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Booker T & The MGsBest Of Booker T & The MGs (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Atlantic, 1968. Used .... $1.99
What can we say? Booker T and crew are always tops in our book – and this album's as strong a batch of their classic singles as you'll ever find! Book's organ is the sound of a generation, and Steve Cropper's sinister vamping on guitar gives even the poppier tracks a hard edge that still sends shivers down our spine! Includes the breakbeat track "Hip Hug Her", plus "Green Onions", "Boot Leg", "Tic Tac Toe", "Red Beans & Rice", and "Jellybread". Smoking! Also includes 4 bonus tracks. CD
(Out of print.)

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Booker T & The MGsVery Best Of Booker T & The MGs ... CD
Rhino/Stax, 1960s. Used .... $3.99
What can we say? Booker T and crew are always tops in our book – and this album's as strong a batch of their classic singles as you'll ever find! Book's organ is the sound of a generation, and Steve Cropper's sinister vamping on guitar gives even the poppier tracks a hard edge that still sends shivers down our spine! The set's got 16 tracks than run the gamut of the group's years at Stax – including "Green Onions", "Soul Dressing", "Boot-Leg", "Hip Hug Her", "Mo Onions", "Soul Limbo", "My Sweet Potato", "Slim Jenkins Place", "Time Is Tight", "Slum Baby", and the amazing jazzer "Melting Pot". CD

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Jackson 5Come & Get It – Rare Pearls (2CDs & 7" single) ... CD
Motown, Early 70s. Used .... $19.99
An amazing little package, and one that definitely lives up to the Rare Pearls promised in the title – as it served up nearly three albums' worth of unreleased tracks from the Motown vaults – all recorded during the glory days of the young Jackson 5! The quality level is amazing – work that would have been more than enough to get other groups a hit – and the tracks show the group really working new things out in the studio – yet always with a poise and polish that nobody else could even hope to touch! These aren't demos, or backing tracks – but fully-finished, completely-cooked tracks that come together like a pile of lost Jackson 5 albums from the 70s – an amazing document of the group's strength, given how many other tracks from the years have already been released. Some cuts have a surprisingly funky edge – more so than we know from some of their albums – and in addition to two CDs' worth of music, the 7" box also features a bonus 45, a great book, and a sticker too! Titles include "Music Makers", "Keep Off The Grass", "If You Want Heaven", "Our Love", "Makin Life A Little Easier For You", "Mama Told Me Not To Come", "I Got A Sure Thing", "If The Shoe Don't Fit", "You Better Watch Out", "I'm Your Sunny One", "Someone's Standing In My Love Light", "Love Trip", "Label Me Love", and "Jumbo Sam". CD
(Still sealed!)

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Natural FourNatural Four ... CD
Charly (UK), 1975. Used .... $18.99
Sweeeeet soul from Chicago! The Natural Four were one of the greatest soul harmony groups of the 70's – and their work on the Curtom has an amazing "rough with the smooth" quality that really sets them apart from east coast groups of the time! Part of the strength of the set has to do with Leroy Hutson – who arranged and produced the whole album, and gives it a superdope quality that makes it stand proudly with the best work on Curtom Records of the time. The sound is full and polished, yet also honest, earnest, and personal – in that great mix of moods that Hutson and Curtis Mayfield could bring to their own work of the time. The whole set's a classic, and titles include "Try Love Again", "You Bring Out The Best In Me", "Can This Be Real?", "This is What's Happening Now", and "Things Will Be Better Tomorrow". CD
(Out of print.)

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New Rainbow TeamSong For You ... CD
PTG (France), 1982. Used .... $8.99
Rainbow Team, where have you been all our lives? You're a heck of a great little group – and we love the sound you've got on this second album! Sure, we know you're wearing a bunch of silly day-glo costumes on the cover – and that's probably what's made this record slip by our crates in the past – but one listen to the tightness of your grooves, and we're more than willing to forgive you for any bad fashion choices! The sound of the set is totally great – soaring along in the best sort of 80s groove mode – with tight snapping rhythms at the bottom, and a full set of arrangements that bring in some added horns and just the right amount of sweetening strings. And although Rainbow Team are Italian, the record's got a stone American soul sound – very much like the best of the Capitol Rare generation in the US. Titles include "A Song For You", "Let Em Be", "Please Let's Go", "Bite The Apple", "Hope He Wants", "Let's Forget", and "Don't Cry For Me". CD features the bonus track "Stay". CD
(Out of print.)

