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Ross Andru & Mike EspositoRoss Andru & Mike Esposito's Get Lost ... Book
Hermes, 1950s. New Copy .... $8.99 29.99
One of the greatest publications to ever rip off Mad Magazine – and an early effort from the team of Ross Andru and Mike Esposito – later known for famous work at both Marvel and DC Comics! Get Lost follows from the early Mad comic book style – and features lots of well-done parodies of popular genres – film, fiction, and more! The writing is good, but the art is even better – very angular and edgey, at a level that's quite different than any other later work from the team – definitely influenced by the work of early Mad artists, but quite unique as well. The book brings together all three issues of the short-lived publication in glorious full color – and also features an interview with Mike Esposito on the fate of the comic as well. 96 pages, color, oversize. Book

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Mike AshleyGateways To Forever – The Story Of The Science Fiction Magazines From 1970 to 1980 (hardcover) ... Book
Liverpool University Press (UK), 2007. New Copy .... $11.99 48.99
This third volume in Mike Ashley's series covers just a single decade, but shows more transformation in science fiction publishing than almost the previous 50 years together! The book details the explosion of new ideas and new sources of sci-fi in the 70s – from bigger older publications to a range of alternate press outlets as well – all with the same rich detail of the previous volumes in the collection. Ashley is way more than just a fan or devoted reader – and approaches the material with some very thorough information, detailed in his copious notes and extremely compelling appendix chapters. Over 500 pages, hardcover. Book

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Pierre Assouline (Charles Ruas, trans)Herge – The Man Who Created Tintin (paperback) ... Book
Oxford University Press, 2011. New Copy .... $4.99 15.95
A long-overdue biography of the legendary Herge – the man who gave the world Tintin, and decades' worth of remarkable stories and illustration! Herge's a much more complicated figure than you'd guess from the straightforward nature of his famous comic – and Pierre Assouline really gets at the complexity of his life, creative choices, and responses to the challenges of history – some of which have marked Herge forever. The book is certainly no fluff piece – the best book on Herge we've ever seen, compiled from countless letters, notes, and interviews. 276 pages, softcover. Book

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Werner BlaserMies Van Der Rohe – Lake Shore Drive Apartments ... Book
Birkhauser (Germany), 1999. New Copy .... $5.99 29.99
A great look at one of the more modern sides of our fair city – a beautiful book that focuses on the Lake Shore Drive apartments of architect Mies Van Der Rohe! Mies had a huge influence on the city's look in the postwar years – and some of his most striking creations are a set of apartment buildings at the cusp of Lake Shore as it hugs the shore of Lake Michigan – beautifully modern buildings that still have a tremendous sense of form, style, and purpose all these many years later – captured here in an array of well-done black and white photographs that showcase the buildings inside and out. The book offers shots both inside and out, as well as architectural plans and other images too – and also features notes in German and English. 90 pages, hardcover, and done with a sharp sense of style! Book

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Peter BlechaSonic Boom – The History Of Northwest Rock, From "Louie Louie" To "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (paperback) ... Book
Backbeat Books, 2009. New Copy .... $5.99 19.99
Not a biography of one-time Spacemen 3 mainman – but a very cool look at the wealth of great guitar rock that emanated from the Pacific Northwest from the late 50s onward! There must be something in the water up there, because countless great guitar giants have hailed from Washington State and nearby locals – artists as diverse as Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain, and a huge host of important guitar groups like The Ventures, Wailers, Kingsmen, and others! The book wisely gives its strongest focus to the 60s – with a wealth of information on the local scenes and small labels who really brought the Northwest sound to the rest of the world – then follows with a bit more on the 70s and 80s, as well as the 90s wave of punk and grunge. 304 pages, softcover, with some black and white images. Book

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Joanna Bowring & Margaret O'BrienArt Of Romance – Mills & Boon & Harlequin Cover Designs ... Book
Prestel, 2008. New Copy .... $6.99 25.00
Lavish color illustrations from the glory days of the romance paperback – a wealth of classic covers from British publisher Mills & Boon – also the parent company of Harlequin Romance! The images are stunning, and the book is very thoughtfully put together – not an exploitation of the genre, but a really great attempt to showcase the artwork that helped sell the sex between the pages – laid out here with each cover taking up a full-color page of the book! There's a short introduction at the start, but the main attraction to us is the images – especially the huge amount of great watercolors from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. 251 pages, softcover. Book

