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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
CuriEl Curi En La Habana ... CD
Institution (Denmark), 2001. Used ... $1.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Alkibar GignorLa Paix ... LP
Mississippi, 2012. New Copy ... $8.99
A group with a great blend of old and new modes – a mix of rootsy sounds from their native Mali, and some more focused guitar lines that really help revolutionize their music! The notes bill Alkibar Gignor as a "garage rock band" – and while we think that's a bit of a stretch, as there's not that much rock in their music, there is a nicely gritty style of production that really helps them keep their edge – a slightly muddy mode that's a great contrast from some of the "too clean" Mali recordings out there in recent years! The vocals get distorted at times, and the guitar workouts almost verge on fuzz – even though they spin out in clear lines that are much more Malian than Anglo – and the drums have a bumping quality under the vocal interplay, bringing an unexpected vibe to the record. Titles include "Adounia", "Lahidou", "Aniya", "Adibara", "Tamala", and "Dakou". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tabu Ley & Mbilia BelLa Beaute D'une Femme ... LP
Sonodisc (France), 1985. Very Good+ ... $6.99
LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousKosmopolis/Que Se Mueran Las Feas/Roxana La Coresana/Eureka ... CD
Blue Moon (Spain), Late 20s. Used ... $8.99
Zarzuelas from the late 20's recorded in Barcelona and Madrid. CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Paco De LuciaLa Fabulosa Guitarra De Paco De Lucia ... CD
Philips/Universal (Japan), 1967. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
An early gem from the great guitarist Paco DeLucia – and one of the first to feature his solo instrument right out front in the mix, without support from another player or any large arrangements! The setting is breathtaking – incredibly deft guitar lines, with a style rooted in flamenco, but a level of personal expression that's quite different – a rich new voice on the acoustic guitar, at a time when it already seemed like the instrument had been explored fully by so many others! The album's a landmark, and is filled with treasures that include "Gitanos Trianeros", "Impetu", "El Tajo", "Llora La Siguiriya", "Jerenza", and "Punta Umbria". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Paco De LuciaLa Fabulosa Guitarra De Paco De Lucia ... LP
Philips, Mid 70s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
LP, Vinyl record album
(Spanish pressing in an alternate cover.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New DJ Cheb I SabbahLa Kahena ... CD
Six Degrees, 2005. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
(Barcode has some marker.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Na Hawa DoumbiaLa Grande Cantatrice Malienne Vol 3 (plus download) ... LP
Awesome Tapes From Africa, 1982. New Copy (reissue)... Out Of Stock
An early recording by Malian singer Na Hawa Doumbia – made in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in 1982 – which finds her backed by guitar, keyboards and raw drums that starkly frame her voice in a great way! It's that voice that really carries this recording – it's piercing, emotional and beautiful – and the raw accompaniment serves her really well. The set has 4 long, hypnotic songs: titles include "Ko Ro Dia (A Mamaye Drame L'Inoubliable)", "Dan Te Dinye La", "Sanaya (A Sidi Konate Pour Tourjours)" and "Kungo Sogoni". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes a limited coupon for MP3 download.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Ibo ComboLa Fraicheur ... CD
Rotel, 1976. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Great rolling grooves from the mid 70s – a Haitian combo who work here with plenty of jazzy touches! Guitar is often layered strongly in the rhythms – in ways that link the music strongly to African highlife of the same period – with lots of lively interplay alongside the group's tight percussion, organ lines, and work on sax and flute. Some cuts have vocals, but the instrumental interplay is what really drives the record – and tracks include "La Fraicheur", "Reve Douce", "Souffrance", "Naked", "Relem Ta Rele", and "Good Vibrations". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New BelenouChimen Ta La ... LP
Leritage (France), 1983. New Copy 2 LP Gatefold (reissue)... Out Of Stock