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Swamp DoggCuffed, Collared, & Tagged/Doing A Party Tonite ... CD
West Side (UK), 1972/1980. Used .... $9.99
2 different albums from Swamp Dogg – one recorded at the beginning of the 70s, one at the end of the decade, but both for the Hi/Cream label, which gives the material a more unified sound than you'd expect. The tracks are perhaps a bit less over the top than some of Swamp's recordings for other labels, but they still have his strong commitment to rough-edged soul – as you'll hear on the 18 tracks that include "Hang On, I'll Save You", "Sam Stone", "Complication No 5", "If It Hadn't Been For Sly", "Come A Little Closer Baby", "Mind Over What's The Matter", "What's Left For Y'Awll To Do", "In My Resume", "Captain Of Your Ship", and "Your Last Dirty Trick". CD
(Out of print.)

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Allen ToussaintAllen Toussaint Songbook ... CD
Rounder, 2013. Used .... $4.99
A wonderfully intimate set from Allen Toussaint – one that features Toussaint at the piano, working in a live setting, and serving up new versions of his own famous compositions – often with some great pre-song patter that gives a bit of background on the tunes! The performance is a great back to basics moment for Allen – one that's far rootsier than most of his other recent projects, and which has this sense of history that's quite strong – a great reminder of the many years he's been setting the world on fire with his music. Titles include "It's Raining", "Lipstick Traces", "Holy Cow", "With You In Mind", "It's A New Orleans Thing", "Southern Nights", "Get Out Of My Life Woman", and "Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further". CD
(Barcode has a cutout hole.)
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New Carla Whitney/Albert JonesCarla Whitney/Facts Of Life ... CD
Goldmine (UK), 1975/1977. Used .... $34.99
Two obscure soul gems from Canada – of all places! Both records were produced and arranged by Choker Campbell – ex-Motown house bandleader in the 60s, who'd relocated to Canada by the early 70s. The Carla Whitney album is a killer female soul set – with the hardness of work by singers like Gloria Scott or Ann Sexton, but an extra touch of sweetness that almost gives the record a New Jersey soul feel. The album's really solid – with loads of original tracks, no filler, and the kind of tight soul sound that makes it every bit as good as it is rare! Tracks on that set include "Tear Stained Pillow", "Questions", "What Made You Change Your Mind", "Lovin At Midnight", and "I've Been Hurt So Many Times". Albert Jones was a male tenor with a sweet soul voice – set up here with strident arrangements by Choker that have a smooth mid 70s modern approach. As with Carla Whitney's set, his features loads of original tracks – titles that include "She Lost Her Faith", "You Just Can't Turn Me Loose", "Mother Nature", "That's The Way I Lost My Love", and "I Feel So Good". 21 tracks in all – and a double-discovery at a great price! CD
(Out of print.)

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VariousShrine – The Rarest Soul Label Ever ... CD
Shrine/Kent (UK), Late 60s. Used .... $9.99
What is it with these British labels that think that they need to just put "rare" or "rarest" in the title, and the record will be desirable? Fortunately, in this case, the formula actually lives up to its ploy, and this set of 24 tracks from the rare Washington DC Shrine label is a nifty batch of 60s soul stormers, with more of a Detroit sound than you'd guess! Titles include "Fall Guy" by The Cautions, "My Only Love" by The Counts, "Don't Let Him Hurt You" by Les Chansonettes, "Stop Overlooking Me" by The Cairos, "Guess Who Loves You" by Eddie Dave & The 4 Bars, "Let Me Walk Away" by Tippie & The Wisemen, "The Weekend" by Sidney Hall, and "I Know About Her" by The DC Blossoms. Nice stuff, and as you've guessed, you'll never find the originals! CD

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VariousStrictly Rhythm – Strictly CD Exclusives Vol 6 ... CD
Strictly Rhythm, 1996. Used .... $13.99
(Out of print.)