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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Big Brother & The Holding CompanyBig Brother & The Holding Company ... LP
Mainstream, 1967. Very Good- ... $7.99
The first full album featuring the incredible voice of Janis Joplin, as the singer of Big Brother & The Holding Company! Even at this early point, it's clear that there's some really incredible things happening with this band. Originally released on Mainstream, the production is a bit thin compared to the bigger sounding records to come, hich actually works incredibly well – as Janis's voice just tears right through in a really exciting way. The rawer Big Brother backdrop is great, too! Titles include "Easy Rider", "Bye, Bye Baby", "Intruder", "Women Is Losers", Moondog's "All Is Lonliness", and "Down On Me". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original Mainstream pressing. Cover has a split top seam & some wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New BlackbyrdsFlying Start ... LP
Fantasy, 1974. Very Good- Gatefold ... $5.99
Not the band's first album – as you might think from the "start" in the title – but a classic batch of jazzy, funky, and soulful grooves from The Blackbyrds – one of those combos that few groups could match back in the 70s! The set's got a beautifully put-together feel – tight enough to crossover somewhat big with a larger audience than the group's previous effort – but still filled with the kind of righteous energy that first got them going, a sublime mix of jazzy rhythms and soulful elements, all held together tightly by production from Donald Byrd. Tracks include the big hit "Walking In Rhythm", which was an oft-spun 45 back in the day – plus some great funk moments, like the tasty "Spaced Out", the choppy "The Baby", and the captivating "Blackbyrds Theme". Other cuts include "Future Children Future Hopes", "I Need You", and "April Showers". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some wear, a bit of marker, a split top seam, and small splits on the other seams.)
Also available
Flying Start ... LP 14.99
Flying Start ... CD 13.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
CapitolsWe Got A Thing ... LP
Atco/Karen, 1966. Very Good ... $9.99
An obvious follow-up to their big hit "Cool Jerk", but a great album of raw soulful tracks that puts this Detroit group right up there with the best of the 60s up-tempo harmony groups! Apart from the nice original title cut, the record's also got a number of other great tracks like "It's Googaloo Time", "Tired Running From You", "I Got To Handle It", and "I Feel Alright". There's a few other Atlantic soul covers, but since the great Ollie McLaughlin produced the session in Detroit, the album's got a much more exciting feel than a lot of other Atlantic soul albums from the time! LP, Vinyl record album
(Original mono pressing! Cover has wear with split top & bottom seams.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gene ChandlerTwo Sides Of Gene Chandler ... LP
Brunswick, 1969. Very Good- ... $7.99
A fantastic lost album by the great Gene Chandler – and one of his most sophisticated soul documents! The record was Gene's last album for Brunswick – issued shortly before Gene scored big once again on Mercury, which is why it's probably often lost in the shuffle of time. The record's got some incredibly dark material that shows a different side of Gene than you'd expect from earlier hits – including the incredible track "Suicide", which is a magnificent "Iceman" track in the Chicago tradition, that features the main character contemplating suicide as a means of dealing with his sorrow. Other titles include "If You Would Love Me", "The Sun Died", "This Bitter Earth", "Eleanor Rigby", and a remake of "Can I Change My Mind". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some wear, some splitting and tape on the seams, and a bit of rippling along the top, with a sticker and some marker on the back. Label has a sticker and some marker.)
Also available Two Sides Of Gene Chandler ... CD 21.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gene ChandlerYour Love Looks Good On Me ... LP
Fast Fire, 1985. Very Good+ ... $1.99
Although Gene Chandler wasn't scoring nearly as big in the 80s as he was in the 60s, he was still a great vocalist, and could turn out some good material when he wanted to. This album's more than enough proof of that – and it features some good mellow tracks that have Gene singing in a sophisticated quiet storm sort of style. The best number is "Haven't I Heard That Line Before" – and other tracks include "You'll Never Be Free Of Me", "Lucy", and "Please You Tonight". The record's got some uptempo numbers that fall flat, so stick to the ballads and mellow cuts. LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a promo stamp. Top seam has a split.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Clarke Boland Big BandNow Hear Our Meanin' ... LP
Columbia, 1965. Very Good- ... $5.99
One of the best-selling albums ever recorded by the Clark-Boland Big Band – a set of hard-searing tracks played by an all star group, capturing the ensemble at its finest! The album's got a few nicely open-ended tracks that really let the soloists take flight – and players include Ronnie Scott, Sahib Shihab, Billy Mitchell, Benny Bailey, Idrees Sulieman, Jimmy Deuchar, Ake Person, and Jimmy Woode. Incldues the best-named track in the band's career, "I'm So Scared Of Girls When They're Good Looking", plus "Night Lady", "A Ball For Othello", "Sabbath Message", and "Now Hear My Meanin'". Lots of nice writing by Francy Boland, too! LP, Vinyl record album
(360 Sound stereo pressing. Cover has light wear and a partially split top seam.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Clarke Boland Big BandOpen Door ... LP
Muse, 1967/1975. Near Mint- ... $9.99
Rare sides by the Clarke Boland ensemble – recorded by Gigi Campi in 1967 in Prague, and licensed to Muse in the mid 70s. The group's at their finest here – with some searing soloists like Johnny Griffin, Tony Coe, Sahib Shihab, and Ronnie Scott cutting it hard hard hard throughout. Side one features some CBBB standards – like "Milkshake" and "New Box" – but side 2 features the "All Blues Suite", written by Boland, and a great little trio of tracks that includes "Open Door", "Dia Blues", and "Total Blues". Forget the cliches that "blues" makes you think of, because this is hard wailing modern jazz – with a rich amount of emotion, power, and creativity! LP, Vinyl record album
(White label promo. Cover has masking tape on the top seam.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Wayne Cochran & The CC RidersWayne Cochran! ... LP
Chess, 1968. Very Good+ Gatefold ... $16.99
Wild stuff! White singer Wayne Cochran looks like he should be a rockabilly star – right down to his big ol' pompadour haircut – but this early album of his for Chess is actually a tight batch of groovers that holds a nice appeal to fans of late 60s funk! Cochran's got a raw Wilson Pickett-ish sound to his voice, and the CC Riders vamp behind him in a nice tight way that's similar to a lot of the mixed race groups backing up other southern soul stars from the time. Includes the breakbeat version of "Little Bitty Pretty One", plus "Big City Woman", "Get Down With It", "Boom Boom", and "Get Ready". Nice gatefold, too – filled with wild pictures of Wayne, and a recommendation from Jackie Gleason! LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a split top seam, two cutout holes, and some light wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
CrackinMakings Of A Dream ... LP
Warner, 1977. Very Good+ ... $3.99
Even better than the first Warner album from Crackin – a sweet little cooker with loads of subtle charm! The group have a really great feel – tight, but never commercial – and never too AOR, as well – a careful balance that's probably one of the reasons why they never charted as big back in the day – although, from our crate-digging experience, we can say that we always seem to turn up their albums in all the hippest collections from the 70s! Leslie Smith sings vocals with the group, adding in the same soulful currents you'll know from his later solo work – and the overall feel is somewhere in the same sort of jazzy funk sound that you'd find on the best records by Rufus from the time. Titles include "I Want To Sing It To You", "You're Winning", "There's A Better Way", "Take Me To The Bridge", "Feel Alright", "What Goes Around Comes Around", and "Beautiful Day". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a cutout notch & a partially split top seam.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Joe Cuba SextetHangin' Out/Vagabundeando ... LP
Tico, Mid 60s. Very Good- ... $14.99
Great Joe Cuba set from the mid 60's. This one was recorded slightly before Joe hit it big with his Latin soul hit "Bang Bang", and the sound's a mix of Latin jazz and tracks that have more of a Latin soul sound. The lineup includes the classic sextet, and tracks include "Oye Bien", "Flaco's Cha", "Nina Nina", "Trip To Mamboland", and "I Need You". LP, Vinyl record album
(Tico pressing. Cover has some wear and a partially split top seam. Vinyl is nice and clean overall.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Martin DennyTaste Of Honey ... LP
Liberty, Mid 60s. Very Good- ... $1.99
A great later moment from Martin Denny – a set that gave him a big 60s hit in a sweet version of "Taste of Honey"! Denny approaches the tune with all the great mellow moods that Bobby Scott intended – none of the too-fast styles of Hirt, and instead the slow-moving rhythms that work perfectly for the blue undercurrents on the piano. Other tunes follow in a similarly nice blend – still a bit exotic, but almost showing more of a vibes/piano/percussion mix that seems to be borrowed from George Shearing or Cal Tjader – one that we approve of highly! Titles include "Route 66", "Exodus", "I'm In A Dancing Mood", "Black Orchid", "Take Five", and "Taste Of Honey". LP, Vinyl record album
(Rainbow label pressing. Vinyl has some marks that click a bit on a few tracks. Cover has some wear, fading on the spine and top seam, minor seam splitting, and some pen on the back.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Duke EllingtonEllington At Newport ... LP
Columbia, 1956. Very Good+ ... $4.99
One of the first albums to ever issue recordings made at the Newport Jazz Festival – quite a big hit, and the beginning of a real trend in jazz! The set's also some great work by Duke – free to perform in a setting that's not bound by some of the time restrictions of earlier years, which lets him offer up three long tracks with a great deal of sophistication over previous recordings. Titles include "Jeep's Blues", "Diminuendo & Crescendo In Blue", and "Newport Jazz Festival Suite". LP, Vinyl record album
(6 eye pressing with deep groove. Cover has masking tape on the top seam and some stains on back.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
George FreemanNew Improved Funk ... LP
Groove Merchant, Early 70s. Very Good ... $14.99
The title certainly gets it right – as the album's one of the funkiest ever from guitarist George Freeman, and one of the few to really hit that messed-up groove he was working in the clubs before his mid 70s retreat to Chicago! The style here is often all over the map – a mix of soul jazz and funkier numbers, but often served up with less of the direction than you'd get on Prestige, and even less of that on Groove Merchant – more in a raw small combo mode, with Freeman's guitar hitting plenty of raspy notes and weird solo excursions that keep even the mellower tunes exciting! The record features 2 different groups – one with John Young on piano, the other with Bobby Blevins on organ – and brother Von Freeman plays tenor sax on the whole set, although not nearly in the spotlight as George! (Definitely in keeping with something that Von told George many years back – quoted to us by George – "When you've got your own album, make sure that people know that you're the star!") Titles include "New Improved Funk", "Daffy", "Happy Fingers", "Confirmed Truth", "Guitar Lover Man", and "Big Finish". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some wear, with splitting on the top and bottom seams.)

