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Beach BoysMade In California 1962 to 2012 (6 CD set) ... CD
Capitol, 1960s/1970s. New Copy 6 CDs ... $99.99 149.98
An insanely big batch of Beach Boys rarities – a set that features 60 previously unreleased tracks, in a bundle that includes 174 titles in all – packaged in an ultra-cool puffy-covered book! The book's style is meant to replicate a high school yearbook from the old days – a format that's quite fitting for the package, given that the collection documents the group's 50 years in music – with photos, archive material, yearbook-like inscriptions from the group members, and even a copy of Brian Wilson's handwritten high school essay "My Philosophy"! Most other tracks are unusual versions, different mixes, session tracks, alternates, and even lots of live material too – and the set's a true treasure for diehard fans like us – who often love the group most the farthest we get away from the hits. Unreleased tracks include "This Whole World (acapella)", "I Can Hear Music (live Maryland 1975)", "Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love", "You're Still A Mystery", "Goin To The Beach", "Sail Plane Song (2012 stereo mix)", "Amusement Parks USA (early version)", "I Get Around (mono with session intro)", "Surfers Rule (with session intro)", "It's Over Now (alt)", "Brian's Back (alt)", "Hushabye (BBC 1964", "California Feelin (demo)", "California Girls (lei'd in Hawaii version)", "Surf's Up (1967 version)", "Guess I'm Dumb (instrumental w/background vocals)", "It's About Time (live Chicago 1973)", "Runaway (live Chicago 1965 with concert promo intro)", "The Letter (Hawaii 1967 rehearsal)", "Wild Honey (live New Jersey 1972), "Home Recordings/Surfin Rehearsal Highlights", and plenty plenty more. Also features a "1966 Radio Spot", a "1964 Radio Spot", and other cool bits like that. CD

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Compton & BatteauIn California (paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Columbia/Beatball (Korea), 1970. New Copy ... Around February 1, 2014 (delayed)
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FormulaJoik ... CD
Distort-D-Sound, 1999. New Copy ... $1.99
One of the few albums ever cut by this under-discovered California quartet – a cool little group who mix post punk elements with some warmer ideas too – sometimes using jazzy inflections on the guitar and keyboards, at a level that reminds us a bit of some of the more subtle groups from the Brit scene in the early 80s. Singer Julie McBride has a really lovely style – and some of the best cuts mix her vocals with guitar lines at a level that reminds us of Weekend or groups of that nature – but there's also some darker currents at points, although never too overdone. Titles include "See No Evil", "Far Down", "Linda", "Entropy", "Brittle", "Olive", "Flaming June", and "Slide". CD

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Grass RootsComplete Original Dunhill/ABC Hit Singles ... CD
ABC/Real Gone, Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... $16.99
A really great collection of work from The Grass Roots – one of those groups that we remember from years back, but always forget how much great stuff they recorded! The Grass Roots were a key link between folk and rock in the mid 60s – a group who had some of the raspy charm of the folk generation, but also some of the new psych elements as well – served up in modes that were catchy, but never too cloying or commercial – especially not as much as some of the pop folk groups of a few years before. Instead, they found a way to forge things towards a new California direction – a mode that was hip and with it, but could also break bit with wider audiences as well – as evidenced by hits like "Midnight Confession", "A Melody For You", and "Let's Live For Today". All those tracks are presented here – the last in both regular and uncensored versions – in a batch of 24 tracks that also includes "Glory Bound", "Mr Jones", "Where Were You When I Needed You", "Walking Through The Country", "Heaven Knows", "Bella Linda", and "Lovin Things". CD

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Margo Guryan27 Demos ... CD
Franklin Castle/Oglio, Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... $15.99 16.98
Really wonderful work from Margo Guryan – an artist who was probably known more as a songwriter than a singer – especially for her groovy late 60s pop tunes! This package is heavy on those gems – presented in these great demo takes that are nice and stripped-down – often with just a bit of rhythm and electric piano in support of Guryan's sweet vocals – which echo the modes of Claudine Longet and some of the other artists of the time who sung her music. The set's an expanded version of a previous collection, and features great work from the late 60s and early 70s – titles that include "I Don't Intend To Spend Christmas Without You", "Sun", "The 8:17 Northbound Success Merry Go Round", "Sunday Morning", "I Love", "I'd Like To See The Bad Guys Win", "California Shake", "Why Do I Cry", "Under My Umbrella", and "Timothy Gone". CD

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Pamela PollandPamela Polland (paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Columbia/Beatball (Korea), 1972. New Copy ... $15.99
An obscure bit of 70s underground rock – the first solo album by Pamela Polland, who might be better known for her work in the psyche-folk group Gentle Soul at the end of the 60s. This album's got a style that's a bit different than work by Gentle Soul – a lot more personal, and at times, a bit more rootsy – but not in a folksy way, instead more of that kind of early 70s California "back to nature" kind of rock – if that makes any sense at all. There's some great little songs on the record that show Pamela as a potentially huge figure in 70s rock – had she not gotten stuck off on the sidelines so much – but that fact makes the album all that much more compelling. Titles include "The Rescuer", "Texas", "Lighthouse", "The Dream", and "Sing A Song Man". CD

