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AtomicThere's A Hole In The Mountain ... CD
Jazzland (Norway), 2013. New Copy .... $16.99
Maybe the most brilliant work so far from Atomic – and definite proof that this Swedish ensemble just keeps getting better and better with each new recording! Every player in the quintet is a star in his own right – Fredrik Ljungkvist on tenor and baritone sax, Magnus Broo on trumpet, Havard Wilk on piano, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten on bass, and Paal Nilssen-Love on drums – but what's really amazing is the way they come together as one for the record – wrapping their strong identities together, and forging out with this focused sound that has a lot more power than ever before! All the musicians know the open space of freedom, but have found a territory that can hold them all – where they can respectfully create this wonderful new sound together – in a mix of modern jazz and avant expression that seems to echo some of the best recent work from Chicago. Titles include "There's A Hole In The Mountain", "Civilon", "Wolf Cage", "Accidentals", "Labyrinths", and "Available Exits". CD

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New Atomic/School DaysNuclear Assembly Hall ... CD
Okka Disk, 2004. Used 2CD .... $13.99
They got the title right on this incendiary release, yet another transatlantic love affair between a nice patch of forward thinking Nordic improvisers and some of our own homegrown talent. The School Days quartet is a group that grew out of connections built up through the extended Vandermark/Gustafson relationship, with two of the leading lights of Chicago new school – Vandermark and Jeb Bishop – in the front line teaming up with a European rhyhtm section – Haker Flaten and Nilssen-Love – and taking inspiration from the landmark Lacy/Rudd recordings they derived their name from. As it happens, the rhythm section are from the group Atomic, with whom you may be familiar from their excellent Jazzland recordings, combining the best of the free avant scene with a strong rhythmic underpinning. This set of all original material bristles with energy, as the playing bounces between Ornette-ish phrasing, tightly arranged passages and textural improv. 9 numbers in all, spread out over 2 CDs, including "W Meets A", "Transparent taylor", "Ink Worm", "Kerosene", "Conjugations" and "Dog Days". CD

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Atomic ForestObsession ... CD
Now Again, Mid 70s. New Copy .... $12.99 19.98
The collected work of a mighty trippy group from the Indian scene – a psychedelic combo who worked in the 70s, but who had the same sort of edge you'd hear from the American and British scenes of the late 60s! In truth, there's a fair bit of Anglo influence going on in the music – not just in the English language lyrics, but also in the way the guitars come together with stretched-out, soaring brilliance – flying eight miles high to the sky in a heady brew of freak and fuzz – and turning this approach to some surprising soundtrack numbers too! Production is perfect for the band's vibe – often spacing things out in a really cool way – with some slightly primitive modes that also remind us of the South American psych scene of a few years before. Now Again did a brilliant job with the package – bringing together a host of the group's best tracks from the mid 70s, and a bonus 20 page booklet with full notes on the group, and some very cool photos and ephemera. The whole thing even features a few unreleased numbers – and titles include "Obsession 77", "Sunshine Day", "Butterfly Version 1", "Theme From The Godfather", "Theme From The Fox", "Windmills Of Your Mind", "Booboo Lullaby", "Man You're Not Number One", "Travel On", "Gesthemene", and "Foxy Lady". CD
Also available Obsession (2LPs with bonus book) ... LP 23.99

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VariousAtomic Cafe – Music From The Original Soundtrack, Plus Music Inspired By The Film ... CD
Stilton (Italy), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy .... $12.99
An excellent compilation of rare funky jazz tunes – issued here supposedly as a lost soundtrack, but really just a collection of tunes from other sources, all with a nice soundtrack-y jazz feel! There's a few familiar names here, but most of the material is from rare European and American indie jazz LPs, and sound library sources of late 60s/early 70s vintage, with a nice mix of electric and acoustic playing. Titles include "Troublemaker" by John Cameron, "Voodoo Love Dance" by Melvyn Price, "Do Whatever Sets You Free" by Gus Giordano, "Chili Mac" by Preston Love, "La Folla" by Solar Plexus, "A New Generation" by Oscar Brown Jr & Jean Pace, "Dancer" by Gregory Charles Royal, "Zazueira" by Meta Roos, and "Jody's Freeze" by James Reese & The Progressors. CD

