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New Burnt SugarSirens Return – Keep It Real 'Til It Flatlines ... CD
Trugroid, 2001. Used .... $6.99
The first part in Burnt Sugar's 2001 trilogy – a darkly jamming effort that's located somewhere at the "intersection of Stockhausen and Shorter"! The guitars are very strongly in the lead on this one – sounding almost like a Glen Branca-driven jamband, as Vernon Reid, Rene Akhan, Morgan Michael Craft, and Kirk Douglass jam like mad, and create dark waves of sound with a slightly soulful edge. Titles include "The Sirens Return", "Screamin Arthur Zafa", "Castles Made Of Sand", and "Two Bass Blipsch". CD

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New Burnt SugarBlack Sex Y'All Liberation & Bloody Random Violets ... CD
Trugroid, 2003. Used .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Arranger/producer Greg Tate and his titanic Burnt Sugar collective continues to ascend into its own intergalactic space station of heavy cosmic jamming, instrumental funky jazz, and wildly spacious trippiness with this double disc – by far the most unique and individualistic indie funk album we've heard in a long, long time! As on their previous sets, Burnt Sugar takes the past three or more decades worth of avant funk and jazz, from the celestial influence of Sun Ra projects, to the bass thumping righteousness of Blacksploitation soundtracks, to the dancefloor oriented 70s fusion funk of Larry Mizell's productions – but the loose collective looks as much inward and forward with their approach, giving the recordings as much of a profound newness as anything in the latter day avant garde. Organ, bass, guitars, strings, often quite ambient vocals and turntable effects are the order of the day – and the brew is truly unlike like anything else out there right now. They're not afraid of mixing the low with the high, either – the sweet soul jazz of the track "Fear" rolls from an echoey vocal showpiece for Lisala Beatty into a post-Bad Brains hardcore number, before transforming several more times within the 10+ minutes running time! It's that progressive spirit that highlights both discs. The band is relying on pre-written material much more here than on the more improvisational previous releases, but they were wise enough to keep the spacious groove that carried them so well in recent years. This double album represents Burnt Sugar's sixth release in four years. Keep 'em coming, kids! Disc one: "Funky Rich Medina", "Fear", "Mtume" (in two parts), "Drive Man/Freedom Day" and more. Disc two: "Moonchile", "Gibberish & Bushwack", "Ventris", "No Direction Home" (a suite of tracks) and more. It may take a bit of warming up to, but once you get it on Burnt Sugar is some pretty sweet stuff – and it gets more rewarding with every listen! CD

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New Burnt SugarCrepescularium ... CD
Trugroid, 2001. Used .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
This second part of Burnt Sugar's 2001 trilogy really picks up some energy from the first – fiercely jamming guitars mixing with dark soundscapes and filtered rhythms, soaring out in a complicated mass of sound that's every bit as adventurous as it is soulful. Features rhymes by Mugabe, vocals by Justice X and Lisala Beatty, and poems by Latasha Natasha Diggs and Shariff Simmons – and tracks include "Lunching With Mister Akhan", "Kirk Bit My Hand", "Fubraction", and "Take My Hand". CD
(Out of print.)

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New Burnt SugarMaking Love To The Dark Ages ... CD
Livewired, 2009. Used .... Out Of Stock
One of the best ever sets of sprawling, spacey soul funk and jazz from the impossible to pen in Burnt Sugar Arkestra Chamber – never an easy group to describe in a nutshell, and that's a good thing – their best work in years and their first effort for the Livewired label! Making Love To The Dark Ages is a weirdly apt title, starting out with kind of dark, bluesy soul backdrop for Lisala's vocal in the beginning of the opening three part suite "Chains And Waters", slowly building into a tense, free jazz groove that's unafraid to pepper it up with some psyche rock guitar, heady/heavy bass, keys and synth, sax and drums. Guitarist and group leader Greg Tate conducts a sprawling chamber with slightly altered lineups depending on the piece, with players including vocal chanteuse Lisala, fellow vocalists Jeremiah, Karma Johnson, Justice Dilla X (who moonlights on piano, too) and others, alto & tenor sax by Matana Roberts and Petre Radu Scafaru, synth by Bruce Mack, cello by Will Martina, acoustic and electric bass by Jason DiMatteo and Jared Michael Nicherson, drums by Chris Eddleton and Trevor Holden & others, guitars by Rene Akan, Vernon Reid, trombone by David Smith, trumpet by Lewis 'Flip' Barnes, Jr, – lots more instrumentation and orchestration. The record rolls in and out of evocative soul, bits of electro and hip hop soundcraft, spaced out astral jazz, sharp solos and textured bursts of noise – never sacrificing a confluent sense of togetherness for all of the diverse sounds. Titles include the suites "Chains And Water" and the title track, plus "Thorazine/81", "Love To Tical" and "Dominata (The Gabri Ballad)". CD