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Toshiko AkiyoshiToshiko's Piano (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Verve (Japan), 1953. New Copy .... $26.99
Tremendous early work from Japanese pianist Toshiko Akioshi – recorded during her initial years in the US, and with a bop-heavy style that makes Toshiko one of the hardest-hitting female players of her generation! The Bud Powell influence is very strong here, but Akioshi's also showing a more lyrical side too – that richer sense of tone and color she's unfurl in later large group recordings – already pretty amazing here in a small combo set with Ray Brown on bass, JC Heard on drums, and Herb Ellis on guitar. The guitar rings out beautifully alongside the piano – and titles include "Shadrack", "Squatty Roo", "Solidado", "Laura", and "Toshiko's Blues". CD
(SHMCD pressing.)

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Larry Gelb TrioLove Songs Of Ian Ops ... CD
I Am, 2013. New Copy .... $13.99
Beautiful work from pianist Larry Gelb – and a set that's as evocative as its title! Gelb balances his own great compositions with a host of well-chosen older numbers – standards, but tunes that are reworked here to fit in alongside the personal voice he brings to his own music – that lyrical sense of feeling that Larry is able to illuminate in these wonderfully understated ways. The trio's nicely balanced with bass from Cameron Brown and drums from Michael Stephens – and titles include the Gelb originals "The Love Song Of Ian Ops", "Fried Cicadas", "Laura Morante", and "Persipitation" – plus versions of "Monica", "Hush A Bye", "Love Walked In", and "Luiza". CD

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Bennie GreenBennie Green Blows His Horn ... CD
Prestige (Japan), 1955. New Copy .... $22.99
Bennie Green blows his horn – and really blows us away in the process! Green emerges here as one of the most biting trombonists of the postwar years – a player who can handle his instrument with a deftness usually heard more on a trumpet – a sense of phrasing that's incredibly sharp and on the money, and which mixes here with some wicked lead lines from Charlie Rouse on tenor sax! Rouse has all his early gutbuckety tones firmly intact – and steps out here in a group that also features Cliff Smalls on piano, Paul Chambers on bass and Osie Johnson on drums. Candido plays conga on half the record – and titles include the classic "Groovin the Blues", plus "Body & Soul", "Say Jack", "Sometimes I'm Happy", "One Track", "Hi Yo Silver", and "Laura". CD
(SHMCD pressing.)

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Alan Skidmore/Leszek ZadloEgo Recordings (Thoughts/Morning Rise/SOH/European Jazz Quintet) (4CD set) ... CD
Ego/Organic (Germany), Late 70s. New Copy 4 CDs .... $44.99
A treasure trove of rare work from the obscure German Ego label – four different albums, all of them great – packaged here in tiny LP-styled covers too! The set's especially noteworthy for the work of British saxophonist Alan Skidmore – working here on some of his best material of the late 70s – records that easily rival the best sides cut back home in the UK, but which also have a very different feel and flavor! On Morning Rise, Skidmore plays tenor and soprano sax, alongside Gerd Dudek, who also plays both horns too – in these long, textural lines that merge and diverge nicely with Skidmore's – creating these majestic shapes in sound, before then taking off towards much more powerful solos. Rhythm is from Adelhard Rodiginger on bass and Lala Kovacev on drums – and titles include "Morning Rise", "Macedonian Market", "Dr Les Mosses", and "Nakemiin". SOH is a trio outing from Alan Skidmore, drummer Tony Oxley, and bassist Ali Haurand – hence the title – and the set really allows Skidmore to expand on some of his most open, expressive lines on tenor and soprano sax! Tracks are quite long, and build with this almost late-Coltrane sort of energy – almost glowing with a sense of spirituality that's pushed along strongly by the reed lines. Titles include "One Two Free", "Das Ist Alice", "Lost In WG", and "Trio Nr 10". European Jazz Quintet features tremendous reeds from the trio of Alan Skidmore, Gerd Dudek, and Leszek Zadlo – all of whom play both tenor and soprano sax – and work alongside the bass of Ali Haurand and drums of Pierr Courbois! The set features two long tracks – "Das Ist Alice" and "Miss B" – both of them balanced nicely on the cusp between European free jazz and some stronger spiritual jazz structures, in a very nice way. Last up is Thoughts, from Leszek Zadlo – a record that has Zadlo on both flute and tenor, working with the excellent Ego Records rhythm trio of Joe Haider on piano, Isla Eckinger on bass, and Joe Nay on drums! The sound is quite different than other Ego sessions with the trio – as the tracks here build very slowly, often through the initial utterings of Zadlo on his reeds – kind of growing into a spiritually expressive style that gets increasingly focused as the set goes on – in ways that are a nice change from European free jazz. Titles include "Two Friends", "Some Body", "Struggle", and "Thoughts". CD