Possible matches14
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
HP RiotHP Riot ... LP
Concept (Canada), Early 70s. Very Good Gatefold ... $29.99
Wickedly funky work from HP Riot – a legendary group from the San Francisco scene of the 70s, but one who never managed to break the big time! The HP groove is a very tight, joyous approach to funk – one schooled in the Sly & The Family stone sense of righteousness, but which also brings in the unbelievably tight instrumentation of early Kool & The Gang – especially on some of the bold horn passages that top off some of the tunes! There's a wealth of funky numbers on the set – of the sort that most other 70s groups would give their souls to record this well – and the record's one that's needed rediscovery for years! Titles include "Good Time (Party)", "The Dollar Sign", "Blame It On the Sun", "Gotta Go (The Chant)", and "Just Look Around The Corner". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original Canadian pressing. Cover has a small cutout hole.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Pete Jolly & His TrioHello, Jolly! ... LP
AVA, 1964. Sealed ... $6.99
Not the Hello Dolly album you might guess from the title, but instead a wonderfully groovy batch of tracks from pianist Pete Jolly – an album done with great larger arrangements from Dick Hazard and Dick Grove, and a tight vibe that makes the set one of Pete's grooviest albums ever! Pete's incredibly fluid on the keys of the piano – hitting with a hard punch on the left hand to really underscore the snapping rhythms of the tunes, but flying free on the right with these lyrical lines that are simply beautiful – really on a par with the best 60s work from Vince Guaraldi, and the kind of record that should have more folks talking about Jolly's genius. The core group features Howard Roberts on guitar, Chuck Berghofer on bass, and Nick Martinez on drums – and Jolly's one hell of a pianist in this sort of setting – and it always seems that when he's got a big group behind him, he really lets loose with some great solos, freed from the rhythm of the tracks so that he can skate over the top of the songs in a magical way! Tracks include "Hard Day's Night", "People", "Moment Of Truth", "First Of May", "Blues Two Ways", and "The Grass Is Greener". LP, Vinyl record album
(Sealed, but shrinkwrap has a small bit of marker.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Jonah JonesJumpin' With Jonah ... LP
Capitol, Early 60s. Very Good+ ... $1.99
Classic trumpet-heavy jive from Jonah Jones! The focus is on Jonah's gutbucket swinging style, with his trumpet up front in the mix in post-KC swing-type tunes. Things get a bit campy at times, but this pop-jazz-swing style worked extremely well for Jones and Capitol. Titles include "Moten Swing", "Lots Of Luck Charley", "Ballin The Jack", "Slowly But Surely", "Night Train", "The Blues Don't Care", and "Just A Gigolo". Sure to be a big hit with the modern swingers! LP, Vinyl record album
(Rainbow label pressing. Cover has a split spine and some splitting on the top seam.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Thad Jones & Mel Lewis with Ruth BrownThe Big Band Sound Of Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Featuring Miss Ruth Brown ... LP
Solid State, 1968. Very Good Gatefold ... $0.99
Ruth Brown joins the big band of Thad Jones and Mel Lewis – in a set that's a real standout in the career of all three artists! Thad and Mel already have a pretty great groove going at this point – a large ensemble approach to jazz, yet one that's swingingly soulful – very much on a par with some of Gerald Wilson's hip work of the same time at time. And adding in Ruth Brown's vocals is a great choice – as she not only needs a great showcase like this for her amazing voice, but also because she really helps unlock a soulful sort of energy that the group always had in their instrumental music. The approach is a bit like some of Etta Jones' best 60s recordings – a nice shift for Brown – and titles include "Black Coffee", "Fine Brown Frame", "You Won't Let Go", "Trouble In Mind", and "Be Anything (But Be Mine)". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original gatefold pressing. Cover has a split top seam & some wear.)

Possible matches18
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New KC & The Sunshine BandKC & The Sunshine Band ... LP
TK, 1975. Very Good+ ... $6.99
Massive massive Miami funk – and a record that seems to sound better and better as the years move on! Sure, KC and crew were a chart-topping act, but this first album's a stellar batch of heavy cuts – featuring great instrumentation on clavinet, conga, guitars, and horns – all bubbled into an extremely tight mix that riffs along madly on just about every cut! Sure, we grew up grooving to this stuff out of the AM radio in the car (hmmm. . . Maybe that was the problem), but honestly, it sure stands up to a lot more funk from the time than you'd expect! Includes all the big hits – like "Boogie Shoes", "That's The Way (I Like It)", and "Get Down Tonight" – plus some nice breaks and funky intros on "I Get Lifted" and "Let It Go". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a small sticker on front and half split top seam.)

Possible matches19
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gene KrupaDriving Gene Krupa ... LP
Clef, Mid 50s. Very Good- ... $6.99
Great Verve work from Gene – showing again a real talent for picking excellent players on his 50s small group sides! The ensemble here is a sextet – with Charlie Shavers on trumpet, Bill Harris on trombone, and Eddie Davis on tenor – plus rhythm by Teddy Wilson, Ray Brown, and Gene. A big part of the album's taken up by "The Ballad Medley", which features a player each soloing on standards – and other tracks include "Bloozy Woozy", "Windy", "Meddle My Minor", "Who's Rhythm", and "Second Helping Blues". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original Clef pressing, with trumpeter logo and deep groove. Cover has a half-split top seam and a small split on the bottom seam, with light wear, some aging, and a bit of sticker residue on the back.)

Possible matches20
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Charles MingusThree Or Four Shades Of Blues ... LP
Atlantic, 1977. Very Good ... $7.99
The three or four shades of the blues here are all pretty darn deep – as Charles Mingus is returning to the soulful gospel-influenced mode he swung big in the early 60s! The record's something of a later predecessor of the classics Blues & Roots for Atlantic and Mingus (x5) for Impulse – and the style is slightly less dramatic, but still quite steeped in soulful explorations that feature plenty of notes from the bluer side of the spectrum! Players include George Coleman and Ricky Ford on tenor, Jack Walrath on trumpet, and Larry Coryell on guitar – and titles include new takes on "Better Git Hit In Your Soul" and "Goodbye Porkpie Hat" – plus"Nobody Knows", "Noddin Ya Head Blues", and "Three Or Four Shades Of Blues". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a cutout hole, a few moisture stains, and a small split on the top seam.)

Possible matches21
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Ohio PlayersSkin Tight ... LP
Mercury, 1974. Very Good+ Gatefold ... $8.99
Great work from the Ohio Players – and proof that moving to a big label could be a good thing for a funky group! This was the band's first album for Mercury – and although one might have the temptation to say that the label cut down the radical funk sound of the trippy Westbound years, the move also taught the band to sharpen up their act, and get out of the repetitive sloppy groove into which they'd been lapsing during the past few years. The record's a lot smoother than earlier work – with a polished funky sound that would soon push the band right up there with Earth Wind & Fire at the top of the soul charts. And although there's familiar funky numbers like "Skin Tight", "Jive Turkey", and "Streakin Cheek To Cheek" – the best moment on the entire album is the wonderful spacey soul number "Heaven Must be Like This", a seven minute mellow groover that's got a sophisticated jazzy soul style, with voices and piano soaring into the heavens, in a way that always still sends chills down our spine! That cut shows the band's tremendous growth – and it's one of their best-ever! LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has light wear.)
Also available Skin Tight ... LP 9.99

Possible matches22
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Art PepperArt Pepper + Eleven ... LP
Contemporary, 1959. Good+ ... $11.99
A unique large group session from Art Pepper – one of his few this way as a leader, despite constant 50s presence as a sideman in big ensembles! Arrangements are by Marty Paich, who more than makes things swing – and there's a nice rhythm section dancing underneath a larger group – with Russ Freeman on piano, Joe Mondragon on bass and Mel Lewis on drums. Players in the fuller lineup include Jack Sheldon on trumpet, Herb Geller on alto, Bill Perkins on tenor, and Bob Enevoldsen on trombone and tenor – and titles are mostly modern numbers written by other jazzmen like Horace Silver, Denzil Best, Jimmy Giuffre, and Sonny Rollins. Titles include "Groovin High", "Move", "Four Brothers", "Anthropology", and "Airegin". LP, Vinyl record album
(Yellow label pressing with deep groove. Cover has wear, staining, a split spine, a small split on the top seam, some pen, and a name in marker on the back.)
Also available Art Pepper + Eleven ... LP 15.99

Possible matches23
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Oscar PettifordOscar Pettiford Orchestra In Hi Fi Volume 2 ... LP
ABC, 1956. Very Good+ ... $3.99
Pettiford's second album of big band tracks for ABC during the 50s – a more open-ended set than the previous one, with modernist touches that really make the set sparkle nicely. Part of these are due to Gigi Gryce, who plays alto on the record, and probably had a bit of a hand in arrangements. Other players include Art Farmer, Jerome Richardson, and Al Grey – and tracks include "I Remember Clifford", "Little Niles", "Now See How You Are", and "Seabreeze". LP, Vinyl record album
(Black label pressing. Cover has a split top seam.)

