecker on saxes, Cliff Carter on keyboards, Lenny White and Tony Williams on drums, Lois Colin on harp, and Raphael Cruz on percussion. Cherry himself plays conch shells, bells, and flute in addition to his usual trumpet – and he even sings a bit on a few numbers, in a soulful, scatting sort of groove. Narada Michael Walden produced, and the whole set's got a very righteous feel – with tracks that include "Universal Mother", "Buddah's Blues", "Eagle Eye", "Mahakali", "Karmapa Chenno", "Surrender Rose", and "Journey Of Milarepa". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bettye CrutcherLong As You Love Me (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Enterprise/Stax (UK), 1974. New Copy .... $15.99
An overlooked gem on Stax Records – one of the only records ever cut by Bettye Crutcher – also a songwriter with the label, but a hell of a singer on her own! Bettye's got a style here that's very unique – still in a Stax mode, but a bit more sophisticated too – with a subtle groove that almost feels like some of the best female soul singers coming out of the Chicago scene at the time! Sir Mack Rice co-wrote most of the tunes with Bettye – and they've got a vibe that's really great – and which has made the record a real standout from Stax over the years – really unified, and really deep – in a way that goes past any easy hit modes or cliches. Titles include the sublime track "Sunday Morning's Gonna Find Us In Love" – plus "Long As You Love Me", "A Little Bit More Won't Hurt", "Passion", "Call Me When All Else Fails", and "Up For A Let Down". CD features lots of bonus tracks too – all previously unissued – including "So Glad To Have You", "Don't You Think It's About Time", "We've Got Love On Our Side", "Make A Joyful Noise", and demo versions of "Walk On To Your New Love" and "I Forgive You". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eddie Lockjaw DavisAfro-Jaws ... CD
Riverside/OJC, 1961. New Copy .... $3.99 11.98
A soul jazz Latin classic – one that matches the searing tenor work of Eddie Lockjaw Davis with the hard-hitting conga of a young Ray Barretto! The core group of the set is a soul jazz one – with Lockjaw blowing over rhythm by Lloyd Mayers on piano, Larry Gales on bass, and Ben Riley on drums – plus a small added trumpet section on a few tracks. Ray comes into the mix with some really tight percussion on the bottom, aided by a few other players at times – kicking up the tunes and giving them a lot of fire – something that Davis seems to really respond to in his horn. Thanks should also be given to arranger Gil Lopez, who put together the overall sound of the set – and the album's a hard groover all the way through, filled with Latin jammers like "Wild Rice", "Jazz-a-Samba", "Guanco Lament", "Afro Jaws", and "Tin Tin Deo". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Herbie MannBeat Goes On ... CD
Atlantic (Japan), 1967. New Copy .... $13.99
The beat goes on, and Herbie Mann gets plenty darn groovy – serving up these short, soulful tunes that really pack a sweet little punch – thanks in part to some excellent work on vibes by the young Roy Ayers! Ayers' rings out next to Herbie's flute in a very cool way – almost Latin, but a bit groovier overall, with some echoes of bossa and 60s soundtrack jazz – all mixed with deeper soul currents that are very much in the best 60s jazz spirit of Atlantic Records! Jimmy Wisner handles the arrangements, and also plays some mean piano. Titles include Dave Pike's "Dream Garden", which was arranged by Pike himself – plus Herbie Mann's "West African High Life", and Herbie Hancock's "Hey Ho" – as well as the cuts "No Matter What Shape", "More Rice Than Peas, Please", "Soul Montuno", and "The Beat Goes On". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Nineteenth WholeSmilin' ... CD
Eastbound/Westbound (UK), 1972. New Copy .... $11.99
One of the sweetest little jazz funk albums of the early 70s – and a masterful blend of vibes, guitar, and organ from this legendary Indianapolis combo! The group are probably best known for their backing work behind Grant Green on some of his funky Blue Note sides – or for vibes player Billy Wooten, who leads the group, and has had a huge influence on his own these days – but even if you've never heard of them, the record will grab you right away – as it's got a sinister funky groove that few other groups could hope to match! There's a really unique blend of vibes, guitar, and organ going on here – and although the record does have a bit of vocals, the main focus here is on the instrumentation – which jams together in ways that are unlike most other funk combos of the time, including a good number of the group's contemporaries at Westbound! Sweet original tracks include "Monkey Hips 'n Rice", "Looking Through The Windows", and "Dark Clouds Risin", plus a stellar cover of "Slippin' Into Darkness". CD
(Comes in a great little cardboard LP-styled sleeve!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Wooden Glass Featuring Billy WootenWooden Glass Recorded Live ... CD
P-Vine (Japan), 1972. New Copy .... $28.99
Mad funky vibes from The Wooden Glass – a group led by vibist Billy Wooten – an obscure player in the history books, but one who has had a huge influence on 21st Century groove! Billy's got a hard style on the vibes that's like Bobby Hutcherson and Roy Ayers at their soulful best – working here with a tight combo that includes guitar and organ, very much in the mode of his classic work with the slightly more famous (although equally obscure) Indianapolis combo The Ninteenth Whole! The set's a live one, but it really cooks with a sweet electric feel – echoey, funky, and soulful – as tunes spin out in a staggering approach to the vibes that's unmatched by any record of its time. Billy was a huge influence on Madlib and the sound of Yesterday's New Quintet – and hearing this set, it's virtually a blueprint for that group's current work! Includes great covers of "In The Rain", "Day Dreaming", and "Love Is Here" – plus Wooten's excellent original tracks "Monkey Hips & Rice" and "Joy Ride". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousGerman Funk Fieber Vol 2 – Infectious Rare Grooves & Krauty Schlager Wonders 1969 to 1978 ... CD
Show Up (Germany), 1970s. New Copy .... $11.99
German funk galore – a huge batch of 70s gems we'd never find in years of digging on this side of the Atlantic! The grooves here are all pretty darn great – kind of a harder and heavier take on the In Kraut vibe – with vocals on some tracks, but a decided emphasis on kickass drums, rumbling bass, and wicked instrumental licks – all used to really cook up the tunes in a way that's different from American funk of the time – but equally groovy! The set list is possibly even more tight than the first volume – and like before, this one's got full notes on all the cuts – painting a full cultural picture that really helps us enjoy the music. Titles include "High Snobiety" by Sigi Schwab, "Rice & Beans" by James Last, "Get Up Stand Up" by Malcolm's Locks, "Mandrake" by Les Humprhies, "Geld" by Joy Fleming, "Back Talk" by Jurgen Franke, "Understanding" by Don Anderson, "Betwixt & Between" by Fredy Brock, "Sehnsucht" by Kati Kovacs, "Sunny" by Jochen Brauer Sextett, and "Evening Air" by Peter Thomas. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Paul Humphrey & The Cool Aid ChemistsPaul Humphrey & The Cool Aid Chemists ... CD
Lizard/P-Vine (Japan), 1971. New Copy .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Funky drums from the mighty Paul Humphrey – one of the standout studio players of the LA scene of the 60s and 70s, and an even better talent as a leader on this set! Paul's working here in a style that's partly in a funk mode, and partly soul instrumental – supported by small combo instrumentation from other figures on the LA scene – including David T Walker on guitar, Clarence McDonald on keyboards, and Phil Upchurch on bass. The sound is lean and mean, often with a hard-stepping feel that makes many of the cuts sound like some of the more stripped-down blacksploitation numbers from the time! Includes the original tunes "Cool Aid", "Funky LA", "Detroit", and "Baby Rice" – plus covers of "Music Talk", "Ain't That Peculiar", "Them Changes", and "Sack Full Of Dreams". CD
Also available
Paul Humphrey & The Cool Aid Chemists ... LP 29.99
Paul Humphrey & The Cool Aid Chemists ... CD 23.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Various1960s Psychedelic Radio Commercials ... CD
Rock Beat, Late 60s. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
Really wild radio commercials, and a lot lot more – a very cool set that has some big names in the 60s underground promoting popular products – mixed with these even weirder "exploitation" bits that use stories of the youth culture to market items, and help push a whole range of things on the radio! The package is like tuning into a strange time machine – one that shows these mis-steps and odd bits that would never make the history books, but which stand as a wonderful illustration of the way that the mainstream dealt with all the cultural changes of the late 60s. The CD features 62 tracks in all – and in addition to trippy ads for products like Rice Krispies, Ban Deodorant, 7-Up, Lee Jeans, and lots more – you also get ads for concerts, movies, music venues, and plenty more! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New VariousFurther Adventures Of Mod Jazz ... CD
Kent (UK), 1960s. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
Possibly the greatest installment so far in this wonderfully groovy series – a set of hard-swinging soul jazz tracks from the 60s – most of them the sort you might find blasting out of a jukebox in the backroom of some southside bar! Heavy Hammond, tremendous tenor, and gritty guitar lines abound – all upbeat and groovy, almost funky at times – served up in 2 or 3 minute installments from a batch of rare 45s! There's echoes here of the instrumental grooves that play big on the popcorn soul scene, but other work is more jazz-based overall – and although a few tunes have vocals, the biggest focus here is on instrumental numbers. Wonderful stuff throughout – and a collection we'll be playing for years! Titles include "Bash Dance" by Bobby Donaldson, "Arabian Jerk" by The Merits, "La La La La La" by Afro Blues Quintet, "Take Off Your Shoes (part 1)" by Booker T Averhart & The Mustangs, "Hung Over" by The Martinis, "Senor Blues" by Dee Clarke, "Sweet Bread" by Miles Grayson Trio, "All Around The World" by Chuck Higgins, "COD" by Albert King, "Fredrick's Dream" by Kenny Rice & Leo's Five, and "Tam-A-Rind" by Hank Jacobs & The TKOs. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New VariousStax Of Funk Vol 2 – More Funky Truth ... CD
BGP (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
A mountain of funk from one of the greatest soul labels of all time! Stax is known round the world over for their soulful work – by singers like Otis Redding or Carla Thomas, and instrumental tunes by Booker T & The Mgs – but the label was also quite a funky powerhouse – especially as the 60s drew to a close, and the management of the company got a lot hipper, and a heck of a lot more musically open-minded! This killer batch of tracks features 21 numbers from those days – including many obscure and funky tunes that only ever came out on singles, or which were recorded by artists that never made it as big as Stax stars from earlier years. The result of all that obscurity is an extremely fresh selection of tracks – plenty of down-n-dirty funky 45 numbers, played by hip Memphis combos, and featuring some really deep soul vocals. Titles include "Dark Skin Woman" by Sir Mack Rice, "Ain't No Sin" by John Kasandra, "Bump & Boogie" by The Wrecking Crew, "Shame On The Family Name" by Calvin Scott, "Cool Strut" by Bernie Hayes, "Bump Mean" by Sir Mack Rice, "Soul Machine" by Reggie Milner, "How Can You Mistreat The One You Love" by Katie Love, "Cold Blooded" by The Bar Kays, "Do The Side Saddle" by Rufus Thomas, "Stay Away From That Monkey" by Jimmy McCracklin, "Them Hot Pants" by Lee Sain, "Devil In A Man" by Stu Gardner, "Curcuits Overloaded" by Inez Foxx, "From Toys To Boys" by The Emotions, "Got It Together (parts 1 & 2)" by Rudy Robinson & The Hungry Five, and "Crosscut Saw" by Albert King. CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gato BarbieriGato Para Los Amigos/Que Pasa/Che Corazon ... CD
BGO (UK), 1983/1997/1999. New Copy 3 CDs .... $19.99
Overlooked later genius from Gato Barbieri – a trio of albums served up in one nicely priced package! Gato Para Los Amigos is some of Barbieri's best work of the 80s – an excellent live set from 1981 that's kind of a return to the drawn-out intensity of his years at Impulse! The group's got a good mixture of percussion, keyboards, and guitar – and the tracks on the set are mostly Latin-tinged numbers that offer a perfect foil for Gato's soulful and exploratory blowing – those haunting long lines we first fell in love with on his records for Impulse and Flying Dutchman! Titles include "Bolivia", "Carnavalito", "Brazil", "Viva Emiliano Zapata", and "Latino America". Que Pasa is a surprisingly nice late 90s effort from Gato Barbieri – at the time, his first new album in over a decade – and a set put together with a nicely contemporary feel with help from keyboardist Philippe Saisse! Saisse produced the set, and he really gives the record some of the warmly soulful moments of his own great music – an approach that's somewhat deeper than smooth jazz, and which makes more than enough space for Gato's well-blown saxophone solos. There's a bit of backing vocals on the set, and the approach here is definitely soul-based – but it's got a solid bottom that hearkens back to some of Gato's best R&B-inspired work of the 70s. Titles include "Mystica", "Dancing With Dolphins", "Straight Into The Sunrise", "Indonesia", "The Woman I Remember", and "Cause We've Ended As Lovers". Che Corazon is one of Gato Barbieri's most ambitious albums – a record that mixes core jazzy grooving with some larger orchestral parts – but all at a level that still moves along nicely! Sweet keyboards glide alongside Gato's reed lines – which come out strongly in the lead, with that sharp-cutting sense of soul that we've always loved so much. The overall sound is smoother than the early days, but no less soulful – and titles include a great remake of Marvin Gaye's "I Want You", plus "Eclipse", "The Woman On The Lake", "1812", "Encounter", and "Sweet Glenda". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Max BennettMax Bennett ... CD
