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Fantastic Voyage


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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Leonard RosenmanFantastic Voyage ... CD
La La Land, 1966. New Copy ... $19.99
One of the greatest soundtracks ever from Leonard Rosenman – and a key example of his strong talent for mixing acoustic instrumentation with very offbeat and eerie electronics! Rosenman had offered up this blend on other important science soundtracks of the 60s – but probably hit his apex with this gem – penned for mid 60s film about a bunch of scientists who shrink down, and take a trip inside the human body! The electronics are sublime – used in these stark, sharp ways that are very compelling, and downright evil in nature – providing a real contrast to some of the warmer woodwind touches in the orchestrations, even when they try to echo the electric energy. The whole thing's pretty darn great – a lot bleaker musically than the actual film – and titles include "Proteus Moving Through Sac", "Group Leaves", "The Proteus", "The Chart", "Pulmonary Artery", "Get The Laser", and "The Human Brain". CD
(Limited edition of 2000 copies.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New David Bowie & Bing CrosbyPeace On Earth (dialogue, voc)/Little Drummer Boy/Fantastic Voyage ... 12-inch
RCA (UK), 1982. Used (pic cover)... Temporarily Out Of Stock
12-inch, Vinyl record
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New Milt Matthews IncFor The People ... CD
Catalyst/Fantastic Voyage (UK), 1971. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A weird little soul album from singer Milt Matthews – one that mixes up a range of late 60s influences, including Hendrix guitar licks, southern soul vocals, and kind of a rootsy crossover feel that's almost equal parts rock and soul! There's a lot of wah wah and organ in the mix – and the lyrics are pretty righteous on most songs – almost in the sort of territory that other artists were using to cross over much bigger in the US market – a space that's somewhere between Otis Redding and Joe Cocker, but nicely rough around the edges too. Titles include "Runaway People", "Disaster Area", "That's What I Feel", and a version of "Hard Day's Night". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Carol WoodsOut Of The Woods (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Ember/Fantastic Voyage (UK), 1971. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A rare 70s soul set from Carol Woods – a singer who's done a fair bit of work on the musical stage, but who has plenty to offer in this obscure debut album! The record was mostly cut in New York, yet only issued in the UK – which is part of the reason for its obscurity – and the sound is full, proud, and plenty darn soulful – almost a post-Supremes sort of vibe, but with a hipper 70s approach – very well put together by producer Beau Ray Fleming, who's probably better known for his later work with Mandrill and Sun. Woods' vocals are full and rich, but never overdone – and she reminds us a lot of some of her other 70s contemporaries who'd worked the stage, but could slide into a soul session equally well – such as Melba Moore. Titles include "If I Let You", "But You Know I Love You", "Bigger Than I", "There's Gotta Be A Way", "The Woods Are Full", "Can You Remember", and "Why You Wanna". Bonus tracks include "We'll Sing In The Sunshine" and "I Wonder What Will Happen". CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Shaolin AfronautsQuest Under Capricorn ... CD
Freestyle (UK), 2012. New Copy ... $12.99
A deeper, spacier set from Shaolin Afronauts – and one that goes a bit further into the cosmos, as you might guess from the title and cover art – though it's still firmly rooted in timeless Afro Soul and Funk! Once again, the greatest West African soul, jazz and funk of the 70s provides the most vital inspiration for the group – but the Afronauts go further with the freewheeling jazzy atmosphere on this one – especially on the longer cuts. The majority of tracks run longer than 5 minutes, giving them plenty of evolutionary space to travel, over the funky bedrock that's paved underneath. The horns are fantastic – with nine credited players – along with stellar drums and percussion, guitar, bass, Hammond and Rhodes. Titles Includes "Brooklyn", "Gayanamede Prelude", "Winds Across Gayanamede", "Los Angeles", "Quest Under Capricorn", "End Of A Sun", "Voyage Prelude", "Voyage" "Amhara", "Forests Of Io" and "Saturn's Dance". 11 tracks on the CD. CD