Possible matches24
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Pretty ThingsPretty Things ... LP
Fontana, 1965. Very Good- ... $24.99
Rough-edged early work from The Pretty Things – a set that's got a much bluesier feel than their psychedelic work of a few years later, filled with influences from the Chicago and Memphis scenes! The grooves here are all pretty gritty – set up with jagged rhythms that feel like they're lifted from Bo Diddley and John Lee Hooker records – and played with instrumentation that's fairly similar too. A few points get a bit more rockish, but the music's strongly Brit blues overall – and even the vocals have a nice raspy feel overall. Titles include "Unknown Blues", "Big City", "13 Chester Street", "Don't Lie To Me", "The Moon Is Rising", and "Pretty Things". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original light blue label mono pressing, with deep groove. Cover has wear, partially split top and bottom seams, and some light stains on the back.)

Possible matches25
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Nelson RiddleHey Let Yourself Go ... LP
Capitol, 1957. Very Good ... $4.99
A set that soars out with the fire and energy of some of the best jazz-based big band albums of the 50s – with plenty of room for strong solos from the individual players (who sadly aren't named in the notes, but who are most likely the cream of the crop of the west coast!) In keeping with the Riddle vibe, there's some great twists and turns in the music – but hardly ever in a way that's just gimmick for gimmick's sake. Titles include "You're An Old Smoothie", "Let's Face The Music & Dance", "You Are My Lucky Star", "Let Yourself Go", "Darn That Dream", and "I Can't Escape From You". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original pressing. Cover has some wear, a partially split top seam, and some stains.)

Possible matches26
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Edwin StarrInvolved ... LP
Gordy, 1971. Very Good ... $12.99
One of the most righteous albums ever from Edwin Starr – as if you couldn't guess from the title and cover! The set has Starr reprising his "War" hit at the start, then rolling through a whole run of heavy tracks with the great Norman Whitfield – who takes Edwin into some of the same psychedelic soul territory that he forged with the Temptations – a mode that has lots of heavy bass at the bottom, lots of fuzz in the guitars, and a really majestic sense of arrangements that's far more moving than some of the more commercial Motown material of the time. Edwin knocks it out of the park – and does a 13 minute version of "Ball of Confusion", plus tracks like "Stand!", "Cloud Nine", "Stop The War", "Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On", and his big hit "War". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a center split in the bottom seam, a few stickers, a peeled spot near the top, and a promo stamp on the back.)

Possible matches27
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
StuffStuff It ... LP
Warner/Just Sunshine, 1979. Very Good+ ... $4.99
Late 70s soul fusion from masters of the groove – perhaps the best ever by the late 70s supergroup Stuff – featuring a core group that includes Cornell Dupree, Steve Gadd, Eric Gale, and Richard Tee! This time out the smooth sound is vibrantly top notch – all produced by Steve Cropper into a sweet blend of soul and jazz that has some of Aja-era Steely Dan's super tight sophistication – with a big, warmhearted soul groove in place of the Dan's more icy veneer! Many of the tracks are covers – augmented by chorus vocals – like "Mighty Love", "Dance With Me", "Since You've Been Gone", and "Love Having You Around" – but the record's also got some originals like "Stuff It", "Do It Again", and "Gordon's Theme". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a cutout notch and a few creases.)

Possible matches28
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Joe TexLive & Lively ... LP
Atlantic, 1968. Very Good ... $9.99
A tasty live set, with a smoking raw groove that you don't always get on Joe's studio albums! The crowd really goes wild for Joe – and with only some small group backing behind him, he's got nothing left to do but go over the top with his vocals! As proof of that, the record includes the great breakbeat track "Papa Was, Too", with a hard funky beat and sample riff that you'll recognize from way back. (Not only that, but the cut's a great answer to Otis & Carla's famous "Tramp".) Other tracks include the hit "Skinny Legs & All" (an answer to "Big Leg Woman"?), plus "Wooden Spoon", "Don't Give Up", and "Show Me". LP, Vinyl record album
(Blue & green label pressing. Cover has light wear.)

Possible matches29
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Mothers Of Invention (Frank Zappa)We're Only In It For The Money ... LP
Verve, 1968. Good+ Gatefold ... $18.99
An early masterpiece from Frank Zappa – one of those records that looks like it's going to be a big ol' mess when you first see the cover – but which turns out to be a carefully calculated act of madness in the end! The Mothers have all their freeform freaky brilliance intact here – still some of the snide edges of the early years, but also really learning their craft as well – and stretching out under Zappa's direction into a pastiche of songs that explore the anxieties and inanities of late 60s America! Frank produced the whole thing with an approach that others wouldn't reach for years – shifting styles, instrumentation, and sound sources with effortless ease – over tracks that include "Hot Poop", "The Idiot Bastard", "Lonely Little Girl", "Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance", "Harry You're A Beast", "Mom & Dad", "Who Needs The Peace Corps", and "Flower Punk". LP, Vinyl record album
(Blue label pressing, missing the insert. Cover has heavy waviness, peeling and staining due to moisture, mostly split bottom seam and a torn top corner.)

Possible matches30
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Last PoetsRight On! ... LP
Juggernaut, 1968. Near Mint- Gatefold ... Just Sold Out!
One of the wildest albums ever by the mighty Last Poets! Billed as "a woodstock in poetry", this is the soundtrack to the obscure film Right On (billed as "the hit film" on the cover), which was shot using the first version of the Last Poets that included Felipe Lucianao, David Nelson, and the wild card Gylan Kain – a group who originally had the name and style of protest poetry, but who had been eclipsed when the poet Abiodun left them and formed the group that first recorded for Douglas Records. The album, sort of a "we're back" effort, was produced by Juggy Murray, and apparently all recorded at the Cubiculo Theatre in New York – and it's one of two albums on the Juggernaut label, which also featured Kain's solo record. Most of the record is spare percussion, with the band shouting over the top – and the sound is even rawer than the group's first LP on Douglas. The titles should say it all – as the record features "My Pretty N*gger", "Tell Me Brother", "Die Nigga!", "James Brown", "Soul", "Poetry Is Black", "Into The Streets", and "Library", clearly a big influence on KRS-1. LP, Vinyl record album
(Original pressing. Cover has some wear.)

Possible matches31
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Gerald WilsonYou Better Believe It! ... LP
Pacific Jazz, Early 60s. Very Good+ ... Just Sold Out!
One of Gerald Wilson's first albums – and a groundbreaking set of big band tracks that taps the richly soulful talents of 60s LA! Just about every single player in the group is a master talent – and soloists include Carmell Jones, Harold Land, Teddy Edwards, Walter Benton, Joe Maini, and Groove Holmes, whose organ lines get top billing with the band – and soar out over the top majestically! Tracks include many strong originals like "Blues For Yna Yna", "Jeri", "Moody Blue", "Straight Up & Down", and "The Wailer". LP, Vinyl record album
(Black label pressing, with deep groove.)

Possible matches32
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Art BlakeyMoanin' ... LP
Blue Note, 1958. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of Art Blakey's first true moments of genius! This transitional version of the Jazz Messengers included two parts – Lee Morgan and Bobby Timmons – of the holy Morgan/Shorter/Timmons trilogy, and it's also got the added bonus of Benny Golson on tenor, who was at the height of his power at this point. The record really shines in ways that few Blakey albums shone since his days with Horace Silver – in that it's a forum for fresh new writing, most importantly Golson's landmark compositions "Blues March" and "Along Came Betty", and Timmons' instant classic "Moanin". The whole album's wonderful, though, and Golson's edgey modernism adds a strong dimension to the group's usual soulful romping groove! (And in fact, as a tribute to the group's success, the album was initially named Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, but quickly retitled Moanin in this version, after the big hit single!) LP, Vinyl record album
(Liberty pressing, with lightly stained labels. Cover is stained and wrinkled, with a split top seam.)
Also available Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers (aka Moanin) ... LP 19.99

Possible matches33
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New James BrownPlease Please Please ... LP
King, 1959. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
An incredible early album from James – featuring 16 raw R&B tracks culled from his early years at King! "Please Please Please" was James' first big hit – and as you probably already know, it's got a sheer raw unbridled screaming sound that forever changed the face of soul music. The rest of the album's in a similar mode – and has plenty of great numbers that evoke a similar sound, including the obvious follow-up "No, No, No, No", plus "That's When I Lost My Heart", "Chonnie On Chon", "Hold My Baby's Hand", and "Tell Me What I Did Wrong". This is the 2nd version of the album – with a green cover that has James bending over a microphone and screaming. LP, Vinyl record album
(Black label pressing. Cover has a split top seam.)

Possible matches34
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Tim BuckleyGreetings From LA ... LP
Warner/Straight, 1972. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A later effort from Tim Buckley with a bigger sound and more of a straight ahead approach – with a big nod in the groove direction and some R&B creeping in! In lesser hands, Greetings From LA could be considered more of a "commercial" album than the unpredictable stylistic variances of Tim's earlier records, but his vocals and depth of passion keeps it a riveting experience. Rolling boogie piano, some vamping organ, groovy strings, and even some female chorus backing vocals bring elements of 70s soul and juke joint sounds into the mix – while Buckley's emoting is on par with earlier work – even if some of the lyrics are kind of on the bawdy side. Includes "Move With Me", "Get On Top", "Sweet Surrender", "Night Hawkin'", "Devil Eyes", "Hong Kong Bar" and "Make It Right". LP, Vinyl record album
(Non-gatefold pressing.)

Possible matches35
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New EmotionsSincerely ... LP
Red Label, 1984. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A great comeback for The Emotions – a post-Columbia album issued after a few years away from the business – but one that still has the girls' very much at the top of their game! The record's got a wonderful feel that's quite different from other directions the group might have pursued at the time – and most tracks are free from the too-commercial sounds that other female artists were shouldered with at the time – styles that oddly were often inspired by The Emotions' big successes of the late 70s. The vocals are great throughout – mixing leads and harmonies nicely – and arrangements are handled by Benjamin Wright, Billy Osborne, and Wayne Vaughn. Most tunes have a mellow or midtempo groove – with definite 80s instrumentation on keyboards and beats, but never in a way that's too over the top. Titles include "All Things Come In Time", "Sincerely", "Can't Blow Out The Candle", "You're The One", "Are You Through With My Heart", "Never Let Another", and "I Can Do Anything". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a cut corner.)