Bethlehem/Solid (Japan), 1955. New Copy .... $13.99
Bassist Max Bennett displays a wonderful ear for unique phrasing and compelling small combo leadership on this set – working with a group that includes Carl Fontana on trombone, Charlie Mariano on alto, Nick Travis on trumpet, and Mel Lewis on drums! The style is a bit in the east coast chamber jazz mode of the mid 50s – but has some freer-swinging components overall, and some especially great alto solos from Mariano, whose playing on the record is worth the price of admission alone! Max has a really great ear for leading the group – a slightly whimsical way at times, but never in a way that's too gimmicky or academic. Titles include "Ira Of The IRA", "Johnny Jaguar", "Max Is The Factor", "13 Toes", and "Something To Remember You By". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Anthony Braxton/Duke EllingtonConcept Of Freedom ... CD
Hatology (Switzerland), 2003. New Copy .... $9.99 19.99
Braxton and Ellington appear here as composers of the work, not as performers – but the spirit of both is alive and well in this performance, breaking out in complicated waves of sound that recall the earliest moments of the former, but which are also informed by the concepts of freedoms put forth by the latter! The performance features passages from Braxton's "Composition No 257" and Ellington's "Freedoms No 1, 4, & 6 From The Sacred Concert No 2" – performed by a sonically-conscious quartet that includes Roland Dahinden on trombone, Hildegard Kleeb on piano, Dimitris Polisoidis on violin, and Robert Holdrich on electronics – used here in a heavy, textural way that reminds us a bit of Braxton's own recordings in the format during the 70s! There's moments when the deeper electronic tones bubble forth with the trombone that are simply wonderful – creating soundshapes and tones that are worth the price of the record alone, slightly augmented by bits of piano and violin. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tom BrowneRockin Radio (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Arista/FTG, 1983. New Copy .... $13.99
A classic killer from trumpeter Tom Browne – a smoking set that still has all the jazz funk touches of his earlier records, yet which also picks up a bit of an electro vibe as well! The move here is a bit like that taken by some of Browne's labelmates on GRP at the time – particularly Bobby Broom and Bernard Wright – and offers up a great mix of jazzy roots and some of the newer sounds hitting the streets in the early 80s – a vibe that's maybe one of the first moments when older genres of music were beginning to show an influence from hip hop! Maurice Starr handles most of the production, and really makes things tight throughout – but Tom himself does a great job of keeping things interesting with the solos, augmenting the electric vibe with some rock-solid acoustic playing. Titles include "Rockin Radio", "Angeline", "Brighter Tomorrow", "Never My Love", "Mr Business", "Cruisin", and "Feel Like Makin Love". CD features bonus tracks – "Bye Gones (12" version)", "Rockin Radio (special 12" mix)", and "Cruisin (dub)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Don CherryOrganic Music Society ... CD
Caprice (Sweden), 1972. New Copy Gatefold .... $18.99
Early 70s greatness from Don Cherry – a double album's worth of profoundly spiritual soundscapes paired with lots of weird effects – and a very laidback groove overall! Tracks are written by Cherry, Terry Riley, Pharoah Sanders, and Nana Vasconcelos – and include performances by Don on trumpet, voice, and harmonium. Lots of cool percussion elements by the group, with some tabla and other Indian instrumentation. Titles include "Elixir", "Relativity Suite (Parts 1 & 2)", "Terry's Tune", "Hope", "The Creator Has a Master Plan", and "Resa". CD
Also available Organic Music Society ... LP 26.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Doris DayDoris Day Sings Her Great Movie Hits ... CD
Columbia/Real Gone, Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy .... $15.99
Doris Day is a lovely presence both on screen and on record – and this sweet little set brings together the best of both! The collection is a very well-done package of tunes that Doris herself sang in films – some-recorded, and all presented with much better fidelity than any of those knock-off CDs that just pull together tracks off DVD. The set list features a whopping 26 tracks in all – from films like Glass Bottom Boat (an old favorite of ours!), Do Not Disturb, Please Don't Eat The Daisies, Pillow Talk, The Pajama Game, Lover Come Back, and many more – and titles include "We'll Love Again", "The Tunnel Of Love", "Possess Me", "Run Away Skidaddle Skidoo", "Twinkle & Shine", "Au Revoir Is Goodbye With A Smile", "Glass Bottom Boat", "Caprice", and "It Happened To Jane". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Earth Wind & FireOriginal Album Classics (That's The Way Of The World/Gratitude/Spirit/All N All/I Am/bonus tracks) (5CD set) ... CD
Columbia, 1970s. New Copy 5 CDs .... $21.99
Five classic albums from Earth Wind & Fire – all packaged together in cool LP-styled sleeves – with some great bonus tracks too! First up is That's The Way Of The World – Earth Wind & Fire's ultimate moment of the 70s – and a perfect blending of all their influences that stands as a lasting tribute to their super-huge effect on soul music! The record features all aspects of the band coming into perfect cohesion – and titles include "Shining Star", "That's The Way Of The World", "Reasons", "Africano", "See The Light", and "Happy Feelin". Gratitude is one of Earth Wind & Fire's greatest from the mid 70s – a very tight batch of grooves that proves that Maurice White & Co. could play just as well on stage as they could in the studio – and the noise of the crowd going wild is enough to confirm that! Titles include their classic version of Skip Scarborough's "Can't Hide Love", plus the mellow jams "Yearnin' Learnin'" and "Reasons", the funky "Shining Star", and a great cover of "Sun Goddess", which was also done by Ramsey Lewis with the group. Spirit is a perfect example of the way that Earth Wind & Fire could tighten things up, yet still keep them real – holding onto the deeply spiritual side that first made them great – but also focusing their energy towards a wider audience that showed their influence for years! Titles include the instrumentals "Biyo" and "Departure", plus the vocal tracks "Earth Wind & Fire","Burnin Bush", "Spirit", "Imagination", and "Getaway", all produced to perfection by Maurice White and Charles Stepney! All N All is a stellar blend of jazz, funk, and soul, all done in that perfect style they'd hit by the mid 70s. And even though this one was a monster album, of the type that you see in everyone's record collection from the time, it's still got a freshness that we always forget about – and lots of nice twists and turns that show that the band hadn't lost their more sophisticated roots. Case in point is the wonderful "Brazilian Rhyme", a short little groover that you'll instantly recognize as a sample from the first Tribe Called Quest album. Other tracks include "Jupiter", "In The Marketplace", "Magic Mind", "Runnin", "Be Ever Wonderful", and "Serpentine Fire". I Am is a megahit album from Earth Wind & Fire – a record that spawned 2 of their biggest numbers ever – the mellow classic "After The Love Has Gone", and the club classic "Boogie Wonderland"! The rest of the album is equally great to follow in the strength of those two numbers – and like always for EWF, even when the group's hitting the charts big, they're still righteous as can be – with lots of great undercurrents that reflect their earlier years in jazzier styles! Other titles include "Star", "Wait", "You & I", "In The Stone", and "Can't Let Go". Plus, this set also features bonus tracks on the Gratitude, Spirit, and I Am albums too! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Earth Wind & FireSpirit (expanded edition) ... CD
Columbia, 1976. New Copy .... $5.99 6.99
A big hit for the group – and a great album of smooth funky soul! Spirit is a perfect example of the way that Earth Wind & Fire could tighten things up, yet still keep them real – holding onto the deeply spiritual side that first made them great – but also focusing their energy towards a wider audience that showed their influence for years! Of course, with Charles Stepney helping out on production, it's hard to miss – and he's one of the few cats who could handle a blend like this so well. The compression in the band's playing is impeccable – with just the right mix of spacey spiritualism, sophisticated jazzy playing, and a straight ahead love of the soulful hook. Includes the instrumentals "Biyo" and "Departure", plus the vocal tracks "Earth Wind & Fire","Burnin Bush", "Spirit", "Imagination", and "Getaway", all produced to perfection by Maurice White and Charles Stepney! CD features lots of bonus tracks too – including "African Symphony", "Departure (the traveler)", "Imagination (angels mix)", "Saturday Nite", and "Seraphim". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
EmotionsCome Into Our World (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Columbia/Big Break (UK), 1979. New Copy .... $14.99
The sweet Emotions at the top of their game – one of the brilliant albums that has the soulful trio working hand in hand with Earth Wind & Fire! The girls were plenty great in their early years, but working with Maurice White and company, they really took off – hitting a whole new level that really unlocked some deeply spiritual power in their vocals! And sure, the approach also yielded the group plenty of hits – but for good reason, too – given the classic quality and all-great nature of a set like this. Maurice White produced, and the lineup is filled with plenty of Earth Wind & Fire players too – working with some great arrangements from Tom Tom 84, Wade Marcus, and others. Tunes are balanced between clubby numbers and some nice midtempo moments – and titles include "Where Is Your Love", "Cause I Love You", "Come Into My World", "On & On", "I Should Be Dancing", "Layed Back", and "Yes I Am". CD features bonus tracks – "My Baby Dance", "I Should Be Dancing (single)", and "Where Is Your Love (single)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New EmotionsSunbeam ... CD
Columbia/Expansion (UK), 1978. New Copy .... $16.99
A great little album from The Emotions – largely because it sounds a lot like prime mid 70s Earth Wind & Fire, with female vocals added over the top – ultimately, pulling away with a soulful charm all its own! Maurice White produced the whole set, and it's got a soaring spacey sound that provides a perfect spiritual edge to the girls vocals – taking them way past the hits, into much more sophisticated soul territory. There's a beautifully righteous vibe going on throughout – a sound that's almost like Minnie Riperton at her 70s Capitol best – and titles include "Love Vibes", "Walking The Line", "Time Is Passing By", "I Wouldn't Lie", "Smile", and "Spirit Of Summer". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Serge GainsbourgL'Essential Des Albums Studio – 14 Albums Originaux 1958 to 1987 (12 CD set) ... CD
Philips/Universal (France), Late 50s/1960s/1970s/1980s. New Copy 12CD .... $52.99
Amazing music – at an equally amazing price! The set features every studio album ever recorded by Serge Gainsbourg – monumental sounds that completely transformed the world of French music in the 60s and 70s, and have gone on to have a global impact well into the 21st Century! The sounds here are amazing right from the start – a mix of jazz, Latin, and other hip modes – all set to playfully sinister lyrics by Serge – which get even better as the 60s move on, and Gainsbourg dips into fuzz, funk, and other amazing elements to push out some far frontiers in his music! The 70s sees some great electronics, classic collaborations with Sly & Robbie, and gives way to some surprisingly great 80s material towards the end of Serge's too-short career. Box features 14 albums on 12 CDs – with records that include Du Chant A La Une, No 2, L'Etonnant Serge Gainsbourg, No 4, Gainsbourg Percussions, Initials BB, Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg, Histoire De Melody Nelson, Vu De L'Exterieur, L'Homme A Tete De Chou, Aux Armes Et Caetera, Mauvaises Nouvelles Des Etoiles, Love On The Beat, and You're Under Arrest. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Luis GascaCollage ... CD
Fantasy/BGP (UK), 1976. New Copy .... $11.99
A standout classic from trumpeter Luis Gasca – and a set that may well be the artists' most complete musical vision of the 70s! The group here is larger than on previous records, and Gasca's dropped a bit of his Latin roots in exchange for a soaring, slightly spiritual sound put together by arranger Don Menza – who's really at the top of his game here! There's a perfection and poise that's almost like CTI or Kudu at their best – almost a bit above the usual Fantasy Records session like this from the 70s, too! Other players include Bobby Hutcherson on vibes, Menza and Hadley Caliman on reeds, Patrice Rushen on keyboards, and Harvey Mason on some mighty nice drums – which makes for more than a bit of funk in the mix. Titles include the sweet vibes/Rhodes number "Kathy", the stepper "Sara", and the tracks "Visions", "The Way I Feel Sometimes", "Patrice", "Collage", and "Night People". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gloria GaynorGloria Gaynor's Park Avenue Sound (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Polydor/Big Break (UK), 1978. New Copy .... $14.99
An overlooked groover from Gloria Gaynor – warm, wonderful, and filled with some great Philly touches! Sure, the record's got a Park Avenue address, but it's also got some great arrangements from Norman Harris, Jack Faith, and Ron Kersey – all of whom bring in a bit more warmth than on other Gaynor records, and wrap up her vocals in a sweetly gliding sound! This approach is heard to classic effect on the sublime "This Love Affair" – worth the price of the record alone – but it also keeps on going nicely through a set list that includes "Part Time Love", "For The First Time In My Life", "You're All I Need To Get By", "After The Lovin", and "Kidnapped". 5 bonus tracks: 12" disco versions of "This Love Affair", "You're All I Need To Get By", "Everytime You Make Love To Me", "Part Time Love (Full Time Job)" and a single version of "This Love Affair". CD

