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Fania All-StarsLatin-Soul-Rock (remastered edition) ... CD
Fania, 1974. Used .... $33.99
A wicked batch of funky tracks from the Fania All Stars – one of their greatest albums, and one with a good story to boot! Supposedly, the group were all set to do an all-star concert with some very famous guests, but the whole thing turned out to be a disaster with lots of problems in the recording of the set. So, the ensemble retreated to the studio, where they cut a non-live version of the music that was supposed to be on the live album – hence the sub-title of the record, which is "How It Was, How It Ended, How It Was Going To Be!" The record is a real burner – one of the best 70s Fania funk sides – with loads of long tracks, killer jazz funk soloing, and guest work by players that include Manu Dibango, Jorge Santana, Billy Cobham, and Jan Hammer. The album includes great versions of "Soul Makossa" and "Viva Tirado", plus a very nice track called "Smoke", and the cuts "El Raton", "Congo Bongo", and "Chancullo". CD
(Out of print.)

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New Fania All-StarsLive At The Red Garter Vol 2 ... LP
Fania, 1972. New Copy (reissue).... $9.99
A Latin soul party – beyond compare! The album's a completely wonderful live set that really captures the energy, excitement, and warm sociability of the hip New York scene at the end of the 60s. The music is stunning – a freewheeling blend of jazz, soul, and Latin themes – played with effortless ease by a lineup that includes Joe Bataan, Ray Barretto, Willie Colon, Larry Harlow, Bobby Quesada, Louie Ramirez, Ralph Robles, and some of the other heavy-hitters of the Latin soul years. (Just imagine trying to get so many jazz or rock talents together on one stage – it would never happen!) The album's incredible – and even the spoken introductions and crowd noise really help set the feel of the era's mighty magic power! Titles on this second volume include "Kikapoo Joy Juice", "If This World Were Mine", "Richie's Bag", "Red Garter Strut", and "Son Cuero Y Boogaloo". Firey stuff, and one of their best records! LP, Vinyl record album

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Fania All-StarsViva La Charanga ... CD
Fania/Edenways (France), 1986. Used .... $11.99
The Fania All Stars pay tribute to a form that inspired many of its players – but which faded from Latin vogue before the group was properly formed in the late 60s. The session's a nice bit of retro Latin, with some strong late era salsa touches. Titles include "Guajira Con Tumbao", a great groover, plus "Hueso Y Pellejo", "Me Voy Pa Moron", "Naranjo Y Lucas", "Isla Del Encanto", and "Vacila Con Tu Trago". CD
(Out of print.)

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Bobby MontezViva Montez! ... CD
World Pacific/Melodias (Colombia), 1961. New Copy .... $12.99
An incredible album of Latin jazz! The great vibist Bobby Montez leads one of the hippest combos you'll ever hear on record – a modal quintet that grooves like no other Latin combo we can think of – topped with wonderful vibes from the leader, on an album that's totally unique – and even different than any of Bobby's other albums! The tracks are nicely jazzy, but with an exotic touch that gives them a wonderfully fresh feel – and Bobby and group sing spooky vocals on a number of tracks, chanting with the choruses in a way that's really cool – but which never takes away from the jazzy instrumentation. The whole thing's sublime – with piano from Carlos Avelar, timbales from Mike Gutierrez, and congas from Ray Rivera. Titles include "Jungle Stars", "Garden Of Allah", "My", "Guajiria Josephina", "But Heaven Knows", and "Brazilian". CD

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Bobby Vince PaunettoModern Sound Of Bobby Paunetto/El Sonido Moderno ... LP
Madri Gras, Mid 60s. New Copy (reissue).... $9.99
One of our favorite Latin jazz albums ever – and a truly amazing record! Bobby Pauntteo, aka Bobby Vince Paunetto, is probably best known for his groundbreaking Latin fusion albums of the NuYorican era – but this rare gem from the 60s shows that he was a really forward thinker, even at a younger age! The sound is incredibly hard to define – a blend of modal jazz, Latin rhythms, and a uniquely lyrical approach to the percussion that makes the record take off to places you'd never expect. Bobby's conception is mindblowing from start to finish – and the record's even got some wonderful tracks that feature English vocals on top of the hip vibes-driven sound of the instrumentation. A gem throughout – and the kind of record we'll take to the grave! Titles include "Aguantando", "Why Is Woody Sad?", "Mambo Sevilla", "El Senor Sid", and "Dig It Like It Is". Great stuff! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Pearly Queen/Wild WindQuit Jivin' – A Funk Anthology ... CD
Sound Triangle/Essential, Early 70s. New Copy .... $13.99 16.98
2 bands with silly names, but amazing grooves – all very much in the Chicano funk mode – making the CD an essential one if you dig Latinized soul of the early 70s! Both groups hailed from Miami, and follow firmly in the style of Coke – another Miami funk group from the time who've been a huge favorite amongst the beathead crowd. Pearly Queen's 11 tunes on the set have some really great guitar riffing – wailing away in a heavy mode that's certainly got a trace of rock, but which is much more in the style of some of our favorite funky 45s! Wild Wind follow up the groove with some fuller-sounding tracks – often done in a magnificent blend of bass, percussion, guitar, and organ that's clearly inspired by the LA scene, but which has some unique elements of southern funk! The set's got 20 tracks in all, and is a great introduction to these two wonderful groups. Titles by Pearly Queen include "Quit Jivin", "Move On", "Super Star", "Jungle Walk", and "To Be With You" – and titles by Wild Wind include "A Drink Or Two", "What We Can Do", "Make Your Move", and "I've Tried To Love You". Better notes and package than the previous reissue, too! CD