Possible matches36
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Marvin GayeLive At The London Palladium ... LP
Motown, 1977. Used 2LP Gatefold ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
This is the second of two live albums that Marvin Gaye cut during the 70s – and in many ways, it's the better one! The record features three sides of work recorded live at the London Palladium – mostly in these swirling medleys that are introduced by Marvin in a very soulful mode, then swing into well-arranged combinations of classic tunes with some excellent instrumentation. The album features a few straight cuts like "Since I Had You", "Let's Get It On", "Trouble Man", and "Come Get To This" – but the medleys are great, too, especially the one on side 2, which features kind of a mini version of the album What's Going On! But then, even after all that, side 4 opens up in a slamming studio track – the extended funky groover "Got To Give It Up", which has some great keyboards by Marvin and cool rhythm work by Jack Ashford. All very funky, and Marvin's big bid at a club cut – one that worked pretty darn well! LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover & labels have initials in marker. Top seam is unglued & lined with clear tape.)

Possible matches37
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Isaac HayesIsaac Hayes Movement ... LP
Enterprise, 1970. Used Gatefold ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Stellar soul from Isaac Hayes – just the sort of overblown masterpiece that made his early solo work on Stax Records so great! The record features only 4 long tracks – all of which go on in that slow-building style that Ike forged at the time – a mode that takes a few simple musical elements, slowly adds more instrumentation, then builds the whole thing up subtly and slyly while Hayes is talking rapturously over the top! There's a feel here that's nicely dramatic, but never in a kitschy, cloying way – a new statement of male soul masculinity, just right for the sophistication of the 70s. Titles include Ike's 12 minute covers of "Something" and "I Stand Accused", plus "One Big Unhappy Family", and "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself". LP, Vinyl record album

Possible matches38
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Monk HigginsHeavyweight ... LP
United Artists, 1972. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Quite possibly the best album ever from funky maestro Monk Higgins! The record's got some of his tighest work of the time – with plenty of tight breaks, nice keyboards, and soulful sax riffs – and Monk is going full-out on the arrangements, in the manner that he used for his best late Blue Note work with The Three Sounds or Blue Mitchell. The group's listed as "The Specialties" on the cover, and they vamp along nicely, like some of Monk's funky groups from the late 60s funky 45 days. Titles include "Gotta Be Funky", "Big Water Bed", "Up On The Hill", "Last Flight To Dallas", and "Libra's Way". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has ring & edge wear, staining, a cut corner, a split spine and a split top seam. Vinyl plays with some noise.)

Possible matches39
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Thad JonesEclipse ... LP
Metronome (Sweden), 1979. Used Gatefold ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Thad Jones is in great European company here – leading a large group that's filled with wonderful soloists – all of whom bring a soulful depth to the music, at a level that may well top similar recordings by the Jones/Lewis Big Band! Thad's great ear for color and tone really shapes the proceedings – but it's also the work by the soloists who really make the record sparkle – a lineup that includes work from Idrees Sulieman and Allan Botschinsky on trumpets, Jesper Thilo on alto, Erling Kroner and Vincent Nilsson on trombones, and Ole Kock Hansen on piano. Titles include "Honky Punk", "Baby I Can't Get Over It", "I Hope This Time Isn't The Last", "Arrival", and "La Solitude". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a sticker on the back and a bit of light wear.)

Possible matches40
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Mundell LoweBilly Jack ... LP
Warner, 1971. Used Gatefold ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
If there was anything weirder than the Billy Jack series of films in the 70s, it was the soundtracks! The records feature overall scoring by Mundell Lowe, with jazzy instrumentals that are trying to have a serious "southwest" sound to them – plus lots of vocal tracks with a similar folksy style to the film's big hit "One Tin Soldier", included on this album. That one's sung by the group Coven, but the rest are sung by lesser-known singers like Lynn Baker, Theresa Kelly, and Gwen Smith. What a weird time to be watching movies! LP, Vinyl record album
(Top seam has a small split.)

Possible matches41
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New MadamSensuous Black Woman ... LP
Kent, 1972. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of two albums produced by Rudy Ray Moore – the other being The Sensuous Black Man – which define the art of making love from a gender-based perspective. Like Rudy's Sensuous Black Man, The Madam's version features one side of "instructional" dialogue – very XXX-rated, in bitchy mode that verbally orders a man to make love to a woman properly. Side two features "Rap Session", kind of a Q&A session in which The Madam lays down a bit more knowledge about sex over some bluesy music. There's plenty of bits on here that have been sampled over the years – and the record was a big one in the early mixes of the Chicago house scene. LP, Vinyl record album
(Vinyl has a mark that clicks a bit on Side 2. Cover has some wear, a split spine, partially split top and bottom seams, and some stains on the back.)

Possible matches42
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New MJT+3Walter Perkins' MJT+3 ... LP
Vee Jay, 1959. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The MJT grooves like nobody's business, thanks to a core rhythm group that includes Harold Mabern on piano, Walter Perkins on drums, and Bob Cranshaw on bass. Add to the mix a young Frank Strozier on alto, fresh from Memphis (he made the trip to Chi-town with buddy Harold Mabern), and the smoking trumpet of Willie Thomas, and you've got one of the tightest combos to never make it in the big time. Who cares, though, because this album is a gem, and it grooves along mightily from top to bottom. Strozier and Mabern are fantastic, and they bring a unique soul jazz approach from their native Memphis into play with the firey Chicago rhythm of Cranshaw and Perkins. Five tracks: "Sleepy", "Brother Spike", "Whiffenpoof Song", "Rochelle" and "Big Hands". LP, Vinyl record album
(Rainbow label pressing. Cover has a stereo sticker.)

Possible matches43
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Modern Jazz Quartet/Oscar Peterson TrioModern Jazz Quartet & The Oscar Peterson Trio At The Opera House ... LP
Verve, Mid 50s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The Modern Jazz Quartet make a rare appearance on Verve Records in the 50s – splitting half the album here with the classic Oscar Peterson Trio! The live performance was recorded in Chicago, and definitely has the MJQ working in a looser vibe than on some of their late 50s recordings for Atlantic – a bit more open and swinging, in a Verve mode – with some of the bop inspiration that first showed up on their early Prestige recordings – as you'll hear on the cuts "Now's The Time", "Round Midnight", and "D&E Blues". The second half of the record features live material from Oscar Peterson's hip group with Herb Ellis on guitar and Ray Brown on bass – that great drum-less lineup that really lets Oscar take off on piano – on tunes that include "Big Fat Mama", "Should I Love You", "Indiana", and "Elevation". LP, Vinyl record album
(Verve Inc pressing, with trumpeter logo & deep groove. Cover has a split top seam, small splits on the spine and bottom seam, some wear, and a couple of stains on the back.)

Possible matches44
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Sonny StittSonny Stitt & The Top Brass ... LP
Atlantic, 1966. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A heck of a great little record – one that shouldn't work so well, but it does! For the set, Sonny Stitt's blowing in front of a larger brass section – and while the prospect of a Sonny Stitt big band record might not sound that great at first, this one really kicks, largely because of Sonny's great solo work! Stitt's in perfect form by this point – blowing freely above a core brass group that features Blue Mitchell, Jimmy Cleveland, and Willie Ruff – arranged tightly by Tadd Dameron and Jimmy Mundy, yet still given enough room to swing with a heck of a lot of soul! Also quite nice is the organ work on the set by the obscure female player Perri Lee – a great little groover with a lean sound that cuts through the arrangements and really makes them sparkle! Titles include "Souls Valley", "On A Misty Night", "Stittsie", "Poinciana", "Sea Sea Rider", and "The Four Ninety". LP, Vinyl record album
(Blue & green label pressing.)

Possible matches45
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Sonny StittSonny Stitt & The Top Brass (Jazzlore) ... LP
Atlantic, 1966. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A heck of a great little record – one that shouldn't work so well, but it does! For the set, Sonny Stitt's blowing in front of a larger brass section – and while the prospect of a Sonny Stitt big band record might not sound that great at first, this one really kicks, largely because of Sonny's great solo work! Stitt's in perfect form by this point – blowing freely above a core brass group that features Blue Mitchell, Jimmy Cleveland, and Willie Ruff – arranged tightly by Tadd Dameron and Jimmy Mundy, yet still given enough room to swing with a heck of a lot of soul! Also quite nice is the organ work on the set by the obscure female player Perri Lee – a great little groover with a lean sound that cuts through the arrangements and really makes them sparkle! Titles include "Souls Valley", "On A Misty Night", "Stittsie", "Poinciana", "Sea Sea Rider", and "The Four Ninety". LP, Vinyl record album
(Later Jazzlore pressing.)

Possible matches46
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Tower Of PowerAin't Nothin Stoppin Us Now ... LP
Columbia, 1976. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
No stopping Tower Of Power in the 70s – as the set's a cool Columbia session from the group, and one that features a well-crafted groove throughout! The overall approach is a bit warmer and less jamming than before – but in ways that really show the group hitting some strong notes on their soul tunes, especially some of the midtempo groovers that are really the big standouts here. The lineup features Chester Thompson on organ and keyboards, Greg Adams on trumpet and vocals, Edward McGee on lead vocals, and Lenny Pickett on saxes – and titles include "You Ought To Be Havin Fun", "Deal With It", "While We Went To The Moon", "Ain't Nothin Stoppin Us Now", and "Doin Alright". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the printed inner sleeve. Cover has some light wear & some light staining along the top seam.)