Partial matches27
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Elmer GibsonGeneration Dance ... CD
Life Force Jazz, 2002. New Copy .... $12.99 15.99
An incredibly soulful set from pianist Elmer Gibson – best known to our ears as a member of the Norman Connors group during the late 70s, and a player who's clearly influenced by that legacy! For the album, Gibson calls upon some of his 70s contemporaries – including Gary Bartz and Eddie Henderson, both of whom make significant contributions to the record. But the real charm of the set clearly comes from Elmer's own musical vision – one that seems to start with the soulful jazz vibe of the Connors 70s groups, but which then has picked up all the best undercurrents of 80s indie soul jazz as well. A number of trcks feature vocals from Maiesha Rashad – a singer who reminds us a lot of Carmen Lundy at her best – and actually, there's a feeling here that's quite similar to our favorite Curtis Lundy albums as well! A real treasure – the kind of secret album that we'd almost passed up, but which we find ourselves loving more and more with each listen. Titles include "Multiplicity", "The Price Of Freedom", "Jamella", "Love & Innocence", and "Generation Dance". CD

Partial matches28
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Mats Gustafsson & Nu-EnsemblenHidros One – For Nine Improvisers, Tape, & Conductor ... CD
Caprice (Sweden), 1997. New Copy .... $9.99 18.99
A wonderful larger-concept piece from reedman Mats Gustafsson – and an important recording that really stands to only complement some of his freer, looser work of the time! The set's got a vibe that's similar to some of the best mixed composition/improvisation works of the 90s – put together with Gustafsson at the helm, conducting the actions of a nonet that also includes Barry Guy on bass, Sten Sandell on piano and prepared piano, Gunter Christmann on trombone and cello, Per-Ake Holmlander on tuba and aluminum tube, Axel Dorner on trumpet, Fred Lonberg-Holm on cello, Fredrik Ljungkivst on tenor and baritone, Raymond Strid on drums, and Mats himself on soprano, tenor, baritone, fluteophone, and French flageolet! The tape elements are relatively minor, and most sounds really come from the improvisations directed by Gustafsson – often in the farther reaches of sound that he was exploring strongly at the time – and surprisingly subtle, especially given the size of the group. Titles include "ABC", "ABCDEFG", "ABC", "ABCDE Coda", and "Intro AB". CD

Partial matches29
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Pierre HenryOdyssee (10CD set) ... CD
Universal (France), 1960s/1982/Late 2000s. New Copy 10 CDs .... $44.99
A really well-titled collection – given that it features the most important steps in the long musical journey of Pierre Henry – easily one of the most important electronic musicians of the 20th Century! The package offers a heck of a lot of amazing music for the price – and is very heavy on Henry's crucial 60s recordings – including both his funky analogue grooves, and his much more abstract sonic compositions! Much of this material has been issued over the years, but never in a package this complete – and the depth of the sounds here is stunning – a set that should be given as a textbook to anyone who ever thinks about making any sort of electronic music. Works include "Messe De Liverpool (1967)", "Pierres Reflechies (1982)", "Coexistence (1958)", "Mouvement Rhythm Etude (1970)", "La Noire A Soixante/Granulometrie (1967)", "Variations Pour Une Porte Et Un Soupir (1963)", "Le Voyage (1962)", "Futuristie (1975)", "Messe Pour Le Temps Present (1967)", "Le Xeme Remix (1998)", "Envol (2010)", "L'Art De La Fugu Odyssee (2011)", "Pulsations (2007)", and the previously unreleased "Le Fil De La Vie", which features cool shakuhachi! CD

Partial matches30
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
ImpressionsLoving Power/It's About Time ... CD
Curtom/American Beat, 1976. New Copy .... $8.99 14.98
Overlooked 70s genius from The Impressions – 2 killer albums back to back on a single CD! Loving Power is later Curtom work from the group – but still plenty darn nice, with a super-dope vocal harmony approach on the best tracks! The title cut is worth the price of admission alone – as it's a slow-stepping harmony tune that really burns with a sweet mellow feel – sung to perfection by a quartet lineup that includes younger singers Ralph Johnson and Reggie Torian working with older Impressions Fred Cash and Sam Gooden. Chuck Jackson and Marvin Yancy had a good hand in much of the record – bringing it into the warm, sophisti-soul style they were using at the time – and arrangements include some great work by Richard Evans and Rich Tufo. Titles include "Loving Power", "If You Have To Ask", "Sunshine", and "I Can't Wait To See You". It's About Time is The Impressions first album for Cotillion, cut after a great 70s run on Curtom – but one that's done with a sound that still carries on the groove nicely! The more righteous tones of the earlier work are shaken loose a bit, to be replaced by a fuller approach to the music built from arrangements by HB Barnum, Gene Page, and Gil Askey – a bit more LA than Chicago, but with a soaringly soulful quality that almost recalls the sound of The Spinners during their best Philly years. As with that work, the harmonies here are all right on the money, and get plenty of space to sparkle amidst the full strings and tight rhythms – and new group member Nate Evans really brings a deep sense of soul to the group's work. Many tunes were written by the team of Mervin Seals and Melvin Steals – and titles include "I'm A Fool For Love", "Same Old Heartaches", "This Time", "Stardust", "I Need You", and "What Might Have Been". CD

Partial matches31
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michael JacksonBad – 25th Anniversary Edition (3CDs/DVD – includes Live At Wembley) ... CD
Epic, 1987. New Copy 3 CD & DVD .... $22.99 49.98
The third great album in the trilogy that includes Off The Wall and Thriller – and a set that still has Michael Jackson running strong at the height of his solo powers! Quincy Jones is still at the helm, and Michael more than proves that he can still come up with a pop tune without going too far over the top – catchy, compelling numbers that played well all over the world of pop – but which still hang onto just a little part of his soul roots too! That balance is a key factor to the success of this set – a record that helped re-ignite interest in Jackson's music, and introduce him to a whole new generation – while still keeping most of the older fans plenty pleased too. Titles include "Just Good Friends", "Smooth Criminal", "Bad", "Another Part Of Me", "Man In The Mirror", and "Speed Demon". Second CD is filled with great bonus material – a huge amount of tracks that include "Free", "Song Groove", "I'm So Blue", "Don't Be Messin Round", "Streetwalker", "Fly Away", "Price Of Fame", "Toto Mi Amor Eres Tu", "Je Ne Vieux Pas La Fin De Nous", "Bad (Afrojack rmx)", "Speed Demon (Nero rmx)", and "Bad Afrojack club)". Also features the CD and DVD of Michael Jackson's massive performance at Wembley Stadium in 1988 – part of the Bad world tour,a nd filled with great performances! CD
(DVD is NTSC coded, Region 0.)

Partial matches32
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jankowski SingersFor Night People Only (with bonus tracks) ... CD
MPS/Jazzclub (Germany), 1970. New Copy .... $8.99
Moody vocals from the Jankowski Singers – a hip ensemble led by pianist Horst Jankowski, with a floating dreamy sound that's very much in the best MPS easy mode! The tracks on the set are as haunting as the "nightpeople" in the title might imply – harmonic, yet slightly off-kilter – and easy, yet with an undercurrent of 70s slink that makes everything feel a bit stranger than it otherwise might. The title track – "Nightpeople Only" – is a real gem, and worth the price of the record alone – but the rest of the set is pretty wonderful too, with a cool blend of male/female chorus vocals, Jankowski's piano and keyboards, and some sweetly compressed flugelhorn solos from Ack Van Rooyen. Other tracks include "Didn't We", "Let's Make A Day", "With Two Eyes", "Light My Fire", and "Lady Eve". CD also features lots of bonus tracks too – 9 more numbers that include "Heideroslein", "Ach Wie Ist's Moglich Dann", "Dreamflight", "Pink Balloon", "So Wie Heut", "Like A Ruby In The Street", and "Du Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen". CD

Partial matches33
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Clifford Jordan & OthersComplete Strata East Sessions (In The World/Izipho Zam/Rhythm X/Glass Bead Games/Zodiac/Super Bass) (6CD set) ... CD
Strata East/Mosaic, Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 6CD .... $101.99 102.00
A really amazing set of work from tenorist Clifford Jordan – a player who first rose to fame in the hardbop scene of the late 50s, but who moved into tremendous new territory with these Strata East recordings of the late 60s and early 70s! Jordan was a Chicago contemporary of players like Johnny Griffin and Von Freeman, but he was never content to rest on his laurels – and stretched out on these records with a spiritual vibe that he'd never expressed before – and which would go onto inspire countless other musicians in years to come! This set brings together all the Dolphy Series recordings that Jordan recorded – either as an artist or producer – two of which were never issued on record at the time. Jordan's own albums for the label are wonderful enough – the double-length Glass Bead Games, one of our favorite records ever – and the killer In The World, which is great too. But this set also adds in other Strata East albums that really help illustrate the scene in which Jordan was working – including the excellent Pharoah Sanders non-Impulse session, Izipho Zam; the modern music of Charles Brackeen on Rhythm X, with Don Cherry on trumpet and Brackeen on tenor; and the great Cecil Payne album Zodiac, which has some of the last trumpet work ever from Kenny Dorham. Plus, the set also features two extremely rare albums – the never-issued Shades Of Edward Blackwell – led by the drummer, with Don Cherry on trumpet and Luqman Lateef on tenor, plus a bit of log drum from Jordan – and the obscure Super Bass album from Wilbur Ware, which features Jordan on tenor, in a quartet with Ware on bass, Don Cherry on trumpet, and Ed Blackwell on drums! These two albums are worth the price of the package alone – even if you have other Strata East albums in your collection – and the whole thing features the usual sublime Mosaic package and booklet. CD
(Limited to 5000 copies.)

Partial matches34
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
JoyceTudo ... CD
Far Out (UK), 2012. New Copy .... $14.99
Pure brilliance from the lovely Joyce – an album that sparkles wonderfully throughout – in just the way we love from her older classics! The passage of years hasn't dimmed her beauty at all – and both Joyce's vocals and acoustic guitar work are sublime – lively, but in a really subtle way – with plenty of jazz inflections, and a mix of bossa roots that goes way beyond just about any other artist who tries to work in territory like this! Even after decades of recording, Joyce has this really unique, really sublime approach to her music that makes her records unlike anyone else's – as you'll hear on tracks that include "Puro Ouro", "Estado De Graca", "Aquelas Cancoes Em Mim", "Claude Et Maurice", "Quero Ouvir Joao", and "Tudo". CD

Partial matches35
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Kimiko Kasai with Kosuke MineYellow Carcass In The Blue (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Three Blind Mice/Think (Japan), 1971. New Copy .... $28.99
A record that's far more beautiful than you'd guess from the "carcass" in the title – a strong set of vocal work from singer Kimiko Kasai – easily one of the hippest Japanese singers of the 70s! Although Kasai's sometimes straight on the album, she also stretches out in freer, more expressive modes – at a level that's quite similar to some of the more experimental modes used by Karin Krog during the same period – although with a slightly unique feel as well. Backings are from the quartet of reedman Kosuke Mine – whose lines on soprano and alto sax are almost worth the price of the album alone – and all tracks are long, with titles that include "Be Still My Soul", "Round Midnight", "Yellow Carcass In The Blue", "Alone Together", "River Dry", and "Blues In C Minor". CD
(Blu Spec CD.)

Partial matches36
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Hubert LawsLand Of Passion (with bonus track) ... CD
Columbia/Wounded Bird, 1979. New Copy .... $10.99 11.99
Sweet soulful flute from the great Hubert Laws – gliding high here in a great session from his post-CTI years! The album's a bit more soul-based than some of Hubert's earlier dates – but that change is a great one, and really helps Laws find some rich new energy – a focus in the grooves that also really seems to set his flute free on its solo lines too – wonderfully fluid in the company of other players who include Patrice Rushen on keyboards, Roland Bautista on guitar, and Ronnie Laws on saxes. Debra and Eloise Laws add in some sweet backing vocals – and titles include "Music Forever", "Land Of Passion", "We're In Ecstasy", "Heartbeats", "The Key", and "We Will Be". CD features a bonus single edit of "Land Of Passion". CD

Partial matches37
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Babatunde Lea with Dwight TribleUmbo Weti – A Tribute To Leon Thomas ... CD
Motema, 2008. New Copy 2CD .... $11.99 14.98
A beautiful tribute to the greatness of Leon Thomas – put together by one of the few cats who could get it right! Given that Babatunde Lea's other music already takes us back to the days when Thomas sang with Pharoah Sanders – his leadership on a date like this is a natural – as Lea has a way of hitting just the right sort of righteous vibe to open things up for Leon's message of peace, love, and spiritual fulfillment! The great Dwight Trible handles vocals on the date – a singer you probably already love for his work with Build An Ark – and other players include Ernie Watts on tenor sax, Patrice Rushen on piano, and Gary Brown on bass. The performance is a live one – recorded at Yoshi's in Oakland – and the double-length set features a heck of a lot of music, plus some video content on the second disc! Titles include "Prince Of Peace", "Reaching Up", "Umbo Weti", "Colors", "Sun Song", "African Fantasy", "Song For My Father", "African Tapestry", "Creator Has A Master Plan", "Boom Boom", and "Cousin Mary". CD

Partial matches38
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ramsey LewisFunky Serenity/Salongo ... CD
Columbia/R2 (UK), 1973/1976. New Copy .... $15.99 16.99
Two electric killers from Ramsey Lewis – back to back in a single package! Funky Serenity is sweet electric funk from Ramsey – one of his best from the 70s, and a set with Lewis on Fender Rhodes, electric harpsichord, and other keyboards, grooving away in an open-ended 70s mode that still retains all the heavy soul of his classic work for Chess. Morris Jennings adds in some very nice percussion with his drum work, and Cleveland Eaton's on funky bass, giving the set a strong bottom groove. Features the sublime sample cut "My Love For You", a great version of "Knights In White Satin" that's done with a weird spacey groove, plus the tracks "Kufany Mapenzi (Making Love)", "Serene Funk", "What It Is!", and "Dreams". Salongo is a tremendous little record, and one of the funky 70s sets that Ramsey Lewis recorded with Earth Wind & Fire! Well, not Earth Wind & Fire entirely – but the Kalimba Productions team of Maurice White and Charles Stepney that gave the group its sound – plus a nice sprinkling of other players that were often associated with sessions by the group! Ramsey's own combo here includes Steve Cobb on drums and vocals, and Derf Reklaw on reeds and vocals as well – and the overall sound has bits of African and Brazilian influences, worked into a soulful fusion groove that sounds a lot like the instrumental backings EWF were using at the time. Titles include "Brazilica", "Slick", "Rubato", "Salongo", and "Seventh Fold". CD