A really unique little record – and one with a trans-Atlantic heritage too! The sounds here are all from Martinique, but are heavy in African roots as well – and offer up a criss-crossing of rhythmic and tropical modes that's mighty unique! The grooves have some vocals, but are often mostly focused on the instrumental interplay – some great percussion that moves at a very skittish pace – topped with these guitar lines that are both light and jagged, and which have a pulsing rhythmic intensity that's pretty darn hypnotic! Horns are nice, and get some great solos too – and there's a quality the record that's both airy and deep at the same time. Titles include "Chimen Ta La", "Bochet", "Ansinel", "Flabo Pep La", "Omaj Pou Danyel", and "Endepandans". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Eldorado OrchestraLa Vie/Chitio Bouman Melaye/Assokpe/N'pete Koewoun ... 7-inch
Djima (France), Early 70s. Used (pic cover)... Out Of Stock
7-inch, Vinyl record
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New AssagaiZimbabwe ... CD
Philips/Keyhole (UK), 1971. New Copy ... $16.99
One of the hippest blends of African roots and psychedelic sounds ever – a tremendous record from the UK scene at the start of the 70s! The group is a unique blend of the jazz elements of the Blue Notes group from South Africa – Mongezi Feza on trumpet, Dudu Pukwana on alto and vocals, and Louis Moholo on drums – with some rock touches from guitarist Fred Coker, and Ghanian elements on percussion and vocals from Terri Quays! Most of the other players have strong jazz backgrounds, and because of that the set's got a style that's different than the usual Afro rock outing of its type – more far-reaching and cosmic overall, with some especially great passages from Feza, Pukwana, and Coker. Jade Warrior make a guest appearance too – and titles include "Barazinbar", "Wanga", "La La", "Dalani", "Bayeza", "Sanga", "Come Along", and "Kinzambi". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
BalojiKinshasa Succursale ... CD
Crammed (Belgium), 2011. New Copy ... $12.99 13.98
One of the most compelling combinations of global styles we've heard in awhile – a great second set from Belgian-Congolese artist Baloji! The set's got an unusual approach that's rooted in African instrumentation, run through European filters, and imbued with a bit of hip hop energy – particularly in Baloji's sharply-spoken lyrics – which are more bold messages than straight hip hop rhymes – especially set amidst some of the warmer, more flowing musical passages. The set features guest work from a wide range of talents – including Konono No.1, soukous stars Zaïko Langa Langa, American soul maverick Amp Fiddler, brass band Fanfare La Confiance, and the choir Choeur La Grace – all of whom leave their unique imprint on the set – creating a great sense of change as the music flows along. Titles include "Tshena Ndekela", "De L'Autre Cote De La Mere", "Genese 89", "Kesho", "Tout Ceci Ne Vous Rendra Pas Le Congo", "Nazongi Ndako", and "Karibu Ya Bintou". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Paco De LuciaEl Duende Flamenco De Paco De Lucia ... CD
Philips/Universal (Spain), 1972. Used ... $14.99
The album may have "flamenco" in the title, but in the hands of Paco De Lucia, the style is something else entirely – a richly personal vision of music – played by Paco with incredible deftness on the guitar, yet with a way that's never trying to show off, or bury feeling with any overdone sense of technique! Instead, De Lucia creates this really special sort of magic on the instrument – unlocking amazing tones and colors with effortless ease – all with the energy you might expect from a free jazz musician on the instrument, yet always directed in a tuneful, musical way. The album's a key early accomplishment from Paco – and although some tracks have light additional strings, these are used very gently to shade in the background, and still leave the set with the feeling of a solo album overall. Titles include "Percusion Flamenca", "Barrio La Vina", "De Madruga", "Cuando Canta El Gallo", "Canestera", "Punta Del Faro", and "Farolillo De Ferria". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Dengue FeverVenus On Earth ... CD
M80 Music, 2008. Used ... $9.99
Moody, kind of sultry and pulpy Cambodian rock, LA style – perhaps the best record yet from Dengue Fever! The backdrop of keys, horns, guitars, percussion and bass has never sound as measured, loose and assured as it does on Venus On Earth – with Chhom Nimol reminding us of the sweetness out front of the raucous, exuberant sounds of 60s underground Cambodian rock, and living up to that legacy quite well! Titles include "Seeing Hands", "Clipped Wings", "Tigher Phone Card", "Sober Driver", "Monsoon Of Perfume", "Integration", "Oceans Of Venus", "Tooth And Nail" and "Mr Orange". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