Possible matches47
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Stevie WonderTalking Book ... LP
Tamla, 1972. Used Gatefold ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of the classics, and an album that's filled with a sense of majesty and power that will knock you dead – despite the stupid cover of Stevie sitting on a hill, playing in the dirt! By this point, Stevie knows he's on top of the world – and he's honing the sophisticated experiments of the previous few albums into a tightly woven pop sound that would pay Motown a huge dividend for letting him take chances with his music! Includes the big hits "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" and "Superstition", plus the amazing mellow synthesizer classic "You've Got It Bad Girl" and the fuzzy funky "Maybe Your Baby". Great stuff, and one that won't let you down! LP, Vinyl record album
(In the non-braille cover, with light wear.)

Possible matches48
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Betty WrightI Love The Way You Love ... LP
Alston, 1972. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A breakout album by Betty Wright, the record that spawned the cut "Clean Up Woman" – the choppy funky track that really pushed her over the top in a big way, and which has remained fresh for years –thanks to a strong sample history in hip hop! That cut's more than enough reason to buy the record – but the whole LP's great – and features loads of other original tracks written by Clarence Reid and Willie (Little Beaver) Hale, hitting hard in a sweet 70s Miami soul style – titles that include "I Love the Way You Love", "I'm Gettin' Tired Baby", and "Pure Love" – plus a groovy cover of "Ain't No Sunshine". One of the turning points in the emerging Miami soul scene of the 70s – soon to provide a second home to Atlantic Records! LP, Vinyl record album
(Original pressing! Cover has light wear.)
Also available I Love The Way You Love ... LP 9.99

Possible matches49
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New James BrownThinking About Little Willie John & A Few Nice Things ... LP
King, 1968. Used ... Out Of Stock
James' moving tribute to the late Little Willie John – a big influence, and a fellow label mate at King. There are some great deep soul tracks on here, and lots of groovy instrumentals. Plus, the cover's got a picture of James holding a Little Willie John album, and looking very touched. Tracks include "Fat Eddie", "A Note Or Two", "Talk To Me", "I'll Lose My Mind", and "What Kind of Man". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has light wear, split top and bottom seams, and some splitting on the spine.)

Possible matches50
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Eddie Lockjaw DavisBig Beat Jazz ... LP
King, Late 50s. Used ... Out Of Stock
Insanely wonderful work from Eddie Lockjaw Davis – one of his rare King albums, sides we like almost better than his work for Prestige! The format here is clear and simple – hard-grooving tenor sax, organ, and percussion – all recorded in a raw and echoey format that gives the tunes a bit more of an R&B bite than some of Eddie's later work. Tracks are short and to the point – and Eddie's never sounded better! Titles include "Scatter", "Holler", "Lady Byrd", "Punch", and "Hey Jim". LP, Vinyl record album
(Black label King pressing with deep groove. Cover has half split spine and top seam with pieces of tape, a light stain at the bottom, and a name in pen on back.)

Possible matches51
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Jazz CrusadersLookin' Ahead ... LP
Pacific Jazz, 1962. Used ... Out Of Stock
A classic hard groover from this great soul jazz combo! The band are in perfect early form, and they wail nicely on some tight tight tight little tracks that virtually define the LA soul jazz sound of the 60s. Includes classics like "Young Rabbits" and "Big Hunk Of Funk" – plus the cuts "Tortoise & The Hare", "Sinnin Sam", "507 Neyland", and "Till All Ends". LP, Vinyl record album
(Red vinyl pressing, with a blue Pacific Jazz label. Cover has split top & bottom seams.)

Possible matches52
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New King CurtisSoul Time ... LP
Up Front, Early 60s. Used ... Out Of Stock
Great stuff – even if this is a tricky record to figure out! At one level, the album appears to be a repackaging of some of King's Enjoy Records sides – mostly from the Soul Twist album – but overall, the sound seems to be a bit different – more 60s soul sounding, and a bit more jazzy. There's no players listed on the cover, nor dates, but the tracks have a great mix of tenor, guitar, and raw and raunchy grooves. Titles include "Soul Twist", "Soul Time", "Big Dipper", "I Know", "Sack O Woe", "Groovin With The King", and "What'd I Say". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a split top seam, a spot of price sticker residue, ringwear, and aging.)

Possible matches53
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Clifford ScottOut Front ... LP
Pacific Jazz, 1963. Used ... Out Of Stock
An amazing set of hard blowing tracks by Bill Dogget's old sax player, and a very hard LP to find these days! Scott plays tenor and alto, and he wails throughout on cuts like "Samba De Bamba", "Out Front", "Over and Over", and "Cross Talk". Les McCann plays piano, and wrote most of the material, and the set's a much harder groovin' set than most of Les' regular ones, thanks to Scott's excellent reed playing. Joe Pass plays guitar, and Paul Humphrey is on drums. The album's a stellar example of the kind of hard hitting hard bop that was coming out of the west coast at the time, but which was so often overlooked because of the region's big name for cool jazz. LP, Vinyl record album
(Blue vinyl pressing. Cover has some wear, the remnants of a sticker, and some splitting on the top and bottom seams.)

Possible matches54
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Mad SkillzFrom Where??? ... LP
Big Beat/Atlantic, 1996. Used 2LP ... Out Of Stock
Overlooked genius from Madd Skillz! He's one of those MCs from the mid 90s (like Supernatural) who everyone was watching, did loads of mixtape appearances, put out something on a LP on a major label, and then just about disappeared. He deserved more! Tuere's some really dope tracks that let you know why everyone was paying attention – most notably "Nod Factor", and some nice tight mid 90s beats, including a couple of early pre-Ummah Jay Dee tracks, plus the Beatnuts, Large Professor, Buckwild and Shawn J Period. 16 tracks including "Doin' Time In Tha Cypha", "It's Going Down", "Extra Abstract Skills", "Move Ya Body" and more. LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a partially unglued top seam and a few light creases.)
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Partial matches55
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Cannonball AdderleyCannonball Adderley & The Poll Winners ... LP
Riverside, 1960. Very Good- ... $9.99
Cannon's left his usual soul jazz combo for this album – and he's recording on the west coast with an all-star group that includes Wes Montgomery on guitar, Victor Feldman on vibes and piano, Ray Brown on bass, and Louis Hayes on drums. The sound's a bit different than usual – with a strong focus on the solos of the big stars, and less on the tight grooving of the group – but that doesn't stop it from being a great set, and Cannon blows in a way that reminds us of his classic Mercury sides. Titles include "The Chant", "Azule Serape", "Never Will I Marry", and "Au Prive". LP, Vinyl record album
(Blue label Bill Grauer pressing with microphone logo & deep groove. Side 2 has a mark that clicks a bit on track one. Cover has some wear, a split bottom seam, some splitting on the other seams, and some small light stains on the back.)

Partial matches56
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Patti AustinEvery Home Should Have One ... LP
Qwest, 1981. Very Good+ ... $0.99
A big one for Patti Austin – and a set that moved her from the jazz/soul sidelines right into the mainstream – but all without losing any of her charm from before! A big part of the record's success comes from the production work of Quincy Jones – a longtime associate who gave Patti some key exposure on earlier records of his own, and a great choice to handle the mix of sophisticated soul and jazzy moments on this set. The record features some key tunes penned by Rod Temperton – and James Ingram duets with Patti on the crossover classic "Baby Come To Me" – nestled nicely alongside other cuts that include "The Way I Feel", "Do You Love Me", "The Genie", "Stop Look Listen", "The Island", and "Symphony Of Love". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the lyric sleeve.)

Partial matches57
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Chambers BrothersRight Move ... LP
Avco, 1975. Very Good ... $3.99
We're not normally the biggest fans of The Chambers Brothers, but this album's a cracking winner from the mid 70s. Shouldn't be so, given the date and the label, but there's a really funky track on here that's one of their best – the great break cut "Stealing Watermelons", which has a great drum part, a strong bassline, and cool harmonica on the intro! Other tracks are pretty nice too – and titles include "Stop The Train", "Miss Lady Brown", "Lotta Fine Mama", "Smack Dab In The Middle", and "Pretty Girls Everywhere". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a few creases.)

Partial matches58
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Joao Donato/Eumir DeodatoDonato-Deodato ... LP
Muse, 1973. Near Mint- (reissue)... $7.99
The legendary meeting of the two biggest Brazilian keyboard talents of the 70s – Joao Donato and Eumir Deodato – coming together in beautifully funky formation! The sound is a great blend of the moody electric work of Donato's classic Quem E Quem album, and some of the fuller, funkier grooves on Deodato's work for CTI – served up here in a double-keyboard blend with help from a host of great guest musicians! Other players include Randy Brecker on trumpet, Romeo Penque on flute, Mauricio Einhorn on harmonica, and Michael Gibson on guitar – plus plenty of percussion from Airto and Ray Barretto, who both join in to round out this all star session. Tracks are nicely long, and very jamming at times – and titles include the funky "Whistle Stop", plus "Where's JD", "Capricorn", "Nightripper", and "Batuque". LP, Vinyl record album
Also available Donato-Deodato ... LP 9.99

Partial matches59
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Don ElliottMellophone ... LP
Bethlehem, Mid 50s. Very Good- ... $6.99
They're not lying with the title of this great little set – as Don Elliott blows his unique horn with a very mellow tone! The instrument is kind of a bigger version of a flugelhorn – and is used by Don in a laidback combo that also features trombone from Billy Byers, trumpet from Howie Reich, and baritone sax from Danny Bank – all deep sounds that set up a bank of color for Elliott to work with in his most vivid way. Other players include Hal McKusick on alto and flute – but working without as much of the sharper, cutting tones of other 50s albums – and rhythm is from Barry Galbraith on guitar, Milt Hinton on bass, and Mel Zelnick on drums. Titles include "Sposin", "The Lamp Is Low", "Mellophone Mambo", "Summer Setting", and "With The Wind & The Rain In Your Hair". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original red label pressing, with deep groove. Cover has a split top seam, some wear, and a peeled gloss finish, with an ink stamp and some light stains on the back.)