Partial matches39
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lost GenerationSly, Slick & The Wicked (with bonus track) ... CD
Brunswick/Solid (Japan), 1970. New Copy .... $22.99
One of the greatest harmony soul albums to ever come out of Chicago – a sublime batch of tracks that showed that the mighty talents of The Lost Generation could easily match the best vocal group work coming out of the east coast at the time! The sound here is somewhere in the moody, mellow territory of early Moments or Whatnauts – tunes that are steeped in older vocal group traditions, but turned towards a more badass mode for the 70s – a style that still keeps some sweet and fragile aspects in tact, but which also has a great undercurrent of darkness too! The group get some great help in the studio here from arranger Tom Washington, bandleader Willie Henderson, and producer Eugene Record – the last of whom was already figuring out how to record vocals wonderfully with his own group, The Chi-Lites. Titles include the group's amazing single "The Sly The Slick & The Wicked" – recorded with an amazing echoey feel that's worth the price of the album alone! Other tracks include a few remakes of tunes from their contemporary harmony competitors – with ttles that include "Love Land", "Love on a Two Way Street", "Someday", "Sorry I Can't Help You", "You're So Young But You're So True", "Wait A Minute", and "Give Me Just a Little More Time". Features the bonus track "Talking The Teenage Language". CD
Also available Sly, Slick & The Wicked ... LP 9.99

Partial matches40
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Henry ManciniRevenge Of The Pink Panther ... CD
United Artists/Quartet (Spain), 1978. New Copy .... $22.99
A later entry in the Pink Panther soundtrack series – but one that's still got plenty of great Henry Mancini touches! Themes are plenty playful, and also have some slight electric moments alongside the orchestral scoring – although most of the album's best instrumentation comes out in these exotic passages that use bits of woodwinds or percussion to create some nice effects. Tony Coe reprises his role on the theme – playing a nice solo in the middle – and titles include "After The Shower", "Ball's Caprice", "Move Em Out", "Simone", "Pink Panther Theme 78", and "Almond Eyes". Expanded CD version features 27 tracks in all! CD
(Limited edition of 1500.)

Partial matches41
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
CK Mann & His Carousel 7Funky Highlife (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Qua Msa/Mr Bongo (UK), Mid 70s. New Copy .... $15.99
A non-stop funky party from CK Mann – and a set that definitely lives up to its title! The album's got an unusual approach – in that the first side is presented as a single long track – billed as a "medley" number, but wrapped together in a way that still seems to preserve each individual moment of music within – a shifting array of styles that runs from highlife to funkier African rhythms! The cut is a massive fourteen minute number that's worth the price of admission alone – then rolls into some great shorter tracks on the second half – arranged by Ebo Taylor with the same hip criss-crossing of modes you'd find in his own 70s work. Titles include "Asafo Beesuon Medley", "Beebi A Odo Wo", "Yebeyi Wo Aye", and "Do Me Ma Mondo Wo Bi". CD features lots of bonus tracks, too – titles itnat include "Efi Na Matase", "Se Menya Wo A", "Fawakoma Ma Me", "Araba Lucy", and "Medzi Makoma Ma Wo". CD

Partial matches42
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Harvey MasonMVP – Most Valuable Player (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
Arista/ (UK), 1981. New Copy .... $13.99
Harvey's fifth and final album for Arista – another win for the funk-soul-fusion MVP! Given that Harvey worked on some of the best fusion sessions of the 70s, it's more than safe to give him "most valuable player" award – because without his drums, many a record would have faltered! Here, though, Mason's much more in his all-out soul mode – singing, playing, and producing in a smooth blend of jazz and modern soul, still with some funky grit in the mix. It not only benefits greatly from his years as one of the great studio players, but even more so for his triple threat talent as a writer, producer and performer. Tracks are all quite tight and catchy – soul groovers with some funk. Feature arrangements from Kenny Mason, Patrice Rushen and Jerry Peters. Titles include "Universal Rhyme", "Don't Doubt My Lovin", "On and On", "You And Me", "Spell", and "How Does It Feel". This expanded edition from includes 2 bonus tracks: "How Does It Feel (UK Single)" and "On And On (UK Single)". CD

Partial matches43
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
James MasonRhythm Of Life ... CD
Soul Brother/Expansion (UK), 1977. New Copy .... $16.99
One of our favorite albums ever – and every track is a masterpiece! The album was originally cut for the tiny Chiaroscuro label in 1977 – and it's got a sound that's unlike anything else we can think of – soaring, soulful, jazzy, and righteous – wrapped up in a blend that's never been done this perfectly again! James Mason's a player who's know for a bit of keyboard work with other artists – but here, he's really working as a collective power – bringing together a brilliant ensemble that work as one to hit some sublime sounds – much in the way that Roy Ayers could work some key magic with his groups at the same time, but with a vibe that's very different too. Players include Ayers associates Justo Almario on saxes and Philip Woo on piano – and a young Narada Michael Walden adds some excellent drums to the record – a lot more powerful and funky than on most of his own albums! Lead vocals are by Clarice Taylor – who's got this unique voice that really makes the record – proud, but sensitive at the same time too – and Mason plays lots of Fender Rhodes, polymoog, Arp, and a bit of guitar. Titles include the breakbeat classic "Funny Girl", the monster groover "Sweet Power Your Embrace", the funky "Slick City", and the massive "Free" – but every cut's a winner, and others include "Mbewe", "Rhythm Of Life", and "Dreams". This is the kind of album that makes us proud to be in business! CD
Also available
Rhythm Of Life ... CD 11.99
Rhythm Of Life ... LP
Rhythm Of Life (Japanese paper sleeve edition – with bonus tracks) ... CD

Partial matches44
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Les McCannLive At Montreux ... CD
Atlantic (Japan), 1972. New Copy .... $13.99
The 70s genius of Les McCann – opened up here wonderfully in the space of a double-length live performance! Tracks are all nice and long – and Les steps out strongly on Fender Rhodes and clavinet, ringing out with amazing tones that are really wonderful – kind of the electric depth of the Circles record, mixed with some of the sharper soul of other early 70s albums! The small group features great conga work from Buck Clarke, who kicks in some great elements to really drive the rhythms – and the open space of the record really gives Les plenty of room to sing alongside his keyboards. Titles include "Carry On Brother", "Home Again", "Get Yourself Together", "Compared To What", "Cochise", and "Price You Got To Pay To Be Free". CD

Partial matches45
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Frank McCombTribute To The Masters ... CD
Boobeescoot, 2006. New Copy .... $8.99
Mindblowing work from the mighty Frank McComb – an all-instrumental set, but one that's every bit as soulful as his vocal outings! As you might guess from the title, Frank's paying tribute to some of the greats from years past – and as you'd think from the electric piano on the cover, there's a deep 70s vibe to the whole album – amazing keyboard lines that recall the glory days of Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Patrice Rushen, George Duke, and other players who've inspired these grooves – but all handled by Frank here with a lean vibe that's all his own – real soul, and really soulful too – not some kind of quirky copycat tribute, and without any attempt to throw in too many contemporary beats – just the kind of real keyboard vibes we totally love – and which hardly anyone can record this well anymore! Tracks are all originals – and titles include "Chick", "Patrice", "Cha Cha", "Duke", "If It Wasn't For Herbie & Chick", "Just Ride", and "Asia". CD
(This is Frank McComb's own version – a self produced CDR in a slimline case, with color copy cover.)

Partial matches46
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jack McDuffTobacco Road ... CD
Atlantic (Japan), 1967. New Copy .... $14.99
A monster record by Brother Jack McDuff, and one of his best-ever – in our humble opinion! At first glance, the album appears to be just a bunch of jazz covers of standards and pop tracks – like "Tobacco Road", "Shadow Of Your Smile", "This Bitter Earth", and "Teardrops From My Eyes" – but Jack's got some help from JJ Jackson on the arrangements, and the outwardly simple tracks are twisted into these amazing grooves that have Jack wailing away in strange choppy funky ways on the organ! The whole album must be heard to be believed, and the version of "Shadow Of Your Smile", which starts with a nice break, is worth the price of the album alone! Plus, the whole thing's packaged in a very groovy cover, too. CD

Partial matches47
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre & The LightMorning Song ... CD
Delmark, 2003. New Copy .... $11.99 15.99
A beautiful later Delmark album from Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre – one that has all the vivid creative energy of his classic sessions for the label from the 60s! The setting continues McIntyre's work with The Light – a duo of tuba and drums, which makes for some mighty unusual sounds – an odd variant on the bass and drums you might normally hear in an avant trio like this – with lots of complex interplay at the core, and these soaring, searing solos from Kalaparush on tenor sax! His tone is wonderful – as deeply heartfelt all these many years later as it was right back at the start – a rare sound we'd rank right up there with Pharoah Sanders' voice on tenor. Titles include "Noon", "Let Us All Relax", "Here Comes The Light", "Mobo", "Against All Odds", "Evening", and "I Don't Have An Answer Unless It's God". CD

Partial matches48
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyreHumility In The Light Of Creator (plus bonus track) ... CD
Delmark, 1969. New Copy .... $8.99 12.99
One of the most spiritual albums to come from the young AACM movement in Chicago – a session that's somewhat equal in expression to some of the best post-Coltrane work on Impulse Records! Maurice McIntyre plays here with a sound that's already fully formed – an approach to the tenor that's as searingly human as that of Pharoah Sanders or Albert Ayler – but which is also played with a sharpness at times that recalls a young Marion Brown. The rest of the group is equally well-matched – a tremendous array of talent from the Chicago scene, with Malachi Favors on bass, Thurman Barker and Ajaramu on drums, Leo Smith on trumpet and flugelhorn, John Stubblefield on soprano sax, and Amina Claudine Myers on piano. George Hines vocalizes a bit on a few tracks – singing in a spiritual tone that's somewhat like Leon Thomas, but much freer and more abstract – and the album beautifully balances shorter musical statements with a fuller suite on side two – showing the deeper, more ambitious expressions that were starting to well up in the AACM. Titles include the tremendous "Humility In The Light Of Creator", plus "Hexagon", "Kcab Emoh", "Pluto Calling", "Life Force", and "Suite – Ensemble Fate". CD also features a bonus version of the title track! CD

Partial matches49
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Joe McPheeGlasses ... CD
Hat Hut/Corbett vs. Dempsey, 1979. New Copy .... $12.99 15.99
Extraordinary work from one of the true giants of the American scene – a mindblowing set of mostly solo sounds from reedman Joe McPhee – also working here on flugelhorn and a bit of percussion as well! The set begins with the incredible "Glasses" – a piece that appears to have McPhee actually playing a glass in performance, and alternating with some searingly soulful sounds on tenor sax – blown with a texture that matches the glass wonderfully – already showing his amazing ear for sound shapes. Side two reminds us that McPhee's got a deeply spiritual side – as he takes on Coltrane's "Naima" in a haunting solo reading that's almost worth the price of the album alone – full of feeling, but graced with these textures that really open up the song. The set's completed by "New Potatoes" – a much more driving number with added help from percussionist Reto Weber – plus the promised flugelhorn from Joe! CD

Partial matches50
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Charles MingusJazz Experiments Of Charlie Mingus (remastered edition) ... CD
Bethlehem, 1954. New Copy .... $11.99 12.99
A pivotal album in the career of Charles Mingus – one that really has him honing his sound, and reaching for that trademark mix of modernism and raw emotion that set a whole generation on fire! The album's a lot more freewheeling than other Mingus material from the time – although still a bit more compact than the Atlantic or Columbia sides – and the group's staffed with key early interpreters of Charles' vision – including John LaPorta on alto, Teo Macero on tenor and baritone, Thad Jones on trumpet, Clem DeRosa on drums, and Jackson Wiley on cello – an instrument that really helps shade in some of the darker corners of the tunes. Titles include great early originals like "Four Hands", "Minor Intrusion", "Thrice Upon A Theme", and "The Spur Of The Moment" – plus his great take on "Stormy Weather", which is a bit stormier than most! CD
(Newly remastered version!)
Also available
Jazz Experiments Of Charlie Mingus (remastered edition) ... LP 17.99
Jazz Experiments Of Charlie Mingus (remastered edition) ... CD 4.99

Partial matches51
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeIl Vizietto (aka La Cage Aux Folles)/Il Vizietto 2 ... CD
CAM/GDM (Italy), 1978/1980. New Copy .... $26.99
Ennio Morricone soundtracks for the first two La Cage Aux Follies films – back to back on a single CD! The first La Cage Aux Follies soundtrack was a huge international hit for Morricone – quite a surprise, given the warmth and whimsy in the music – which is a real change from some of the maestro's darker moments of the 70s! The tunes often use light electric instrumentation in these really nice ways – playful, and certainly comedic – but with these occasional deeper touches that are definitely Morricone, too – especially in some of the slower moments that have this great interplay between woodwinds and keyboards. One of these is the track "L'Onorevole Famiglia", worth the price of the album alone – alongside other cuts that include "Dal Night", "Prima Dello Spettacolo", "Seduzione Interrotta", "Il Vizietto", and "Arredamento Religioso". Il Vizietto II (La Cage Aux Follies 2) has these really nice little elements – tunes that are nicely varied, and show a fuller side of the Morricone film score mode – that larger orchestral style he brought to some of his bigger productions as the 80s moved in, fleshing out some of his best earlier ideas. The overall approach is perhaps a bit less whimsical than the previous film, with surprising depth at times – and titles include "Francesi E Tedeschi", "Servizi Segreti", "Incontro Imprevisto", "Citazione Western", and "Pensando Solo A Lei". CD

