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New Bebel GilbertoBebel Gilberto In Rio (DVD) ... DVD
Biscoito Fino (Brazil), 2013. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
A beautiful set in a beautiful setting – Bebel Gilberto in Rio, sounding even warmer and more soulful than ever before! The album's got a depth that goes beyond some of the simple bossa-rework of Gilberto's earliest record, and a maturity that even goes past recent work, too – a factor that may come partially from the musical backings, which were co-produced by Kassin and Liminha, who take traditional elements and make them crackle a bit more – but without any too-contemporary tricks or bossa-remix clunkiness. Some tunes are in English, most are in Portuguese – and Bebel manages to bring together some older classics with lots of her own great work as well. Titles include a great remake of "Bananeira", plus "Simplesmente", "August Day Song", "Rio", "Momento", "Tanto Tempo", "Sun Is Shining", "Samba E Amor", and "Close Your Eyes". DVD
(All Region.)
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Gal CostaRecanto Gal Ao Vivo (DVD) ... DVD
Universal (Brazil), 2013. New Copy DVD .... $34.99
Amazing sounds from Gal Costa – a brilliant live album that follows strongly in the mode of her Recanto studio album! Like that set, this one features Gal in the most experimental style she's used in years – bits of electronics and contemporary underground modes layered in with her sublime vocals – all in ways that reopen that leftfield side of Costa's talents that have been buried for so many years! Some tracks are quite intimate and personal, others are very powerful – and the performance was put together by both Caetano and Moreno Veloso, with backing by a trio that also features percussion from Domenico too. Titles include "Tudo Gil", "Da Maior Importancia", "Mansidao", "Forca Estranha", "Meu Bem Mel Mal", "O Amor", "Baby", "Deus E O Amor", "Segunda", "Barato Total", and "Autotune Autoerotico". DVD features subtitles in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. DVD
(DVD is All Region.)

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Martinho Da Vila & OthersSambabook Martinho Da Vila (DVD) ... DVD
Som Livre (Brazil), 2013. New Copy .... $28.99
The music of Martinho Da Vila – served up here with the help of a huge amount of contemporaries and admirers – including Joao Bosco, Joao Donato, Ana Costa, Elza Soares, Paulinho Da Viola, Paula Lima, Ne Matogrosso, Leci Brandao, Fernanda Abreu, and many others – plus some work by Martinho himself! Backings are in a classic samba mode, yet sometimes augmented by fuller orchestrations – yet never in a way that's too lush or commercial – just the sort of warm balance to capture all the charm in Martinho's 70s music. Titles include "Pra Tudo Se Acabar Na Quarta Feira", "Meu Off Rio", "Roda Ciranda", "Segure Todo", "Ex Amor", "Casa Da Bamba", "Quem E Do Mar Nao Enjoa", "Odile Odila", and "Filosofia De Vida". DVD features a bonus "making of feature" too! DVD
(NTSC coded.)

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DVDChi-Sound II – Steppin Around The World (DVD) ... DVD
Chicago Steppers, 1999. New Copy DVD .... $8.99
Recent grooves, but often done with a richly classic feel – one that recalls the waning years of the Chicago Soul scene at the start of the 80s! The package is an effort from the re-activated Chi-Sound label – and it takes up where Carl Davis modern soul imprint left off – a smooth, mellow approach to contemporary R&B that's served up with plenty of class, and pointed directly at the new wave of dancefloor steppers in Chicago! Vocals here are by a variety of different singers, but there's a unified feel to most of the music – an approach that stays mostly in the mellower side of the spectrum, but still maintains a good sense of groove – one that comes from gently stepping beats, warm keyboard parts, and some slight jazzy touches to class things up a bit. Titles include "Soul" by Barry J, "Steppin All Over The World" by Gold Boy, "1st Fruit" by Stephen Dawson, "Steppin Into Darkness" by Paris, "Hang Time" by Kozii, "Better Step Up "by Theresa Davis, "High Steppin" by Sherry Scott, and "Time & Time Again" by Nicole Steel. DVD is an older instructional DVD on stepping – with the original 8 count instructional video from 1999, plus more! DVD

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DVDHerb Kent Chicago El Stop (DVD) ... DVD
Chicago Steppers, 2010. New Copy DVD .... $6.99
One of the more contemporary videos we've seen from the Chicago steppers scene – and one that definitely shows a real evolution in dance styles, especially with the Wobble slide! Gone are the classic moves from the soul oldies years, and gone are even the very mellow, very slow steps from the 90s – and in their place are some more upbeat, full body-styled moves – showing a definite influence from the hip hop generation. DVD starts with just a bit of vintage footage, then moves quickly into some instructional shots – with slides that include Turbo Hustle, Chicago El Stop, Jamie Foxx, Wobble, and the Woody Pop. DVD