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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jim Flora; Irwin Chusid & Barbara Economon, eds.Sweetly Diabolical Art Of Jim Flora ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2009. New Copy .... $25.99 34.99
Wonderful postwar artwork from Jim Flora – an artist you may know from record cover art, but who's represented here with a range of other illustrations as well! Flora's vintage images for Columbia and RCA are well-known to crate-diggers like us – but this beautiful package brings together more obscure images from advertising, brochures, newspapers, and other long-gone sources – and also includes some never-seen Flora images as well! As with the record art, the images here are all pretty darn incredible – very weird, playful, and offbeat – and presented in full color throughout. Book is 179 pages, oversized, and very hefty! Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gilbert HernandezLove From The Shadows – A Love & Rockets Book (hardcover) ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2011. New Copy Book .... $5.99 19.99
Some of the darkest work we've ever seen from Gilbert Hernandez – his third standalone graphic novel in this cool crime/b-movie-styled series! The work has a feel that's a bit like his Palomar stories, but packs a bit more punch, too – somewhat raunchier in themes, with the kind of crime thriller feel you'd guess from the cover! Done in a very nice format – 120 pages, black and white, and hardcover. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New MartiCabbie Vol 1 ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2011. New Copy .... $6.99 19.99
Genius work from Spanish cartoonist Marti – the first run of his legendary Cabbie – a kind of surreal combination between Dick Tracy and Taxi Driver! The images are in a stark, bold, black and white mode that's like Chester Gould at his most pointed – but the subject matter is even more bizarre, as The Cabbie lives in a seedy urban torment between greed and lust and Catholic guilt! Marti's work was first presented in the US during the initial run of Raw Magazine – but this beautiful volume offers up 80 oversized pages as a singular narrative, in a very well done-package. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lou Reed & Lorenzo MattottiRaven (hardcover) ... CD
Fantagraphics, 2011. New Copy .... $6.99 22.99
A beautiful book version of Lou Reed's POEtry project – presented here with sublime illustrations from graphic novelist Lorenzo Mattotti! Reed's words draw on the legacy of Edgar Allen Poe, and feature his own interpretations and reworkings of the themes – originally presented on stage by artists who included Laurie Anderson and David Bowie – but featured here on paper, and interspersed with images from Mattotti that really complement the words. Some of Mattotti's images are in that bold, colorful charcoal style that we love from his graphic novels – and others are spare black and white ink drawings that show a very different side of his style, but one that still has an equal sense of power. Hardcover book is 164 pages, and full color throughout. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Norman PettingillBackwoods Humorist (hardcover) ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2010. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
A totally great little book – with a cover that's actually made from plywood! The package is a fitting one for Wisconsin cartoonist Norman Pettingill – who started as a trapper, then grew into a cool home-grown cartoonist – one with a great eye for the underbelly of outdoor life! At some level, these are postwar gag cartoons – but at another, they almost preface underground work of the 60s – as Pettingill's got a no-holds-barred approach that often looks at the seedier side of the north woods – where things aren't always as cute as they might seem in picture postcards! The book features an introduction by Robert Crumb, a bio by Gary Groth, and loads of great artwork in black and white – all printed on oversized pages with rounded corners. 136 pages, and very hardcover – given the plywood! Book
(Packaged with a beautiful wooden cover.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Ed PiskorHip Hop Family Tree – 1970s to 1981 ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2013. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
A really wonderful little book – one that tells the tale of the early days of hip hop – but presents the story in the style of a Marvel Comics tabloid from the 70s! Ed Piskor's approach to the material is really unique – and he extrapolates historical details into an extended narrative of the scene in the South Bronx, Harlem, and Queens with colorful comic-style images. The book is surprisingly respectful, and really does a great job of juggling all the personalities and historical details – while still also finding a way to make the music come to life on the page, especially the live events that strongly helped to create hip hop in the years before it was recorded. The oversized book is 112 pages, on full color pages with a real comic book feel – and there's even a small discography at the back! Book