Partial matches52
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
NomoNew Tones ... CD
Ubiquity, 2006. New Copy .... $5.99 16.98
Mindblowing work from one of the greatest new groups we've heard in years – Michigan's mighty Nomo, easily one of the greatest Afro Funk combos going! Nomo's got a tightness that surpasses most other heirs to Fela's throne – an intensely focused energy that's really tremendous – and which soars out with some jazzy touches on the horns that move the group into deeply soulful territory! There's way more going on here than just guitar riffing, percussion, and blasting horns – as Nomo's musical vision is really expansive, and often echoes with cosmic touches you never would have heard back in 70s Ethiopia! Electric instruments are used subtly, but really effectively – so that keyboards are matched with weird guitar parts and some especially great electrified gamelan and kalimba lines, the last of which are almost worth the price of the record alone. The whole thing's great – classic in its roots, but creative enough to have a boldly strong voice of its own – and our hats are off to Nomo for blowing us away even more here than with their already-great debut! Titles include "We Do We Go", "Nutones", "Hand & Mouth", "Fourth Ward", "Reasons", "New Song", "Divisions", "Sarvodaya", and "Book Of Right On". CD
Also available New Tones ... LP 9.99

Partial matches53
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Alexander O'NealTabu Anthology (Alexander O'Neal/Hearsay/All Mixed Up/My Gift To You/All True Man/Love Makes No Sense/bonus tracks) (8CD set) ... CD
Tabu (UK), 1980s. New Copy 8CDs .... $69.99
The complete story of Alexander O'Neal's amazing run on Tabu Records – easily one of the strongest male soul catalogs of the 80s – presented here in a sweet little package with lots of bonus tracks too! The box comes with a 40 page booklet of notes and photos – and the set first features the full six Alexander O'Neal studio albums for Tabu – Alexander O'Neal, Hearsay, All Mixed Up, My Gift To You, All True Man, and Love Makes No Sense. Then, you also get a bonus CD with 19 more tracks in original 7" single versions – plus another CD that features 12" mixes of 9 longer cuts too. Everything's packaged in one slim, lean box – served up at a mighty nice price! CD

Partial matches54
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
OddiseeBeauty In All (Instrumentals) (plus bonus download) ... CD
Mello Music Group, 2013. New Copy .... $11.99
Distinctive hip hop instrumentals from Oddisee – with a blend of fairly raw, though prominent beats that keep our heads nodding – with plenty of space in atmosphere for unpredictable melodic touches. A little piano here, some soulful electro accents there, and moody touches to spare! Solid stuff from an always reliable source. Include "After Thoughts", "In My Day", "Fashionably Late", "Fievre", "The Gospel", "Patience In Play", "Caprice Down", "No Rules For Kings", "Social Insecurity", "Fork In The Road" and more. CD
(Includes download for the mixtape "Tangible Dream".)

Partial matches55
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Connie Price & The KeystonesTell Me Something (plus bonus instrumentals) ... CD
Ubiquity, 2008. New Copy 2CD .... $5.99 18.98
The funky LA combo Connie Price & The Keystones take a deeper step into the hip hop realm for their full length Ubiquity debut – killing it with a tight funky backdrop from MCs Percee P, Ohmega Watts, Wildchild and others – with a diverse sound blending deep funk, jazzy soul, reggae and even a bit of bossa! Most tunes have MCs fronting them and have a very live feel – tightly punctuated instrumentation that's heavy on rhythm – loads of bass and percussion, horns, flute strings and keys. A nice step from a loose collective that refuses to travel any of the more predictable routes of the funky underground! Titles include "International Hustler" feat Percee P, "Put Your Weight On It" feat Soup, "High Life" feat Mykah 9, "Pirates Of The Mediterranean" feat Blood Of Abraham, "Master At Work" feat Ohmega Watts, "Tell Me Something" feat Aloe Blacc, "Catatonia (Get 'Em)" feat Percee P & Wildchild and "Thunder Sounds" feat Percee P. The CD includes a bonus disc of instrumentals. CD
(CD includes bonus disc with the instrumentals.)

Partial matches56
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Harry Roche ConstellationSpiral (plus Sometimes) ... CD
El (UK), 1973. New Copy .... $6.99
Easy instrumentals and jazzy genius from the early 70s Brit scene – groovy, moddish jazz takes on pop and soundtrack hits of the time from the Harry Roche Constellation – with a vibe that betters the grooviest of sound library discoveries! There's a loungey charm to many of the tunes, but trombonist Roche and his Constellation get down and dirty in spots, too – such as on the priceless, tripped out fuzzy funk version of "Pinball Wizard" – and that's just one highlight of this should-be classic! Blasting horns, easy keys, chiming strings, jazz funk bass and grooves galore! Players include the cream of the crop of period British session players. Tracks include "Superwoman", "Tangerine", "That's Living", "Rhapsody In Blue", "Good Morning Heartache", "Pinball Wizard", "Lay Lady Lay", "Ludmilla's Theme", "Spiral" and more. Tracks from Sometimes include "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life", "Watch What Happens", "Moonlight Serenade", "You've Got Possibilities", "Sometimes", "The Prowler", "Marmalade Molasses And Honey", "Carnaby Chick", "My Romance" and more. 21 tracks in all! CD

Partial matches57
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Patrice RushenPatrice ... CD
Elektra/ (UK), 1978. New Copy .... $13.99
A sweeeeeet groover by Patrice Rushen – her first album for Elektra, and a stunning blend of funky jazz and soul! The record really has Patrice stepping out from her earlier years at Prestige – working in some surprisingly great vocals next to tight lines on Fender Rhodes, synth, and clavinet, handled with a smooth and soulful quality that's wonderful all the way through – a blend of soul and jazz that few other players could do this well – no matter how many others tried to copy her style over the years! Rhythms are as hard and heavy as on the Prestige years, and the keyboards have a great sort of focus too – just the right mix of jazz to offset the vocals – which themselves are a wonderful discovery. The whole album's a gem – and tracks include the great funky classic "Hang It Up", plus "Changes (In Your Life)", "When I Found You", "Play", "Didn't You Know?", and "Music Of The Earth". CD

Partial matches58
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Patrice RushenShout It Out (with bonus track) ... CD
Prestige/Soul Brother (UK), 1976. New Copy .... $16.99
A pivotal record for Patrice Rushen – a set that has her really tightening up the groove from previous albums on Prestige – heading much more towards the focused soul-drenched grooves of her Elektra Records years! The set's a stunner – still very much with the hip, west coast funky fusion vibe of Rushen's roots – but even groovier overall, with loads of massive cuts that hold up beautifully over the years – and which still show a side of Patrice that's much different than her later hits. Titles include the classic cuts "The Hump", "Stepping Stones", and "Shout It Out" – all perfect jazz funk gems in the best Prestige/Fantasy mode of the mid 70s – and other tracks include "Roll With The Punches", "Let There Be Funk", "Let Your Heart Be Free", "Yolon", and "Sojourn". This Soul Brother UK edition includes a bonus single verion of "Let Your Heart Be Free". CD
Also available Shout It Out ... LP 6.99

Partial matches59
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Patrice RushenStraight From The Heart/Now (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Elektra/Edsel (UK), 1982/1984. New Copy 2CD .... $18.99
A pair of 80s classics from the great Patrice Rushen! First up is Straight From The Heart – a huge album for Patrice Rushen – thanks largely to the track "Forget Me Nots", which is a perfect blend of jazz and soul, in that warm sweet style she was forging after her early days as more of a fusion artist. The rest of the album's every bit as great – and the songwriting and quality of the work shows that Patrice, like other jazz funkateers of her generation, was every bit as capable of changing round her styles and still staying strong. Titles include "I Was Tired Of Being Alone", "Where There Is Love", "Breakout", "If Only", and "Remind Me". Also features bonus tracks – "Forget Me Nots (special dance mix 12")", "Breakout (12" version)", "Number One (inst 12" version)", "Forget Me Nots (single)", and "I Was Tired Of Being Alone (Byron Clark rmx)". The album Now is filled with sweet grooves from the lovely lady – one of Patrice Rushen's last truly great albums, and a masterpiece of 80s groove with lots of jazzy touches! The keyboard sound has evolved a bit here – compressed with more electronic percussion than on Patrice's earlier records, but still done with a degree of soul that sets it apart from work by most of her contemporaries! Titles include "Gotta Find It", "Gone With The Night", "My Love's Not Going Anywhere", "High In Me", "To Each His Own", "Heartache Heartbreak", and "Feels So Real". Features bonus tracks "Get Off (dance mix)", "Get Off (inst)", "Feels So Real (inst)", and "Feels So Real (dub)". CD

Partial matches60
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
ScorpioEnsem Ensem ... CD
Rotel, Early 80s. New Copy .... $9.99 13.99
Massive sounds from Scorpio – a group who've got just the right sort of sting you'd expect from their name! The album's got a Haitian music vibe at the start, but often shows some funkier American touches too – particularly in the way the rhythms come together on some of the harder tracks, in ways that get past some of the too-bright moods of other Caribbean records – with some excellent guitar and drums to sharpen things up! There's almost a 70s funk vibe to these best cuts – more than worth the price of the album alone – and titles include "Ensem Ensem", "Tacoumbe", "Min Cinga'Ou", "Pouissance Pam", and "Tande". CD

Partial matches61
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sahib Shihab & Jef GilsonSahib Shihab + Gilson Unit – La Marche Dans Le Desert ... CD
Futura (France), 1972. New Copy .... $14.99 16.99
An amazing meeting of two of the most revolutionary talents on the European jazz scene of the early 70s – American expat Sahib Shihab, blowing some of his most exotic reeds ever – and pianist Jef Gilson, working here on electric keys and ondioline! The album's got a sound that echoes some of Gilson's most creative world/jazz experiments – a feel that definitely lives up to the desert march of the title, and which comes across with a loose, freewheeling sound that's almost in the territory of Sun Ra or Salah Ragab! Shihab plays baritone sax and Varitone soprano, and other group members include Bruno Di Gioia on flute, balafon, and bongos; Pierre Moret on Hohner organ, percussion, and ondioline; Maurice Bouhana on flute and percussion; and Jean-Claude Pourtier on whistle and percussion. Titles include the extended "Mirage (parts 1 & 2)" – plus "Les Touches Noires" and "La Marche Dans Le Desert". CD

Partial matches62
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Art Simmons with Bertrice ReadingArt Simmons Quartet (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Boite A Musique/Universal (France), 1956. New Copy .... $14.99
Amazing work from a player we barely know – American pianist Art Simmons, really smoking here in a late 50s session from Paris! The date's got a nicely rough-edged feel – but really avoids any of the bluesy cliches that could sometimes creep in when players like this hit the French scene. And instead, there's a sprightly modern feel to the music – a mixture of Art's hard-yet-lyrical piano lines with the guitar of Terry Donahue – supported by the great rhythm team of Bill Crow on bass and Dave Bailey on drums! Simmons has a very rhythmic approach to playing – maybe one of the best of the 50s generation to work in the style – and titles include "Art's Blues", "Homage To Neal Hefti", "The Lady Is A Tramp", and "Nice Work If You Can Get It". CD also features 8 more bonus tracks from the same time – featuring the same group, but with vocals from Bertrice Reading – on cuts that include "Love For Sale", "No More In Life", "Rock & Roll", "Black Coffee", and "Left Bank Blues". CD

Partial matches63
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Enrico SimonettiGrazie – Nonna ... CD
Digitmovies (Italy), 1975. New Copy .... $16.99
Swirling strings and stepping keyboards from Enrico Simonetti – an Italian soundtrack composer who also also has a great ear for a sexy groove! Mellower melodies are mixed with Barry White-styled soulful strings – in a blend that creates some excellent funky instrumentals at a few key points, which really take the soundtrack way past territory of other Italian sex comedies of the time! These standout funky cuts are worth the price of admission alone – but they really get a strong sense of balance and presence from the gentler keyboard numbers, which pace the record beautifully, but all without losing any sense of soul. CD features 22 tracks in all – with keyboard solos by Simonetti himself! CD

Partial matches64
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sly & The Family StoneOriginal Album Classics (Whole New Thing/Dance To The Music/Life/Stand!/There's A Riot Going On/bonus tracks) (5CD set) ... CD
Columbia, Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 5 CDs .... $21.99
An amazing run of music – the first five full albums from Sly & The Family Stone – each of them a funky gem all the way through! The music here represents some of the tightest, some of the hippest, some of the most freewheeling soul work to hit the mainstream at the end of the 60s – material that not only set the scene on fire at the time, but which also went onto inspire whole generations of musicians in years to come! This package collects the full albums A Whole New Thing, Dance To The Music, Life, Stand, and There's A Riot Going On – all in cool LP-styled sleeves – then also adds in all the great bonus tracks that were on the new CD versions a few years ago – so that every album here runs for way longer than the original record! 76 tracks in all – a heck of a deal at this price. CD

Partial matches65
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
SpinnersMighty Love (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
Atlantic/Rhino, 1974. New Copy .... $5.99
About as classic as you can get for The Spinners – and one of the group's marvelous 70s collaborations with the mighty Thom Bell! Before hooking up with Philly, The Spinners were already a wonderful vocal group – but here, in the hands of Bell, they hit a sound that's completely sublime – a mix of well-crafted harmonies and well-directed backings – soaring one minute, gently fragile the next – all delivered with the same sort of charm that you might expect from Blue Magic or The Stylistics at their best. Like those groups, The Spinners here manage a depth that goes way beyond simple hitmaking soul – as you'll hear on the album's wonderful assortment of tracks that include "Mighty Love", "He'll Never Love You Like I Do", "Love Don't Love Nobody", "Ain't No Price On Happiness", "Since I Been Gone", and "I'm Glad You Walked Into My Life". CD also features 4 bonus tracks – "I Wish I Could Sleep", "I Just Gotta Make It Happen", "Mr Big Man", and "You Sure Are Nasty". CD
Also available Mighty Love ... LP 1.99

