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John CageRyoanji ... CD
Hat Now (Switzerland), 1985. New Copy Gatefold .... $19.99
The sound of silence, taken to a new level – as John Cage works beautifully here in an illustrative piece inspired by a rock garden in Kyoto! There's a very spacious quality to the piece – instrumentation that really leaves lots of space in between the notes – even though the ... read more CD

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Pierre HenryL'Apocalypse ... CD
Universal (France), 1968. New Copy 2 CDs .... $16.99
The complete five part version of Pierre Henry's amazing "L'Apocalypse De Jean" – recorded in 1968, but presented here for the first time ever in its entirety! The expanded recording further takes off from the dark, spooky quality of the shorter original – with a sublime mix ... read more CD

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Pierre HenryOdyssee (10CD set) ... CD
Universal (France), 1960s/1982/Late 2000s. New Copy 10 CDs .... $44.99
A really well-titled collection – given that it features the most important steps in the long musical journey of Pierre Henry – easily one of the most important electronic musicians of the 20th Century! The package offers a heck of a lot of amazing music for the price – and is ... read more CD

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IasosCelestial Soul Portrait ... CD
Numero, 1970s. New Copy .... $14.99 18.98
Spacey sounds from the enigmatic Iasos – a legendary figure in the 70s underground – and an artist with a heck of a great ear for organic electronics and unusual recording techniques! This cool collection of Iasos' music was put together by Carlos Nino with the guys at Numero – ... read more CD

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Makrokosmos QuartetRound Midnight ... CD
Hat Art (Switzerland), 2012. New Copy .... $11.99 19.99
A set of performances dedicated to Thelonious Monk – yet music that's quite far from anything by Monk that we've ever heard before! Yet there's also a definite Monkish inspiration going on here – a sense of space and timing that resonates in different, often drawn-out ways – ... read more CD

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MoondogStory Of Moondog ... CD
Prestige (Japan), Mid 50s. New Copy .... $22.99
Incredible work from the enigmatic Moondog – his third, and to that point, possibly most angular record for Prestige to date! The work here is quite different than some of Moondog's later, more serious compositions – in a mode that's much earthier, personal, and spontaneous – a ... read more CD
(SHMCD pressing.)

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VariousDanse Sacrale – 14 Early Avant-Garde & Electronic Compositions For Ballet & Modern Dance ... CD
Cacophonic (UK), Late 50s/1960s. New Copy .... $18.99
An amazing compilation of early electronic dance music – not only featuring some of coolest, most out there and progressive experimental electronic soundscapes of the era – but strangely moving, too! It has work by some legendary avant garde composers, made for remarkably forward-thinki ... read more CD

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VariousMusic For A Retro Future – Other Sounds Other One ... CD
Other Sounds (UK), Late 50s. New Copy .... $6.99
50s futurist sounds from the pioneers – Raymond Scott, Jean Jacque Perrey, Edgard Varese and others – early computer grooves, synthesizer experimentalist eeriness and symphonically styled soundscapes! Sci fi sounds, oddly melodic electronics, gigantic computer sounds and living, ... read more CD