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VariousBig Beat Urban Classics ... CD
Big Beat/Atantic, 2002. Used ... $6.99

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VariousLe Beat Bespoke Vol 4 – Tailor Made Cuts Compiled By Rob Bailey ... CD
Circle (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. Used ... $13.99
Raw mod and gritty funk rock grooves from team Le Beat Bespoke – the fourth set in the series – bubblegum garage, fuzzed out pop, funky percussion and wailing organs – this just might be the best in the series to date! Compiler Rob Bailey out does himself here, once again digging deep for obscure mod singles, groovy slabs of garage rock, with a few left turns such as a heavy Latin gem and a more psych-steeped number or two – propulsive, exciting numbers regardless of genre affections and fiery dancefloor ready rock tunes all the way! 20 tailor made cuts on the CD – a brief notes on each tune, all of which are exciting and groovy as can be! Titles include "Voodoo Medicine Man" by Jerry & Jeff, "False Alarm Love" by Peaceful Coalition, "Eg Veit Ao Pu Kemar" by Trubrat, "Feelin" by Joy Unlimited, "No Thank You Mr Pusher" by Big Tom, "King Of Siam" by East Of Eden", "Comin On Down" by The Twilights and more. CD
(Out of print.)

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VariousLoving On The Flipside – Sweet Funk & Beat-Heavy Ballads 1969 to 1977 (CD with book) ... CD
Now Again, Late 60s/1970s. Used CD & Book ... $13.99
Mellow soul heaven – and one of the greatest compilations of this style we've ever heard! This is exactly the kind of laidback, tripped-out soul we totally love – a host of rare ballads and love songs pulled from the 45 underground of the late 60s and early 70s – sometimes by groups who are better known for funky tracks, other times by overlooked harmony groups and solo singers who rival the greatness of east coast artists like The Moments or Whatnauts! And while the music is totally great on its own – the sort we're usually content to have someone slip us on a dodgy CD – the whole package is even more incredible – a huge 80 page book that features loads of photos, record images, and notes on these obscure giants – really a Numero-level sort of presentation for these amazing tracks. Titles include "I Don't Think I'll Ever Love Another" by Darling Dears, "Slippin Around" by Thomas East, "Since You've Been Gone" by Little Janice, "Love" by Black Conspirators, "What Am I Waiting For" by Black Exotics, "Who Do You Think You're Fooling (part 1)" by Symphonic Four, "I'll Find A True Love" by Lee Bonds, "Young Girl" by Jazzie Cazzie & The Eight Sounds, and "Is It Me You Really Love" by Black Velvet. CD
Also available
Loving On The Flipside – Sweet Funk & Beat-Heavy Ballads 1969 to 1977 (CD with book) ... CD 18.99
Loving On The Flipside – Sweet Funk & Beat-Heavy Ballads 1969 to 1977 (with book) ... LP 26.99

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New VariousSitar Beat Vol 2 – Indian Style Heavy Funk ... CD
Guerilla Reissues, 1970s. Used ... $8.99
A motherlode of Indian-styled funk – grooves that are heavy on the sitar, but which also feature a fair bit of American funk influences as well! The tracks are all pretty darn obscure, and most are actually from India – not copycat tracks from Europe and the US – and alongside the sitars, instrumentation also includes some great trumpet, moog, and keyboard bits too – sliding along the rhythms with a darkly groovy edge! Most numbers are from soundtracks – and have a definite soundtrack sort of feel – and although there's some vocals on the album, the main focus is clearly on the great instrumentation and super-heavy rhythms. Titles include "The Witness" by Babla & His Orchestra, "Everybody Dance With Me" by SD Narang, "Wade Karle Sanja" by Kalyanji Anandji, "Freak Out Music" by RD Burman, "Nigahon Ka Adaon Ka" by Kalyanji Anandji, "Tera Jasia Pyara Koi Nahin" by Usha Khanna, "Phir Teri Yaad" by Hemant Bhosle, "Butterfly (version two)" by Keith Kanga, "Dard E Dil" by Laxmikant Pyarelal, "Aaj Mera Dil" by RD Burman, and "Main Akeli Raat Jawan" by Ajit Singh. CD

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New VariousChange The Beat – The Celluloid Records Story 1979 to 1987 ... CD