Partial matches60
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
5th Dimension5th Dimension Live! ... LP
Bell, 1971. Very Good+ 2LP Gatefold ... $2.99
A groovy little live album from The 5th Dimension – not nearly as smoothly polished as their studio albums, in a way that really makes the set stand out nicely! The vocals are still completely top-shelf – a heavenly sound that's hard to believe comes from five mere mortals – but the musical backings are a bit more rough-edged and soul-based – a harder groove than the group gets on their full albums, in a way that provides a great contrast to the harmonies on the lyrics! There's also a great sense of "liveness" to the set – patter from the group before the tunes, and some upbeat medleys of some of their bigger hits – strung together in ways that are a lot nicer than just simple live remakes of familiar songs. Titles include "I Just Want To Be Your Friend", "Eli's Coming", "Never My Love", "Shake Your Tambourine", "Ode To Billie Joe", "I Want To Take You Higher", and two longer medleys of hits! LP, Vinyl record album

Partial matches61
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Four TopsChanging Times ... LP
Motown, 1970. Good ... $6.99
A very hip album from the Four Tops – cut with kind of a political/social edge, and a heavy vibe that was similar to what the Temptations had been using on some of their important albums for Motown at the end of the 60s. In fact, this one's got so much of that righteous Temps vibe that we wonder if the big boys at Motown didn't say to the Four Tops, "Hey, why don't you do an album like them?" Arrangements are by David Van DePitte and Jimmy Roach – and the record begins with a melange of sound effects and odd sounds, before sliding into the socially-conscious "In These Changing Times". However, the group still retains their wonderfully sweet vocal edge, and even though the political agenda's up front on the album, they still come through strongest on the sweeter and more love-oriented songs. Titles include "Right Before My Eyes", "Something's Tearing At The Edges Of Time", "Sing A Song Of Yesterday", and a medley of "Long & Winding Road" and "In These Changing Times". LP, Vinyl record album
(Canadian pressing.)

Partial matches62
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Four TopsMain Street People ... LP
ABC, 1973. Very Good Gatefold ... $2.99
Really nice work from The Four Tops – proof that they were still going quite quite strong after Motown! The album's got a hip sound that shows the group moving through a wider range of emotions than we ever remember – crafting rich deep harmonies that still stand apart from the big wave of sweet soul quartets of the early 70s, and which sparkle with all the emotion that Levi Stubbs' voice had to offer. Includes their great theme to Shaft In Africa, the track "Are You Man Enough" – plus loads of other great ones like "I Just Can't Get You Out Of My Mind", "It Won't Be The First Time", "Sweet Understanding Love", "Too Little, Too Late", "Peace Of Mind", and "Main Street People". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some wear, aging, a sticker in one corner, and a cutout hole.)

Partial matches63
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Wardell GrayWardell Gray Memorial Album (2LP set) ... LP
Prestige, Early 50s/1964. Very Good 2LP Gatefold ... $5.99
One of the best-ever documents of the young genius of tenorist Wardell Gray – exactly the kind of music that shows why he was one of the biggest and best of the bop saxophonists – before he was taken away from us all too soon! The material here was originally issued on 78s or 45s, and comes together as a great full length representation of Gray at his best – and on the set Wardell plays tenor in one group with Al Haig on piano and Roy Haynes on drums – on titles that include "Easy Living", "Twisted", and "Southside". Another combo features Phil Hill on piano – on "Treadin", "Grayhound", and "Blue Gray". And the last combo is Teddy Charles' West Coasters – with Charles on vibes, Frank Morgan on alto, and Sonny Clark on piano – the last two of whom make their debut on the record! On the second half, Wardell works in some bigger groups on great long tracks with a nicely jamming feel! Players include Sonny Criss on alto, Art Farmer and Clark Terry on trumpet, Dexter Gordon on tenor, and Hampton Hawes on piano – and titles include "Move", "Scrapple From The Apple", "Lover", "Farmer's Market", "April Skies", "Jackie", and "Sweet & Lovely". LP, Vinyl record album
(Blue label pressing. Cover has some wear, with small splits on the top and bottom seams.)

Partial matches64
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Nobuo Hara & Sharps & FlatsKessei 25 Shuunen Kinen Recital – The 25th Anniversary Concert ... LP
Trio (Japan), 1976. Very Good+ 2LP ... $19.99
A 25th Anniversary performance from one of Japan's greatest big bands – really stepping out here in a great mix of modes from the 70s! Some cuts have a classic feel – definitely nodding back to the roots of the Sharps & Flats – but others show the hip changes the ensemble went through during the 60s and 70s – their use of exotic and groovy modes during the previous decade, and their discovery of electric instrumentation and funky sounds near the time of this recording! The album's got great versions of Stevie Wonder tunes "Too High" and "Superstition", a long suite titled "Scotophobia", and some cool jazz versions of Japanese tunes "Sohran Bushi" and "Hakone Hachi-Ri" – as well as the cut "3 2 1 0", which the group recorded famously with Oliver Nelson! LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes obi!)

Partial matches65
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Neal HeftiSinging Instrumentals ... LP
Epic, Early 60s. Very Good ... $3.99
Hefti was one of the grooviest of the bigger band arrangers during the 50s – and thanks to Basie, and a few well-placed soundtracks, he had the chance to really experiment with some unusual combinations of material that proved to leave him with an incredible legacy. This album is a perfect showcase for Hefti's unusual talents, as it has him leading a nice little group of swing players (Charlie Barnet, Hank D'Amico, Lou McGarity, and others) in combination with the Ray Charles Singers, on a set of very groovy vocalese jazz tracks. At the record's best moments, the overall feel is sort of like Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross with Basie – as the group keep fairly in the "vocal instrumental" range, and solo wordlessly over the band's tight soulful rhythms. Tracks include "Jersey Bounce", "Opus 1", "Skyliner", "Summit Ridge Drive", "Back Beat Boogie", and "Intermission Riff". LP, Vinyl record album
(Yellow label Epic pressing with deep groove. Cover has some wear & a partially split top seam.)

Partial matches66
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Freddie HubbardRollin ... LP
MPS, 1981. Very Good+ ... $2.99
Freddie Hubbard's definitely rolling on this great little set – rolling right back into acoustic jazz territory after a run of smoother soul sessions for bigger labels at the end of the 70s! The album's a live one, and it's a perfect example of the development of Hubbard's solo skills at the point – amazingly well-crafted, especially in a spontaneous setting like this, where Freddie can really stretch out over a long tune with really soulfully imaginative expressions. The group features the great David Schnitter on tenor and soprano sax – a great colleague for the date – plus Billy Childs on acoustic and electric piano, Larry Klein on bass, and Carl Burnett on drums. Titles include "Breaking Point", "Brigitte", "Cascais", "One Of Another Kind", and "Byrdlike". LP, Vinyl record album
(PAUSA pressing. Cover has a cut corner, a center split on the top seam, and half split bottom seam.)

Partial matches67
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Albert King & Otis RushDoor To Door ... LP
Chess, 1950s/Early 60s. Very Good ... $29.99
A split album of early recordings by Otis Rush and Albert King – both featured here in early Chicago sides done for Chess Records in the years before their bigger late 60s fame! The style here is mostly stripped down, but still pretty tight – not as rough-edged as some of their Chess contemporaries, and with a fair bit of electric guitar driving most tunes along with a nice little groove. Albert King titles include "Searchin For A Woman", "Bad Luck", "Won't Be Hangin Around", and "Merry Way" – and Otis Rush titles include "So Close", "I Can't Stop", "I'm Satisfied", "So Many Roads", and "All Your Love". LP, Vinyl record album
(Blue label mono pressing.)

Partial matches68
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
BB KingIndianola Mississippi Seeds ... LP
ABC, 1970. Very Good- Gatefold ... $5.99
BB King hips up his groove a bit here – picking up some of the crossover soul and rock touches used by contemporaries over at Chess/Cadet, and expanding his sound with a range of guests that include Leon Russell, Joe Walsh, and Carole King! Despite the presence of these bigger names, the set's very much in BB's own spirit – mostly focused on his vocals and guitar work, and still mostly including original compositions. A few tunes get nice and funky on the rhythms, although still very much in a blues-based way – and Jimmie Haskell contributes a few larger arrangements from time to time. Titles include "King's Special", "Until I'm Dead & Cold", "You're Still My Woman", "Hummingbird", "Go Underground", and "Chains & Things". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some wear, some stains, some large smoke stains on the back, and splitting on the top and bottom seams.)

Partial matches69
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Rod Levitt OrchestraInsight ... LP
RCA, 1965. Near Mint- ... $4.99
Tight hard swinging big band set, with really complicated arrangements and some great writing. Not all of the players are names you'll recognize, but Levitt's talent for arrangement and leadership ensure a tight tight band, and the album wails nicely. Tracks include "Stop Those Men!", "Vera Cruz", "Insight", and "The Mayor Of Vermont Village". Levitt's always talked about in hipster musician circles. Get this and find out why. LP, Vinyl record album
(Black label stereo pressing.)