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New Ethan Iverson, Albert Tootie Heath, & Ben StreetLive At Smalls ... CD
Smalls Live, 2009. New Copy .... Just Sold Out!
An amazing little record from a trio that features pianist Ethan Iverson, bassist Ben Street, and drummer Albert Tootie Heath – way more than you'd expect from the outside, and proof again that these Live At Smalls albums are some incredible gems! Iverson's a player with a great sense of history, yet one who also really wants to move his references forward too – and his freely improvisational style of these tunes is just wonderful – beginning with a respect for his elders, yet really going past any obvious direction in its execution! Both Street and Heath are key elements too – but Iverson's playing is what really holds our attention here – and we'll admit that our entry to the record was also guided by his extremely thoughtful notes as well. Expect way more than you'd guess – on titles that include "Little Melonae", "Pound Cake", "Good Bait", "Dance Of The Infidels", "Laura", and "Chelsea Bridge". CD
Also available Live At Smalls ... CD 6.99

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New George BraithMusart ... CD
Prestige/Dusty Groove, 1967. New Copy .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of our favorite-ever albums on Prestige Records from the 60s – and a set that's a fair bit different than most of the other work on the label! The set's an unusual outing for saxophonist George Braith – cut after his famous albums for Blue Note, and in a mode that's quite different – very far-reaching, and almost spiritual at points – with the blend of jazz and other modes that you might find on the Cadet/Concept sessions in late 60s Chicago! Braith plays a wide assortment of saxes – c-melody, alto and soprano – but his playing here is a bit different than the Roland Kirk-like vibe of before – sometimes more stretched-out and exploratory, in a Nathan Davis sort of vibe – sometimes wrapped up in some larger explorations from the whole group. There's moments of raw percussion with echoey production, others with wordless vocals floating alongside the lead soloist, and still others that have that catchy blend of soul jazz and exoticism you'd find in the music of Eddie Harris or Yusef Lateef – even though Braith here is completely his own artist too! The set features Jane Getz on piano, Jay Carter and Eddie Diehl on guitar, and Ben Dixon on drums – but there's also a lot of percussion, both Latin and otherwise, from a shifting lineup of players. The whole thing's wonderful – and titles include "Del's Theme", "Musart", "Evelyn Anita", "Our Blessing", "Laura", and "Splashes Of Love". CD
(On the Dusty Groove label.)

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New Terry PollardTerry Pollard ... CD
Bethlehem/Solid (Japan), 1955. New Copy .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of the few female pianists in 50s jazz – the great Terry Pollard, a player who's usually associated with the Detroit scene, but who works here in a hip west coast setting for Bethlehem Records! The date's got Terry's strong piano in a quintet – with Don Fagerquist on trumpet and Howard Roberts on guitar – both musicians who bring a strong sense of presence to the group passages on the date, but who are also more than willing to step aside and let Pollard really flourish on her solos during some of the album's trio tracks. Terry's sometimes got this bite that's a bit unusual for Bethlehem – a nice nod to her Detroit roots – and the group also features Herman Wright on bass and Frank DeVito on drums. Titles include "Laura", "Fedj", "Emaline", "Almost Like Being In Love", and "Where Or When". CD

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New Smith-Glamann QuartetPoinciana ... CD
Bethlehem/Solid (Japan), 1955. New Copy .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of the most unusual groups to ever record for Bethlehem Records in the 50s – a special combo that's led by Betty Glamann on harp and Rufus Smith on bass – and who work here with an airy sound that's pretty darn nice! Glamann beats Dorothy Ashby on the jazz harp by a few years, and uses the instrument in a great style that's plucked one minute, strummed the next – creating these waves of sound that ring out wonderfully next to Smith's careful work on bass. Other instrumentation includes guitar from Barry Galbraith, drums from Frank Garisto, and accordion from Nick Perito – but the main focus is often on Glamann's instrument, which gets plenty of room for solo space. The overall sound is pretty cool, as the stringed instruments intertwine with the accordion lines, making for a dream mix of melodies – and titles include "Poinciana", "Liza", "Laura", "Now Get Out", "Lotus Land", and "Pulling Strings". CD