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Jonathan Raimes & Lakshmi BhaskaranRetro Graphics – A Visual Sourcebook To 100 Years Of Graphic Design ... Book
Chronicle, 2007. New Copy .... $4.99 24.95
A really inspirational book based around the history of 20th Century design – put together with vivid pages that allow you to steal all the best ideas, and integrate them into your own work! The package spans the most important design decades of the century – and pulls together vivid images from magazines, advertisements, posters, flyers, and even typographic elements too! The volume is designed as a "sourcebook" to give designers new ideas and inspiration – but it reads well enough as an art book on its own, thanks to key historical details and information on artists and illustrators. 175 pages, softcover, in full color. Book

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Toni BrownRelix, The Book – The Grateful Dead Experience – 30 Years Of Mind Melting Art, Interviews, Anecdotes & More ... Book
Backbeat Books, 2009. New Copy .... $8.99 29.99
A hefty tribute to Relix magazine – that long-running publication that first began as a tribute to The Grateful Dead, but which went onto encompass a host of different styles, and help provide some inspiration for the jamband generation as well! The book's got the dimensions of the magazine, and presents loads and loads of vintage pages in full color – almost as if you're getting a giant-sized volume of the magazine, assembled from all the best articles over the years! There's way more here than just the Dead – interviews with and articles on Robert Crumb, John Lennon, Jefferson Starship, Merl Saunders, Willie Dixon, and many others – plus even-cooler topical articles on things like 70s disco, taping live performances, parental approval of the Grateful Dead, and many other groovy topics. Very nicely done, vividly illustrated, full color, and 244 pages! Book

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New Vincent Brunner, edTunes – A Comic Book History Of Rock And Roll ... Book
Universe, 2010. New Copy .... $5.99 24.95
Not the complete history of rock and roll, but a collection of cool comics that each focus on a specific singer or group – brought together here as a very personal pastiche of views on modern music! The book is black and white, and most of the artists use a heavy pen technique that comes across well in the format – and each new entry is accompanied by a short essay on the artist involved, to situate the comic within a more historical context. Entries include "Nick Cave" by Laure Del Pino, "Ramones" by Sebastien Lumineau, "Led Zeppelin" by Killoffer, "The Kinks" by Luc Cornillon, "David Bowie" by Nine Antico, "Sex Pistols" by Jean Christophe Menu, "Captain Beefheart" by Jean Michel Thiriet, and Nick Drake" by Vincent Vanoli. 240 pages, softcover, black and white. Book

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Frederick Burr OpperHappy Hooligan – The Original Born Loser (hardcover) ... Book
NBM, 1900s/Early 10s/2008. New Copy .... $6.99 24.95
Beautiful reproductions of vintage Happy Hooligan strips from the start of the 20th Century – some of the first and best newspaper comic work, all presented here in full color! The book features almost 100 strips that each follow the six-panel style used by Frederick Opper – and in addition to a manic visual style, they also offer a surprising insight into class conflict and public space in urban scenes in the early part of the century. The book begins with some biographical information on Opper and the strip – then rolls into some nice oversized horizontal pages that really preserve the smaller details in the drawings and text. 110 pages, hardcover, full color. Book

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New William S BurroughsRub Out The Words – The Letters Of William S Burroughs 1959 to 1974 (paperback) ... Book
HarperCollins, 2012. New Copy .... $10.99 35.00
A wonderful backdrop for the writings of William S Burroughs – his letters and correspondence from the late 50s through the early 70s – written to Allen Ginsberg, Paul Bowles, Brion Gysin, and other key figures from the underground! The prose is a bit more everyday than Burroughs cut-up novels – but the topics are very revelatory, and really show his space in a global world of evolving styles – penned in Paris, London, Tangier, and other cities. The book culls together material from carbon copies that Burroughs made of his letters – and presents them with notes that illuminate some of the trickier passages – although like Burroughs at his most outspoken, the letters state themselves pretty clearly overall. A hefty 661 pages, softcover, with some black and white photographs. Book
(Spine has a small remainder mark.)