Celluloid/Strut (UK), Late 70s/1980s. Used 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Hip hop, street soul, and lots lots more – a really revolutionary selection of music from the legendary Celluloid Records – a label that was virtually a genre unto itself! Celluloid was a key force tying together the New York downtown scene at the start of the 80s, and the postcolonial music world of Paris – and as a result, they always operated with a culture-crossing style that few other companies of the time managed to hit – merging together sounds in really unlikely ways, and often coming up with fresh new styles in the process! The label's known for crate-diggers for its hip hop releases – and to world music fans for its electric Africa work – but they also were on the forefront of New York No Wave, avant jazz, and post-punk – and somehow found a way to integrate both young new talents, and older experimentalists who still had plenty to offer. This package finally does Celluloid justice – and goes way past the few simplistic comps of the label's work over the years – training the skilled Strut ear to the whole thing, and also serving up the full story of the label in the process. Titles include "I'm The One" by Material, "Day Tripper" by Shockabilly, "Tele Apres La Meteo" by Fredinand, "Disco Rough (long version)" by Mathematiques Modernes, "Electrique Sylvie (full length version)" by Modern Guy, "Mean Machine Chant/Mean Machine" by Last Poets, "Abele Dance ('85 rmx)" by Manu Dibango, "Change The Beat (French & English)" by Fab 5 Freddy, "The Escapades Of Futura 2000" by Futura 2000 with The Clash, and "Downing Street Rock" by Winston Edwards & Blackbeard. 26 tracks in all! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New VariousSitar Beat Vol 1 – Indian Style Heavy Funk ... CD
Guerilla Reissues, 1970s. Used ... Out Of Stock
India gets funky – in this great set of rare tunes from the 70s – a motherlode of cuts that make the most out of Indian music! Half the cuts are of European origin, the other half from India – and they've got a great blend of beats, sitar, and other eastern touches. And unlike previous vinyl volumes in this series, which were mostly short EPs, there's a huge amount of tracks on here – a total of 21 numbers that also includes a fair bit of edits that strip out the funkiest parts from longer original tracks! Titles include "Sitar Beat" by Klaus Doldinger, "Dharmatma Theme Music (Tommy's edit)" by Kalyanji Anajdi, "Meri Aakhon Mein (edit)" by Sapan Jagmohan, "New Delire" by Serge Gainsbourg, "Rocky (bonus beats)" by RD Burman, "Orchestral Music (edit)" by Raghunath Seth, "Bairaag Dance Music (edit)" by Kalyanji Anandji, "Hotel Incidental Music (edit)" by Usha Khanna, "Qurbani (bonus beats)" by Biddu, "Sa Re Ga (edit)" by Ananda Shankar, "Pyschastenie (Miles drum edit)" by Serge Gainsbourg, and "Dum Maro Dum Live (edit)" by Asha Boshle. CD
(Out of print.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousChoice : A Collection Of Classics – Jeff Mills ... CD
Azuli (UK), 1970s/1980s/1990s. Used 2CD ... $24.99
A surprisingly wonderful batch of club classics from Jeff Mills – hand-picked for the excellent Choice series, and featuring a lot of late 70s/early 80s numbers we'd nearly forgotten about! Jeff's got a great ear for the sorts of tunes that have a nice electric undercurrent – using bass and percussion to spark up the groove a bit, yet still keeping things soulful and funky overall. This massive 2CD set features a total of 25 numbers, segued nicely back to back – with titles that include "Sexuality" by Blake Baxter, "Dance To The Beat" by Starflight, "This Time Baby" by Jackie Moore, "The More I Get The More I Want" by Teddy Pendergrass, "Esto Parese Amor (club)" by Montana with Goody Goody, "The End" by Change, "I'll Do Anything For You" by Denroy Morgan, "Show You My Love" by Goldie Alexander, "Ai No Corrida" by Chaz Jankel, "Space Bass" by Slick, "On The Clup Tip" by King Sun, "Can't Fake The Feeling" by Geraldine Hunt, "Moskow Diskow" by Telex, "Give Me Back Your Love" by Boys In Shock featuring Carol Leeming, and "Keep It In The Family" by Deodato. CD
(Out of print. Includes original slipcase.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousDisco Giants 5 – 20 Full Length Disco Classics Of The 80s ... CD
Vinyl Masterpiece (Netherlands), 1980s. Used 2CD ... $12.99
