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Wes MontgomeryFull House ... LP
Riverside/OJC, 1962. New Copy (reissue)... $15.99 17.98
With grooves this great, the house must have been full – and the album's a gem of an early live date by Wes Montgomery, recorded in Berkeley with a quartet that includes Johnny Griffin on tenor, Wynton Kelly on piano, Paul Chambers on bass, and Jimmy Cobb on drums! The tunes have a nicely cooking feel throughout – even when they're more gentle ones – and the record's a good reminder that outside of the studio, Wes could sometimes play with a bit more force on the strings – raspily hitting notes that explode off the guitar with tremendous precision and a good deel of feeling. Titles include the Montgomery originals "Full House", "SOS", and "Cariba", plus the tunes"Blue N Boogie" and "Come Rain Or Come Shine". LP, Vinyl record album

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Grassella OliphantGrass Is Greener ... LP
Atlantic, 1967. New Copy (reissue)... $9.99
A sweet soulful set from drummer Grasella Oliphant – one of two legendary albums cut for Atlantic Records in the 60s – and the one with a very heavy-hitting lineup! The vibe here is somewhere between Blue Note Hammond dates and soul jazz on Prestige Records in the mid 60s – as Grasella leads a totally great group with John Patton on Hammond, Grant Green on guitar, and Harold Ousley on tenor – making a really great appearance here, and having us wish he did more dates like this! Clark Terry's also on the set to punch things up on trumpet and flugelhorn – and titles include a killer break version of "Get Out Of My Life Woman", with some very tasty drums – plus "Cantaloupe Woman, "The Yodel", "The Latter Days", "Rapid Shave", and "Soul Woman". LP, Vinyl record album

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New Quartetto Di LuccaQuartetto (with bonus CD) ... LP
RCA/Rearward (Italy), 1962. New Copy (reissue)... $26.99
A bracingly fresh combination of vibes, piano, bass, and drums – and a real standout set of modern jazz from the Italian postwar years! At first glance, the lineup of the group is relatively conventional – forged with the same instrumentation as the Modern Jazz Quartet or George Shearing group – but from the very first note of the record, you know that the sound is something quite different indeed – a bold new musical vision, carried off perfectly! The rhythms here are especially unique – often chopped up and slightly skittish – so that the vibes and piano are often handling rhythmic duties as often as melodic ones – rolling along with the bass and drums in a set of beautiful changes and timings that explode with color and life. Players include Vito Tommaso on piano, Giovanni Tommaso on bass, Antonello Vannucchi on vibes, and Giampiero Giusti on drums – and titles include "Quartetto", "Soft Winds", "Estate 61", "Gabry", "Blues For Carole No 2", and "Like Someone In Love". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the CD, too!)

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Sun RaContinuation ... LP
Saturn, 1963. New Copy (reissue)... $9.99
Mindblowing music from Sun Ra & The Arkestra – sounds recorded during the same marathon session that gave the world the records Other Planes Of There, When Sun Comes Out, and When Angels Speak Of Love – but titles that are much more obscure overall! The initial release of the material featured very misleading notes, but the true details of the session are even more impressive – as Ra plays a variety of unusual instruments alongside piano – including the piano strings, space organ, and clavioline – alongside some sublime straight horn work from John Gilmore on tenor, Marshall Allen on alto and oboe, Pat Patrick on baritone, Danny Davis on alto and clarinet, Walter Miller on trumpet, Robert Cummings on bass clarinet, and Ali Hasaan on trombone! The lineup here has that raw power the Arkestra first unleashed after their initial move to New York – almost a sense of new freedom in the new environment – even at a time when they weren't clicking on a financial level, but still continued to push forward with new ideas in music! Some passages have this great approach that links the cosmic ideas of the Arkestra with older traditions of jazz soloing – while others reflect the growing concern of the group with new textures and sounds – making for some very impressive elements on both the horns and percussion. The group is completed by Ronnie Boykins on bass, Art Jenkins on space voice and percussion, and Tommy Hunter on drums, percussion, and some mighty nice reverb – and titles include "Biosphere Blues", "Intergalactic Research", "Earth Primitive Earth", "New Planet", and "Continuation To Jupiter Festival". LP, Vinyl record album

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Jerome RichardsonMidnight Oil ... LP
Prestige, 1958. New Copy (reissue)... $9.99
One of the few 50s albums as a leader from reedman Jerome Richardson – a hell of a player who made so many other folks' records sound great! Richardson plays both tenor and flute on the album – the latter of which is a real surprise, as it's got a moodier quality than on some of his other sessions of the period – often opting for soulful and subtle notes instead of more sprightly modes, and really showing some new range for the instrument in jazz. His tenor is great too – and really gets a nice showcase on side one – amidst a group that also includes Jimmy Cleveland on trombone, Hank Jones on piano, Kenny Burrell on guitar, Joe Benjamin on bass, and Charlie Persip on drums. Titles include "Way In Blues", "Minorally", "Caravan", "Lyric", and "Delirious Trimmings". LP, Vinyl record album

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Art BlakeyCaravan ... LP
Riverside/OJC, 1962. New Copy (reissue)... Around August 5, 2014
A killer set from Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – not a Blue Note album, but probably one of their best from the time that isn't! The group at this point are a sextet – a lineup that changed the way that Blakey grooved, with Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Wayne Shorter on tenor, Curtis Fuller on trombone, and Cedar Walton on piano. Tracks are long and open, with a bouncing lyrical groove that's more soaring than some of the heavy-hitting earlier albums, but no less pleasing – and possibly even a bit more soulful! Titles include "Sweet N Sour", "This Is For Albert", "Skylark", and "Thermo". LP, Vinyl record album