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New AtomicHere Comes Everybody ... CD
Jazzland (Norway), 2012. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
Quite possibly the greatest album to date from Atomic – a set that steps out with a bold, rich sound right from the start – giving the whole thing the feel of some lost classic slice of avant jazz, but with a freshness that definitely marks the set with plenty of Atomic energy too! The horns are amazing – fierce interplay between the trumpet of Magnus Broo and reeds of Fredrik Ljungvist – locking together at times with these raging lines that have almost an ESP sort of feel – then breaking out with soul-drenching solos on their own – especially when Ljungvist handles the tenor. Paal Nilssen-Love's drums are on fire throughout – Havard Wilk barrels away on piano – and Ingebrigt Haker Flaten rolls things along strongly on bass. Titles include "Morphemes", "HCE", "Milano", "Kreuzberg Variations", "Panama", and "Unity Toccata". CD

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New Crimetime Orchestra with Sonny SimmonsAtomic Symphony ... CD
Jazzaway (Norway), 2009. New Copy 2CD .... Out Of Stock
An amazing moment in music from the Norwegian scene – a searing live performance from Crimetime Orchestra, a large all-star jazz ensemble – joined here by alto sax legend Sonny Simmons, plus an additional 65 orchestral players as well! The core group features heavyweights like Bugge Wesseltoft on piano, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten on bass, and Paal Nilssen-Love on drums – and can boast lots of full-toned hornwork on alto, tenor, baritone sax, trombone, and trumpet – plenty of greatness, even before you add in the alto of Sonny Simmons, who's often the key soloist on most numbers. The added orchestrations never get in the way at all – and instead often emerge up from the bottom with a surprising sort of force – underscoring the mixed improvisational/compositional energy of the group in a really great way. The whole "Atomic Symphony" was performed live, with no overdubs – and runs the length of two full CDs. CD

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New VariousAtomic Cafe Vol 2 – More Music From The Soundtrack, Plus Music Inspired By The Film ... CD
Hitland (Italy), 1960s/1970s. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
Don't be fooled by the name – as this material isn't from the soundtrack to the movie – but it is an excellent batch of jazzy groovers, with a super-high level of quality! The set's a bit more sophisticated than your average funky compilation – as it moves through a range of material that pushes the envelope of this sort of set, including the obvious bossa and uptempo groovers, as well as some beautiful tracks that have more of a chillout vibe to them. Titles include "Agapee/Polemos" by Johnny Lytle, "Getz O Mania" by Stan Getz, "Liberia" by Curtis Amy, "JP Blues" by Jack Wilson, "Ramblin" by Paul Bley, "The Fox Stalker" by Ray Bryant, "Last Train" by Melvyn Price, "The Know Unknow" by Kahn Jamal, "Improvision For Unaccompanied Saxophones" by Al Cohn & Zoot Sims, "Coming Home Baby" by Marian McPartland, and "Gemstones" by Jack Wilson. CD
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William OnyeaborWho Is William Onyeabor – World Psychedelic Classics 5 ... CD
Luaka Bop, Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy .... $13.99 14.99
Grooves unlike anything else you've ever heard before – the rightly legendary musical legacy of William Onyeabor, one of the most enigmatic talents to come from the African scene of the 70s! The work here is all plenty darn funky, but it's also very different from familiar Afro Funk too – as the instrumentation is heavy on keyboards, handled by William with incredible dexterity – and spun out in these soaring lines that bristle with righteous touches that really support the message of his tunes! The vibe mixes in some electro elements with long-drawn rhythms – and the vocals often step aside for lots of keyboard and rhythm interplay, then come in to send things home at just the right moment. Onyeabor's been a pretty elusive cat over the years, and it's taken Luaka Bop quite some time to put this collection together – amazing work that may well make the album one of the most important to ever come from the label – and the first introduction to the non-African world of Onyeabor's incredible sounds. Titles include "Body & Soul", "Atomic Bomb", "Something You'll Never Forget", "Why Go To War", "Love Is Blind", "Fantastic Man", and "Let's Fall In Love". CD