El RegoEl Rego (plus bonus 45 & download) ... LP
Daptone/Voodoo Funk, Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy LP & 7 Inch ... $16.99
Monumental Afro Soul from El Rego Et Ses Commandos – El Rego's best recordings from the late 60s to early 70s – a beautifully done compilation put together by Daptone and Frank Gossner, the deep digging West African music expert behind Voodoo Funk! Theophile Do-Rego is a legend in his native Benin, essentially credited as the godfather of Benin funk – but to date, he hasn't been celebrated around the world nearly as famously as the superstars of African music hailing from Nigeria and Ghana. That's something that can change really quickly if enough people pick up this truly great compilation of pioneering recordings. Singer El Rego and his excellent, diversely capable band – sax and flute by Baboni Oudou, sax by Michel Diogo, guitar by Oscar De Souza, trumpet by Emmanuel Ganssounou, guitar by Roger Coffi, tumba by Marcelin Kpohonon, additional vocals by Christian Agueh, and bass by band leader Paul Hounnou – take a tighter approach to funky soul. Just a couple tracks on this set roll past the 4 minute mark – which gives it a tighter soul sound, along with some Benin blues and some riveting JB-indebted vocal affections. We owe Voodoo Funk and Daptone big for putting this together! Includes "Feeling You Got", "Zon Dede", "E Nan Mian Duku", "Dkobime", "Dis-Moi Oui", "Djobime", "Hessa" (the centerpiece of the album, 3 minutes of Afro Soul perfection. . .the whole set is great, but this track is unforgettable), "Kpon Fi La", "Do Do Baya", "Vive Le Renouveau", "Achuta", "Cholera" and "Ke Amon-Gbetchea". LP, Vinyl record album
(Vinyl version includes code for album download plus a bonus 45 with 2 extra tracks: "E Ma Non Tin Me" and "Se Na Min".)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Family AtlanticaFamily Atlantica (180 gram pressing with download) ... LP
Soundway (UK), 2013. New Copy 2LP ... $28.99
A brilliant criss-crossing of group from this cool trans-global group – a set recorded in London, but with roots in Venezuela, LA, and Ghana – served up with a sound that's even greater than the sum of its parts! Malcolm Catto recorded the record – and really helps bring a funky energy to the record, by working alongside lead studio help from Jack Yglesias of The Heliocentrics – pushing here into a space that's even more offbeat than the grooves of that group! There's loads of rich acoustic instrumentation – especially percussion – and Mulatu joins the record at one spot, furthering the exotic appeal of the set. Some tracks have an almost ethnographic vibes, while others are a bit more contemporary – although the overall sound is more than worthy of placement on the Soundway label. Titles incude "Arena", "Cumbacutiri", "Fly Through The Lightning To Speak With The Sun", "El Negrero", "Escape To The Palenque", "Manicero", "La Familia", and "Speak To The Spirit Of The Sea". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes a bonus download of the album!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Johannesburg Street BandDancin Through The Streets ... LP
Chisa/Uni, Late 60s. Sealed ... $36.99
One of the greatest things to ever come out of Hugh Masekela's association with Uni Records – an album of instrumental tunes that recalls the older sound of the South African scene, yet which also has more of that modern and slightly funky groove that Hugh was bringing to his own work in the 60s! The drums here are a lot heavier and fuller than they would be on older South African tunes – and instead of using penny whistles and more folksy instrumentation, the horn work here has a hipper LA-styled approach that's really quite nice – almost like The Crusaders teaming up with Hugh for the album's tracks. Titles include the incredibly dark groover "Thimlela", a sonic treat that's worth the price of the album alone – plus "What's The Matter Zulu", "Special Branch", "No Passport", "Letter To Prospect Township", "Isangoma", and "Foyi Foyi". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a small cutout hole.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Karthala 72Diable Du Feu (140 gram pressing with download) ... LP