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RunawaysRunaways Live In Japan (LP sleeve edition) ... CD
Mercury/Culture Factory (UK), 1977. New Copy Gatefold ... $16.99 18.99
The teen Queens Of Noise tearing it up live in Tokyo! From the beginning, the jaibait cultural baggage tended to cast a larger shadow than their music, which is damn shame, because The Runaways are badass, killer rock & roll band – and they prove that here in epic fashion – especially with the uber-excited Japanese fanbase – who really adored the band a huge way. Raw, glammy kickass rock. Come and get it boys! Includes "Queens Of Noise", "California Paradise", "All Right You Guys" their hard rocking cover of Lou Reed's late Velvets classic "Rock N Roll", "Neon Angels On The Road To Ruin", "I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are", "American Nights", "C'Mon" and "Cherry Bomb". CD

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Gordon WallerGordon (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Vertigo/Universal (Japan), 1972. New Copy ... $23.99
A really great solo record from Gordon Waller – way way different than any of the 60s music he made as half of the Peter & Gordon duo – with a mature, rootsy vibe that really holds up all the way through! The notes point out that Waller's a farmer at the time of recording – and there's definitely a slightly rural vibe to the music – a mode that's not really folksy, but more in that American singer/songwriter style of the Northern California scene – set to some creative arrangements from Thomas Jefferson Kaye and Ted Cooper. Gordon's vocals are great – aged nicely, with a lot more feeling than before – and titles include "Rocky Roads To Clear", "Stranger With A Black Dove", "I Won't Be Your Ruin", "Collection Box", and "Be Careful There's A Baby In The House". CD

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We All TogetherWe All Together (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Lion, 1970. New Copy ... $13.99
One of our favorite South American rock records of all time – and maybe even one of our favorite rock albums too – a magnificent set by this sublime Peruvian group – done with a sound that's somewhere between late Beatles, early Bee Gees, and ELO in their prime! Yet the production style here is also a lot more primitive than that used by any of those bigger groups – which puts a lot more emphasis on the song structures and vocal phrasing of the tunes – a beautiful balance between harmony vocals, simple guitar lines, and these subtle rhythms that slide in with a seductive feel, and really send the whole thing home! Vocals are all in English, with these soulful undercurrents that are quite unexpected – and the overall sound is way more sophisticated than even their hippest SA contemporaries! Titles include "Children", "Carry On Till Tomorrow", "Walking In The Rain", "The City Will Be A Country", "It's A Sin To Go Away", and "Tomorrow". CD features 8 bonus tracks too – including "Blue", "Mornin", "California", "Feel", "Any World", and "Wake Up Joe". CD
(Great new remastering, with bonus poster too – limited to 400 copies!)

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AnonymousInside The Shadow ... CD
Machu Pichu, 1976. New Copy ... Just Sold Out!
The one-and-only record by Anonymous – a mid 70s Indianapolis group who only ever pressed up a few hundred copies – and now it's one of best and most desired private press gems of its time! It's got a great sound that bears the influences of some of the great California combos of the period – think The Byrds and Crosby Stills Nash & Young – with great lead and harmony vocals and brilliant acoustic guitar work. What's most remarkable is that their songs and performances live up to those groups – it really seems like the only thing that held them back was the lack of a big production budget, promotion and distribution. Talent-wise, they have the goods! A really solid, timeless set. Includes "Who's Been Foolin'?", "J Rider", "Up To You", "Shadow Lay", "Pick Up And Run", "We Got More", "Sweet Lilac" and "Baby Come Risin'". This first ever licensed re-release feature liner notes by Aaron Milenski of Acid Archives. CD