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VariousBlack Man's Cry – The Inspiration Of Fela Kuti (CD & book) ... CD
Now Again, 1970s/1990s. New Copy .... $9.99 19.98
Covers and music inspired by the towering figure in Afrofunk – the great Fela Kuti – rare 70s material a few modern cuts recorded in Nigeria, Trinidad, Ghana, Colombia, Germany and America – some previously unreleased, and all wonderful representations of the far-reaching influence of Fela! A few tunes are solid takes of the Nigerian funk groove proper – but others carry the sound into cumbia, steel band and western funk styles – all of it exciting, hugely passionate and floor-shaking! The CD version is bound in a mini-hardcover book like package – with nice notes on Fela himself and the the influence he had on the material herein by Stones Throw/Now Again honcho Egon – and tracks include "Shacalao" by Cumbia Moderna De Soledad, "Woman Pin Down" by Dan Snatch And His Atomic 8 Dance Band, "Never Trust A Woman" by Bola Johnson, "Black Man's Cry" by Mosco Tiles Fonclaire Steel Orchestra, "Egbi/Black Man's Cry (Medley)" by Lever Brothers Gay Flamingos, "Comencemos" by Phirpo Y Sus Caribes, "Up Side Down" by Daktaris, "Lullaby For Lagos" by Whitefield Brothers and more. CD

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VariousNinja Cuts Vol 2 – Flexistentialism ... CD
Ninja Tune (Canada), Mid 90s. Used 2CD .... $6.99
A great batch of mid-90s Ninja numbers, two dozen uncompromising stealthy bits of scratchmological waxploitation. There's some of the finest acts in the Ninja roster here, and a great cast of remixers lending a hand too, with some of favorite moments from the mid 90s, plenty you'll remember, and if you never heard them, you surely saw them on SNC playlists, including DJ Food "Cosmic Jam", "Spiral" and "Sunvibes", the Herbaliser "A Mother (for your Mind)" and "Scratchy Noise", Coldcut "Atomic Moog 2000", Kruder & Dorfmeister "Shakatakadoodub", Luke Vibert "Get Your Head Down", 2 Player "Extreme Possibilities (Wagon Christ mix)", Ashley Beedle Presents The Uschi Classen Band "Do You Believe In Love?" and DJ Vadim "London Mind State". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Ingebrigt Haker FlatenIngebrigt Haker Flaten Quintet ... CD
Jazzland (Norway), 2006. Used .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A riveting batch of tense, sly and stripped down string-laden jazz from the Norwegian scene – led by the thundering bass of Ingebrigt Haker Flaten – and one of the better releases in years from the ever-impressive Jazzland label! Flaten is familiar for collaborations with some of the brightest talents of both the Chicago and Norgwegian scenes – including work with Ken Vandermark's School Days, the incredible Thing project with Mats Gustafson and Paal Nilssen, and of course the mighty Atomic – but this great headlining set still caught us a little off guard. It shares a sensibility with Atomic in that it has roots planted firmly in the best free jazz of the past few decades. There's a sense of menace and a penchant for controlled cacophony – but it's still quite beautiful in spots and feels very much of the modern era. Players include Anders Hana on guitar, Ola Kvernberg on violin & mandolin, Klaus Ellerhusen Holm on baritone sax, alto sax and clarinet, and Fredrik Rundqvist on the kit. Another winner for Jazzland! Titles include "Maxwell's Silver Demon", "Playing", "Seemingly", Ceta", "Olja Og Gass", "Zardoz" and It's A Desperate Situation". CD
(Out of print.)