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New VariousViva Cubop! Vol 2 – Dance The Afro-Cuban Way ... CD
CuBop/Ubiquity, 2000. New Copy .... $5.99 16.98
Some of the best recent Latin Jazz around – all tied up in one slick package by those crafty folks at Cubop! In a world of silly "fake" Latin remake projects, Cubop's delivered some of the best straight Latin around – taking older giants and getting them back in the studio, as well as discovering rich new talents that have been gigging around the west coast in the underground scene. This set features a handsome batch of tracks from Cubop releases – including a few that you won't find easily – and titles include "Sandunga" by Dave Pike, "Herencia" by Bobby Matos, "Mujer Chicana" by Jazz On The Latin Side All Stars, "Sandra Malandra" by Marlon Simon, "La La La" by Jack Costanzo, "Jonny's Bugalu" by Grupo X, "Obalata" by Afroshock, and "Con Mi Guaguanco" by Ray Armando. CD

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Fania All-StarsLive At The Cheetah Vol 1 ... LP
Fania, 1971. Near Mint- (reissue).... Just Sold Out!
Killer early work by the Fania All Stars – caught live at the legendary Cheetah club, which was the heart of the New York salsa scene at the start of the 70s! The album is easily one of the best by the group – and features long tracks that really capture the jamming intensity that occurred on stage when this many great artists were brought together in one space – kind of the "next step" for the older descarga mode put forth at the start of the 60s, pushed forward into the prouder, more unified Latin scene of the 70s! All Stars on this date include Ray Barretto, Larry Harlow, Bobby Valentin, Willie Colon, Johnny Pacheco, and others – and titles on this first volume include "Quitate Tu", "Descarga Fania", and "Anaconda". LP, Vinyl record album

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New Francisco AguabellaH2O ... CD
CuBop/Ubiquity, 1999. New Copy .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of the greatest new albums from this legendary conga player! Although Francisco Aquabella is probably best known to Dusty Groove customers for his 70's funk classic "Hitting Hard", or his work with the group Malo – in recent years, he's emerged as quite an important player on the Latin jazz scene, and is starting to return to the recording scene in a strong way. This album slightly predates Aguabella's current efforts for Cubop, but it's a similar session, with an excellent Latin jazz groove, and a moody mellow feel that shows Aquabella's heritage as a west coast Latin player. Charles Owens is in the band on reeds, and most of the tracks are instrumentals, with only occasional vocal choruses. The Latin Jazz component of the album is very very strong – and this is a totally satisfying session throughout! Titles include "Short History", "Intensity", "Wood Place", and "Nena". CD

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New Cesar AscarrunzCesar 830 ... CD
Flying Dutchman/BGP (UK), 1975. New Copy .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Lost Latin funk from the Bay Area scene of the 70s – and an album that may well blow away better-known work by groups like Malo, Azteca, or El Chicano! The album's near-perfect right from the start – and brings in plenty of New York elements to the groove, thanks to the inclusion of a heady amount of jazz alongside the soul, Latin, and funk elements in the grooves! The legendary Teo Macero produced and arranged – and really takes a lot of care in the studio to focus the overall energy of the tremendous talents on the record – players who include Hadley Caliman on flute and tenor, Steve Marcus on soprano sax, Benny Velarde on timbales, and Francisco Aguabella on congas – plus the trio of Cesar, Mark Levine, and Merl Sanders on keyboards. Most numbers have this really full, flowing groove – jazzy, but with a strong emphasis on the rhythms – and often touched with some great work on guitar that echoes the Santana-inspired sound of the generation, yet never in a rock way at all. Linda Tillery sings vocals on a few numbers, but the main focus is definitely instrumental – and the whole album's great – with cuts that include "See Saw Affair", "Azucar", "Descarga", "The Devil & Montezuma", "Gotta Get Away", and "Bridges". CD