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Fabiano OrchestraButterfly Island (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Franck R/Disques Dessinee (Japan), 1978. New Copy ... $22.99
A rare gem from percussionist JF Fabiano – a really unique little set of jazzy grooves that was recorded in Martinique, and features musicians both from the European and American scenes of the 70s! There's some mighty great horn work on the set – thanks to work from guests Clifford Jordan on flute, Marvin Peterson on trumpet, and Carter Jefferson on soprano sax and tenor – but the real strength of the album comes from the rhythms – which are a complicated blend of Fabiano's work on drums, gong, kalimba, and other percussion – then augmented by other percussionists, and electrified with some sweet work on Fender Rhodes, clavinet, mini moog, and guitar! The result is a record that's got the sharpness of a fusion outing, but the organic touches of a spiritual jazz set – all crafted in a space that's far away from the influence of mainstream studios of the time. Bunny Brisset-Fabiano sings on a few tracks, but most of the set is instrumental – and titles include "Half Moon Bay", "West Indian Meditation", "Butterfly Island", "Pointe Des Chateaux", "Creole", and "For Ca Change". CD
Also available Butterfly Island (180 gram pressing) ... LP 29.99

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Manolo JuarezDe Aqui En Mas (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Trova/Disques Dessinee (Japan), 1975. New Copy ... $22.99
Really sublime, really unique piano trio work from Manolo Juarez – an obscure 70s session that has a feel that's unlike anything else we can think of! The set was done for the Trova label in Argentina, but it's got echoes of other South American modes throughout – maybe a bit of bossa guitar here, some Chilean flute there, and lots of the modern elements and shadings that a musician like Juarez was absorbing from the best players of the previous generation – both on his continent and the European one. The tunes have this balance of swing and sentiment, modern and folkloric – and the music is filled with a range of deeper, more melancholy moments – juxtaposed with bursts of pure joy. Titles include "La Ultima Palabra", "De Aqui En Mas", "La Loca", "Ya Me Voy Yendo", "La Telesita", and "Cueca De La Vina Nueva". CD

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Manolo JuarezTrio Juarez (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Disques Dessinee (Japan), 1970. New Copy ... $22.99
A really lovely bit of jazz from Argentine pianist Manolo Juarez – and a set that's completely different both from the usual jazz piano trio album, and from other South American jazz of the time! There's a sense of lyricism that seems inherited from the bossa nova generation in Brazil – but the music isn't bossa at all, and instead has these deep folksy lines on acoustic guitar – used in a style that echoes some of the Spanish modes of the time, but much more laidback. The phrasing, timing, and overall conception is extremely fresh and very fluid – and although Juarez plays an acoustic piano throughout, some of the tones almost feel like they've got a bit of electricity in them as well. Some occasional flute adds in a further lyrical element – and titles include "La Nochera", "Zamba De Usted", "La Tristecita", "Reominos", "Zamba Del Carnaval", and "Nunca Te Olvidamos". CD

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Oscar RocchiAlchemy In Jazz (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Minstrel/Disques Dessinee (Japan), 1980. New Copy ... $22.99
One of the most beautiful records we've ever heard from Italian pianist Oscar Rocchi – a set that still holds onto some of the modern elements of his music, but which also shows a warmly lyrical side as well! That latter quality really comes through strongly in the flute lines of Hugo Heredia – which grace about half the record, and have this flowing brilliance that really stands out – a quality that's nicely balanced with some harder trumpet lines from Sergio Fanni, who plays here with the same depth of soul as Heredia! Hugo also blows a bit of tenor on the album, too – creating a crackling energy when he does – but it's also clear that Rocchi's the real star of the show, with his bold command of the piano, his strong vision as a leader, and his great writing on all the album's original tracks. Other group members include Furio DiCastri on bass and Gianni Cazzola on drums – and titles include "Sulphur", "Rubedo", "Nigredo", "Gold Fast", "Solution", and "Mercury". CD

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Paul WeinerSpirale (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Electrecord/Disques Dessinee (Japan), 1970. New Copy ... $22.99
A very obscure player from the Romanian scene of the 70s – an acoustic pianist, but one who plays with the flow of a electric keyboardist – really opening up on the longer tracks on this rare album, with an especially great sense of his overall sound! Most numbers have just a core trio, but really sparkle with this special sort of magic – a sensibility that's quite different than most acoustic piano work of the time – even on the then-inventive European scene. Things get even better when a bit of flute comes in from Liviu Butoi – whose lyrical lines only deepen the soul of the record – and titles include "Plutire"", "Colinda", "Cautari", "Blues Ul Trenului", "Spirale", and "Reportajul Timpului". CD

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New Manolo JuarezTiempo Reflejado (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Disques Dessinee (Japan), 1977. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A rare and beautiful album from pianist Manolo Juarez – who came from the same Argentine scene as Gato Barbieri and Astor Piazzolla – and a musician with a similar sense of moving older modes forward very strongly! The music here is jazz at the outset, but filled with lots of compelling little elements that push it way past the usual – a richer sense of feeling and sentiment that almost bridges towards some European players of the time, but which still retains some core folkloric elements that are definitely Argentine. Yet the overall execution is very 70s as well – including some great use of Fender Rhodes by Juarez, and instrumentation that also includes electric bass and guitar, light strings, and some occasional bandoneon from Dino Saluzzi, who'd later record a fair bit for ECM. Titles include "Chacarera Sin Segunda", "Para El Chango Farias Gomez", "Zamba De Lozano", and "Horas Malgastadas". CD

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New Manolo JuarezTrio Juarez + 2 (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Disques Dessinee (Japan), 1972. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Really wonderful music from Argentine pianist Manolo Juarez – a set hat doesn't just have his trio augmented by the two elements promised in the title – but by a shifting array of sounds from guitar, vibes, quena, and even a bit of voice as well! The music is jazz, but with lots of Argentine touches as well – not really tango, but echos of older folkloric inspiration which come through in a really beautiful way – almost like some of Charlie Haden's South American inspirations, or elements from the Latin America chapter dates from Gato Barbieri – but much more focused and stripped-down to their core. The sound is wonderful – very unique – and titles include "Cancionera", "La Equivoca", "Loca De Amor", "La Bacha", "Luna Tucumana", "La Telesita", and "Vidalita De La Mama". CD