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Royston EllisGone Man Squared ... Book
Norton/Kicks, Late 50s/Early 60s/2013. New Copy ... $12.99 14.95
Whoa! The genius early writings of Beat inspired Brit lit/poetry legend Royston Ellis – the man who purportedly inspired The Beatles' "Paperback Writer" – compiled here, in paperback naturally, by our pulpy print heroes at Kicks Books! Royston would go on write novels and more, but early on he was a youthful rebel poet – one of the first figures to recite with a rock 'n' roll band backing him – and he inspired SO many writers and rockers to come! Gone Man Squared compiles the long out of print Jiving To Gyp and Rave collections, plus other select early work – and it's as incredibly cool as ever! Paperback, 128 pages – and featuring a forward by Jimmy Page! Book

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Royston EllisRush At The End ... Book
Norton/Kicks, 1966/2014. New Copy ... $12.99
A revised version of a legendary book from British paperback scribe Royston Ellis – a volume originally published in the late 60s, where its take of homosexual love in the London suburbs created quite a scandal! For this revised edition, Ellis has cleaned up his prose a bit – improving the overall story and its telling – while still keeping all the best swinging 60s language intact – including some of the naughty bits that must have been quite a risk to publish at the time! As always with books on Kicks, there's a real love of vintage paperbacks that's gone into the whole thing – from the words on the page, to the typeface of the printing, and the overall heft and feel of the book. 237 pages, softcover. Book

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Charles PlymellBenzedrine Highway (paperback) ... Book
Norton/Kicks, 2013. New Copy ... $12.99 14.95
Fanastic early work from hip lit figure and underground publishing pioneer Charles Plymell – whose friends and contemporaries include Beat legend and San Francisco housemate Allen Ginsberg and fellow Kansan William Burroughs – and while Charles Plymwell's name isn't quite as iconic, his writing is truly up there in greatness! Benzedrine Hight collects Plywell's brilliant early poetry collection Apocalypse Rose from the mid 60s, along with his wild early 70s opus Last Of The Moccasins – together in a hip pocket paperback from Kicks Books! Book

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Sun RaThis Planet Is Doomed – The Science Fiction Poetry Of Sun Ra (paperback) ... Book
Norton/Kicks, 2011. New Copy Book ... $12.99
The Science Fiction Poetry of Sun Ra – complete and unabidged – in a great, kinda old school hip pocket paperback-styled tome from Kicks Books! As revered as Sun Ra is, was, and will forever be as one of the great avant garde bandleaders and all around musical innovators of the 20th Century, his work as an Afro-futurist poet is overlooked. This book aims to change that, but not in a precious way at all. It's sort of presented as a fun little pulp paperback. Includes a nice forward by Amiri Baraka and an intro by science fiction historian Bhob Stewart, who does a terrific job of detailing Ra's 60s poetry and his quite genuine relevence in that realm! Paperback, 124 pages. Book

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Nick ToschesSave The Last Dance For Satan (paperback) ... Book
Norton/Kicks, 2011. New Copy ... $12.99
Yeah, THIS is the Nick Tosches we want! Tosches has a way of chronicling the diseased, mobbed up underbelly of the 20th Century music rackets that's simply unrivaled – it's gut level brilliant and street smart writing like no one does anymore. Save The Last Dance For Satan is a more fleshed out and newly spun continuation of material published more than a decade ago as Hipsters And Hoodlums in Vanity Fair (boy, mainstream magazine content sure has changed a bunch since 2000) – chronicling the sleaze and criminality at the core of the 50s & 60s music biz. It's great! His best stuff has often read with the sweaty, intoxicating allure of seedy pulp storytelling, so it's with the utmost pleasure to see his work put out by Kicks Books - which literally puts Tosches' work in just that kind of old school hip pocket paperback! He joins Andre Williams (whose "Jailbait" single is mentioned early in this book as the badass antidote to mid 50s candy-coated rock & roll that it most certainly was) and Sun Ra at Kicks. A couple of Tosches' more recent books have been a tough slog – more about his own near obsessive search for impossibly hidden subjects than anything else – but this slim 120 page tome is the opposite – it has us slobbering for more! Book

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New Sun RaProphetika – Lost Writings Of Sun Ra Vol 1 (paperback) ... Book
Norton/Kicks, 2014. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
The prophetic poetry and prose of the one-and-only Sun Ra – and the first of a promised trilogy of unpublished predictions, prognostications and end-times visions from one of the most distinctive artists ever! If you're a fan of the cosmic jazz of Sun Ra, or even his earlier sci-fi doo wop/R&B work, you'll be amazed at how ingeniously his poetry fits in alongside his musical canon, in a thematic sense. The prose and poems touch hit oft-traveled territories – from ancient Egypt to the outer realms of the cosmos – and it's truly brilliant stuff. Kicks Books has been one of our favorite independent publishers for the the get-go, doing it with genuine love for their authors/artists/raconteurs, and printing on cool little back pocket-sized paperbacks, the way you might find a seedy pulp press back in the day. They get better and better with each new book – and we can't praise 'em enough for giving us rare Sun Ra writings! Paperback, 106 pages, and featuring a foreword by Charles Plymwell. Book

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New Royston EllisSweet Ebony (paperback) ... Book
Norton/Kicks, Late 50s/Early 60s/2013. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
The first book in the Kicks Books Blue Series – a thicker, bigger paperback than the "hip pocket" entries – and it's a doozy, penned by Brit beat lit legend Royston Ellis! Sweet Ebony is a knowingly seedy, swingin' 70s set novel about 4 free spirited California woman who travel to Kenya to find some wild thrills and exotic fulfillment. Amazingly, this is more than 300 pages long, and it's only the first of a 12 book Royston Ellis series for Kicks Books to appear on a monthly basis. The author and Kicks Books don't sleep! Book