Partial matches66
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tommy Stewart & OthersTommy Stewart's Disco Love Affair ... CD
Cultures Of Soul, Late 70s. New Copy .... $14.99
Amazing rare grooves from Tommy Stewart – the Atlanta studio wizard who cut some of the hippest club tracks in the south at the end of the 70s! This package digs way deeper than even Tommy's classic self-titled album – to feature some obscure and unreleased material that show the tremendous power of Stewart in the studio – the kind of energy that made him a one man powerhouse to rival some of the bigger teams turning out grooves at the major labels! As with his classics, all the tunes here have a great funky feel – not really disco, but more upbeat funk, turned towards the dancefloor – served up with lots of sharp edges on the rhythms that keep things mighty nice – and which avoid any too-familiar cliches of the time. In a way, Stewart's groove is a bit like the grittier club from P&P up north – as you'll hear on this set that features the cuts "Night Flight", "Beyond Love", "Hot Box", and "Everything's Made For Love" by Stewart – plus great collaborations with vocalist Stevo on "Pay The Price", "Universal Love", "Party Night", "Starry Eyes", "Livin For The City", "Jammin", and "Messing UP A Good Thing". Also features two Al Kent remixes, too! CD

Partial matches67
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Horace TapscottTapscott Sessions Vol 8 ... CD
Nimbus, Early 80s. New Copy .... $9.99
Beautiful solo piano work from Horace Tapscott – a real contrast to his larger group recordings from the LA scene! The session features Horace playing in a contemplative and moody style – working through deeply personal readings of Mal Waldron's "Fire Waltz", Randy Weston's "Little Niles", and Thelonious Monk's "Crepuscule With Nellie" – as well as his own lovely work "As A Child", an exceptionally lyrical number that's worth the price of the record alone! CD

Partial matches68
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Billy TaylorBilly Taylor Trio At Town Hall ... CD
Prestige (Japan), 1954. New Copy .... $22.99
A pretty great live set by Billy Taylor and his early trio with Earl May on bass and Percy Brice on drums – recorded at Town Hall in 1954! Taylor is actually pretty darn amazing on the set – very much the virtuoso, playing with an incredible range and an almost modern approach to the tunes – one that seems looser, and more expressive than some of his previous studio sessions for Prestige Records – in a way that makes this album a gem well worth seeking out! Titles include "Theodora", "A Foggy Day", "How High The Moon", and "I'll Remember April". CD
(SHMCD pressing.)

Partial matches69
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Linda WilliamsCity Living (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Arista/Big Break (UK), 1979. New Copy .... $6.99
A killer bit of modern soul – one of the standout classics from the best years of Arista! Richard Evans produced and arranged this excellent set of smooth soul grooves for Linda Williams. Linda plays keyboards and sings, and the album was recorded in 2 different sessions – one in LA, and one in Chicago. The album's got a nice jazzy sound, with a similar feel to the Breakwater LPs on Arista at the time. Linda's voice is as wonderful on this set as on anything we've heard from her, and with her depth of talents on the piano & keys, and on the songwriting tip, she's a real creative force at the top of her game here! Tracks include "No Love, No Where, Without You", "Oh Honey", "Loving You Forever", and the great groover "Elevate Our Minds", which is worth the price of the record alone! This Big Break UK remastered edition has 2 bonus tracks: "No Love, No Where, Without You (Single Version)" and "City Living (Single Version)". CD
Also available City Living ... LP 19.99

Partial matches70
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousAtomic Cafe – Music From The Original Soundtrack, Plus Music Inspired By The Film ... CD
Stilton (Italy), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy .... $12.99
An excellent compilation of rare funky jazz tunes – issued here supposedly as a lost soundtrack, but really just a collection of tunes from other sources, all with a nice soundtrack-y jazz feel! There's a few familiar names here, but most of the material is from rare European and American indie jazz LPs, and sound library sources of late 60s/early 70s vintage, with a nice mix of electric and acoustic playing. Titles include "Troublemaker" by John Cameron, "Voodoo Love Dance" by Melvyn Price, "Do Whatever Sets You Free" by Gus Giordano, "Chili Mac" by Preston Love, "La Folla" by Solar Plexus, "A New Generation" by Oscar Brown Jr & Jean Pace, "Dancer" by Gregory Charles Royal, "Zazueira" by Meta Roos, and "Jody's Freeze" by James Reese & The Progressors. CD

Partial matches71
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousBGP Presents Jazz Funk ... CD
BGP (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy .... $14.99
A heavy dose of funky jazz – and one that goes way past the obvious too – to include some real gems from the 70s that even we'd passed up! The package is filled with stellar jazz from the Fantasy Records family – Prestige, Pablo, Galaxy and Fantasy proper – choice numbers by The Blackbyrds, Stanley Cowell, Charles Earland, Patrice Rushen and others – funky jazz, soul, boogie and Brazil-flavored numbers from the top shelf of the diverse period! It's a tight, well chosen compilation with numbers you simply could not overlook in putting a set like this together – productions by the Mizells, Donald Byrd, Earland and others – but there's a few of leftfield choices, too. Simply a great little snapshot of the funky jazz and soul period and the family of labels that generated so much of the most creative music to come from it! 14 tracks and nearly 80 minutes of grooves: Includes "Happy Music" by Blackbyrds, "Close To You" by Marlon McClain, "Let Me Love You (Let Me Be Me)" by Stanley Cowell, "Taj Mahal" by Paulinho Da Costa, "Nov Ano" by Azar Lawrence, "Moon Dreams" by Flora Purim, "Montevideo" by Opa, "Glide" by Pleasure, "Shout It Out" by Patrice Rushen, "If Only I Could Prove To You" by The 3 Pieces and more. CD

Partial matches72
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New VariousCome Spy With Us – The Secret Agent Songbook ... CD
Ace (UK), Late 60s. New Copy .... $14.99
Seminal spy sounds from the 60s – a treasure trove of spy-themed tunes, and one that features loads of material you might not hear otherwise! The set doesn't feature the big hits from the James Bond films, and instead includes all the great little records that sprung up in the wake of those movies – cool jazz, vocal, and instrumental records that sometimes feature weird reworkings of more famous soundtrack numbers, sometimes lesser-known cuts from b-grade films, and sometimes fresh new spy numbers on their own! The style ranges from groovy guitar numbers to blaring jazzy tracks to slinky steppers that find a very cool balance between suspense and swing. Titles include "Dr Goldfoot & The Bikini Machine" by The Supremes, "The Last Of The Secret Agents" by Nancy Sinatra, "Theme From Danger Man" by Red Price, "A Man Alone" by John Barry, "Deadlier Than The Male" by The Walker Brothers, "Burke's Law" by Wynton Kelly, "We Should've" by Cleo Laine, "Our Man Flint" by Billy Strange, "Theme From Where The Spies Are" by Jimmy Smith, "The Liquidator" by Shirley Bassey, "I Spy" by Roland Shaw, "Come Spy With Me" by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, and "High Wire" by Brian Fahey. CD

Partial matches73
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousDancefloor Revolution – 70s Modern Soul Stunners ... CD
Backbeats (UK), 1970s. New Copy .... $9.99
Warm groovers galore – an incredible package of uptempo soul tracks from the 70s – cuts that are deeper than disco, but every bit as tight – all brought together to showcase a tremendous generation in music! There's a great mix of classics and underground numbers here – and the package is overflowing with greatness, especially at this price – a whopping 23 tracks in all, including a fair bit we haven't turned up in years – some really rare singles that are great to finally have on CD! The set's easily one of our favorites in this excellent Backbeats series – and titles include "Talkin Bout Poor Folks" by Lou Edwards & Today's People, "Make Me Believe In You" by Patti Jo, "I'm In Need Of Love" by Lou Courtney, "Love Don't Come No Stronger" by Jeff Perry, "Am I Cold Am I Hot" by Bill Harris, "Keep On Trying" by LTG Exchange, "I Couldn't Believe It" by David Ruffin & Eddie Kendricks, "Are You Ready For This" by The Brothers, "Can We Share It" by Rick Shephard, "Lady In Red" by Ronnie Dyson, "Once I've Been There" by Norman Connors, "You Made A Believer Out Of Me" by Betty Lavette, "What About My Love" by Damaris, and "Get Out Of My Life" by Sharon McMahan. CD

Partial matches74
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousDeutsche Elektronische Musik – Experimental German Rock & Electronic Music 1972 to 1983 ... CD
Soul Jazz (UK), 1970s/Early 80s. New Copy 2CD .... $22.99
A much-needed look at the incredible German music scene of the 70s – a sprawling landscape of prog, fusion, electronics, and more – all put together beautifully here with the usual completeness we've come to expect from Soul Jazz! Many of the names are familiar – the sorts you've either passed by in the record racks, or seen priced up high in the collectible imports up on display – and if you've never dipped into these grooves, this set is a perfect way to start – as the folks at Soul Jazz have really tuned their ears well, to pick out key tracks that really resonate strongly with music of the 21st Century – a good deal of which was influenced by these groundbreaking acts. Some cuts are long, but never too overindulgent – and the instrumentation and production techniques are really mindblowing – extremely creative, and often presented here in their most open, honest form. As usual with Soul Jazz, the notes are wonderful – and titles include "Devotion" by Between, "Dino" by Harmonia, "This Morning" by Gila, "Rambo Zambo" by Kollektiv, "La Chasse Aux Microbes" by Michael Bundt, "It's A Rainy Day Sunshine Girl" by Faust, "Hallo Gallo" by Neu, "Rheinita" by La Dusseldorf, "Morgengruss" by Popul Vuh, "Fly United" by Amon Duul II, "Soham" by Deuter, "I Want More" by Can, "Geradewohl" by Roedelius, "No Man's Land" by Tangerine Dream, "Daydream" by Ash Ra Tempel, "High Life" by Ibliss, and "Heisse Lippen" by Cluster. CD

Partial matches75
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New VariousDouble Shot Of Soul – Funky Los Angeles Soul From The Vaults Of The Double Shot & Whiz Labels 1967 – 70 ... CD
Kent (UK), Late 60s. New Copy .... $14.99
Lost soul from a massively overlooked source – the mighty LA indie Double Shot Records, best known for their fuzzy rock classics, but also a hotbed of tripped-out soul! Given that Double Shot's 2 biggest artists of the late 60s were Count Five ("Psychotic Reaction") and Brenton Wood ("Oogum Boogum Song"), you can imagine that the label would be equally well suited to handle mod 60s guitars and sweet soul vocals – and on most of the tracks on this set, you'll be hearing them at the same time! The set's a really massive batch of tunes – a wonderful discovery to our ears, as we'd only ever heard the odd rare single on the label, and had no idea that there was so much great work – nor that it would sound so great! The CD features a total of 26 tracks in all, pulled from the Double Shot singles of the late 60s – with tracks that include "Push Me Baby" and "Jelly" by The Bagdads, "What Is Soul" and "The International Love Song" by The Real Thing, "Four Piece Funky Nitty Gritty Junky Band" and "Everybody's Got A Hang Up" by Bobby Freeman, "Gotta Keep Talkin" and "Coming In Out Of The Rain" by Maurice Rodgers, "The Neck" and "Trouble" by Kent & The Candidates, "Sugar Sugar" by Shirley, and "Trouble" by Foxy. CD

Partial matches76
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousDrop On Down In Florida – Field Recordings Of African American Traditional Music 1977 to 1980 ... CD
Dust To Digital, Late 70s. New Copy 2CD & Book .... $22.99 40.00
Late 70s recordings from rural Florida – but a wealth of music that feels like it could come from decades before – all packaged with a huge 224 page hardcover book that's worth the price of the collection alone! The volume's a wonderful illustration of the continued local nature of American music – sounds that are deeply rooted to a time and place, and only brought to our ears by the hard work of ethnographers willing to spend time in the field with recording technology. Usually, such sounds can be presented in oblique packages, or circulated amongst collectors almost by accident – but a set like this really gives the music a new sort of focus – by offering up not only two CDs' worth of beautifully restored recordings, but also adding in a huge book's worth of notes on the artists, their local scenes, and the music within. The package features 53 tracks in all – material by Johnny Brown, Richard Williams, Ella Mae Wilson, Willie Gillard, Emmett Murray, Moses Williams, and others – divided up into one disc each of secular and sacred recordings – in the most beautiful package so far from the folks at Dust To Digital! CD

Partial matches77
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousFuzz, Psych, & Surf Garage Sounds Of The 60s ... CD
Essential, 1960s. New Copy .... $14.99
A weird and wild collection of rare garage rock groovers from the 60s – all pulled from tiny little labels, and laid out here back to back in a tapestry of heavy Hammond and fuzzy guitars! Some of the tunes are instrumental, but even the vocal numbers place the same sort of focus on the guitar and keyboard lines you'd find in the bigger groups from the Northwest scene of the time – that sharp edge that went onto infect small combos all around the country. The package features 26 tracks in all – and titles include "Snow Job" by The Tarots, "Victims Of Chance" by Victims Of Chance, "The Walk" by The Triumphs, "Faith Abounds" by Licorice Stix, "Parade At The Funny Farm" by The Crazy People, "Trippin" by Viva, "Sunny" by The Music Company, "Songs I Hear" by The Trueth, and "To Find Out" by The Keggs. CD