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Sal CanzonieriElectric Frankenstein! – High Energy Punk Rock & Roll Poster Art ... Book
Dark Horse, 2004. New Copy .... $5.99 19.95
A rock and roll poster book – but one that features posters for only one band – Electric Frankenstein! Don't let that single-subject quality fool you, though – because the book's overflowing with variety – very vivid work from some of the leading lights in the indie/underground poster world – including Savage Pencil, Kaz, Frank Kozik, Dyland Forbes, and many many others – over 180 different artists, each chosen to do a different gig poster or flyer for the band! The book is full color, and even more vivid inside than its cover – with a great retro-horror vibe on most of the images too. 160 pages, full color, softcover. Book

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Yves ChalandChaland Anthology #2 – Freddy Lombard ... Book
Humanoids Publishing, 2003. New Copy .... $2.99 17.95
A cool collection of comics from Yves Chaland – one that focuses on his Freddy Lombard character – who's kind of like a badass version of Tintin! The comparison is probably a bit rough – but the work begins with an Herge-like aesthetic, but has a brasher sort of approach – as Freddy and his pals Dina and Sweep get into more adult-like adventures, although still with a nicely clean sort of retro feel to the stories. The work is great – a seminal part of French comics, issued here finally in an English language version – and this volume features two stories, "Holiday In Budapest" and "F 52". 126 pages, full color, softcover. Book

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Alice EcholsHot Stuff – Disco & The Remaking Of American Culture (hardcover) ... Book
Norton, 2010. New Copy .... $5.99 29.95
Cultural historian Alice Echols explores the massive shifts in American culture during and as impacted by the disco era – not only in fashion and record sales – but the racial, sexual and behavioral landscape at large! Echols is a biographer and historian, but she's also former disco deejay, with insights both academic and deeper felt. The book is smartly and exaustively researched, but is more importantly accessibly readable. Hardcover, 338 pages. Book

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John A ElkingtonBeale Street – Resurrecting The Home Of The Blues (hardcover) ... Book
History, 2008. New Copy .... $4.99 25.99
A fascinating look at the hard work and careful thought that went into saving Beale Street in Memphis – a musical hotspot that's every bit as important as Maxwell Street in Chicago or 125th Street in New York – and which has certainly fared better than both over the years! Think what you want about the current state of Beale Street, but the book definitely shows that a great deal of effort went into holding onto this important site for music – arguably a lynchpin in holding onto a fair bit of the rest of Memphis as well. Author John Elkington is a real estate developer himself, so he's got a particular focus on the topic – but he's also got a lot of inside information that tells the story of the street right from the start. 126 pages, hardcover, with some black and white images. Book

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Royston EllisGone Man Squared (paperback) ... Book
Norton/Kicks, Late 50s/Early 60s/2013. New Copy .... $12.99 14.95
Whoa! The genius early writings of Beat inspired Brit lit/poetry legend Royston Ellis – the man who purportedly inspired The Beatles' "Paperback Writer" – compiled here, in paperback naturally, by our pulpy print heroes at Kicks Books! Royston would go on write novels and more, but early on he was a youthful rebel poet – one of the first figures to recite with a rock 'n' roll band backing him – and he inspired SO many writers and rockers to come! Gone Man Squared compiles the long out of print Jiving To Gyp and Rave collections, plus other select early work – and it's as incredibly cool as ever! Paperback, 128 pages – and featuring a forward by Jimmy Page! Book

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Harlan EllisonGetting In The Wind (paperback) ... Book
Norton/Kicks, 2012. New Copy Book .... $9.99 14.95
Tough, dirty and stylish late 50s short stories by the great Harlan Ellison – who would go on to be hailed as one of great science fiction and suspense writers in print, film and television – but working here as a very young man, under pseudonyms, on seedy crime and pulp stories! It's gritty, yet charmingly trashy stuff – with story titles that let you know what you're in for here – including Dead Wives Don't Cheat, God Bless The Ugly Virgin, Gang Girl, Portrait Of The Artist As A Zilch Writer, An Episode Of Sunbathers and more. A treasure trove, rescued from pulp obscurity by Kick Books! Paperback, 174 pages. Book

