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Ross Andru & Mike EspositoRoss Andru & Mike Esposito's Get Lost ... Book
Hermes, 1950s. New Copy .... $8.99 29.99
One of the greatest publications to ever rip off Mad Magazine – and an early effort from the team of Ross Andru and Mike Esposito – later known for famous work at both Marvel and DC Comics! Get Lost follows from the early Mad comic book style – and features lots of well-done parodies of popular genres – film, fiction, and more! The writing is good, but the art is even better – very angular and edgey, at a level that's quite different than any other later work from the team – definitely influenced by the work of early Mad artists, but quite unique as well. The book brings together all three issues of the short-lived publication in glorious full color – and also features an interview with Mike Esposito on the fate of the comic as well. 96 pages, color, oversize. Book

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Werner BlaserMies Van Der Rohe – Lake Shore Drive Apartments ... Book
Birkhauser (Germany), 1999. New Copy .... $5.99 29.99
A great look at one of the more modern sides of our fair city – a beautiful book that focuses on the Lake Shore Drive apartments of architect Mies Van Der Rohe! Mies had a huge influence on the city's look in the postwar years – and some of his most striking creations are a set of apartment buildings at the cusp of Lake Shore as it hugs the shore of Lake Michigan – beautifully modern buildings that still have a tremendous sense of form, style, and purpose all these many years later – captured here in an array of well-done black and white photographs that showcase the buildings inside and out. The book offers shots both inside and out, as well as architectural plans and other images too – and also features notes in German and English. 90 pages, hardcover, and done with a sharp sense of style! Book

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Peter BlechaSonic Boom – The History Of Northwest Rock, From "Louie Louie" To "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (paperback) ... Book
Backbeat Books, 2009. New Copy .... $5.99 19.99
Not a biography of one-time Spacemen 3 mainman – but a very cool look at the wealth of great guitar rock that emanated from the Pacific Northwest from the late 50s onward! There must be something in the water up there, because countless great guitar giants have hailed from Washington State and nearby locals – artists as diverse as Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain, and a huge host of important guitar groups like The Ventures, Wailers, Kingsmen, and others! The book wisely gives its strongest focus to the 60s – with a wealth of information on the local scenes and small labels who really brought the Northwest sound to the rest of the world – then follows with a bit more on the 70s and 80s, as well as the 90s wave of punk and grunge. 304 pages, softcover, with some black and white images. Book

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Joanna Bowring & Margaret O'BrienArt Of Romance – Mills & Boon & Harlequin Cover Designs ... Book
Prestel, 2008. New Copy .... $6.99 25.00
Lavish color illustrations from the glory days of the romance paperback – a wealth of classic covers from British publisher Mills & Boon – also the parent company of Harlequin Romance! The images are stunning, and the book is very thoughtfully put together – not an exploitation of the genre, but a really great attempt to showcase the artwork that helped sell the sex between the pages – laid out here with each cover taking up a full-color page of the book! There's a short introduction at the start, but the main attraction to us is the images – especially the huge amount of great watercolors from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. 251 pages, softcover. Book

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Jonathan Raimes & Lakshmi BhaskaranRetro Graphics – A Visual Sourcebook To 100 Years Of Graphic Design ... Book
Chronicle, 2007. New Copy .... $4.99 24.95
A really inspirational book based around the history of 20th Century design – put together with vivid pages that allow you to steal all the best ideas, and integrate them into your own work! The package spans the most important design decades of the century – and pulls together vivid images from magazines, advertisements, posters, flyers, and even typographic elements too! The volume is designed as a "sourcebook" to give designers new ideas and inspiration – but it reads well enough as an art book on its own, thanks to key historical details and information on artists and illustrators. 175 pages, softcover, in full color. Book

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Toni BrownRelix, The Book – The Grateful Dead Experience – 30 Years Of Mind Melting Art, Interviews, Anecdotes & More ... Book
Backbeat Books, 2009. New Copy .... $8.99 29.99
A hefty tribute to Relix magazine – that long-running publication that first began as a tribute to The Grateful Dead, but which went onto encompass a host of different styles, and help provide some inspiration for the jamband generation as well! The book's got the dimensions of the magazine, and presents loads and loads of vintage pages in full color – almost as if you're getting a giant-sized volume of the magazine, assembled from all the best articles over the years! There's way more here than just the Dead – interviews with and articles on Robert Crumb, John Lennon, Jefferson Starship, Merl Saunders, Willie Dixon, and many others – plus even-cooler topical articles on things like 70s disco, taping live performances, parental approval of the Grateful Dead, and many other groovy topics. Very nicely done, vividly illustrated, full color, and 244 pages! Book

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New Vincent Brunner, edTunes – A Comic Book History Of Rock And Roll ... Book
Universe, 2010. New Copy .... $5.99 24.95
Not the complete history of rock and roll, but a collection of cool comics that each focus on a specific singer or group – brought together here as a very personal pastiche of views on modern music! The book is black and white, and most of the artists use a heavy pen technique that comes across well in the format – and each new entry is accompanied by a short essay on the artist involved, to situate the comic within a more historical context. Entries include "Nick Cave" by Laure Del Pino, "Ramones" by Sebastien Lumineau, "Led Zeppelin" by Killoffer, "The Kinks" by Luc Cornillon, "David Bowie" by Nine Antico, "Sex Pistols" by Jean Christophe Menu, "Captain Beefheart" by Jean Michel Thiriet, and Nick Drake" by Vincent Vanoli. 240 pages, softcover, black and white. Book

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Frederick Burr OpperHappy Hooligan – The Original Born Loser (hardcover) ... Book
NBM, 1900s/Early 10s/2008. New Copy .... $6.99 24.95
Beautiful reproductions of vintage Happy Hooligan strips from the start of the 20th Century – some of the first and best newspaper comic work, all presented here in full color! The book features almost 100 strips that each follow the six-panel style used by Frederick Opper – and in addition to a manic visual style, they also offer a surprising insight into class conflict and public space in urban scenes in the early part of the century. The book begins with some biographical information on Opper and the strip – then rolls into some nice oversized horizontal pages that really preserve the smaller details in the drawings and text. 110 pages, hardcover, full color. Book

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All Music GuideOld School Rap & Hip Hop ... Book
AMG, 2008. New Copy .... Just Sold Out!
A guide to essential Old School Rap & Hip Hop from team at the indespensible All Music Guide – featuring more than 500 music reviews of important records by Grandmaster Flash, Run-DMC, NWA, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Public Enemy and so much more – plus reviews on soul and funk LPs that were instrumental in the creation of hip hop, from ESG, The Emotions, Gil Scott-Heron, Marva Whitney and many more! The book is divided into 2 parts, The Roots Of Rap and Digging In The Crates, and organized alphabetically. Paperback, 166 pages, with several reviews per page. Book