Partial matches78
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousIn The Dark – Detroit Is Back ... CD
Still Music, 2013. New Copy 2 CDs .... $15.99 16.99
Still Music returns to the contemporary Detroit underground – and the sound this time is even more amazing than their previous In The Dark collection – a really incredible illustration of the continuing vivid energy in this massive American urban space! Given the city's troubles in recent years, the power of the music has never been greater or more important – served up with an urgency that suddenly seems to imbue all the previous experimental modes with a new sense of meaning and possibility – a really hopeful, moving future for these mindblowing grooves. The music is warmer and more soulful than ever before – more spirit, more personality, yet still all the great electric touches we've loved in Detroit underground tracks for the past few decades. And the double-length nature of the package is further testament to this magical moment – two CDs' worth of music, with no filler at all! Titles include "Free Your Mind" by Mike Agent X Clark, "Cyber Love" by Reggie Dokes, "Cosmic Rituals" by Patrice Scott, "The Answer" by Craig Huckaby with Kelly Hayes, "Magic Water (St Jean rmx)" by Rick Wilhite, "As She Moves" by Raybone Jones & Jon Easley, "Celebration (Amp Fiddler rmx)" by Patchworks, "The Fall Guy (part 1)" by Terrence Dixon, "Cash Neutral" by Alex Israel, "Inception Dub" by Delano Smith, and "Fly High Like Eagles" by Gerald Mitchell. CD
Also available In The Dark – Detroit Is Back ... LP 28.99

Partial matches79
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousJazz Club – Sampled – The Original Jazz Classics, Rare Grooves & Breaks ... CD
Jazzclub (Germany), 1960s/1970s. New Copy .... $8.99
A very hip collection of older funky cuts – ones that have been sampled in recent years by hip hoppers, but which stand up plenty darn great on their own! Most tracks here should be quite familiar from recent uses of their key elements, but they sparkle even more brightly here in their original versions – as really stand out soul, jazz, and soundtrack tunes from the 60s and 70s! The package features full notes on all tracks, and also lists a key sampling of each number – and as usual for Jazzclub, you get plenty of greatness here for a very low price. Titles include "Today" by Tom Scott, "California Soul" by Marlena Shaw, "I Love You More & More" by Tom Brock, "Oba La Vem Ela" by Jorge Ben, "Soul Bossa Nova" by Quincy Jones, "Yo Soy Cubano" by Chakachas, "Listen To Me" by Luiz Henrique, "Daylight" by Ramp, "Someday" by George Duke, "Get Up" by Vernon Burch, "Mellow Mellow Right On" by Lowrell Simon, "Enchanted Lady" by Milt Jackson & Ray Brown, "Jim On The Move" by Lalo Schifrin, "Viva Tirado" by El Chicano, and "Daydream" by Gunter Kallman Choir. CD

Partial matches80
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousJoey Negro – Remixed With Love ... CD
Z Records (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy 2 CDs .... $16.99
Joey Negro takes on a host of killer club cuts from the end of the 70s – and turns in some of his best remix work to date! Given that Joey's own music is always very classic-styled – whether as The Sunburst Band, or under other names – his approach here is very respectful of the originals, and really serves to just enhance elements of these tunes that we might have missed in the first place! And honestly, the set's filled with numbers we never would have expected to be so great in this setting – cuts that were already pretty good, but which sparkle in brilliant new ways in the hands of Joey Negro – all with a deeply soulful energy that takes us back to the Warehouse or Paradise Garage. Titles include completely unique mixes of "Welcome To Our World" by Mass Production, "Hot Shot" by Karen Young, "I Love To Dance" by Kleeer, "I Should've Loved Ya" by Narada Michael Walden, "Down For The Third Time" by Bobby Caldwell, "The Same Old Scene" by Roxy Music, "Love Money" by TW Funkmasters, "Haven't You Heard" by Patrice Rushen, "Get On Up Get On Down" by Roy Ayers, "Over & Over" by Ashford & Simpson, "Half A Minute" by Matt Bianco, "Always" by Electric Empire, and "Cosmic Lust" by Mass Production. CD
Also available Joey Negro – Remixed With Love – Part B ... LP 32.99

Partial matches81
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousJust Keep On Dancing – Chess Northern Soul ... CD
Kent (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy .... $15.99
Killer compilation of rare 45s from the Chess label, with many tracks by artists you know that weren't on LPs! The centerpiece is "Look At Me Now", by the young young Terry Callier, and other cuts include "Fat Boy Can Cry" by Billy Stewart, "I Just Kept On Dancing" by Doug Banks, "Thinkin' About You" by The Dells, "In Orbit" by Joy Lovejoy, "Sweeter Than The Day Before" by The Valentinos, and "The Devil Made Me Do It" by The Natural Four (pre-Curtom!). Lots more cool stuff by The Kittens, Eve Barnum, Maurice McAlister, Gene Chandler, Eddy Jacobs, Greg Perry, and other artists who recorded obscure singles for the label! CD

Partial matches82
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousLonging For The Past – The 78rpm Era In Southeast Asia (4CD boxset) ... CD
Dust To Digital, 1900s/1910s/1920s/1930s/1940s/1950s/1960s. New Copy 4 CDs .... $62.99
Not just a set of beautiful music – but a beautiful package, as well – an incredible full-color, hardcover book that slides into its own slipcase – and which is complete with 4CDs' worth of vintage Southeast Asian recordings from the 78rpm generation! We've never seen a survey of that scene's music like this – as the book alone would be worth the price – filled with deep notes and an array of vintage photos, label scans, and other images – laid out over 272 full color pages. The CDs are wonderful too – and feature 90 incredible titles you'd never hear otherwise – music from Burma, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Laos – with styles that run from trance music to piano improvisations to field recordings, brass band, and even early gamelon work as well. Brilliant – and maybe the most impressive package we've seen so far from Dust To Digital! CD

Partial matches83
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New VariousLuxury Soul 2014 (3CD box set) ... CD
Expansion (UK), 2014. New Copy 2 CDs .... $16.99
Richly soulful sounds for a mighty nice price – with a lot of great tunes by soul legends and contemporary torch carriers alike – in a nicely paced 3CD set! A good deal of the tracks here put a contemporary twist on the sophisticated soul sounds of the later 70s and into the 80s – the kind that eschewed trends for an easygoing, timeless vibe – and still sounds fresh, as practiced by long-time faves such as Bluey from Incognito, Adriana Evans, Maysa and many more current acts, legends like The Jones Girls, Keni Burke and Leon Ware, and many more. It's got some nice little smooth soul tunes, too, with 35 tracks on 3CDs: "Get 2 Know U" by Tyrone Lee, "Is It Me You're Thinking Of" by Soul Talk, "Take A Chance On Me" by Bluey, "Change" by Natasha Watts, "Jukebox" by Muzart, "RSVP" by James Day feat Donnie, "1978 (Leave The Radio On)" by Ed Motta, "Brighter Than The Sun" by Incognito feat Kelli Sae, "To The Sky" by Heston, "Open Sesame" by Beggar & Co, "Never Thought" by Adriana Evans, "It's You" by Keni Burke, "Work Me" by Leon Ware, "Love Has No Recession" by Kindred The Family Soul feat Fred Yonnet, "She's Got That Kinda" by Kloud 9, "Walk Away" by Maysa and more. CD

Partial matches84
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New VariousMasterpiece Volume 16 – The Ultimate Disco Funk Collection ... CD
PTG (Netherlands), Early 80s. New Copy .... $18.99
Funky club from the 80s – a sweet set of post-disco grooves that have a mighty lean, mighty clean feel overall! The work here is heavy on beats, basslines, and keyboards – wrapped up in a highly rhythmic mode to support the singers with a vibe that's great both for the dancefloor, and for more laidback listening! There's plenty of jazzy touches – in the best 80s groove mode – and titles include "I've Got My Eyes On You" by The Pretty Boys, "Action For Love" by Black White & Co, "100%" by Caprice, "One More Time" by McFadden & Whitehead, "Come On Give Me Love" by Woods Empire, "I Can't Face The Rain" by Charisse, and "Just One More Kiss" by Distance. CD

Partial matches85
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousModern Sounds From Italy 2 ... CD
Schema (Italy), 2006. New Copy .... $10.99
A low price, but a really great package – one that's overflowing with some of the best recent work from the mighty Schema Records! If you read these pages at all, you'll know we think that Schema's one of the greatest things going these days – a modern label, but one that's committed to the real jazz grooves of earlier years – the bossa, modal, and soul jazz styles of the 60s and 70s – played in a mixture of real instrumentation and just a bit of dancefloor production, with a sound that's instant classic on nearly every release! This package is a great introduction to the Schema label's genius, and even if you've got some of the tracks here on other releases, the set is a really great way to hear all this music in one place – kind of a "best of the best" that's totally great! Titles include "Bluesanova" by Gerardo Frisina, "Moon Vision" by Soulstance, "I knew The Way" by Invisible Session, "On A Clear Day" by Was A Bee, "Emotional Dancing" by S-Tone, "Stay (In Mood)" by Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi, "Afrolicious" by Dining Rooms, "Esquema Da Bossa" by Quintetto X, "Today's Sound" by Intensive Jazz Sextet, and "Dreaming Of The Past" by Rosario Giuliani Quartetto. CD

Partial matches86
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousModern Sounds From Italy 3 ... CD
Schema (Italy), 2012. New Copy .... $11.99
A rich document of the growth in the Italian jazz scene in recent years – a great leap forward not just for individual musicians, but also for the Schema label as well! Schema first began in the 90s with a relatively programmed approach to jazz – a style that loved the classics, but often reworked them in modern production modes. Yet over the years, the company's really come to be a key home for real jazz and soulful sounds – moving past their original remix identity, to a point where they're arguably one of the most important jazz labels on the European scene! This nicely-priced batch of tracks is a great illustration of that growth – and features a few old Schema faves, mixed with newer artists who've flocked to the label in recent years – presented here in some unique remixes and other nice versions we haven't heard before. Titles include "Beyond The Days" by Gaetano Partiplio, "But Not For You" by Alessandro Maganini, "Hurt Me Bad" by Andrea Balducci, "Waltz For Emily" by Gerardo Frisina, "Banzo" by Rosalia De Souza, "Some Kind Of Blues (Grooveman Spot rmx)" by S-Tone Inc, "Welcome To My World (acoustic)" by Joyce Elaine Yuille, "Hear Us Now" by Christian Prommer's Drumlesson, "Alta Tensione 3am" by Alex Puddu, and "Good Life" by Timo Lassy. CD

Partial matches87
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousMontparnasse 2000 – Anthology Of A French Library Label ... CD
Pulp Flavor/Dare Dare (France), 1970s. New Copy .... $11.99
A treasure trove of rare grooves you've probably never heard before – all pulled from the tiny, but excellent, catalog of Montparnasse 2000, a super-hip French sound library label! Most of these tracks were never issued formally to the public – only recorded to serve as backings in radio, TV, and commercial use – but that doesn't stop them from being some really great funky grooves, especially as most of them were performed by some of France's best funky jazzmen of the time! There's a sweet 70s groove that bubbles through the whole set – lots of funky drums, choppy guitar, sweet keyboards, and other classic instrumental touches – and since the Montparnasse catalog has been virtually untapped until now, nearly every track is super-fresh to our ears! Titles include "Turn In Around" by Willy Albimoor, "SOS 17" by Guy Pedersen, "Violence" by Caiage, "OK Richard" by Sylvano Santorio, "Don't Be Cool" by Jacky Giordano, "Danger" by Rene Costy, "Grand Roque" by Maurice Vander, "Vision Pop" by JJ Rober & JM Guise, and "Catalepsy" by Eric Framond. CD

Partial matches88
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousNorthern Soul – The Collection – 75 Definitive Hits (3 CD set) ... CD
Rhino (UK), Late 60s/1970s. New Copy 3 CDs .... $12.99
75 tracks of vintage soul – all served up at a mighty nice price! The package brings together some of the biggest Northern Soul tracks of all time – but given that the genre is one that's all about digging deep for rare music, many of the cuts here are pretty darn obscure – which makes the package the sort that's bound to yield a lot of new musical discoveries! The range of artists is great – from big names to lesser-knowns – and cuts include "How Can You Say That Ain't Love" by The Patterson Singers, "Both Ends Against The Middle" by Jackie Moore, "This Beautiful Day" by Levi Jackson, "Something New To Do" by Bobby Sheen, "Walkin Up A One Way Street" by Willie Tee, "Frantic Escape" by Innocent Bystanders, "Feels Good" by Bobby Wilson, "Can't Help Lovin Dat Man" by Ila Vann, "Brekaway" by Derek Martin, "Condition Red" by Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band, "The Snake" by Al Wilson, "I Just Can't Live My Life" by Linda Jones, "You Hit Me" by Alice Clark, "Please Operator" by Tony & Tyrone, "Livin In Love" by Sheila Anthony, and lots lots more! CD

Partial matches89
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New VariousNouvelle Vague – Musiques Et Chansons De Films (3CD set) ... CD
Universal (France), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy 3CD .... $22.99
The music of the French New Wave – brought out beautifully in an overstuffed 3CD set! The late 50s shift in French cinema is arguably one of the most important film moments in the 20th century – and although the movies are best remembered for their directors, stars, and striking images – most of the films also had some pretty amazing music as well! In fact, we've always felt that the music was integral to the Nouvelle Vague – from famous jazz scores, to lovely lyrical passages, to bold orchestral arrangements that also ended up having a huge impact on wider European music as well. This package is the first we've ever seen to really dig deep into the New Wave – and it brings together 80 tracks from dozens of films – a really wide variety of music, provided by artists who include Michel Legrand, Georges Delerue, Paul Misraki, Pierre Jansen, Miles Davis, Maurice Jarre, Jean Constantin, Martial Solal, Michel Magne, Antoine Duhamel, Alain Romans, and others – from movies that include 400 Blows, Jules & Jim, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Les Bonnes Femmes, Une Femme Est Une Femme, Breathless, Weekend, Lola, Cleo De 5 A 7, Le Bonheur, Alphaville, and many others! Some films are represented by a few tracks, others by famous themes – and the package also features a booklet with notes in French and English too. CD