Partial matches70
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Mariachi Brass with Chet BakerTaste Of Tequila ... LP
World Pacific, 1966. Near Mint- ... $6.99
A strange 60s chapter in the career of trumpeter Chet Baker – but one that we sure like a heck of a lot! These sides were recorded as an answer to the big success of Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass over at A&M Records – and for the sessions, Chet's trumpet was backed by jaunty, brassy arrangements penned by Jack Nitzsche. And while it might be easy to dismiss the tunes as copycat sound-a-likes, they're really not – as Nitszche brings in a much fuller groove to most of the numbers than Herb Alpert ever did – more of a sunny LA pop feel that has the whole group really gliding along on bold waves of sound all topped off by Baker's horn – sounding stronger and more confident here than on most of his other recordings of the 60s! There's a definite Latin undercurrent to most of the numbers, but also a fair bit of mainstream pop instrumentation as well – a style that's bolder and not nearly as compressed as the A&M approach to Tijuana – and one that explodes with some youthful LA energies! 10 numbers in all, including "Flowers On The Wall", "Mexico", "Hot Toddy", "El Paso", "Come A Little Bit Closer", "Speedy Gonzales", "Cuando Calienta El Sol", and "24 Hours To Tulsa". LP, Vinyl record album

Partial matches71
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jimmy McGriffElectric Funk ... LP
Blue Note, 1970. Very Good Gatefold ... $49.99
One of Jimmy's funkiest albums ever – a sweeeeet batch of short, hard, and funky cuts – and a record that ranks right up there with the mighty Soul Sugar for sheer funkiness! Jimmy takes an upbeat and easygoing approach to the late 60s funk sound, with a nice, rubbery bass and the organ sound just killer – but would expect less from McGriff on that front? Truly funky and totally irresistible stuff, with sinister, measured moments that bigger and heavier pretty quickly - kind of prefiguring 70s blacksploitation soundtrack vibes in spots! The album's great all the way through – tight arrangements by Horace Ott, who also plays electric piano on the set, making for a clean, cool 2-keys kind of groove. Titles include "Spear for Moondog" (parts 1 & 2), "Tight Times", "Funky Junk", "Bird Wave", and "Back on the Track". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original Liberty pressing. Cover has some wear, light bending in the corners, and some splitting and wide clear tape on the top seam.)

Partial matches72
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New York CityI'm Doin' Fine Now ... LP
Chelsea, 1972. Near Mint- ... $14.99
Man, that east coast harmony sound couldn't miss in the 70s – as proven by the huge AM radio success of New York City! The band wasn't the greatest harmony group in the world – although they did feature John Brown, who'd cut his teeth in the Five Satins – but when you teamed them up with production by Thom Bell, and backing from the Sigma Sound Studios, they created an unstoppable sound that was a perfect pop peddling of the harmony group sound. This album was their biggest – and it includes the classic "I'm Doin' Fine Now", plus lots of other nice tracks like "Hang Your Head In Shame", "Quick, Fast, In A Hurry", "Uncle James", and "Reach Out". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a radio station tracklist sticker.)

Partial matches73
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Charlie Persip & His Jazz StatesmenDouble Or Nothin ... LP
Liberty, 1957. Very Good- ... $19.99
One of the few albums ever cut as a leader by crack drummer Charlie Persip – and a great record that you might have missed because Howard Rumsey's name is bigger on the cover than Charlie's! The album's one of Rumsey's "Lighthouse Series" sides of the 50s – but it's a lot harder-driving and more energy-filled than most of the other Lighthouse-related sides coming out of LA at the time. Half the record features Charlie's group – a set of east coasters that includes Lee Morgan, Benny Golson, and Wynton Kelly – and the other part features some of the players from that ensemble mixing it up with drummer Stan Levey and other LA talents that include Frank Rosolino, Conte Candoli, Bob Cooper, and others. In all, the album's a great meeting of east and west coast hardbop styles – with short driving tracks that include "Reggie Of Chester", "Celedia", "Moto", "The Champ", and "Wildwood". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original black label stereo pressing, with deep groove. Cover has some wear, aging, stains on the back, a split spine, a bottom spine, and a mostly split top seam.)

Partial matches74
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Serious Lee FineNothing Can Stop Us ... LP
Arista/Rush, 1989. Near Mint- ... $0.99
Equal parts soul and hip hop – and a record that might be more New Jack than anything else, if it wasn't for production by Davy D and Jam Master Jay! The vocals are a bit poppy and silly at times, but the overall groove isn't that bad, especially considering other efforts like this of the time – and there's a depth to some of the backings that are a welcome change from some of the more bombastic beats used on other soul/hip hop crossover albums. Titles include "Nothing Can Stop Us", "We Can Do Better", "The Big Dis", "Bust The Beat", "Deep", "Everything's Real Everything's Fun Everything's Life", "Serious-Lude", "Sweat", and "Boom Bang Em". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has light wear and a promo stamp.)

Partial matches75
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Archie SheppMama Too Tight ... LP
Impulse, 1966. Very Good+ ... $9.99
Growing brilliance from the young Archie Shepp – a record that's not just about Archie's own amazing work on the tenor, but also his keen modern vision as a leader! The combo here is an ensemble that features some of the hippest modernists of the 60s – Roswell Rudd and Grachan Moncur on trombone, Perry Robinson on clarinet, Howard Johnson on tuba, Charlie Haden on bass, and Tommy Turrentine on trumpet – making a rare non-bop appearance here, and further enforcing our already-high estimation of his talents! The style's somewhat in the "new thing" mode of the period, but it's also a bit more tightly arranged too – almost hitting Mingus-like modes for the bigger ensemble – balancing the force of the group together with very free, bold solo impulses from the players. Side one features the extended "Portrait Of Robert Thompson (As A Young Man)" – and side two features "Mama Too Tight", "Theme For Ernie", and "Basheer". LP, Vinyl record album
(Green label ABC pressing, in a non-gatefold cover. Cover has a cut corner, a partially split top seam and some lgiht wear.)

Partial matches76
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
TemptationsBare Back ... LP
Atlantic, 1978. Very Good+ ... $2.99
The Temptations on Atlantic Records – sounding different than their Motown years, and still pretty darn great! The group's got some wonderful help here from the team of Brian and Eddie Holland – still very much in fine fine form, and coming up with some backings that have a warm modern soul groove that really works great with the group's harmonies – a great step forward they might never have gotten at their previous label – almost handled here as if the Temps were some bold new discovery in soul, getting really top-shelf treatment. Otis Williams is firmly in place with a fine lead vocal, and there's a smooth grooving feel here that really matches the bigger Philly groups on Atlantic at the time. Titles include "That's When You Need Love", "Mystic Woman", "Ever Ready Love", "Touch Me Again", "I See My Child", and "You're So Easy To Love". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the lyric sleeve.)

Partial matches77
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousHarlem Shuffle – Sixties Soul Classics ... LP
Charly (UK), Late 60s. Near Mint- ... $6.99
Classic Charly compilation of Uptown soul tracks which were big hits at the time, but are sort of tough to find these days. There's 16 great tracks on here, with non-stop 60s soul groovers that you'd love to hear on the radio, like "Backfield in Motion" by Mel & Tim, "Harlem Shuffle" by Bob & Earl, "Hello Stranger" and "Make Me Your Baby" by Barbara Lewis, "Oh How Happy" by Shades Of Blue, "The Oogum Boogum Song" and "Gimme Little Sign" by Brenton Wood, "The Bounce" by The Olympics, "Love Makes The World Go Round" by Deon Jackson, "Spring" by Bird Legs & Pauline, "Expressway To Your Heart" by the Soul Survivors, "Oo Wee Baby I Love You" by Fred Hughes and "Cool Jerk" by the Capitols. LP, Vinyl record album

Partial matches78
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New CadillacsCrazy Cadillacs ... LP
Jubilee, 1959. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A killer from the legendary Cadillacs – maybe our favorite group on the east coast scene of the late 50s, and one of the few we can really depend on for a wonderful sense of range! The Cadillacs have a power that matches some of the bigger names of the time, especially The Drifters on Atlantic – and although the group were best known for their upbeat gimmicky tracks, they're also tremendous on ballads – of which there are a good number here! Production is nice and raw – with an especially noteworthy lack of instrumentation when things get mellow – and titles include "Gloria", "Don't Be Mad With My Heart", "Window Lady", "Carelessly", "Let Me Explain", "My Girl Friend", "Shock A Doo", "Zoom Boom Zing", and "Broken Heart". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a small split on the top seam and some discoloration from age.)
Also available Crazy Cadillacs ... CD 13.99

Partial matches79
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Duke EllingtonDuke Ellington Early Recordings Vol 1 (10 inch LP) ... LP
X/RCA, 1927/1928. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A beautiful 10" LP from the 50s – one that brings together a selection of rare Ellington work from the late 20s! The recordings date from 1927 and 1928, and soloists include Bubber Miley, Tricky Sam Nanton, Harry Carney, and Barney Bigard – on tracks that include "Creole Love Call", "Black Beauty", "Jubilee Stomp", "Blues I Love To Sing", and "Harlem River Quiver". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some light wear, a partially split top sem, and an ink stamp on the back. Both labels have an ink stamp.)

Partial matches80
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Four TopsFour Tops Greatest Hits ... LP
Motown, 1960s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Despite the fame of their big hits – like "Reach Out I'll Be There", "I Can't Help Myself", "Baby I Need Your Loving", and "It's The Same Old Song", all of which are on this set, and which have been heard ad infinitum – the Four Tops are actually a heck of a great vocal group, with harmonies that blew away many of their contemporaries, and which keep their work shining long past the hits. This set's got some nice cuts that fall into that category – like "Bernadette", and "Ask The Lonely" – and the package is about as solid as you'd expect. LP, Vinyl record album
(Reissue pressing. Cover has a cutout notch.)

Partial matches81
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Johnny HartmanVoice That Is ... LP
Impulse, 1964. Used Gatefold ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
At the time of this album, Johnny Hartman definitely was the voice that is – a singer with a new level of maturity for the 60s, and a voice that's far more masculine than the geeky look of the photo on the cover! Hartman's sound here is smooth and warm, but never in a too-commercial way – a great antidote to some of the bigger singers of his generation, and cast perfectly here in some lightly jazzy arrangements by Bob Hammer. A few tracks feature backing by a quartet led by Hank Jones – and the rest feature a slightly larger group with 2 guitars and some nice Latin percussion. Titles include "Funny World", "Waltz For Debbie", "It Never Entered My Mind", "Let Me Love You", "My Ship", "The Day The World Stopped Turning", "Slow Hot Wind", and "The More I See You". LP, Vinyl record album
(Green label pressing.)