Electric Cowbell, 2012. New Copy ... $16.99
Heady sounds from Karthala 72 – a group with a very vintage sound – one that rings out with plenty of offbeat funky elements, African percussion, and maybe even a sense of bassline borrowed from Colombian music! The group have a wonderful criss-crossing of styles – and this full length set mixes electric and acoustic elements brilliantly – almost with a Konono approach at times, but with a groove that's much more expansive overall! The liner notes try to bill the record as an obscurity from the past, but it's our guess that these guys are contemporary – which is even more reason to love them. Titles include "Delores", "Diable Du Feu", "Marche De La Mort", "Bahari Farasi", "Armour Sombre", "Trop Fort", and "Le Vieux Chien Marcel". LP, Vinyl record album
(Download includes full album with bonus tracks & remixes.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Keletigui Et Ses TambourinisSyliphone Years ... CD
Sterns (UK), Late 60s/1970s. New Copy 2CD ... $19.99 23.98
A beautiful package of work from Keletigui Et Ses Tambourinis – a group who've never been represented this well in the reissue market – finally getting their due in a well-done 2CD set! The sound of the group's a bit different than some of their contemporaries – a haunting blend of reeds mixed with guitar, and often set to rhythms that have a gently flowing, almost bubbling sort of quality – one that echoes other popular African rhythms of the period, but which often change up in really cool ways! The hors are often what make the grooves so great – soulful tenor, sharper alto sax, and some sweet flute lines that dance across the top – echoing the spirit of the guitar nicely. And the instrumentation changes a bit from track too, making for a fresh sound throughout. As with other titles in this series, the package features full notes in English and French, plus lots of wonderful photos too – and most cuts in the collection come from the years 1968 to 1972 – lots of great singles, plus most of one LP. Titles include "Toubaka", "Guajira Con Tumbao", "Ilole Gbanina", "La Bicycletta", "Donsoke", "Bebe", "M'bongi Eyi", "Kabakele", "Kesso", "Mariama", "Kadia Blues", "Djoute Wassa", and "Jrda". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Duke LumumbaJungle Funk ... LP
Capitol, Late 60s. New Copy (reissue)... $9.99
Do yourself a favor, and buy this album – you won't be disappointed! The record is a gem all the way through – a really unique mixture of LA soul jazz and African rhythms, with a sound that's almost like Hugh Masekela sitting in with the Jazz Crusaders! Of course, there's a lot of Jazz Crusaders in the set – as Wilton Felder plays electric bass on the album, giving it a fantastic loping groove – but there's also plenty of unique albums on the record, especially its way of approaching the rhythms with a sly, syncopated groove that's immediately infectious! Duke's trumpet solos are great, and they're augmented by tenor work by Chester Washington and trombone by George Bohannon – all nicely grooving on the album's brilliant blend of jazzy tracks. Titles include "Jungle Funk", "Afrikaloo", "Akagruge", "Like It Is", "Mafam", and "Peace Brother". Somebody put this one on CD – and do us all a treat! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
NomoNomo ... CD
Ypsilanti, 2004. Used ... $9.99
A massive slice of Afro Funk from the Detroit scene – recorded by a group that we'd rank right up there with The Daktaris, Antibalas, and the best of the Afro-revival scene! The group's got a really great approach that brings plenty of jazz into the mix – really using the horns to great effect, and throwing in plenty of warm electric keyboards to give the tunes a sweeping, soulful groove. The sound is great throughout – and really caught our surprise, as we had no idea that music this great was burning out of Michigan these days! Titles include "Better Than That", "Hourglass", "Busy", "The Seams", "La La La", and "Moving In Circles". CD
(Original silkscreen cover – now out of print!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sally Nyolo & The Original Bands Of YaoundeStudio Cameroon ... CD
Riverboat/World Music Network, 2006. Used ... $6.99