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Harlan EllisonPulling A Train – Violent Stories Of Naked Passions (paperback) ... Book
Norton/Kicks, 2012. New Copy .... $9.99 14.95
Gritty prose from the legendary Harlan Ellison – a writer known best for his science fiction work, but who's represented here by some very early material that's plenty violent and salacious! The writing should be taken in the spirit of the title and cover – and Harlan himself does a great job of situating the work in his introduction to the book – telling the tale of the somewhat sleazy roots of this read, which is almost as titillating as the stories themselves! Yet despite the obvious apology for the schlock quality of the stories (some weren't even originally billed under Ellison's own name!) – there's a real force to the writing throughout – a youthful, powerful feel that bridges the gap between classic noir and underground exploitation – as you'll find in stories like "Sex Gang", "Jeannie With The Bedroom Eyes", "A Girl Named Poison", and "Both Ends Of The Candle". Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jim Flora; Irwin Chusid & Barbara Economon, eds.Sweetly Diabolical Art Of Jim Flora ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2009. New Copy .... $25.99 34.99
Wonderful postwar artwork from Jim Flora – an artist you may know from record cover art, but who's represented here with a range of other illustrations as well! Flora's vintage images for Columbia and RCA are well-known to crate-diggers like us – but this beautiful package brings together more obscure images from advertising, brochures, newspapers, and other long-gone sources – and also includes some never-seen Flora images as well! As with the record art, the images here are all pretty darn incredible – very weird, playful, and offbeat – and presented in full color throughout. Book is 179 pages, oversized, and very hefty! Book

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Kim FowleyLord Of Garbage (paperback) ... Book
Norton/Kicks, 2012. New Copy .... $12.99 13.95
Kim Fowley, an author? Stranger things have happened – and given Fowley's penchant for putting his finger in just about every pie that came within reach, the whole thing's no surprise at all! The book is a stunning account of Fowley's important years in the music business – working in the sometimes lowest reaches of the LA scene, yet sometimes hitting the highest heights too – all told in really interesting detail, with a pacing that's completely unique! At lots of points, it kind of feels like Kim's telling you the story of his life over a few dozen drinks at the bar – with all the tangents you might expect – but at other times, there's this lucidity that's right in line with the Fowley genius in the studio – that way of being and going crazy while still holding all your cool – summed up perfectly in these few lines near the end of the book: "Well this is my version of what happened to me. I don't know if it really happened or not, but I think it did. I'm holding back a lot of stuff because it's too overwhelming in its darkness and it would be a sad read." Book

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Freddy FreshFreddy Fresh Presents The Rap Records – Revised 2nd Edition ... Book
Freddy Fresh, 2007. New Copy Book .... $18.99 39.99
If you liked the first volume of this essential book, you'll love this revised edition – because it's almost 3 times bigger, and stuffed with great new features! The book's a lifetime labor of love for Freddy Fresh – an extensive discography that's got to be the most definitive book on early hip hop we've ever seen! The vintage of the titles listed in the book is 1979 to 1994 – and as Freddy says in the preface, there's a few records listed that may fall outside the rap genre or that time span, including some disco and electro numbers – but that's okay by us! The book's got tons of label scans – plus entries listed alphabetically by label and then in order by catalog number – and this exhaustive project reads like your dream want-list for years and years to come. Plus, in addition to the label and record listings, there's appendices with old school flyer scans, top picks from DJs and producers all over the globe, lists of resources for finding records and Freddy's own personal lists for records, including his "5 star" rated records, and songs and singles arranged by topic. An absolute must-have for any die hard fan of hip hop! Revised edition is 3 times bigger than the first one – 740 pages, with over 1500 new photos, and also features an updated section on bootlegs vs originals, New York City record store photos, info on overseas labels, an Ebay auction guide, a comprehensive cross-index, and lots more great bits. Book

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Richard L GrahamGovernment Issue – Comics For The People 1940s to 2000s (paperback) ... Book
Abrams Comic Arts, 2009. New Copy Book .... $6.99 29.95
Cool comics from a very unlikely source – publications put together by the US government to spread ideas and inform the public – many of which were handled by top comics talents from the mainstream! The quality of this material is surprisingly wonderful – not schlocky propaganda, but thoughtfully-scripted, well-penned comics that have the same sort of appeal as work from the cleaner, more wholesome side of the Silver Age! Artists include Neal Adams, Charles Biro, Kurt Schaffenberger, Joe Kubert, Milt Caniff, and many others – including a fair bit of unknown illustrators too. The book is surprisingly fun, and a much-needed look at this lesser-known strand of 20th Century comics. 308 pages, full color, and softcover. Book