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New Stan Getz with Joao GilbertoBest Of Two Worlds ... CD
Sony (Japan), 1976. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
A wonderful return ot the sounds of Brazil for Stan Getz – a 70s album that reunites him with Joao Gilberto, but in a style that's somewhat different than the pair's older Verve recordings! The sound here is looser, freer – more in that breezy Brazilian mode that evolved out of the initial bossa years – and Stan's tenor sounds great in the setting, with those loose yet heartfelt lines we love so much from this period! Joao's great too – somehow even more "present" on the record than before, with that amazing ability to do so much with so little – as on some of his own great 70s recordings. Miucha contributes some English language vocals to the record alongside Joao's Portuguese ones, and Oscar Castro Neves handled the arrangements with a nicely stripped-down style that has plenty of focus on the percussion and rhythms. Titles include a sublime English language version of "Aqua De Marco (Waters Of March)", plus the tracks "Double Rainbow", "Falsa Bahiana", "Ligia", "Izaura", "Eu Vim Da Bahia", and "E Preciso Perdoar". CD
(Blue Spec CD2.)

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New Paquito D'Rivera & Trio CorrenteSong For Maura ... CD
Sunnyside, 2013. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
Paquito D'Rivera playing here in a beautiful Brazilian mode – one that recalls the style of older choro recordings, but which still has some of Paquito's Cuban soul as well! Clarinet is the most effective instrument in this setting, and is used often, with some wonderfully deep inflections – but D'Rivera also plays some nice alto sax as well – really soaring out in the setting of the Trio Correte – a group that features Fabio Torres on piano, Paulo Paulelli on bass, and Edu Ribeiro on drums! The vibe of the record is wonderful – never forced or hokey, and handled in a really respectful way – at a level that reminds us a lot of the best instrumental productions from the Brazilian Biscoito Fino label. Titles include "Ceu E Mar", "Song For Maura", "Chorinho Par Voce", "For Leny", "Tem Do", "Recife Blues", and "Saidera". CD

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New Ken McIntyreYear Of The Iron Sheep ... CD
United Artists/EMI (Japan), 1962. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
One of the rare hip sides recorded by Alan Douglas during his brief tenure at United Artists – and a key bit of avant jazz that's well worth seeking out! Ken McIntyre was one of the key underground modernists of the early 60s – and apart from a record on New Jazz with Eric Dolphy, most of his other work from the time is quite hard to find. This sublime album from the early 60s features McIntyre in two hip groups – one with bassist Ahmed Abdul-Malik, pianist Ed Stoute, and trombonist John M Lewis; the other with Jaki Byard on piano, Ron Carter on bass, and Louis Hayes or Ben Riley on drums. McIntyre plays alto and flute in a mode that's very much in the best Dolphy manner – with a nascent sense of spiritualism mixed with a flurry of new stylistic techniques. The album features 5 originals by McIntyre – including "Arisin", "Say What", and "Cosmos" – plus a moody reading of "Laura". CD

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New Third EyeConnexion ... CD
Ring/Sonorama (Germany), 1977. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
Wonderfully wild funky jazz from the 70s – played by an obscure group in Germany, and originally only issued as a small-pressing sound library set! The music's way more than you might expect – a tremendous mix of electric and acoustic reeds with some sweet Fender Rhodes lines – all spun out in a style that's hipper than CTI at its best, and maybe even hipper than most 70s electric work on European labels too! The style is never too jamming at all – and instead has this great sense of space that really makes the grooves great, especially the Fender Rhodes lines from keyboardist Rob Van Den Broeck – which are balanced nicely with reed solos from the legendary Wilton Bogey Gaynair and fusion whiz Gerd Dudek. The music is quite far from the usual fusion style, and has this openness that's really wonderful – not what you'd expect from a sound library label, given that the tracks all push near the ten minute mark, with lots of room for solos. The group also features Frank Kollges on drums, Ali Haurand on bass, and Steve Boston on congas – and titles include "The Healer", "Maroon Dance", "Landings", and "Ogetnom". CD