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New VariousNigeria Special – Modern Highlife, Afro Sounds, & Nigerian Blues 1970 to 1976 ... CD
Soundway (UK), Early 70s. Used 2CD .... Out Of Stock
Essential work from the African scene of the 70s – a collection of tracks that goes way beyond the more familiar grooves of Fela Kuti and Manu Dibango! The set may well be the deepest so far we've heard from the always-amazing Soundway Records – a package that digs into a wealth of under-heard music from early 70s Nigeria, all of it beyond simple stylistic definitions and overplayed world music cliches! Many of the grooves here are wonderfully unique – odd fusions of styles that include highlife, jazz, soul, Afrobeat, and other regional influences – sifted and shaken together, and spilled out in the studio with a really fresh sort of feel. Rhythms are at the core of most numbers here, but even those are often unfamiliar – skittish, soulful, and often somewhat playful – and the other instrumentation on the tracks is great too, and often resonates with some of the odd sounds and tunings we love in work on the Ethiopiques series. 2CD set features 26 tracks that include "Okwuke Na Nchekwube" by Celestine Ukwu & His Philosophers National, "Nekwaha Semi Colon" by The Semi Colon, "Osalobua Rekpama" by Sir Victor Owaifo & His Melody Maestros, "Onwu Ama Dike" by St Augustine & His Rovers Dance Band, "Feso Jaiye" by The Sahara All Stars Of Jos, "To Whom It May Concern" by Tunji Oyelana & The Benders, "Akula Owu Onyeara" by The Funkees, "Koma Mosi" by The Harbours Band, "Belema" by Opotopo, "Asiko Mi Ni" by Nigerian Police Force Band, "Alabeke" by Dan Satch & His Atomic 8 Dance Band, "Blak Sound" by Leo Fadaka & The Heroes, "Arraino" by Popular Cooper & His All Beats Band, "Ugali" by Tony Benson Sextet, "Akpaisong" by Etubom Rex Williams & His Nigerian Allstars, "Eguae Oba" by Osayomore Joseph & The Creative 7, "Torri Wowo" by Godwin Ezike & The Ambassadors, "Buroda Mase" by Bola Johnson & His Easy Life Top Beats, "I Want A Break Thru" by The Hykkers, and "Eguae Oba" by Osayomore Joseph & The Creative 7. CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
David BowieNext Day – Extra (2CDs/DVD) ... CD
Columbia, 2013. New Copy 2 CDs & DVD .... $24.99
A reworked version of David Bowie's Next Day album – presented here with a full bonus CD of extra material, and a DVD too! The style's darker and edgier than we've heard Bowie in years – kind of in "Joe The Lion" territory at times – given the fuzzy use of guitar, and raspy touches on the vocals and other instrumentation – almost as if the whole thing's got the same sort of back to basics approach that David found during his years in Berlin. Yet overall, there's more sweet moments too – some surprisingly warm tunes that, while not like contemporary pop hits, may well help remind the world that the Bowie star can still shine brightly in the right setting. Titles include "Dirty Boys", "The Next Day", "If You Can See Me", "Boss Of Me", "Dancing Out In Space", "Love Is Lost", and "Valentines Day". Bonus CD features the tracks "Plan", "Atomica", "I'd Rather Be High (Venetian mix)", "I'll Take You There", "Born In A UFO", "So She", and "The Informer". DVD features videos for "Where Are We Now", "The Stars Are Out Tonight", "The Next Day", and "Valentine's Day". CD
(DVD is NTSC coded, Region 0.)

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New Piero UmilianiIntrigo A Los Angeles ... CD
Beat (Italy), 1964. New Copy .... $18.99
Jazzy goodness from the wonderful Piero Umiliani – a set that's got some sweet instrumental touches from Chet Baker on trumpet, plus piano from Umiliani himself! The overall feel is very much in an early 60s crime jazz style – that best Italian groove before more mod and bossa-styled elements came into play – and in addition to trumpet and piano, instrumentation also features vibes and guitar that step out strongly on some of the best numbers! Most of the tunes are relatively short – more jazz themes than straight jazz tunes – but manage to say quite a lot with just a little. Titles include "Motel", "Idillio Giallorosa", "Jazz Bar", "Pedinamento", "Agguato", "Contagio Atomico", and "Ritmo Neutronico". CD also features two bonus tracks – "Agguato" and "Spogliarello Da Circo". CD
(Limited to 500 copies.)

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VariousMondo Bossa – Swinga Sambaby! ... CD
Premier (Italy), 1960s/1970s. New Copy .... $12.99
18 tracks – most of them rare Brazilian ones, and all with a great mix of jazz, bossa, and groovy rhythms! The sound is very mod and 60s – and there's more than a few here that we haven't seen reissued for a while. Titles include "Ponteio" by Som Psicodelico, "Balaio" by Sergio Carvalho, "Loneliness" by Nico Gomez, "Maracatu Atomico" by Osmar Milito, "Watermelon Man" by Som Psicodelico, "Fitipaldiando" by Nonato y Su Conjunto, "Candombe" by Dogliotti, "Summertime" by Ronsinha De Valencia, "Cantalope Island" by Osmar Milito, "Xamega De Ina" by Trio Motoco, and "Tim Dom" by Os Intocaives. CD