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Paul GravettCult Fiction – Art & Comics ... Book
Hayward Publishing (UK), 2007. New Copy .... $8.99 30.00
A beautiful oversized book that attempts to get at the link between serious comics and fiction – presented in a way that focuses on individual artists, with lavish illustrations from each! The book starts with a great essay tracing the development of graphic images and words in the comic medium throughout the 20th century – then moves forward to feature a host of artists from the contemporary scene – some of whom we knew already, like Joe Sacco or Julie Doucet – lots of whom we're discovering here for the first time! The thoughtful book is way more than just a run-of-the-mill survey – and is very well-curated, and also includes a special booklet inside the back cover, plus a cool feature in which the artists respond to questions with images written on index cards. Approximately 100 pages, oversized, softcover. Book

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Robert GreenfieldLast Sultan – The Life & Times Of Ahmet Ertegun (hardcover) ... Book
Simon & Schuster, 2011. New Copy .... $6.99 30.00
The amazing story of Ahmet Ertegun – the driving force behind Atlantic Records, and a crucial figure in popular music in the 20th Century! Ahmet's story is the stuff of legend – and this book delivers the whole thing in stunning detail – from Ertegun's early years as the child of the Turkish ambassador, to his adolescent love of jazz and blues, to his launching Atlantic with his brother – initially to dominate the field of rhythm and blues, then jazz and soul, then even mainstream rock and roll! The hefty book is over 400 pages in length, and features a handful of black and white images too. Book
(There is a small remainder mark on the spine.)

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Groove Presents45 RPM Cover Museum By Muro (paperback) ... Book
Rittor (Japan), 2011. New Copy .... $34.99
A totally great book for 7" collectors – especially if you dig unusual picture sleeves! The book was put together by DJ Muro – an artist we've come to love for his work on mixes and compilations, but who's also well-known for his massive record collection, too – one that's certainly informed his music, but which stands well enough on its own – as you'll see in the book! For the volume, Muro brought together rare 7" picture sleeve images – all in a full-color, 7" package that's just the size of a vintage 45 – so that flipping the pages is almost like sifting through a stack of singles. Most of the images are from rare Japanese and Asian pressings – which means that you'll see unusual covers for funk, soul, soundtrack, and other groovy music styles of the 70s and 80s. Some of the images are odd variations on the American LP covers, and others are completely unique – and together, they provide a fascinating visual document that's sure to please any collector of rare singles. Almost 250 pages, full color! Book

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New Groove PresentsGroove Presents Rare Groove A to Z – Complete Edition (paperback) ... Book
Rittor (Japan), 2013. New Copy .... $34.99
An even-better volume of this amazing publication – a true treasure trove for fans of all things funky – and one of the coolest books of rare records we've ever seen! The Japanese book is a dictionary of rare groove classics from the 60s and 70s – listing hundreds of rare albums in alphabetical order, and featuring full color cover art, label and date information, and even a "rarity" meter – telling how hard it is to find the records! There's also reviews of each record, but written in Japanese – yet even without that information, there's plenty of great stuff here – and the visuals alone are worth the price of admission, as you'll find plenty here to guide your digging for rare albums for years to come. You'll also find some other cool features too – including a section on unreleased tracks from the 60s and 70s, which have come out in later years. Over 300 pages, full color images, and beautifully put together! Book

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Paul GrushkinDead Letters – The Very Best Grateful Dean Fan Mail (hardcover) ... Book
Grushkin, 2011. New Copy Book .... $5.99 29.99
We may not be the type to be immediately thrilled by fan letters to the Grateful Dead – but one look at this book, and we were really amazed! The full-color, well-done volume is filled with amazing mail received by The Grateful Dead – most of it very heavily illustrated, with lots of cool pictures, odd drawings, and trippy images – often far more compelling than the words themselves! The book is almost a fan-art project based around the Dead – but it's also got lots of great text that relates the complex history of the huge amount of mail received by the band over the decades – the folks who handled it, the way it was routed, and the underground network that kept the Grateful Dead going strong for many years. The package looks great – with a mailbox-style cover that opens up, and 208 full color pages within! Book