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New Brotherhood/Friend SoundComplete Recordings (Brotherhood 1968 /Brotherhood 1969/Joyride) ... CD
RCA/Real Gone, 1968/1969. New Copy 2 CDs ... Out Of Stock
A trio of great late 60s RCA albums on a single set – the first two from The Brotherhood, and one more from the related Friend Sound! First up is the first album ever from The Brotherhood – an offshoot of Paul Revere & The Raiders, filled with some of that group's greatest early players! The core of the group features Drake Levin on guitar, Phil Volk on bass, and Mike Smith on drums – romping with the kind of raw, party-styled energy they brought to their work with their previous group – but at a level here that's way more heady, and definitely shows a stronger influence from psych! Tunes are still plenty catchy, but have some weird undercurrents too – in a cool Sunshine Pop sort of style – and the range of instrumentation is nicely fresh, and even a bit richer than usual for this sort of record. Titles include "Somebody", "Pastel Blue", "Close The Door", "Seasons", "Love For Free", "Lady Faire", and "Ice Cream". 1969's The Brotherhood is an even tighter set than the first album from the group – and one that has the group really finding a way to tap into their older garagey roots, while still keeping plenty of fuzz and psych intact! The drums are great – that powerful punch that Mike Smitty Smith always brought to his earlier pop work – but the themes are moodier, and the guitar nicely trippy, while still staying tight – sometimes with a bit more strut than we ever would have expected from these guys. The album features a few surprising covers – like "California Dreamin" and "Rose Garden" – plus nice original tracks "Deep Blue Sea", "Love Sketch", "Destination Unknown", and "Don't Let Go". But most amazing here is the Friend Sound album – an offshoot project recorded between the two Brotherhood albums – a wild batch of instrumental psychedelia – with plenty of avant garde touches thrown in! This is the sort of record that always restores our faith in major labels – and it makes us realize that no matter how many Elvis Presley albums RCA was selling in the 60s, there was also room to put out odd little record like this one. The enigmatic Friend Sound sound like a loose collective of hippie jazz musicians – playing flute, organ, guitars, percussion, piano, recorder, shovel (shovel?), finger cymbals, and just about anything else that seemed to be handy – and they had a style that was kind of like free-jamming jam band work – almost like the band and the engineers took a bucketful of drugs – so many that they got really mellow and dark – then went into the studio to cut a tripped-out album of instrumentals. The whole thing comes across with the same "anything goes" spirit of the NY 60s underground film scene – but with none of the silliness of bands like The Fugs – and it's that kind of energy that makes us love this one. Titles include "Childhood's End", "Lost Angel Proper St", and "The Empire Of Light". CD

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New VariousSoft Sounds For Gentle People Vol 3 ... CD
Pet Records, Late 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Dreamy dreamy pop from the late 60s underground – a wonderful assortment of rare singles and LP tracks, all hand-picked by the genius crew at Pet Records! The set seems to even top their previous excellent volumes – going beyond even the lesser-known, to come up with 24 tracks that we'd never heard before – but which easily rank with our favorite Sunshine Pop records ever! The package features a great set of notes that gives you details on each track, and really helps put the music into perspective. Loads of great harmonies, catchy tunes, and sweet California production – perfectly summing up the huge amount of untapped genius in the post-Pet Sounds era! Titles include "Where Is The Door" by West Coast Branch, "January Girl" by The Pipe Dream, "My Imagination" by PK Limited, "A Scene In Between" by The Stained Glass, "October Rain" by The Cinnamon Ship, "Floating Downstream On An Inflatable Rubber Raft" by The Second Helping, and "Lovin Day" by The Status Cymbal. CD

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New Harpers BizarreSecret Life Of Harpers Bizarre (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Warner (Japan), 1968. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Wonderful wonderful! The third album by Harpers Bizarre – and one that shows them growing in leaps and bounds with each new release! The record is a sublime fusion of sweet pop California 60s harmonies (ala The Sandpipers or The Lettermen), baroque arrangements with a fake dreamy nostalgia (ala Van Dyke Parks or Randy Newman), and drug-addled underground takes on the eazy sound of the generation (ala Brian Wilson or Love). This album is one of their most perfectly-realized visions, and it features a great blend of older songs, all hipped-up to modern LA arrangements by the likes of Nick De Caro, Perry Botkin, and others. The record has an approach that's simply mindblowing when you consider the amount of funds and effort that must have been put into a record that would only be truly appreciated 40 years later – and it's filled with great titles that include "Me, Japanese Boy", "Look To The Rainbow", "Funny How Love Can Be", "Mad", "Green Apple Tree", and "Las Mananitas". CD also features two bonus tracks – "Both Sides Now" and "Small Talk". CD

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New Lollipop ShoppeJust Colour ... CD
Uni/Rev-Ola (UK), 1968. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
With a name like this, you'd expect Lollipop Shoppe to be a sweet California band with a sunny pop feel – but instead, they've got a really nasty, nicely gritty sort of feel – kind of Sunset Strip garage rock turned towards more manic modes, a bit like early Love at their best! There's a raw power here that's simply wonderful – hardly what you'd expect from the usual groups on Uni Records at the time – and more the style you'd be likely to find from some small indie set out in the hinterlands. Guitars are raw and rugged, vocals are sung with a heartbreaking intensity – and a clear bit of craziness – and the rough-edged production really suits the group's sound wonderfully. Titles include "You Must Be A Witch", "It's Makin It", "I'm Gonna Be There", "It's Only A Reflection", "It Ain't How Long", and "Don't Close The Door On Me". CD also features 2 bonus tracks – "Someone I Know" and "Through My Window". CD