Partial matches90
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousRaw Soul – Rare & Unreleased Funk From Norwolk, Virginia 1971-73 ... CD
Plut, Early 70s. New Copy .... $13.99
A killer set of funky raw soul from the early 70s Norfolk, VA scene – literally Raw Soul – as the excellent group is at the heart and soul of all the material in the set! It features tracks credited to Raw Soul plus singers & groups Lanis Guess, Shirley Johnson, Sir Guy, Josephine Jones, Lee Fields, Page One and others – all heavy burners from the Virginia scene. The tunes are raw, soulful and tightly funky – with the guitar, bass and drums of Barry Saunders, Maurice Glass and Grover Elliot nicely raw and gritty throughout and the excellent sax work of Dorsey Brockington all over the set. It ranges from hard and heavy funk to less frenetic, stilly nicely gritty southern soul. Totally excellent – here's hoping more compilations are coming down the road! Titles include "How You Gonna Do It", "Leave My Beat Alone" and "The Gig" by Raw Soul, "That Beat's Got The Devil In It" by Lenis Guess, "Feels So Good" by Shirley Johnson, "Candy Man" by Josephine Jones, "Wrong Crowd" by Prince George", "Thank Goodness Gotta Good Woman" by Page One and more. CD has 4 bonus tracks: "Conflict" by The Symbolics, "Superman" (alternate vocal take) by Bargara Stant, "We're Gonna Make Love" by Lee Fields and "The Dance Of Love" by 35th Street Gang. CD

Partial matches91
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousSoul Lounge Vol 10 – 40 Soulful Grooves (3CD box set) ... CD
Dome/Soul Lounge (UK), 2013. New Copy 3 CDs .... $19.99
Stunning sounds from the soul lounge – a magical place filled with the hippest contemporary cuts from the underground – all served up at an astoundingly low price! The work here comes partly from the great Dome Records label, who put the whole thing together – and partly from other indie imprints that have helped keep soul music strong over the past decade or two – imprints like Expansion, Motema, Mack Avenue, and Reel People – all of whom have turned us on to a lot of great music! This set's your chance to dig the best of the best at a mighty nice price – on 3CDs of music that feature cuts that include "Be Good" by Gregory Porter, "Hold On" by Don E, "Together" by Hil St Soul, "Break It Down" by Eric Roberson, "Girl I'm Running Back 2 U" by Makoto with Christian Urich, "Definition Of Luv (Sean McCabe rmx)" by Sunburst Band, "Freedom To Love (Atjazz mix)" by Incognito, "How Can We Go Wrong" by Khari Simmons, "Machine Gun" by James Taylor Quartet, "In Spirit" by Rosie Gaines, "Miss You" by Rahsaan Patterson, and "Better Off Without You" by Frank McComb. CD

Partial matches92
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousSounds Of Universal Love ... CD
Expansion (UK), 1970s/1980s/1990s/2000s. New Copy .... $16.99
A decades-spanning batch of stellar SOUL – the Sounds Of Universal Love – compiled by Fitzroy Facey and The Soul Survivors team! Soul Survivors is a UK-based magazine celebrating the best and brightest soul, funk and jazz from the 70s onward, and Facey does a terrific job here of putting together a set with a broad reach, but still manages to have a cohesive feel. It's got a bit of 70s cosmic soul, some sweet modern groovers, classic group soul, fusiony funk and more! Includes "A Little Bit Of Love" by Brenda Russell, "Journey Into Love" by Lonnie Liston Smith, "Fan The Fire" by The Impressions, "Come On" by Omar feat Kele Le Roc, "Search My Mind" by George Duke, "Yearing For Your Love" by The Gap Band, "High In Me" feat Patrice Rushen, "Heaven" by Amp Fiddler feat Stephanie McKay and more. 16 tracks, all of them great! CD

Partial matches93
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousSuper Funk Vol 3 – Still Rarer & Funkier Funk ... CD
BGP (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy .... $11.99
A killer batch of rare funky tunes – pulled from a host of tiny labels, and put together with a quality level that would blow away a crate full of of funky 45s! This 3rd volume in the Super Funk series seems to dig even deeper than the first 2 – and it also includes few incredible little nuggets that were never officially released in any format! Includes "The Tramp (From Funky Broadway)" by The Showmen Inc, "Put It In" by Johnny King And The Fatback Band, "Cissy Popcorn" and "Funky Chicken" by Preston Love, "Soul Livin" by Everyday People Unlimited, "Brother Brown" by Camille Bob, "At The Soul In" by Count Yates And The Rhythm Crusaders, "Cat Scream" by Li'l Buck, "Bending Soul" by the Soul Blenders", "Ain't It A Groove" by Chico & Buddy, "Soul Brothers Testify" by Soul Senders, "Fat Man" by TKOs, "Sweet Potato Gravy" by Maurice Simon And The Pie Men, and lots more! 20 tracks in all. CD

Partial matches94
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousTropicalia – A Brazilian Revolution In Sound ... CD
Soul Jazz (UK), Late 60s. New Copy .... $22.99
An amazing introduction to one of the most significant cultural movements in the latter half of the 20th Century – the groundbreaking years of Tropicalia in late 60s Brazil! The music and legacy of Tropicalia are referenced often, but hardly ever presented this well – and this package is everything we could have hoped for as an introduction to the movement – filled not just with great music, but also an overwhelming amount of notes that trace the history of Brazilian music and art through their changes in relation to Tropicalia! In fact, the notes are almost worth the price of the compilation alone – very densely written over 48 pages in the CD booklet, with more information in one place than we've ever seen before. But as you might imagine, it's the music that really makes the set special – and Soul Jazz have done an excellent job of pulling together key late 60s works from the most important musicians associated with Tropicalia – an great starting point for the movement that's filled with most essential tracks! Titles include "Bat Macumba" by Gilberto Gil, "Tuareg" and "Sebastiana" by Gal Costa, "A Minha Menina" and "Panis Et Circenses" by Os Mutantes, "Alfo Mega" and "Tropicalia" by Caetano Veloso, "Gloria" and "Jimmy Renda-Se" by Tom Ze, "Procissao" by Gilberto Gil, "Ave Genghis Khan" by Os Mutantes, "Take It Easy My Brother Charles" by Jorge Ben, "Quero Sambal Meu Bem" by Tom Ze, "Lost In The Paradise" by Caetano Veloso, "Bat Macumba" by Os Mutantes, "Domingo No Parque" by Gilberto Gil & Os Mutantes, and "Irene" by Caetano Veloso. CD
Also available Tropicalia – A Brazilian Revolution In Sound ... LP 24.99

Partial matches95
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousTwin Cities Funk & Soul – Lost R&B Grooves From Minneapolis/St Paul 1964 to 1979 ... CD
Secret Stash, 1960s/1970s. New Copy .... $13.99 16.99
Rare soul from Minneapolis – a surprisingly great source for grooves in the years before Prince and Morris Day! Turns out, the Twin Cities were already funky, way before the Purple One came into being – as you'll hear in this wealth of rare singles from the late 60s on up through the 70s – all of them mighty darn soulful, and most of them pretty dang funky as well! The wealth of work is really surprisingly – with strong echoes of styles going on in the Chicago and Detroit scenes at the time, but maybe even more surprising, given that Minneapolis/St Paul didn't have nearly the same amount of resources. The package is easily one of the best ever done by the Secret Stash label – a set that really ups the level of their reissues – with a motherlode of killer cuts that include "Love Me Leave Me" by The Valdons, "Sweet Smell Of Perfume" by Maurice McKinnies & The Champions, "Work Your Flapper (part 1)" by Jackie Harris & The Champions, "She's A Whole Lot's A Woman" by Mojo & His Chi 4, "I Ain't Gonna Cheat On You No More" by Willie Walker, "Save Me" by Wanda Davis, "Saxophone Disco" by Morris Wilson, "Honey From The Bee" by Willie & The Bumblebees, "The Max" by Prophets Of Peace, "Get Up" by The Lewis Connection, and "Rusty McDusty" by Morris Wilson. CD

Partial matches96
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousWigan Casino 40 Northern Soul – 40 Original Northern Soul Anthems From The Legendary All Nighter ... CD
Universal (UK), 1960s/1970s. New Copy 2CD .... $12.99
A killer collection of rare soul gems – put together in support of the legendary Wigan Casino, a key club in the UK Northern Soul scene – but a set that works perfectly well on its own apart from that reference – brimming over with a really rich array of rare soul singles from the vaults of Universal Music! The package features loads of cuts that go way past the obvious Northern Soul groove – a range of upbeat soul, funky steppers, gritty groovers, and more – lots of which were new to our ears before hearing the set. There's some real gems here – a wonderful soul collection at a stunningly low price, especially considering the 40 cuts included on 2CDs. Titles include "That's Not Love" by Holly St James, "The Larue" by Lada Edmund Jr, "Run For Cover" by The Dells, "Many's The Slip Twixt The Cup & The Lip" by The Present, "Time" by Edwin Starr, "When You Call Me Baby" by Joey Heatherton, "Trick Me Treat Me" by Cobblestone, "I Watched You Slowly Slip Away" by Howard Guyton, "Stolen Hours" by Patrice Holloway, "Sweetest Girl In The World" by Roger Hatcher, "I Can't Make It Anymore" by Spyder Turner, "Suspicion" by The Originals, "Love's The Only Answer" by Kelly Garrett, "You Don't Mean It" by Towanda Barnes, "The Duck" by Willie Hutch, "Look At Me" by The Deletts, "I Go To Pieces" by Gerri Granger, and "Long After Tonight Is All Over" by Jimmy Radcliffe. CD

Partial matches97
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousYou Talk To Much – The Ric & Ron Story Vol 1 ... CD
Ace (UK), Late 50s. New Copy .... $14.99
A key force in the development of New Orleans soul – the homegrown Ric & Ron Records label – home to some of the best early productions from the Crescent City! The roster of talent here is really amazing – a host of artists who'd go onto develop the New Orleans style even more strongly in the 60s, mixed with some lesser-knowns who really sparkle in this setting – sharp, tight, damn soulful singles that are all delivered without any overproduction, and nicely free of all those cliches that would later overwhelm music from the Big Easy. The rhythms alone are worth the price of the record – hard-romping piano, bass, and drums that really set an instrumental fire right from the start – then pave the way for searing lead performances from the singers and instrumental stars. The set's the best we've ever seen of these early days of the label – and features 24 tracks that include "Tell It Like It Is" by Eddie Bo, "Easy Rockin" by Eddie Lang, "I Love You Still" by Joe Jones, "Come On" by Johnny Adams, "Don't Lie To Me" by Mercy Adams, "Don't Mess With My Man" by Irma Thomas, "Carnival Time" by Al Johnson, "Nobody Knows" by Martha Carter, "All Nite Long (parts 1 & 2)" by Robert Parker, "Cuttin Out" by Professor Longhair, "Let's Get It" by Edgar Blanchard, and "Rocket To The Moon" by Chris Kenner. CD

Partial matches98
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New JoyceMusic Inside ... CD
1990. New Copy .... Around June 11, 2014
One of the few Joyce albums ever issued in the US – a breezy outing from the end of the 80s, recorded with a bit more jazz than usual, and a number of English-language lyrics that were clearly intended to help break her into a wider market! Joyce is still very much in a comfortable setting on the record – dominating with her work on acoustic guitar and vocals – but she's also getting a bit more instrumental help than usual from a range of guests that include Kenny Werner, Ray Drummond, Ralp Moore, and Marvin Smitty Smith. The English alone is worth the price of the record – as we're usually relying on just our love of her voice to appreciate Joyce's usual Portuguese lyrics – and titles include "Bird Of Brazil", "Bird Of Japan", "Stonewashed", "Belafonte", "Essential", "Mysteries", and a nice cover of The Beatles' "Help". CD

Partial matches99
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Martha Reeves & The VandellasBlack Magic ... CD
1972. New Copy .... Around June 18, 2014
Sure, it's the 70s – but this album's still got some excellent moments on it, like the amazing track "Bless You", which is worth the price of the album alone! The cut was written by The Corporation, and it's got this incredible wall of sound arrangement, with Martha singing verse after verse about the religiosity of love. It's a great pop track, and you'll get it on the album along with other cuts like "No One There", "I Want You Back", "Hope I Don't Get My Heart Broke", and "Tear It On Down". CD

Partial matches100
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lee RitenourCaptain's Journey ... CD
1979. New Copy .... Around June 25, 2014
The Captain's Journey is another masterful fusion outing from Lee – one that expands his sound a bit more than usual by adding in vocals on a number of tracks – but in a way that really gets at the mainstream soul influences that bubble through his jazz work! Players on the set include Dave Grusin, Steve Gadd, and Patrice Rushen – and vocalists include Patti Austin, Tom Baylor, and Bill Champlin – singing nicely alongside the smoother grooves of the set. Titles include "That's Enough For Me", "Sugarloaf Express", "What Do You Want", "Matchmakers", "Morning Glory", and "The Storm". CD