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Miles DavisCollectors Items ... LP
Prestige/OJC, 1953/1956. New Copy (reissue)... Around August 25, 2014
A session of "collectors items" that Miles Davis recorded for Prestige in the 50s – both dates that were too short to be issued as albums by themselves, combined here into one full length record! The first batch of material is from 1953 – and features Davis working with Sonny Rollins and Charlie Parker (playing here under his "Charlie Chan" session name) – all in a mode that steps off a bit from the boppishness of Davis' Blue Note recordings. Titles include 2 takes of "Serpent's Tooth", plus "Round Midnight" and "Compulsion". The second half of the record is from 3 year later, 1956 – and again features Rollins, plus Tommy Flanagan on piano, Paul Chambers on bass, and Art Taylor on drums. Tracks are a bit longer and more mature in the Davis idiom – and titles include "In Your Own Sweet Way", "Vierd Blues", and "No Line". LP, Vinyl record album

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Lou DonaldsonLush Life (75th Anniversary Edition) ... LP
Blue Note, 1967. New Copy (reissue)... Around August 25, 2014
An unusual session from the heart of Lou Donaldson's return to Blue Note in the late 60s – a mellower date that stands in strong contrast to his funkier albums of the time! As you might guess from the title, there's a lusher feel going on here – one that has Lou's alto sax augmented by larger backings from Duke Pearson – who manages to score things perfectly with a balance of soul and sophistication. The album's hardly a "Donaldson with strings" date – and instead is done in the more mature mode that Duke was using in some of his own sides from the time, and on work with players like Donald Byrd or Stanley Turrentine. Other players here include Wayne Shorter on tenor, Pepper Adams on baritone, Jerry Dodgion on alto and flute, Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, and Garnett Brown on trombone – plus core rhythms from the trio of McCoy Tyner on piano, Ron Carter on bass, and Al Harewood on drums. Titles include "Sweet Slumber", "The Good Life", "Sweet & Lovely", "Stardust", and "You've Changed" – and the album was recorded in the 60s, it was only first issued in Japan in 1980 – and even then only later in the US! LP, Vinyl record album
Also available Lush Life (RVG remaster edition) ... CD 5.99

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Herbie HancockSpeak Like A Child (75th Anniversary Edition) ... LP
Blue Note, 1968. New Copy (reissue)... Around August 25, 2014
A very sweet, and oft-overlooked session that has Herbie mixing a nice dose of lyricism into his usual soul jazz approach from the 60s! The sound's a bit farther-reaching than on some of Herbie's smaller group sessions – and the record features a sextet that includes Ron Carter, Mickey Roker, Jerry Dodgion, Thad Jones, and Peter Phillips – all soaring with the warmth and introspection that was showing up in some of the best Blue Notes from the time. The harder-hitting soul jazz riffs and hooks are nicely replaced by more thoughtful lines that get a bit deeper, soufully – and nearly all tracks on the set are originals by Hancock! The album's filled with great moments – and tracks include "The Sorcerer", "Riot", and "Goodbye To Childhood". LP, Vinyl record album

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Freddie HubbardSing Me A Song Of Songmy (180 gram pressing) ... LP
Atlantic/Music On Vinyl (UK), 1971. New Copy (reissue)... Around August 25, 2014
One of Freddie Hubbard's wildest records ever – a really unique experiment with electronics, and a set that sounds way different than his other albums for Atlantic, Blue Note, or CTI! The key factor here is experimentalist Ilhan Mimaroglu – who adds lots of electronics and processed sounds to the set – blended with Freddie's more soulful lines on trumpet – to create a style that's almost a jazz version of musique concrete! In fact, at times, you forget that Hubbard's playing at all, as the wash of noise overtakes the force of some of his solos – and titles include "Threnody For Sharon Tate", "The Crowd", and "What A Good Time For Kent State". LP, Vinyl record album
Also available Sing Me A Song Of Songmy ... LP 9.99

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Jerzy MilianBazaar ... LP
Polskie Nagrania/GAD (Poland), 1969. New Copy (reissue)... Around September 1, 2014
An incredible record from Jerzy Milian – easily one of the hippest vibes players in Europe in the 60s, and a key member of the Polish jazz scene that also included Krzystof Komeda and Tomasz Stanko! The album's an extremely evocative session that features Milian's vibes and marimba mostly in a spare trio setting – stepping out with a highly chromatic tone that has echoes of Bobby Hutcherson's straighter Blue Note work of the 60s, but which also flows out with a unique sense of color and timing. A few tracks feature great wordless vocals from singer Ewa Wanat of the Novi Singers – drifting along with the tunes in a haunting way that has a bit of a soundtrack feel – and the album also features a bit of guest flute from Janusz Mych. Titles include "Bazar W Aszchabadzie", "Tempus Jazz 67", "Serial Rag", "Valse Ex Cathedra", and "My Favourite Band". LP, Vinyl record album
Also available Bazaar (with bonus tracks) ... CD 16.99

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Bud PowellAmazing Bud Powell Vol 1 (75th Anniversary Edition) ... LP
Blue Note, 1953. New Copy (reissue)... Around August 25, 2014
The first 12" LP to compile Bud Powell sides for Blue Note – nearly all of which were some of his best work of the 50s! The incredible pianist is caught here in the company of a few different trios – with drummers like Roy Haynes or Max Roach – and there's also a few nice large group tracks, with Fats Navarro and Sonny Rollins joining in. It's rare to hear Powell in such a setting, as the bulk of his work during the time was trio sessions – and the recordings here – "Dance of The Infidels", "Wail", "Bouncing With Bud", and "52nd St. Theme" – are some of his best. LP, Vinyl record album