A snapping collection of soul from the 80s – 2CDs worth of music, and a host of wonderful groovers from the post-disco years! The styles here are heavy on beats and keyboards – lots more electric rhythms than the previous decade's soul – but the sound is still plenty darn great, thanks to impeccable songwriting, infectious hooks, and top-shelf vocal performances all the way through! There's plenty here for an 80s grooving dancefloor – and titles include "Let It All Blow" by Dazz Band, "I Am Somebody" by Glenn Jones, "Stone Love" by Kashif, "Just For The Night" by Evelyn Champagne King, "What Do I Do (M&M mix)" by Phil Fearon & Galaxy, "Pickin Up Pieces" by Brenda K Starr, "Act Like You Know" by Fat Larry's Band, "Outstanding" by Gap Band, "Encore (live)" by Cheryl Lynn, "This Beat Is Mine" by Vicki D, "Jam On It" by Newcleus, "I Love You More" by Rene & Angela, "No Way" by Bobbi Humphrey, "In Your Car" by The Cool Notes, "Right On Track" by Breakfast Club, and "You Can't Have My Love" by The Jones Girls. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousKenny Dope Vs P&P Records – P&P Rarities & Re-Edits ... CD
P&P, Late 70s/2005. Used 2CD ... $8.99
A guided tour of one of the grooviest club labels ever – all at the hands of the legendary Kenny Dope! The incredibly well-priced package features 2 CDs worth of music – one disc with a 26 track mix of the best and rarest of the P&P Records catalog, and one disc featuring 13 of the label's best cuts, unmixed save for a few special Kenny Dope edits! The core mix is great enough – a mindblowing 76 minutes of music that steps along with that sweet, soulful, and moogy P&P Records groove – crafted way back in the late 70s by the legendary team of Patrick Adams and Peter Brown! And although there's been some other P&P collections over the years, the umixed disc features 4 tracks that have never been reissued before – plus some great lesser-known bits and edits! Titles include "Dance Dance Dance" by Martin Acuna, "African Rock" by Licky, "Dance To The Beat Freakout" by Wayne Ford, "Roller Rink Funk" by Shift, "Got To Get Your Love (Kenny Dope edit)" by Clyde Alexander & Sanction, "Dance Freak" by Chain Reaction, "Feel The Spirit (re-work)" by Foster Jackson Group, "It's So Good To Know" by Best Friend Around, "Game Of Life (re-edit)" by Lavaba & E Mallison, "The Groove I'm In" by Florence Miller, and "Shout At The Disco" by Little Scotty. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousNighttime Lovers Vol 13 – A Fine Collection Of Disco Funk Classics Of The 80s ... CD
PTG (Netherlands), Early 80s. Used ... $9.99
Nighttime's not the time for sleeping, it's the time for clubbing – as these music lovers will happily let you know! The series has been going for more than a dozen releases so far, and each new volume is every bit as great as the early ones – awash in the best sort of grooves from the early 80s – boogie rhythms, midtempo modern, and a few more beat-heavy cuts with just a trace of electro – a perfect blend of overlooked soul, spun out over key album tracks and a few rare singles! Titles include "Talk To Me" by Lew Kirton, "Do Me" by Mona Rae, "Miss Friday" by Spencer Jones, "Still Got The Magic" by Michael Wycoff, "In Motion" by Freda Payne, "Word Up" by Legacy, "Sending My Love" by Pleasure, "She's Got To Be A Dancer" by Jerry Knight, "One Love" by Atlantic Starr, "Keep It Comin" by Jones Girls, and "Everybody Get Up" by Marz. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousShake Sauvage – French Soundtracks 1968-1973 ... CD
Crippled Dick (Germany), Late 60s/Early 70s. Used ... $18.99
Very groovy stuff! In the best tradition of Crippled Dick's Italian soundtrack compilations – Beat At Cinnecita – the label has now dug through the rich rich tradition of French soundtrack grooves, and has come up with a spectacular set of cuts that run from sitar psychedelic to rare jazzy grooves! The track list is stunning – and most of these cuts haven't ever been properly reissued before. Plus, since many French soundtracks were only issued in 7" single or e.p. formats, you'll probably never even track down a full LP for this material – making it as rare as most of our funky 45s! The groove is as perfect as you'd expect, and it's about time that somebody finally started digging into the wealth of great music from France. Titles include "Juke Boxes Chez Saidani" by Philippe Sarde, "Full Speed" by Claude Bolling, "Ok Chicago" by Resonance, "Kidnapping" by Karl Heinz Schafer, "Le Crocodile Porte Cle" by Bernard Gerad, "Grand Theme Malko" by Michel Magne, "Sexopolis" by Jean-Pierre Mirouze, "Sweet Bacon" by Julien Covey, "Petrol Pop" by Michel Magne & Jean Yanne, "Bowery Mood" by Vladimir Cosma, "African King" by Andre Arpino, and "Neus Dans L'Eau" by Georges Garvarentz. 18 cuts in all! CD
(Out of print.)