Partial matches82
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New KashifKashif (1983) ... LP
Arista, 1983. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A monumental bit of 80s soul – the first solo album from Kashif, issued hot on the heels of a few years spent penning and producing work for a range of bigger artists! Given his experience with the pros, Kashif's emerging here as a very fully-formed talent in soul – a singer with a way of keeping things real, even when the tunes are catchy – and a producer with a great ear for the changing styles of soul at the time. The grooves are often nicely spare and stripped down, yet never without a good sense of feeling – and titles include "I Just Gotta have You (Lover Turn Me On)", "Stone Love", "Say Somethin' Love", "All", "Help Yourself To My love", "The Mood", "Don't Stop My Love", and "Rumors" LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the lyric sleeve.)
Also available Kashif (plus bonus tracks) ... CD 19.99

Partial matches83
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Jack McDuffMidnight Sun ... LP
Prestige, 1967. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Hard to find McDuff album that features some great material recorded during the mid 60s, and not available elsewhere! The album features a setting that's mostly quartet material – with McDuff's classic group of Red Holloway, George Benson, and Joe Dukes, but on one track, they're backed by the bigger arrangements of Benny Golson, who was doing some great work with the group at the time! Tracks are fairly long, with lots of fire from McDuff and Benson – and titles include "Stop It", "Midnight Sun", "Love Walked In", and "Misconstrued". LP, Vinyl record album
(Blue label pressing. Cover has light wear and a small name in pen.)

Partial matches84
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Louie RamirezIn The Heart of Spanish Harlem ... LP
Mercury, Mid 60s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of THE killers of the Latin soul years – and a record that sometimes doesn't always get its due because it was issued on Mercury, not one of the New York indies! But don't let that association fool you, because this record's every bit as hard – if not harder than – any of the late 60s greats on Tico, Fania, or Cotique! Louie Ramirez is really at the top of his game here – leading a tightly smoking ensemble that's extremely heavy on percussion – timbales and congas really pushing hard on all numbers, often topped by English language vocals that are super-hip and very catchy! The whole record's got a really badass feel that easily makes it one of the best examples of Latin Soul you'll ever find – and it's filled with great tracks that include "Louie's Mozambique", "Love It Up", "Lucy's Spanish Harlem", "I Hear A Bembe", "Coffe & Bread", "The Bigshot", "Thinking Of You", and "The Boogie Man". LP, Vinyl record album
(Sealed original pressing!)

Partial matches85
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New StylisticsStylistics ... LP
Avco, 1971. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A masterpiece of harmony soul – one of THE all-time greats of the genre, and a lasting treasure from The Stylistics! The album really took vocal soul to a whole new level for the 70s – pushing from the sometimes fragile ballad style of the late 60s into a smoother, more mature sound that was impeccably produced, yet still had all the depth of feeling as before! Maestro Thom Bell is the man to thank for the greatness of this album – as his production and musical vision really helped The Stylistics hit levels that few other groups like this were reaching at the time. Titles include their seminal long version of "People Make the World Go Round" – which, at 6 minutes in length, was really unusual for the time. Other titles include "Stop Look & Listen", "Betcha By Golly Wow", "You're A Big Girl Now", "If I Love You", "Ebony Eyes", and "You Are Everything". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some wear, some stains, an unglued bottom seam, a center split on the spine, and a bit of pen.)

Partial matches86
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Muddy WatersFathers & Sons ... LP
Chess, 1969. Used 2LP Gatefold ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of the biggest albums of Muddy Waters' career – a key crossover effort that has Waters as the "father" working with "sons" Paul Butterfield and Michael Bloomfield! The style here is still quite rootsy overall – and the double-length session features one album recorded in the studio, and a second done live at the Super Cosmic Joy-Scout Jamboree – key evidence of the growing hippie audience for blues like this! The core group features Waters on vocals with Otis Spann on piano, Mike Bloomfield on guitar, Paul Butterfield on harmonica, Donald Duck Dunn on bass, and Sam Lay on drums – and guest players include Phil Upchurch on bass and Buddy Miles on drums – each on one number. Titles include "All Aboard", "Mean Disposition", "Forty Days & Forty Nights", "Sugar Sweet", "Twenty Four Hours", "I'm Ready", "Walkin Thru The Park", "Got My Mojo Working (parts 1 & 2)", "The Same Thing", "Baby Please Don't Go", and "Honey Bee". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a split top seam, a cutout notch, and some wear.)

Partial matches87
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New WhispersImagination ... LP
Solar, 1981. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The Whispers crack into the 80s with one of their biggest selling sets! The group takes off from the Philly groove style of their late 70s work, moving into a style that picks up all the best touches of the early 80s LA sound – electro keyboards, but not too much; quiet storm production, but not so much so that the album's smothered in it; and a professional approach to harmonies and songwriting that showed that the group was still an unstoppable force in soul music! Includes "Imagination", "It's A Love Thing", "Say You", "I Can Make It Better" and "Up On Soul Train". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some light wear.)

Partial matches88
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New VariousDon't Stop – Recording Tap ... LP
Numero, Early 80s. Used 3LP Box Set ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Not much of a cover photo, but one of the most amazing collections so far from the Numero Group – a richly archival project that finally brings to light the lost efforts of the short lived Tap Records label! Tap was the brainchild of Jeremiah Yisrael – an ambitious producer, and legendary perfectionist – so much so that he often put more effort into these indie productions than you'd find at bigger label projects of the time! Most material here dates from the years 1981 and 1982, and the music is a mix of club, modern soul, boogie, and a bit of hip hop – nearly all of which hardly got any exposure at the time. The booklet not only tells the tale of the label and Yisrael's career, but also Numero's efforts in resurrecting these lost tapes from a very moldy near-death experience – a narrative that's almost as exciting as the music in the package. And the package is pretty great too – not only because of the 24 page, full color booklet – but also because of the supplemental book that reproduces lost sheet music and studio notes from the Tap sessions. Amazing stuff throughout – well worthy of another deep bow for the Numero team! The 3LP version is beautifully packaged in a box modeled after old studio reel-to-reels – with one LP featuring 11 instrumental bonus tracks exclusive to the vinyl – and includes the 14 track CD for good measure! Titles include "Breakout" and "We've Had Enough" by Arnie Love & The Lovettes, "Invisible Wind" and "Guilty" by Jackie Stoudemire, "Missy Missy Dee" by Missy Dee & The Melody Crew, "So Nice" by Annette Denvil, "Rub A Dub Dub" by The Fabulous 3 MCs, "Don't Stop Dancin" and "Run Away Hide From Love" by Jackie Stoudemire, and "Breakout" by Magnetism. Also features two tracks from 1971 – "Does He Really Mean It" and "Love Which Way" by Bonnie Freeman. Instrumentals for the vinyl include "Breakout Beats" and more by Tap Orchestra, "Rub A Dub Dub" by Fabulous 3 MCs, "Invisible Wind" and "Guilty" by Jackie Stoudemire, and "Missy Missy Dee" by Missy Dee & The Melody Crew. LP, Vinyl record album
(Box set includes the printed inner sleeve and CD, missing the booklet and cards.)
Also available Don't Stop – Recording Tap (3LPs – with CD and 11 bonus instrumentals) ... LP 42.99

Partial matches89
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Rance Allen GroupSoulful Experience ... LP
Truth/Stax, 1975. Used ... Out Of Stock
A beautiful mix of gospel soul and heavy Memphis production – and the kind of heavy soul album that made Rance Allen one of Stax's best new artists during the 70s. David Porter produced and arranged, and the album has some great electric keyboard work by Rance that provides a perfect counterfoil for his rich baritone voice. The album's a lot more stripped down than later efforts – with a rootsy sound that should have made Rance even bigger with the crossover crowd. Titles include "Talk That Talk", "The Painter", "Ring My Bell", and "Harlem Heaven". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has light wear, some aging, and partially split top and bottom seams.)

Partial matches90
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New BT ExpressDo It (Til You're Satisfied) ... LP
Scepter, 1974. Used Gatefold ... Out Of Stock
The monumental debut of BT Express – and an excellent funk album that often gets overlooked by fans of the music because of the band's bigger fame as a disco group! This first record has the combo grooving hard and instrumentally – in the mode of a tight blacksploitation soundtrack, with plenty of tight wah wah guitar riffing, conga beats, and funky flute and sax – topped off by just the right amount of strings to make the set soar even more! The album's best known for the title track "Do It (Til You're Satisfied)" – which was a big hit, but is still an excellent groover – and the set also includes loads of other great cuts too – like "Express", which was the original song that the created the JBs' response track "Monorail"; "This House is Smokin'", which has lots of funky descending horn bits; and other great tunes that include "Mental Telepathy", "If It Don't Turn You On", and "Do You Like It". LP, Vinyl record album
(UK pressing on Pye. Cover has light wear, a factory sticker, and some stains.)

Partial matches91
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Martin DennyQuiet Village ... LP
Liberty, Late 50s. Used ... Out Of Stock
An undisputed classic in the exotica genre – and the record that yielded Martin Denny his biggest hit! The title track "Quiet Village" was originally written by Les Baxter, but it was Martin Denny's approach that really managed to send the tune over the top – using spare percussion, rhythmic piano, and just the right amount of vibes and bird calls to give the track a really haunting feel. That approach is echoed throughout the set – with shifting instrumentation that includes celeste, bongos, marimbas, and marimbula as well! Titles include "Quiet Village", "Paradise Found", "Sake Rock", "Martinique", "Tune From Rangoon", and "Pagan Love Song". LP, Vinyl record album
(Rainbow label pressing.)

Partial matches92
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Billy OceanSuddenly ... LP
Jive, 1984. Used ... Out Of Stock
The album that made Billy Ocean a superstar for a little while, one that had a HUGE couple of years on the charts, even longer service as a snapshot of its era, and is now one that we can look at freshly and appreciate for all of the unstoppably catchy pop soul craft that made it so massive in the first place! Billy's earlier Caribbean inflected pop and R&B was good stuff that deserved a bigger audience and boy did it ever find him with the mid 80s hits "Caribbean Queen", the killer ballad "Suddenly" and the crazy fun "Loverboy". Other tracks include "Mystery Lady", "Lucky Man", "Dancefloor" and "If I Should Lose You". LP, Vinyl record album