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Peter GuralnickLost Highway – Journeys & Arrivals Of American Musicians (paperback) ... Book
Little Brown, 2012. New Copy .... $4.99 18.99
A seminal look at the American roots music by one of our favorite writers ever – a book that was penned decades ago, yet still stands as crucially important all these many years later! Peter Guaralnick's Lost Highway is essential reading for any fan of older blues, country, and R&B – and the whole thing is done with his careful blend of historical detail and downright enthusiasm for the music involved! Rather than attempt a comprehensive history, Guaralnick focuses each chapter on a key figure – artists who include Howlin Wolf, Otis Spann, Big Joe Turner, Ernest Tubb, Hank Snow, Scotty Moore, Sleepy Labeef, and others – all woven together into a careful tapestry that really tells the story of the lost corners that led to the American mainstream. 364 pages, softcover, with some black and white images. Book

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Susan Hall/Bob AdelmanGentleman Of Leisure – A Year In The Life Of A Pimp (hardcover) ... Book
Powerhouse Books, 1972/2006. New Copy Book .... $5.99 35.00
The sensational early 70s document of the big city pimp culture by writer Susan Hall & photgrapher Bob Adelman! It features fascinating interviews with "professional gentleman of leisure" Silky and his "wives" – and filled with jaw dropping b&w photography. A year in the life! Hardcover, 192 pages. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
J Namdev HardistyDIY Album Art – Paper Bags & Office Supplies (hardcover) ... Book
Mark Batty (UK), 2009. New Copy .... $8.99 34.95
A great revolution in record cover art – the early 90s rise of the hand-made package in the punk rock underground! 7" singles were a key force in punk and other underground styles of the time – and these small pressings were often hand-assembled by the bands themselves – sometimes printed one by one, or hand-stickered – sometimes glued together from other images, and sometimes made from old record covers themselves! The approach also infected a lot of album cover art of the time too – in ways that would make even multiple copies of a record seem very individual – thanks to the variations in the packaging. This well-done book lovingly documents this moment in musical packaging – and has a look that's quite like the records themselves – a beautiful approach to the cover and binding which really lives up to the full color images inside. 142 pages, hardcover. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New HarlequinHarlequin Notables Perfect Pocket Journals – The Dark Place ... Book
Flowerpot, 2009. New Copy .... $2.99
Very cool – a blank-paper journal hidden in a vintage paperback cover image – complete with heavy cardboard on each end, and a cool elastic band to hold the whole thing in place! The design is like that of expensive notebooks that push past the $10 mark – but the cover is even cooler, and the price is mighty nice! 80 blank white pages, paperback size, and hardcover. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New HarlequinHarlequin Notables Perfect Pocket Journals – Virgin With Butterflies ... Book
Flowerpot, 2009. New Copy .... $2.99
Very cool – a blank-paper journal hidden in a vintage paperback cover image – complete with heavy cardboard on each end, and a cool elastic band to hold the whole thing in place! The design is like that of expensive notebooks that push past the $10 mark – but the cover is even cooler, and the price is mighty nice! 80 blank white pages, paperback size, and hardcover. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Larry HarrisAnd Party Every Day – The Inside Story Of Casablanca Records (hardcover) ... Book
Backbeat Books, 2009. New Copy Book .... $6.99 24.99
The full story of the legendary Casablanca Records – the 70s home to Kiss, Donna Summer, and a huge amount of soul, funk, and disco artists! Casablanca is legendary not just for its music, but for its sense of "good times" and model for living the high life back in the day – a free-spending flurry of partying and drugs, running neck and neck with the company's search for great music! Writer Larry Harris was with the label during most of its glory days – and has plenty of tales to tell within – all tempered by co-authors Curt Gooch, who put together the Casablanca documentary, and Kiss expert Jeff Suhs. Harris' story is definitely told from a personal level – to both expose secrets and dispel rumors – and the book closes with a pretty nice discography, listing every single album ever issued by Casablanca! 310 pages, hardcover, with some photos. Book