Earthy and relaxed recordings from vocalist Sally Nyolo – done in a richly collaborative style with an array of musicians and singers in her native Cameroon! The setting is relatively informal, and the work marks a nice return to basics by Sally after years working on the Paris scene – yet there's also a sense of tightness here that shows the influence of the French scene, particularly on the grooves on most of the numbers. Sally sings lead on a number of tracks, but also steps back on other numbers – singing only backup vocals, and allowing others to lead while she directs the production. Titles include "Djim Miadje", "Esclaves", "Ikoak Soat", "Obili Eba", "La Vie", "Chantal", "Souris Moi", and "Bikoutsi". CD
(Promotional copy without a barcode.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
OndatropicaOndatropica (deluxe version – with book) ... CD
Soundway (UK), 2012. New Copy 2CD ... $28.99
Colombian music, both classic and contemporary – as a group of older all-star players comes into contact with Will "Quantic" Holland! The set's easily one of the most smoking Latin-styled projects we've heard from Quantic so far – recorded in Colombia with work from Fruko, Anibal Velasquez, Alfredito Linares, and Michi Sarmiento – alongside Quantic's Combo Babaro, and the Frente Combeiro group of Mario Galeano! The sound is all classic throughout – no tricks or gimmicks, or modern remix modes at all – just old school instrumentation, filtered through a new school approach to funk – one that's come from years of digging older Colombian numbers, and finding a way to make new music that packs an equal punch. Every bit as smoking as older Central American grooves compiled by Soundway – with tracks that include "Bomba Tropica", "La Tranca", "Cien Anos", "Papi Shingaling", "Mi Negra", "Dos Lucecitas", "Libya", "Punkero Sonidero", "I Ron Man", "Suena", and "Swing De Gillian". CD
(2CDs, in a cool hardcover book-like package!)
Also available Ondatropica ... CD 9.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
PenaPena (CD & DVD) ... CD
Secret Stash, 2010. Used CD & DVD ... $9.99
A beautiful snapshot Afro-Peruvian music from Secret Stash – a huge, ambitious step for the label – a labor of love to capture the passionate, percussive and amazing strain of Peruvian music that's been too little heard outside of Peru! Secret Stash headed to Lima in March of 2010 with portable recording equipment, an interpreter, and an informal plan to capture local musicians. There they caught the Afro-Peruvian music that blossoms in the country to this day, music rooted in the slave culture of coastal Peru, recorded at gatherings of local musicians, singers, dancers and otherwise passionate performers. The guitarists, percussionists and singers are credited as Pena – so named for the musical gatherings unique to the culture. The music was recorded in classrooms, living rooms, balconies, offices, stoops and auditoriums in a whirlwind journey through Lima – none of it in a modern studio, yet the sound and the performances are impeccable. Twin Cities guitarist Cory Wong made the trip and plays in the loose Peruvian ensemble, which includes percussionists Chico Chavez, Hugo Alcazar and others, guitarists Alberto Gil & Javier Choy, vocalists Paloma Godoy, Sofia Rei Koutsovitis, bass player Jorge Roeder and others. Titles include "El Carmen", "El Mayoral", "Mi Corazon Roto", "Todos Vuelven", "Chincha", "Tarumero", "Jose Maria", "San Miguel De Piura", "Romance Del Peru", "Puente De Los Suspiros", "Vals De La Costa"Comes with a DVD documentary featuring hi def live performance and session recording footage, interviews, and the history of the music. A beautiful, unique package of timeless Peruvian music that truly deserves wider international exposure. Don't pass it up! CD
(Comes in a straight up beautiful wooden box – one of the most lovingly crafted CD packages we've seen in a long time!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Pyramid BluePyramid Blue (with download) ... LP
Lovemonk (Spain), 2012. New Copy ... $14.99
A Spanish group, but one with a sound that's heavy on Afro Funk – served up here in a culturally criss-crossing way that really lives up to the enigmatic title! There's some exotic moments that definitely echo the ancient strains you'd hear in Ethiopian and Egyptian funk – mixed with other elements that show more of a Nigerian influence as well – all filtered together, and served up with some occasional Latin and contemporary touches too! Almost all the instrumentation is acoustic – with lots of percussion and horns – but the group also make great use of riffing guitar and organ too – on cuts that include "Aracnido", "Pajaritos", "La Oportunidad", "Judias Comen Habas", "Rio Niger", and "Que Bonitas Son Las Flores". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes mp3 download.)