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Richard HaversStones In The Park – The Summer Of 69 & The Making Of The Greatest Rock N Roll Band In The World (hardcover) ... Book
Haynes (UK), 2009. New Copy .... $8.99
Nice hardcover look at The Rolling Stones circa '69 – a huge year of cultural change in general, and it was just as massive to the Stones! Things were getting deeper and heavier for the Stones, artistically and personally – with Brian Jones departing and passing away – and Mick Taylor joining the band. It was also right around this time they were solidifying their legend well beyond mere rock and roll stars. The book is centered around The Stones' massive concert in Hyde Park that summer, which to that point was one of the biggest ever held in Britain – and the book is filled with some of the best photos we've ever seen of that event – and so many more of that band – in action and behind the scenes. Book

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Will HermesLove Goes To Buildings On Fire – Five Years In New York That Changed Music Forever (hardcover) ... Book
Faber & Faber, 2011. New Copy Book .... $5.99 30.00
A very cool look at the New York scene during some of its most important moments of the 70s – the birth of both hip hop and punk, the huge rise of Latin music, a resurgence in avant jazz, and an important art world interaction with just about anything it could get its hands on! Will Hermes traces diverse musical strands from the start of 1973 through the end of 1977 – years that were also important for the city as it went through a few different crises itself – all of which helped to set the kind of fires that made for the life-changing music recounted within! Hermes perfectly ties together a world that includes Ray Barretto, Laurie Anderson, Afrika Bambaata, Meredith Monk, Lou Reed, Anthony Braxton, Patti Smith, David Byrne, Bruce Springsteen, Willie Colon, and many others – all with prose as vivid as the image on the cover. 368 pages, hardcover, with some black and white images. Book

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Gilbert HernandezLove From The Shadows – A Love & Rockets Book (hardcover) ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2011. New Copy Book .... $5.99 19.99
Some of the darkest work we've ever seen from Gilbert Hernandez – his third standalone graphic novel in this cool crime/b-movie-styled series! The work has a feel that's a bit like his Palomar stories, but packs a bit more punch, too – somewhat raunchier in themes, with the kind of crime thriller feel you'd guess from the cover! Done in a very nice format – 120 pages, black and white, and hardcover. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Laura HoptmanBrion Gysin – Dream Machine (hardcover) ... Book
Merrell, 2010. New Copy .... $8.99 39.95
A beautiful book that documents the overlooked legacy of Brion Gysin – contemporary and collaborator of William S Burroughs and other important beat figures – but also an artist with a vision that goes way beyond that initial moment! The book brings together a wealth of images of Gysin's creations – his paintings, photos, printed work, and even instructions for building your own version of his legendary dream machine – alongside historical details on Brion and key moments of his life, plus reflections on his importance by John Giorno, Genesis P Orridge, and others. A hefty museum book – 196 pages, full color, and hardcover! Book

Partial matches38
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Mick HoughtonBecoming Elektra – The True Story Of Jac Holzman's Visionary Record Label ... Book
Jawbone, 2010. New Copy .... $8.99 29.95
A wonderfully detailed story of one of the coolest record labels ever – a book that really gets at the huge range of folk, blues, psych, and other wonderful sounds issued by Elektra Records! The tome is massive – big enough to feature a lot of full color pictures, but with a much stronger emphasis on text than usual for this sort of volume – with an especially deep look into the early days of Zac Holzman, and his initial love of pre-rock modes before the bigger shift to more popular Elektra modes of the late 60s. The book is over 300 pages, and is past the halfway mark before The Doors even come into the picture – which really gives you an idea of the kind of detail involved, The book also features a full Elektra discography in the back – at least until the point at which Holzman left the label – and the whole thing's honestly one of the best accounts of a label's formation we've ever read. 304 pages, oversized, with some color images. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Steven IsoardiDark Tree – Jazz & The Community Arts In Los Angeles (hardcover book with CD) ... Book
University Of California Press, 1984/2009. New Copy Book/CD .... $6.99 39.95
A much-needed look at the amazing underground jazz scene in LA – the richly creative spiritual and avant underground that flourished strongly in the 60s, 70s, and 80s! Although the city's best known for its cool jazz of the 50s, there's an even greater amount of left-field jazz that's come from LA – work that rivals eastern scenes like the AACM in Chicago or loft jazz world in 70s New York – but even more righteous and spiritual overall! The book does a great job of laying the groundwork for this scene to emerge – and offers an incredible amount of detail on its evolution – with an especially focused look at Horace Tapscott and his Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra, as well as some of the artists who recorded for Nimbus Records. The book comes with a CD, too – mostly with work by Tapscott, but also featuring tracks by Linda Hill and Fuasi Abdul Khaliq. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Stuart BakerNew Spirits – Images Of A Revolution – Radical Jazz In The USA 1960 to 1975 ... Book
New Copy .... Early April, 2014 (delayed)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Royston EllisSweet Ebony (paperback) ... Book
Late 50s/Early 60s/2013. New Copy .... Early June, 2014

Partial matches42
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Buddy Esquire/Johan KugelbergBuddy Esquire – King Of The Hip Hop Flyer ... Book
New Copy .... Early June, 2014

Partial matches43
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bobbito GarciaWhere'd You Get Those? – New York City's Sneaker Culture 1960 to 1987 – 10th Anniversary Edition ... Book
2003. New Copy .... Around November 1, 2013 (delayed)
Get ready for a history lesson of a different kind! While you may know every angle of the crate diggin' craft, do you know your shoes? If you don't, you better ask somebody, and this hefty tome from Cucumber Slice might just be the best place to start. This paean to the athletic footwear of the three decades preceding the modern era of space age shoes is loaded down with repros of old ads, mad photos of mint dogs and testimonials and anecdotes that run so deep, this volume is sure to please, whether you're coming at it from a ballin' or b-boy angle – and we'd bet many of you out there are comin' from both! An absolute essential encyclopedia of the one of the key elements of contemporary style. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Paul Grushkin & Rob RothArt Of Classic Rock (hardcover) ... Book
2014. New Copy .... Early July, 2014

Partial matches45
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Mark HaywardBeatles In America Poster Book – A Collection Of 20 Frameable Posters ... Book
2013. New Copy .... Mid-October, 2013 (delayed)
(11 x 14.)

Partial matches46
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John Ingham/Johan Kugelberg/Jon SavageSpirit Of 76 – London Punk Eyewitness ... Book
New Copy .... Early May, 2014

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
All Music GuideOld School Rap & Hip Hop ... Book
AMG, 2008. New Copy .... Just Sold Out!
A guide to essential Old School Rap & Hip Hop from team at the indespensible All Music Guide – featuring more than 500 music reviews of important records by Grandmaster Flash, Run-DMC, NWA, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Public Enemy and so much more – plus reviews on soul and funk LPs that were instrumental in the creation of hip hop, from ESG, The Emotions, Gil Scott-Heron, Marva Whitney and many more! The book is divided into 2 parts, The Roots Of Rap and Digging In The Crates, and organized alphabetically. Paperback, 166 pages, with several reviews per page. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Koki Hanawa & Yusuke OgawaJapanese Jazz 1950s to 1980s (paperback) ... Book
Rittor (Japan), 2009. New Copy .... Just Sold Out!
An essential resource for fans of rare jazz albums – an ultra-cool discography that's done in the same style as other Japanese books on American music – but which focuses on rare bits from Japan! Like other volumes of this type, this one specially selects the coolest of the cool – really standout records from some of the best decades in Japanese jazz – all records that are even harder to than American or Brazilian rarities! Each title is presented with a full color cover image, original date, song titles, and personnel – although some of the last two pieces of information is in Japanese, given the origin of the material. And knowing the titles that we have heard in the book, we can definitely say that the authors are right on the money in their choices – as they've picked some of the best hardbop, soul jazz, funky fusion, and other styles from Japan – with some especially wonderful bits from the 60s and 70s. The book features sections on modern jazz, jazz rock, fusion, vocal, bossa nova, and lounge rarities from Japan – and it appears to feature a few hundred records in all! And if you're not the type that shells out big cash for rare records, the book even seems to have a legend to indicate if you can find the title on CD – very helpful, given how many Japanese jazz CDs we carry here at Dusty Groove. 229 pages, softcover. Book